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  1. He'll land somewhere. Always annoys me that the school the kids play for get a black eye if they keep them but the new school doesn't because everyone deserves a 2nd chance.
  2. jdgaucho, congrats on the win. Nice looking team they have. UCSB needs to pump them up to the students more though, Had 4 UCSB freshman at the house for the 3 day weekend and I knew more about the team than they did. I would have thought living on campus they'd have more of a buzz around them. Do a lot of students go to the games? Told my son I'd take them to a tourney game at the Honda Center if they make it to Friday and they have a late enough game to make it from their classes. From there well head to Vegas to watch Fresno State in the MW Championship
  3. Glad it was them and not the Dodgers. Wasn't impressed with what he did on the field while wearing Blue. Finally a reason to root against the Padres like I do the Giants, Dbacks and Rockies.
  4. Not all babies are cute, and not all are ugly. Really can't have one without the other. It would be the same as saying every team in the country is great...Somebody has to lose. Have 2 kids ourselves and definitely wouldn't trade it for anything. With a son at UCSB and a daughter soon to be leaving for college retirement wont be around the corner. I might disown one if she chooses SDSU over UCSD, Pepperdine and UCSB however. Even though it makes more sense to do so based on her major, we clearly we failed her as parents.
  5. That court handles Wyoming too. Border War could get a lot more interesting.
  6. He played some of the best and worst games I’ve seen bulldog players play in my lifetime. I believe had he stayed one more year his consistency would have improved and Fresno state would have had a much better team. Cleveland didn’t help much , he was better at fixing the programs perception than winning games Based on how the draft went however, I believe he made the wise choice in leaving early. Still love watching him play.