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  1. I don't think our fans know what a good football season is.
  2. People may be cutting the cord, they haven't stopped watching though. Many have just moved to a different platform. I use PSVue. Some use Prime, Hulu, Netflix, or YouTube Red. So I still have my sports but pay a lot less than I did with cable. I don't think sports stations are losing as much as we think, their advertising revenue stream is coming in from a different route is all. If anything it is jobs lost for those who are employed by cable and satellite providers.
  3. Ask New Mexico fans if Caroline can score.
  4. What is going to happen and will be funny is Georgia Southern sneaking into the NY6 spot. Maybe UAB after and only a few years removed from ending the football program.
  5. How about putting that big donor money towards a hot tub for the football team. It got a champion for basketball program.
  6. We have a defense this season. Which will come in handy next season.
  7. Well WTF. Must be Hawaii fan unplugging cords over there.
  8. Anyone else lose internet feed on NSN?
  9. I think he here would be more pressure on the CFP to put UCF in the Playoffs if UCF goes undefeated again. (But only if Clemson ot OSU ends up with 1 loss.) On top of possibly having games with top 25 opponents still to come in USF and Cinci, also conference championship game. Should be 26 straight wins, and that is something g they shouldn't take lightly IMO
  10. Put Carson Strong in the game already. At least for one series. It can't hurt, not like we are moving the ball.
  11. And this is why schools aren't scared. They know the NCAA isn't going to give out another death penalty. Death penalty should have been served to Penn State, if it didn't happen there then it will never happen again. The whole athletic department of Michigan State should have been shut down. These last two schools have done some evil, dirty things to young adults and kids yet they benefit like nothing ever happened. Also those recieving these illegal benefits should pay a penalty too. I am for the athletes getting compensation other than just scholarships, that whole thi
  12. No, USUs best win is a now 3-3 BYU. We all knew Byu should never have been ranked. I would say if USU is still scoring a ton of points and come out of Hawaii still having one loss then yes they should be in the top 25.
  13. Is the Pack doing Arch Madness again this season?
  14. What about the student athletes getting sent to prison or fined? Technically this is tax evasion right??? I can't receive a proven monetary gift over $15k without paying taxes on it I thought? Just asking, not trying to argue a point. If anyone knows for sure, chime in please.
  15. Memphis had a great run with Calipari. I don't see why it can't happen with Penny. He has momentum going already. The only thing that can stop him right now is himself . The top is strong in the AAC, so I think it will be a while for a championship, maybe in year 4???
  16. Nevada: The bad: I think we lack speed on defensive line. The good: we have a top ten basketball team.
  17. Better if they use the cans that spam come in! Already sturdy, saves the environment by recycling!
  18. Hair should have been trying for Gonzaga, SMC, Wichita and maybe 2 others. And when t.v. is up again try to get a separate deal between football and Oly. Football is out the window with upgrading, adding those 3(+) would have been an attractive Basketball conference to negotiate with.
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