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  1. It all seems about right, right now. Considering body if work overall. Maybe Rice or Allen are overpaid. Rice had some success earlier in his stint. Allen should be a $300k to $400 k coach. Dutcher should get a raise to $1.5m+ should he and his team make a run in the NCAA at the very least Elite 8. No reason they should lose the first 2.
  2. I am not bitching or moaning, I just said BSU can go and stated my thoughts also made small talk with other BSU fans along the thread. Without Boise I think this conference will be better. But that is just my opinion, and I cant wait for school to say bye bye.
  3. I agree, it could also mean the difference between a better coaches.
  4. No, not really. The school has a proud history in football. Many achievements reached. Sure not as of late but things go in cycles. But when I talk BSU vs Nevada all I need is 2010, the crushing dreams of the Bronco faithful.
  5. Maybe... maybe a day earlier in Hawaii could have prevented that loss, lol ,oh man.
  6. I still remember how BSUs best team lost to Nevadas best team. Ahh... nothing like beating the nation's #3 team.
  7. Like I said prove that I doesn't. Who has gone to NY6 other than BSU anyway? So no change there yet. I agree time to kick out BSU. Hope the following is as good as you all think and BSU gets Notre Dame like P6 inclusion status, or BYUs P6 scheduling status if indy is the route.
  8. I didn't once say $160k will get Nevada into NY6, I know better than that. I said that extra cash flow has a chance to help our conference champion get that NY6 bid. Maybe that $160k helps get the MWC a better OOC record. But the school you root for is on the greedy money grab, and for that I truly hope BSU goes to the AAC or Indy.
  9. That could be coordinater money. That could be strength and conditioning money, that could lead to better production on the field. Raising conference profile
  10. After reading a bit of what was written in the Boise Statesman. BSU can GTFO and go Indy or to AAC. It has been said before, every conference has a member or few that are carrying its conference, and how many of then have uneven distribution of its top tier rights? This is what keeps a 12-2 BSU team out of the NY6. That extra cash that could be going to member institutions can help raise the profile of the conference. Which in turn can benefit BSU long term. This uneven distribution model the past few years has held back the MWC. BSU is into itself so much so, the AD has lost it's way. BSU chose to eat for a day rather than teach or help the conference members and eat for a lifetime.
  11. Asking so I don't have to look through 27 pages. I get that the contract has no end date. But is there verbage that says BSU gets bonus money for their duration of stay in the MWC? Or for all future television negotiations? Did BSU cover all ends so as there isn't any openings for loop holes? Both sides did a shitty job of getting the terms set straight. That's for sure.
  12. Bigger money, maybe. ESPN yup. Better start times probably not. The call for better start times is usually fan related for host schools. BSU at home will still play in the 7pm/8pm time slot.
  13. Does this include how crappy our back up was?
  14. Post season is post season. Plus the more banners we have in our rafters the less space the bats have to fly around.
  15. Listen Linda...We are going dancing this season, whether it's through at-large or auto. We are dancing.
  16. That was a really great year for the G5. TCU, Nevada and BSU as top 10 calibur teams. Utah, UCF, and Hawaii top 25 mix with northern Illinois there as well.
  17. I believe he is the only one that works with Bill now. Who else can???
  18. Tie game. Jazz I finally running the, burningman is hot during the summer. I once went to lake Tahoe of emerald waters.
  19. Walton is something else. If someone said he was abducted by aliens at one point, I would believe it.