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  1. What? Where have you been? Here is one there has been few more. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-07-09/gardena-security-guard-charged-with-murder-after-fight-over-mask%3f_amp=true
  2. Sorry phone sucks again... murders or severe injuries because of masks vs non mask people
  3. the real estate crash was a choice by Americans. This is completely different. The government lied and shut business down. Shut schools down. Freedom of choice was somewhat removed. Who knows if this impacted riots because of cabin fever. (I know some are just evil, some are followers that looked for direction. )
  4. I am not one to have the mentality of gotta have it right now... So 16000 employees have or will lose their jobs at 1 company in Vegas alone. How many small business closed shop? My understanding is, for every job created is another 11 jobs added along side that. So how many jobs are we projected to lose total??? These learn from home orders for students has the potential to change the course for some of them. Your talking about potential scholarships missd because a there won't be a breakout season for a senior. Elementary kids miss out on socializing. Potential to change the course
  5. That's Okay. It was never going to be "under contol" it was going to run its course one way or another just like it has. America for the most part eats like crap, lives like crap. Which causes more issues than most know. Yet we don't shut down. Alcohol, drugs, fast food kill more people everyday where is that shut down? It sucks that loved ones were lost due to complications with covid. But like I said the numbers don't add up. I may sound insensitive, but the deaths of the elderly with 5 years left to live versus the millions of jobs lost and changing the future of some of the
  6. There is no argument for playing or canceling. The season should have never been canceled. Allowing a medical redshirt for those scared or those with immunal compromised systems or medical complications is what should have been done. Also allowing true freshman to play a whole season if to many players are medically redshirted with them retaining the option to redshirt later. Testing positive is different from being sick and somewhere along pandemic we as a nation forgot that. The percentages don't add up and we just ruined lives over it.
  7. The prolonged shut down of things Is and will be the dumbest and thing we have ever done in modern history. I understand the first month or two, because it was so unknown. Now it's a joke and ruining lives, livelihoods, futures, kids and adults. Just play the damn games. If a player is scared or has medical issues then allow a medical redshirt season plain and simple. The colleges messed this on up bigtime.
  8. I agree, I don't get it. No control from the director. Overspending because they can and will worry about it when shat hits the fan mentality.
  9. I would be happy with this alignment.
  10. I wasn't a fan in the big sky days. But I believe that to be true.
  11. The collection of talent on the field that night was what made that game epic. I wish that would be the case more often than not, it would make for a better rivalry. Unfortunately BSU is the only one that consistently fields talented teams between the two.
  12. You should photoshop SJSU clothes on them. SjSU fans will feel like they got stabbed then that open wound spooned out.
  13. Thanks, I hope it does get back to how it used to be every home game. Great student tradition there. Can't wait to watch the Pack play there on TV and see how our players handle that type of environment.
  14. Is the Spectrum packed again with current win streak?
  15. I think there still is, the faint smell is still there. I believe it is located here 4505 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154
  16. He said "bag" and not "bushel" so we're good here.
  17. I don't think our fans know what a good football season is.
  18. People may be cutting the cord, they haven't stopped watching though. Many have just moved to a different platform. I use PSVue. Some use Prime, Hulu, Netflix, or YouTube Red. So I still have my sports but pay a lot less than I did with cable. I don't think sports stations are losing as much as we think, their advertising revenue stream is coming in from a different route is all. If anything it is jobs lost for those who are employed by cable and satellite providers.
  19. Ask New Mexico fans if Caroline can score.
  20. What is going to happen and will be funny is Georgia Southern sneaking into the NY6 spot. Maybe UAB after and only a few years removed from ending the football program.
  21. How about putting that big donor money towards a hot tub for the football team. It got a champion for basketball program.
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