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  1. Didn't I kinda just say a 25-30 win team? where are the numbers that you say are a fact to show a winning championship worthy unlv team would have trouble competing for eyes against a NBA team?
  2. The problem there is unlv basketball is sucking right now. Do You really think a 25 - 30 win season for the unlv basketball program will have trouble filling out TandM to near or full capacity?
  3. Agreed winning changes a ton of things.
  4. A move to the PaC is not necessary for unlv FB success. Continued succession of winning seasons will change that. As much as I cannot stand unlv, I have a feeling the FB program is on the right track finally. I think 3 to 4 wins next season, then add another 2 the season after, then continued winning seasons there after. A move to the PAC though would be no Brainerd and that is an instant 25k to 35k avg fanbase Increase.
  5. Comments saying unlv will struggle or attendance will die when pro teams move to the city are just silly.
  6. I don't know why a lot of people keep thinking last season matters?
  7. Good for CSU... I hope for all MWC teams to continue last season trend of the top half being strong. Would be nice to get 5 teams in the dance next season
  8. Remember the Titans Karate Kid The Last Dragon The Program Wildcats Driven Major league Here come the boom Sandlot Rookie of the Year Never Back Down Coach Carter Mighty Ducks
  9. Brown missed a great opportunity by leaving his sophomore season. We have a need at PF and I think Brown would be better than Brahman
  10. Nice pass by Flynn to Harris maybe many more years to come???
  11. He would have been called up with Philly a few years back. He was tearing it up in GLeauge but then a hand injury after a couple other before had forced him in a different direction. Edit: it was his ankle not hand on the last injury
  12. I dunno i was just throwing out an old year to make a point. 🤣
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