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  1. That's like saying a running back shouldn't have gotten a player of the week because much of his success was the LBs letting him run past themselves and got an extra 10 yards.
  2. I think it was a good play call on offense. SDSU just had a better defensive play called. Both Carson and Dobbs weren't expecting that DB to sit there like that. If Carson was able to see it a split second earlier, a pump fake and a toss to Stovall would have been to the house. It could have been instinct on that DB sitting there and letting Stovall go, I don't remember seeing any safety covering the top.
  3. Jesus Christ... you let your wife in the garage??? Also cool stuff. You really don't see these to often anymore.
  4. Everyone says run the ball at the end,, but most forget that we have a top 15 defense against run and pass
  5. I saw a bit of last night's Mac-tion on ESPN. Man am I glad we do not have games on there anymore. I forgot how horrible they are. So glad for Fox.
  6. Maybe it's just me, but... I don't think Kaep will be fumbling a football out of the endzone against Hawaii this year. Am I reading things wrong???
  7. Be happy Cooks is out for the season. But we have plenty of young playmakers who can move the chains and go long over the top as well. Our o-line is still suspect though at many times I think Spartans front 4 will get pressure without the need to blitz. These last four weeks for the conference is turning out to be really exciting. Better than many of the past years. Good luck to all.
  8. Just go for it on 4th down CSU. No point in trying to flip the field anymore.
  9. You weren't down by 35 points after the first quarter.
  10. I would like to see these moves happen. I don't see the point in these moves since P5 is going to break away soon anyway. But hey more power to those schools. Does BSU really think this will get them to the promise land? Maybe there is something to the P6 movement that only BSU knows about???
  11. Landed a commitment from no. 1 Washington RB Camas (Wash.) running back Jacques Badolato-Birdsell. 3 star 24/7 sports. 2nd straight top RB out of Washington to commit to the Wolf Pack.
  12. Okay the guy was caught on camera spitting. I bet spitting and licking happens all the time under scrums. How many balls were grabbed how many eye gouges, how many wet Willys. Sweat has been dripping off these guys, saliva splatter after hits. I think a couple games suspension but not kicked off. Other wise players should be kicked off for throwing punches.
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