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  1. Move this thread to off topic, for putting money into the wrong projects. I kid.
  2. Brown should have been a starter all season with 25+ minutes a game. Muss should have taken the hit on losses early in the season with allowing for a learning curve for Brown to improve his defense throughout the season. But oh well it's in the past and I hope Brown can be re-recruited to the Pack
  3. Hate the coach, not the fanbase.
  4. Hope you are correct, along with JB and those who say out last season
  5. I was just messing around. Losing someone who can be a leader will be a tough one. Someone who can rally the team. But instead he is one of many now that want to check options instead.
  6. Just asking did USU coach get a new extension or one more season is necessary first?
  7. I dont know if it is the same anymore for schools like UCLA's ability to flash big cash against SEC schools and steal coaches. Pearl is in his comfort zone within the SEC country. And Barnes may be in the same boat now as well with success he is having. Money is no longer an issue for SEC schools.
  8. Can't really prolong this search since dead period will be over soon.
  9. Simple math. 4 losses at Nevada = 7th seed, 4 losses at Arkansas = 1-2 seed.
  10. Thanks unlv. This is your fault. Your inability to secure Beard has force our inability to keep Muss. Typical unlv.