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  1. They must have used build a franchise logos from EA Sports Madden, or NCAA football.
  2. I would think this to be because if you think about it, building a new stadium doesn't have the same effect as building say Disneyland. A new stadium doesn't really bring in out of state or out of country visitors like a Disneyland park would. Really all your doing is moving people from the surrounding part of the city to just one congregated area. It's not new money to the city.
  3. Hell if I know... I am not part of the "in" crowd
  4. But I agree red UN = Nebraska for many. And stick with what sells red/silver "unlv" is a whole lot better. At least put locking LV on the other side.
  5. How long is the invasion supposed to last? How often does this happen?
  6. No shit, that's crazy. I can see families getting priced out.
  7. I don't understand that statement. "Eventually no insurance company will touch it in the high school ranks." Are you talking about the school's insurance or the athletes parent's insurance? Unless it was different when I played, the school never covered my medical expenses when I got injured in a game. Does that have more to do with kids that didn't have insurance thus the school had to pony up?
  8. Unlv better get in the PAC, we have coat tails to ride. But seriously I think unlv will get invited to the PAC. Only a matter of time. Once academics is on par then the school should really press hard to get an invite.
  9. That would be because football is still around. You don't think sports channels will be around once football dies?
  10. If a school can get In to a power 5 conference say in 5 years that still leaves 15 years of $15+ million dollars a year. Plus if football dies, it is still better to be in a power 5 conference for Olympic sports. Where the money and prestige will still be.
  11. I do not know. I think Norvell is going to let them duke it out during fall camp. Solano has the time in with experience. I wasn't to impressed with him against Fresno when Ganji was injured and didn't play. Henry is probably the most talented of the bunch, but his history. Strong is supposed to be really good too. I would like to see Henry or Strong. But who ever gets the job will have plenty of talent around him.
  12. For the Pack, I think it will be between the recievers group and RB group. Cooks, Fossum, Doubs, O'Leary Orange, these guys are the strength of that group. But we have Putnam who had a breakout bowl game last season, then a few intriguing youngsters in Stovall, Lochart, and Turner. RBs is strong as well with Taua, Moore, Lee, and Kincaide. But I think I am more excited to see the Wrs
  13. I rarely ever bet on Wolf Pack games anymore, I never bet with my head in those games. Always wanting the upsets lol... but hey I am going to think about this one... Ask me again the week the season starts. For real though.