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  1. Bigger money, maybe. ESPN yup. Better start times probably not. The call for better start times is usually fan related for host schools. BSU at home will still play in the 7pm/8pm time slot.
  2. Does this include how crappy our back up was?
  3. Post season is post season. Plus the more banners we have in our rafters the less space the bats have to fly around.
  4. Listen Linda...We are going dancing this season, whether it's through at-large or auto. We are dancing.
  5. That was a really great year for the G5. TCU, Nevada and BSU as top 10 calibur teams. Utah, UCF, and Hawaii top 25 mix with northern Illinois there as well.
  6. I believe he is the only one that works with Bill now. Who else can???
  7. Tie game. Jazz I finally running the, burningman is hot during the summer. I once went to lake Tahoe of emerald waters.
  8. Walton is something else. If someone said he was abducted by aliens at one point, I would believe it.
  9. Sounds like each school will purchase a couple Airbus A330's that's what is next.
  10. It will go to all other Olympic sports and further development of athletic complexes. Plus as you said, pay raises.
  11. Off topic a bit .but with pay to play on the horizon. Should there be a bonus to players for making the playoffs and the extra games???
  12. It's going deep. Back, back, back, back...FOOOOUUUL BALLLLLL!
  13. 1 shot is better than none. But I wonder double bye for 1 and 2 seeds, Single by for 3and 4 seeds 5, 6,7,8 seeds are screwed... 8 will be G5 team I'm sure