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  1. UofNPackFan

    Nevada Back To #7

    Either make the 3's we shot at a better percentage or just take the ball in and get 3 points the old way.
  2. UofNPackFan


    Who cares about exit fees and entrance fees when you are already over spending $40,000,000. That's what a credit card is for. How is this even sustainable? If not private then the tax payers are fronting the bill right?
  3. UofNPackFan

    #10 Nevada @ Fresno State

    Nevada will win the MWC next season. Our roster will have plenty there.
  4. UofNPackFan

    Nevada gets 5* QB Malik Henry

    I'm more worried about the 6'4" and 185lbs part. He has some work to do. I think 200lbs is ideal for his height and position.
  5. UofNPackFan

    #6 Nevada at New Mexico

    Good game Lobos.
  6. UofNPackFan

    It's official MWC/A10 challenge

    Or Bonnies
  7. UofNPackFan

    Bad News for UNR

    He is not leaving folks. Off the Nevada sports network interview with Muss. About Cam Oliver's and Jordan Caroline's sons. Musselman said he remembered getting his first hoop as a kid, “but more importantly for Little JC and King Oliver making sure those two guys in time understand they always have a Wolf Pack offer.” So it looks like Muss plans on coaching at least another 18 years for the Pack.
  8. UofNPackFan

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    We have never been here before #6 highest at #5... Also I am a fan not a player soI can act overzealous as I please it has no effect on the teams play. So stop telling other people (fans) to act like they have been there before. I will never understand that statement, it is the dumbest thing to say to a fan. I am a fan/fanatic and can be as down when things go wrong and as high in the clouds when the team is playing at an unbelievable level right now. In the emortal words of Joe blow... Suck it.
  9. UofNPackFan

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    Rankings mean publicity. And for a fanbase that hasn't much the last few years we love all that we can get.
  10. UofNPackFan

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    Crazy to think that if this ended up being our only loss, we may look at being a 3 or 4 seed in the tourney.
  11. UofNPackFan

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    Pack is not used to teams playing man defense. Shots will start falling for us in the second half. We need to get to the line and we need to get stops again like we did in the middle of the first half. Rebounds have been our Achilles heel for a few years now. I am sure that wont change in the second half that is why the foul line and hitting those will be our key to getting back into this game.
  12. UofNPackFan

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    I guess we will go undefeated then.
  13. UofNPackFan

    Nevada - Transfer U

    Freshman transfering doesn't bother me. It's the sophomores and juniors who have been here 2 to 3 years that I get a bit concerned about especially if they are in the 2 deep. Mannix said his mother is the reason why he needs to leave. Sowell said home sickness but we shall see. Armstrong I have no idea yet. Knowledge is a freshman so I don't mind that one bit.
  14. UofNPackFan

    OT: Bill Walton.

    That's funny
  15. UofNPackFan

    OT: Bill Walton.

    I am watching the Zags v UW game and is it just me or is Walton losing his Sh!t? I feel like he rambles more often than doing game commentary. I used to like his work but lately, damn.