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  1. UofNPackFan

    1-bid league

    He said "bag" and not "bushel" so we're good here.
  2. UofNPackFan

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    Nice TD
  3. UofNPackFan

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    I don't think our fans know what a good football season is.
  4. UofNPackFan

    Cord cutting accelerates

    People may be cutting the cord, they haven't stopped watching though. Many have just moved to a different platform. I use PSVue. Some use Prime, Hulu, Netflix, or YouTube Red. So I still have my sports but pay a lot less than I did with cable. I don't think sports stations are losing as much as we think, their advertising revenue stream is coming in from a different route is all. If anything it is jobs lost for those who are employed by cable and satellite providers.
  5. UofNPackFan

    Jordan Caroline

    Ask New Mexico fans if Caroline can score.
  6. UofNPackFan

    Coaches Poll is in....

    What is going to happen and will be funny is Georgia Southern sneaking into the NY6 spot. Maybe UAB after and only a few years removed from ending the football program.
  7. UofNPackFan

    Fire Sanchez

    How about putting that big donor money towards a hot tub for the football team. It got a champion for basketball program.
  8. UofNPackFan

    Nevada vs San Diego State

    Does it rain a lot in California?
  9. UofNPackFan

    Nevada Recruiting for 19/20

    Hope we can land him.
  10. UofNPackFan

    Nevada vs Washington (Exhibition)

    UW shooting 61%
  11. UofNPackFan

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    A win on the rock.
  12. UofNPackFan

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    I remembered after I posted.
  13. UofNPackFan

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    We have a defense this season. Which will come in handy next season.
  14. UofNPackFan

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    Well WTF. Must be Hawaii fan unplugging cords over there.
  15. UofNPackFan

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    Anyone else lose internet feed on NSN?