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  1. Sac is out of the footprint for Nevada. Heck I think South lake Tahoe is too, I was able to watch a Pack game on stadium in Tahoe last week.
  2. Dang, I guess Friday would be best. 1.5 hour start time difference vs PAC12
  3. So the AAC gets their championship game on ABC, I think that is 2 games on ABC for the season. Wasn't the MWC Championship on CBS last season? Viewership must have been bad if so.
  4. I also think he can make Arkansas work as well. Wouldn't it be funny if two ex-MWC coaches turned around the two biggest sports at the same school.
  5. Washington looks like a good fit. Unless they already have their guy.
  6. CSU just needs to make sure the next coach gets them in to the B12, we all know a new stadium didn't do the trick.
  7. Alright thank you. That is some funny ish
  8. I don't remember how Polian and corn dogs came about. Refresh my memory please.
  9. Yeah I think I remember a bit of that. He seems like that type of guy.
  10. I wasn't saying anything negative. I wasn't making fun of BSU program. No need to bash.
  11. SDSU Nevada New Mexico USU BSU CSU/WYO SJSU Unvl FSU AFA
  12. I don't know why any strong coach would be scared to play against a former team. Would he be worried that he would hurt BSUs program? He shouldn't be worried about losing, why coach then.