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  1. I would be happy with this alignment.
  2. I wasn't a fan in the big sky days. But I believe that to be true.
  3. The collection of talent on the field that night was what made that game epic. I wish that would be the case more often than not, it would make for a better rivalry. Unfortunately BSU is the only one that consistently fields talented teams between the two.
  4. That's right I forgot about the draft.
  5. I hope they postpone it vs just cancelling altogether. Just play the damn thing in May,June or July.
  6. Wow. B1G, SeC, American cancel rest of conference tournament.
  7. Looks like the P5 conferences are going fanless for the remainder of the conference tournaments starting Thursday
  8. I wish Walton could announce, that would be gold.
  9. The sound of sneakers and "umph" sounds are gonna be hilarious, this may be like the XFL with mics on the coaches, not to mention all the F bombs and $h!ts being thrown around. This could turn out to be a really cool thing for television. I wonder if the announcers will speak in a lower tone or???
  10. Here's the thing... the OP didn't say anything about 2 years ago or taking over a dumpster fire. The OP seemed to be talking about this tournament. The talent level is about par for both teams. SDSU had an amazing season, but everyone who has watched the last few weeks of the season, saw a SDSU team that struggled offensively for large stretches and if not for that elite defense would have lost a couple more. UsU just plain underachieved this season. No shame in that since Aggies still made their Tournament goal.
  11. Does he? Does he really??? Coached a top 25 team to a 2nd place finish could have easily been #4 or #6. Barely got by in the conference tournament. I mean congrats on going to the Dance but to say a coach deserves a ton of credit for something that should not have been in question is a bit of a stretch, no? Now if he was coaching Air Force or SJSU and won the conference tournament then yes. But???
  12. I think the Golden One Center would be a nice neutral setting.
  13. I feel like I am watching 1st grade basketball
  14. This is where minors should be charged as adults. All it would have taken was a better kick to the head.