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  1. Penn state and Michigan state still have athletic departments and they have done far worse. If everyone is okay with them and there department hasn't been shut down, then no one should be shut down or canceled just because they were socially insensitive.
  2. One less place for BSU to park its OLY sports.
  3. Polian has HC experience give him a try? Maybe he was at the wrong school in Nevada. He might be able to turns things around at BSU???
  4. One problem seems to be that the coach is recruiting the same type of player 1 thru 5. No 3 point specialist, no FT shooters. They all seem like rebounding slashers that like to foul a lot.
  5. I dunno, the OP does relate this to live sports so technically not a "wrong forum". Right?
  6. Cusa got hammered the last major go around of realignment, still trying to recover.
  7. Yes, there is definitely east coast bias going on. But I think ramming P6 down media throats is paying off. AAC had at least like 4 different teams ranked in the top 25 some point during the season, MWC had a couple. Sjsu probably had a more difficult schedule than all of them. Nevada should have been ranked a couple weeks before our game vs SJSU. I don't think any of our top 4 teams had just as tough, if not tougher scedule than the AACs top 4 teams. We shall see what happens next season, we should have 3 teams either receiving votes or in the top 25. Depending on how many seniors stay,
  8. Here's the problem, as I have said in another thread, the AAC seems to almost always have a link to their Conference along with the P5 when it comes to writers talking about Conference related discussions. And not because they are the first letter of the alphabet. I think Aresco is a big reason for that. Perception is sometimes better than reality and Aresco is doing a great job of putting it out there. We all know Hair isn't vocal enough and maybe he is hoping play on the field will do the talking, but I think we are not in any position to not have a rah rah guy leading the way.
  9. Sorry for the high jack and congrats to SJSU. But I just keep noticing.... I keep seeing across media platforms that the MWC is falling behind the AAC farther and farther every season. You can see it when lists are made from various sites and they always have a link to the AAC along with the other P5 and the rest of the conferences are either left off or on page 2.
  10. It wasn't the timeouts that were the issue it was execution by players. IIRC Doubs had the option to go out of bounds but chose to cut back in to gain 1 more yard. I believe another player had the same option on an earlier play and did the same thing. Norvell should have tried one more shot to the endzone with 5 seconds left. There was room for one more play. To blame anything on first half time outs are silly I think.
  11. This is just a one year phenomenon. Just enjoy it. ­čśé
  12. Why? Because we lost to a good team and bad officiating? If he was in the conversation as a top pick for Vandy I don't think this game changes that.
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