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  1. Don' get me wrong. I think it's more likely than not that he is re-elected but he is not a great speaker by any means. The cult is so strong that it doesn't matter what he does or says. The issue for Democrats is not convincing Trump voters to vote for the democratic nominee. The issue is convincing enough non-voters from 2016 to vote and uniting the party behind the eventual nominee. Trump supporters are so deep into Trumpism that they can't be persuaded to vote D. It's all about getting as much of the 120 million or so that didn't vote to vote for the Dem nominee.
  2. He lied repeatedly in this speech, slurred, and sounded sleepy. Sleepy Don.
  3. When I try to link it, it says that I'm banned from the MWCBoard. Super weird. I promise you its there. Just search for it on Twitter
  4. According to KOB4 in Albuquerque Rocky Long is considering a return to Albuquerque. This would be insane! https://www.kob.com/new-mexico-news/rocky-long-could-be-considering-return-to-unm/5602386/?fbclid=IwAR0688wAvZsqAfemULRRaowLLSi4noxplqro5bPcIMqWs2gyVBRR5CUkC7g#.XhaCELuf2yY.facebook
  5. I was mostly going off the major sports. Yes, Cross Country, Skiing and Men's Soccer were incredible. Sadly, only XC remains at the school.
  6. New Mexico #5 Firing Craig Neal #4 Firing Bob Davie #3 New Mexico Bowl Victory over UTSA #2 Receiving a #3 seed in the NCAA tournament. This was also the worst thing about the decade for UNM sports. #1 It's been such a crappy decade for Lobo sports that I can't think of one memorable thing.
  7. How much money do I win for last week?
  8. Boise and Nevada. Fresno and UNM finish second. I know I'm crazy.
  9. I think people take pain differently. I broke my foot while on leave from the Marines. The next day I played 9 holes a golf. Three weeks later I ran a perfect 300 PT score. But ankles are different than feet. I think Neal was right to sit out.
  10. You should know someones story before you try belittling them. I did four years in the Marines and gained the rank of Sgt. I did my time serving. How dare you.