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  1. LOL. I know you leftist baby murder fans just love to play semantic games so that you don't have to face up the actual, real science and the utter depravity of your position on this matter. The science says that abortion is baby murder. You have the right to hold that opinion. You can even think worse of people who think baby murder is wrong. But don't think, for one second that you hold some sort of moral high ground.
  2. Baby murder isn't as popular as you seem to think
  3. So, in your world, men aren't already legally held responsible for the support of the children they sire.
  4. The hotel behind the north end zone is starting to go up. Footings are in. Lot graded.
  5. So. MOVE. That's what many of my nieces and nephews have done. From SD to places like Nashville, Alpharetta and Charlotte. They've all been successful in establishing themselves in those hellholes. My kids are lucky that their dad could help them out, primarily because their mom told him she would cut off his balls if he didn't. Grandkids, it turns out are really important to her.
  6. Of course the government meddles, usually by constricting inventory through zoning and environmental regulation. That's America. Conditions are always changing. At one time, Detroit was a hot housing market. Now, not so much even without government meddling. When I came of age, inflation was rampant and rates were just beginning to climb down from the 17-19% range. I jumped in when they got to 9.5 during the subsequent recession. You don't think that was hard? I scraped and saved and dumped every penny I had to my name + a small back door loan from my father to qualify. I had 2 kids and a wife to support while she finished her degree. Nothing was easy about it. Nothing worth doing ever is.
  7. You're not the only one who got in "just in time". The market is the market. The only alternative to it is government meddling. I'm not unsympathetic to first time buyers but buying a home had never been easy. It was hard for me forty years ago. It was hard for my dad 65 years ago. He had to put his mother in law on the note. I've heard this same whining about housing prices my entire life. There's nothing new under the sun.
  8. Nonsense. "Natives" are selling to "outsiders" usually at a handsome profit. What an asinine concept. Maybe your problem is with your fellow "natives". What's laughable is that it's "outsiders" that over the years have driven up the value of housing here in California by the simple act of relocating here. For that, I thank them. I submit the the states of Idaho and Arizona pass a law that limits housing appreciation to the rate of inflation. When someone decides to sell their home, the state will determine the acceptable value. That should be satisfactory to everyone, no?
  9. Cracks me up that people think driving home values up is a bad thing. Home value is the greatest source of middle class wealth. Rising home values should be celebrated.
  10. Most of his callers fall into to two categories; True believers who call in mainly to humble brag about their "success" and ask a softball question Hopeless cases for which there's no answer that matters. He's annoying - same with Susie Orman but I guess there are some folks out there that need to be told borrowing money at 22% is a really bad idea and the right choice between shelter and a cellphone is usually shelter.
  11. If this turns into a money thing, you can bet the LA teams will be back in the mix. There are few places on earth with as much loose change floating around as LA. The PAC encompasses the vast majority of both traditional and new media giants. Once the mindset takes hold, the NIL money will flow.
  12. Going to 10 makes sense if your goal is to prevent SEC/B1G hegemony. Other than that, it doesn't.
  13. California, AZ and NV have reciprocal agreements to charge all students from these states, in state tuition. There may be other states involved.
  14. We have coyotes where we live and therefore very few feral or even outdoor domestic cats. I have an indoor-outdoor cat/assassin that has managed to survive for 13 years so far. His specialty is rats, mice, lizards, snakes, gophers and the occasional juvenile possum. About 1 out of every 30 kills is a bird. He's a useful cat.
  15. AZ fans don't travel for football They barely show up at home. Also, can't see anyone wanting to not be at the inaugural event.
  16. Don't need to cut football programs but adding two teams such as Gonzaga and Wichita St. wouldn't be a bad idea. SDSU's stance against an expanded conference schedule has always been about the lack of quality in the conference vice their ability to find quality OOC opponents in order to boost the resume. Adding two quality opponents to the conference would address this concern I'm quite sure the Zags would see it that way too but they may be looking to jump to the Big East. You just never know about these things. One thing is certain; everyone is going to need to find extra revenue to pay players.
  17. Again, I've heard no denials so everything is on the table.
  18. I'm confused. Shouldn't there be a hidden white supremacy message in there somewhere? There always is don't you know....
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