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  1. BUT...what if Mississippi State sucks? Sports writers are retards
  2. Pretty stout FSU performance IMO coming off such a grueling, emotional road victory. They can't all be masterpieces.
  3. Did Someone Say ROCK?
  4. Only two schools, SDSU and Boise, have shown the ability to sustain a level of excellence in the two major sports. Everyone else bounces between awful and mediocre with occasional excursions into excellence. That isn't to say SDSU and Boise don't have flaws too. Boise seems to be competent in basketball without ever really getting over the post season hurdle and SDSU football will never make any real noise until we can figure out offense. None of us are the popular kids.
  5. Elijah Saunders, a 6-foot-8, 230-pound kid from Phoenix commits https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/story/2021-09-24/san-diego-state-sdsu-aztecs-basketball-commitment-elijah-saunders-sunnyslope-high-forward-recruiting
  6. It's called "humor" which apparently escaped you but not most others. It's that whole "not smart " thing that haunts you rearing its head again. I'm sure you're doing your best with what you have.
  7. I think NIL could/SHOULD be a boon to the Pac. All the major media and tech giants, not to mention talent agencies and Fortune 500 companies too numerous to mention are within the conference footprint. If Pac schools can't figure out how to sweeten a scholarship with access to marketing and management for its star athletes, they deserve to fail.
  8. His "affection" for Wyoming and his love of the shitty Texas schools. Yep Stunner Come out Come out Stunner....
  9. I know we're doing a return game with UCSD. Not sure about the rest of the BW schools. We seem play a bunch of BW squads almost every year.
  10. SDSU has Georgetown/ USC or St.Joe's at the Wooden Michigan in Ann Arbor Az St @ home St. Mary's neutral court (Phoenix) BYU in Provo A bunch Of Big West Schools: Riverside,LB, UCSD, Fullerton Sort of a meat grinder road and neutral So So home fare
  11. I think what you're discovering... and what SDSU will discover very shortly is in modern college football you need to put up points quickly. Defenses get worn down down chasing mobile QB's and covering the spread receivers in space. You have to be able to go score for score at some point. We damn near lost a game we literally dominated in every phase until the last 5 minutes when the backup came in who was a mobile spread guy. He killed us. Brady was doing Brady; took the air out of the ball and tried to use defense and field position( old school football) to win the game. That doesn't
  12. The only game I had the misfortune to tune into was the UNLV disaster. UNLV looked like it had no business being on the field with ISU. embarrassing I'm going with UNLV
  13. We would be #1 if they'd outlaw that damn forward pass thingy. It's cheatin'...
  14. You're just not smart enough. I suspect that fact will haunt you through your days If you only had a few IQ points more. If someone in your life somewhere along the way had taught to think for yourself instead of just blindly following. If you had only paid just a little more attention in Algebra 1, things might have turned out differently for you. At the very least you would be able to keep up in the non-sports sewer when someone actually confronts you and your abject, bellicose ignorance. But....you can't. You're unarmed and unprepared.
  15. JFC . It's like beating up the Easter Bunny. Please point out where I've ever said vaccines are useless. I have two doses of Pfizer myself What's useless are ignorant, compliant fascist dickheads that will give away everybody's rights so they can FEEL safer. Note that you won't actually BE safer by forcing infants to be oxygen deprived or by wearing a diaper on your face or by taking away the rights of your fellow citizens to earn a living or travel freely or express their opinions. Vaccines provide some individual immunity if there's a question as to whether or not you have recov
  16. you don't have to be special to know that your 4th rate" intellectual"capacity makes you useless for anything other than a compliant bot and a shill. Sit this one out moron
  17. At least try to be honest. you show a chart comparing deaths in SD in July and Boise in September when even an ignorant asshat like yourself can look at Boise in July Idiot
  18. No but suffocating and torturing them NEEDLESSLY with a goddamn stupid ass face diaper is You goddamn moron
  19. Meanwhile, back in actual dataland, here's EVIL, CONSERVATIVE ( ewwwwww) Idaho cases And here's nice, compliant Liberal Southern California cases Notice anything? San Diego has probably the highest vax compliance rate in the US for a major Metro area, Somewhere around 82% with at least one dose and over 75% fully vaxxed yet the curve and the MAGNITUDE tracks almost exactly with supposed backwards, unvaxxed evil conservatives. What gives geniuses? What bullshit, nonsense pulled directly form Rick Maddow's ass can you argue here? So you're not only cr
  20. Mask Cult creating another convert. You phucking Vaxzi's and Maskzi's are phucking crazy...and evil
  21. I've often thought a good model for the CSU system would be to establish a singular Center of Excellence as a clearing house/consortium for Doc and Post Doc research and to attract research grants. I would limit it to the hard sciences and engineering. It would be of benefit to the entire system without flooding the world with useless degrees.
  22. I had to read his post twice but I'm pretty sure his point is that UNLV plays subpar American Football. And I for one, agree with him UNLV SUCKS! Quit the sport
  23. We weren't shown replays in the stadium. Was it targeting?
  24. We physically dominated that game. Brady simply must allow the offense to open up a little if we're going to be successful long term. First time I've seen a college overtime game in person, exciting. The deflating of Utes fans at the end made the drive worth it
  25. Sitting here in the stadium, I can state that we should win this thing. We're better at almost every position.
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