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  1. I'm sure it's no big deal. I know, because a bunch of turd leftists tell me so. I sure she's the only person in any school anywhere in the United States that thinks this way. You guys are too much Do you doubt that I can find literally hundreds of similar examples of hate and dysfunction spewing forth by the GARBAGE leftists that have infested our schools? I'm sure we're blowing all out of proportion. Leftism needs to be removed from the body politic by any means necessary.
  2. you don't think someone in charge of teaching children has already determined that some children are racist simply by the color of their skin and others are victims because of the color of their skin and the only way to salvation for the racist kids is to think and believe what this absolute nutcase thinks and believes? We are lost as a country. We used to keep insane people away from our kids.
  3. She was elected by her fellow leftist CRT loving shithead board members to the position. AND.....just like clockwork. The Real, actual fascists in this country aka the Democrats begin to police speech https://www.ajc.com/education/gwinnett-school-board-to-reconsider-public-comment-policy/XFBHQEJCZ5EQFMEMZBHQT5NT54/
  4. Cops in most jurisdictions now wear body cams AND are subject to civilian police review oversight. Do better. Your shit is weak. I'm all for teachers wearing body cams and/or ( preferably and )cameras in the classroom that parents can log into and monitor. I think it would solve a lot of problems.
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Dr Tarece Johnson , Chairperson of the Gwinnette County School Board
  6. Except it's the exact opposite. Nazis and Stasi had moles, spies and stooges reporting the activities of citizens to the government. In Virginia, citizens are enabled to report the misbehavior of government employees to the government I understand you won't understand this very subtle difference. you are after all a Leftist and therefore unread, innumerate and profoundly ignorant of historical events. You're comfortable that way. It means you don't have to apply reason or critical thought. You just spew whatever Rick Maddow tells you through the TEE VEE. So forget I said anything
  7. Watching college hoops a very long time. There are teams that can fight through adversity and teams that can't. Zero offensive rebounds is all anyone needs to know about grit and heart. They'll play well at home and embarrass some teams but they're too soft to win on the road when it matters. BYU USC Michigan USU Boise with a pitiful offensive effort The hour is late. As Magic used to say, " it's winnin' time"
  8. Tournament?----you talking bout the Tournament? I just hope we can win another game!
  9. A gutless performance by kids who don't know how to win. I don't see it getting better. The only thing we've proven this year is we're better than UNLV Haven't been this disappointed with SDSU hoops in a very long time.
  10. Quit football, go back to the Big West and hire Mark Few. Problem solved.
  11. I know rational thought and reasoned opinion is entirely out of place when discussing UNLV athletics but I figure I'll try anyway. From the UT 3. Too many coaches SDSU leads the all-time series against UNLV 40-37, but that’s deceiving. From their first meeting in 1966 until 2001, the Rebels were 21-4. Over the last 21 games, the Aztecs are 19-2. Dutcher has been on the bench as an assistant or head coach for all 19 of those, and 36 of the 40 all-time wins. That’s probably not a coincidence. The Rebels are coached now by Kevin Kruger, in his first season after
  12. I can just see that little worm Costas, tut Tut-ing as he leaves legit superstars off his ballot that shamelessly fellated every chance he got when they were playing.
  13. They still like to pretend there's a Charger following, the SD Union is owned by the LA Times, but there isn't. The Bolts maintained a fan base for 60 years, mostly rabid but sometimes disaffected by long runs of utter incompetence. The Chargers got more love in this town than they deserved. Same with the Padres who have a grand total of ONE world Series game victory in their miserable fifty year existence and still draw over 2 million every year. Clippers? DONALD T STERLING. They couldn't sell tickets in LA for the first 20 years they were up there too. Everyone likes to talk crap about
  14. All you really need to do is look at the average attendance when we play Pac schools vs conference games. BTW: San Diegans are NOT LA sports fans. That's just pure BS and makes me think anyone who says has never actually been to San Diego. Doesn't mean there aren't LA fans in SD. There's fans for every team in SD. San Diegans, real loyal to the soil, born and bred San Diegans hate everything LA.
  15. That whining little bitch of a spokeshole didn't do the University any favors. Congrats to UNLV for no longer being the worst shit show in college athletics.
  16. What coach in his right mind would even bother to negotiate with this man? He's shown he has no ethics and cannot be trusted. He's damaged goods. I think Hawaii has to fire him.
  17. It was an ugly, unwatchable game. Neither team played particularly well. AND that freakin ugly-ass blue court should be killed with fire....with FIRE! Kill it dead
  18. It will be a fun game. I'll have to consult Google Maps to find my way to the gym
  19. We beat the anointed champs by 30. Seems dominate to me. Like I said, anything can happen. We could be shit coming out of pause. I doubt it, but its possible. Lady luck has granted us two home games to get us re-started. We'll know more by Monday night. I like our squad. I think we'll be better than last years by the end of the season.
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