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  1. The players that have stood out to me are the same as everone else: Flynn, Merrill, Harris, Mitchell, Wetzell. Hamilton and Jazz Johnson to a slightly lesser extent. Queda would be in the mix except for injury. Bean has had an excellent season. Caravacho has had to carry his squad and his numbers are impressive. The two Fresno freshmen, Robinson and Hyder. David Roddy
  2. WRONG... First we voted for a thoroughly decent Mormon man who was portrayed by the boot-licking leftist toadies in the press as the next Hitler because he once put his dog on the roof of his car....or something....didn't matter what he did because....HITLER!!!!!!
  3. What was he saving them for.? He went in at the half with one still in his pocket.
  4. No excuse. Awful coaching. There's not a coach in America that wouldn't call a timeout and give his squad a chance to talk about it in a situation like that.
  5. Medved just sat there while his team got buried. TERRIBLE
  6. My wife utterly despises Trump and is a yuuuge NASCAR fan. I can live with that but if she keeps cheering for Kurt Bush and Joey Logano Ima gonna divorce her.
  7. Completely different sport. F1 wouldn't race if they were making 200mph left turns with a car that's1000 lbs heavier....on slicks.... with much lower downforce... and staggered suspension. They're both great series, as is indy car.
  8. Obamacare did this already. 1000% increase in my deductible, 3X increase in my premium. For The Greater Good, I'm told.
  9. Who are they pointing at and why? Seems like a pretty big freshman class. Looks like TJ is expecting transfers.