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  1. CSU because nobody really expected SJSU to repeat last season's performance.
  2. "Did I mention that my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard?"
  3. Any P5 program going to be willing to take a shot at Spencer Rattler or does he fall to a G5? His obvious personality issues we saw on QB1 were amplified at OU.
  4. Helpful hint for those attending: The best seat in the house is in the club above the end zone. Get there early and get an inside window table or one of the outside patio tables. There's no charge and the high end zone view of the game is pretty cool. Also, monitors showing the game which come in handy because there are very few replays on the stadium screen
  5. This take is soooo 3weeks ago. We're a passing team now.
  6. Is this the same source that told you the Aztecs would lose out to Nevada, UNLV and Boise? Just trying to gauge the quality of your sources......
  7. Fresno has been a rival going back to the old PCAA. I don't think that will ever change. The Old Oil Can is mockable, forced, made up bull crap but the rivalry isn't.
  8. I haven't watched enough Boise football to be an expert on your O coordinator but I can tell you this- Hank holds on to the ball too long which can make your line look worse than it is. He's very consistent that way. He makes some big plays doing it but he takes sacks he shouldn't take.
  9. Also, I thought wife beaters and jorts was sort of an internet meme but turns out its actually the preferred attire for Boise fan. It was an interesting crowd yesterday.
  10. Looks like we're beginning to come together. Butler is really stepping up. U$C will be a handful. Boogie Ellis is a San Diego kid who jilted us 3 times.
  11. We have Google Fi and buy unlocked phones. We ordered a new S21-5G, for my wife directly from Samsung in mid-October to be delivered in mid November. Just got a notice that it would be mid December. The Pixel 6 I ordered in September showed up in 2 days.
  12. We shot 40% from 3, 87% from the line and 35% overall last game. It's not the shooting. It's shot selection, not making the extra pass and not sharing the ball. Still searching for an identity. We'll get there eventually. I think Dutch shortens the bench tonight.
  13. They aren't very good. Tallest midget. That's all they've ever been with rare exception. Seems like some of the other WCC schools have discovered Australia now so that status will be difficult to maintain. The WCC might......might...be a little less bad this year because of the extra COVID year and what else are these kids gonna do but come back and play? It's not like the NBA is calling them any time soon or any other pro league for that matter. I'm not sure why anything I'm saying is controversial. The over hype I see in here and hear coming from the talking heads is laughable.
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