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  1. SDSUfan

    Eastern Michigan at SDSU Game Thread

    It was more like 5 or 6 UNLV crowds. People left in the 2nd half. Happens a lot with 7:30 starts. Families with kids, old folks, students. That's just how they roll
  2. SDSUfan

    Eastern Michigan at SDSU Game Thread

    At least 25k in the stands. I mean, it doesn't compare to a packed Sam Boyd but we try
  3. SDSUfan

    Eastern Michigan at SDSU Game Thread

    We had it all along. EMU's lines matched ours in physicality. They played a very hard nosed game. We escaped. I'll take it.
  4. SDSUfan

    Three man weave - MWC BASKETBALL Preview

    SDSU's looks pretty accurate. I think the reviewer under values McDaniels but pretty much every review does. I think Seiko will turn out to be an integral part of the guard rotation. We'll need to get more from Narain than what he's shown to date and one of the freshmen will have to step up and give us decent post minutes. We're picked to be 2nd in the conference but not well represented in the all conference piicks.
  5. SDSUfan

    Do You Read Your Rival's Homer Board?

    He obviously under values The Old Oil Can (aka: The Stoopidest "Rivalry" Trophy Ever Invented Ever) They should award it to the loser. Why they didn't invent something more modern like "The Old Meth Bindle" or "The Old Aderall Bottle" is beyond me.
  6. The SDSU home game will be played either in TJ, Soccer City or SDSU West so don't get your hopes up. Also, California will be requiring passports and visa's from Utah residents in the near future. As a "NorCal", we'll let you in but we'll be watching to make sure you buy your allotment of micro brew or have proof of purchase from one of our fine local weed establishments, preferably both. We'll have none of that wholesomeness you LDS reprobates are so infamous for here. You'll get wasted and LIKE it!
  7. SDSUfan

    MP3 player

    I use it for both but I have 64GB internal and a 128GB card so space isn't an issue. Battery can be a problem in certain situations like a long flight but I have an external I carry with me.
  8. SDSUfan

    Wolf Pack BB TV

    New money
  9. SDSUfan

    UNLV actual attendance vs. Prairie View

    They can't even lay claim to winning the off-season anymore. Apparently, UCSB is the MWC off-season BB champs.
  10. SDSUfan

    UNLV actual attendance vs. Prairie View

    You'll have a 2-3 year window in the new place to make an impact. It should help recruiting and folks will show up just to check out the place on the cheap.
  11. SDSUfan

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    They should be afraid to come forward and make unsubstantiated, un-provable accusations about what went on or didn't go on 36 years ago in high school. In FACT, they should keep their mouths shut. The is bullshit character assassination, pure and simple. She a lying POS. Prove me wrong.
  12. SDSUfan

    SJSU Doesn’t Win, Ever

    If a tree falls in a forest....
  13. SDSUfan

    SJSU Doesn’t Win, Ever

    Nice try. Baseball isn't a sport.