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  1. Friday's Game Score Prediction 11-10 Aztecs
  2. He used to show up at concerts, smoke weed and drink everyone's booze. They blanket tossed him at the ZZ Top World Wide Texas Tour show. Dude was at least 30' in the air. Never forget it. Good Times. Back when fun was allowed in the US.
  3. Henceforth all TOW polls must include Jeff Hecklinski or else it's not a real poll. Thanks, All The Aztec Fans that Ever Existed Everywhere
  4. Aztec fans being forced to watch yet another year of Helinski's Offense.
  5. You think it gets us out of the Bottom 25? LOL
  6. It was a different time, especially the Coryell era
  7. More like, word is out. Student section looks like a COVID emergency.
  8. 4 degrees above perfect. I'm sitting in the fully exposed sun and it's warm but no uncomfortable
  9. To call our offense vanilla is an insult to vanilla. Hospital jello is more apt.
  10. No. Just no fans. They're trickling in slowly
  11. There is no magic. There are miracles. We suck again!!!!
  12. So according to the article, 10 YEARS ago, Adam sent her a "flirty" text, which her "ex" read and subsequently beat the crap out of her. Adam's wife of 8 YEARS is supposed to have a problem with this because she is now pregnant with their third child? WTAF is this story about?
  13. Hauck was well liked and respected by the players during his time here.
  14. My natural inclination is to remain optimistic but when does optimism become delusion? I just need a glimmer of a hope of an indication that our offense is making progress and I just don't see it. It's literally been years.
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