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  1. How many TCU fans are there in Los Angeles? New York? Chicago? Tuscaloosa?
  2. You haven't even tried because you can't. Clearly Assuming all Texas residents are crazy rabid college football fans, how many are TCU fans?
  3. No you didn't but that's okay. The commissioners of the other leagues and the TV execs won't be able to answer these questions either. So you're in fast company.
  4. So, you can't answer.
  5. I don't care enough to be bitter. Just trying to figure out if anyone is applying any sort of critical thinking skills. Tell me what is the intrinsic value of TCU? How many fans in Texas care enough to watch TCU if the outcome doesn't impact UT or OK's fortunes. How may "T-Shirt" fans does TCU have?
  6. Past performance is no guarantee of future success. They'll be without their earners. Tell my why WVU is more valuable than Temple or UCF
  7. Break it down for me. Without referencing current TV money. Why is Texas Tech a more valuable TV property than Boise State Why is Kansas State, ISU or OK St a more valuable TV property than SDSU We'll start with those then we'll move on to RSF's dumpster fire.
  8. They're the ugly friends of the hot chick. The hot chick is gone. Now, they're just ugly. They have no local markets to speak of and the only national profile they had was utterly dependent on the hot chick. They have some basketball chops but this isn't about basketball.
  9. Without going into the financial delusions, most football fans no nothing of finances, they're not far from wrong that a number of R8 schools could end up in the AAC in the long run. Some could end up in the MWC. There aren't that many seats at the table and most....MOST of the R8 are G5 caliber schools. They're from small markets, without a national following. They have regional appeal and many don't even dominate their region. Hello ISU. Hello OK st. Hello Kst AND KU. Some aren't even worth considering as candidates for P5 slots. Hello TT! Is WVU attractive to the ACC? They could hav
  10. Apathy about these matters is standard. Doesn't mean there's not activity. Just that there's more to life than redneck football doins'
  11. The answer is a 16 team 4 pod national conference Mod Pod SDSU UNLV Boise CSU God Pod BYU Baylor TCU OK st Slob Pod TT Hou ISU K-State Knob Pod WV UCF Cinn Memphis
  12. JD was on one of the local sports talk shows. Said all the pro forma stuff. Everybody is focused on the Padres. Texas college football doesn't register here.
  13. I see. Not to fret. I don't see the R8 Conference as attractive to SDSU at least. No stability. Every Remainer would be looking to pull the rip cord first chance. We should add Baylor, OK St, TT, Kansas and ISU.
  14. Adding the 6th and 7th best teams in Texas to the 3rd, 4th and 5th best Texas teams doesn't make much sense to me. Why would a network pay extra for them?
  15. LOL. Can't wait for that Wed night Rutgers UCLA basketball game. Or the Friday Maryland Washington Baseball tilt. I'm sure an extra couple mil in the football coffers will be worth it. Study time is for pussies.
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