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  1. Not much here. This is a decidedly working class crowd.
  2. Sitting here in St Louis airport . Across from me is the Kennesaw St women's lacrosse team. I'm at least 8" taller in and 75 lbs heavier. They're little girls. Any DUDE that wants to play women's sports is a sick ass jerk off that hates women. This shit should not be tolerated in our society. These DUDES need psychological help
  3. We have some really good coaches in this conference. And then we have Fresno.
  4. Looking at his roster constrution, Cal was doing it the old fashion way, recruiting and developing HS kids. That apparently does't cut it any more.
  5. Same roomer here in SD. Yotes to SD , yo.
  6. He's from Bako. You should have known. That one is on you.
  7. I paid $65.00 for 3 hotdogs, a fountain drink and a Bud Light at one game last year. It's legit. The only thing they have yet to monetize are the urinals.
  8. He was in his 50's when he started at SDSU. Duthch was in his 30's They spent 20+ building the program. Both have, and had PROVEN track records of success before they took the helm. Your guy was grading history papers last week....at 67, which is probably mandatory reteirement age for the local school district. You can't spin this. It was a TERRIBLE hire. Even if he manages to get your squad back to modicum of competence, he AND his lead assistant are not in a position to maintain it for the decade or more it takes to build a program. You'll be starting over in less than five years. You're SJSU East
  9. They hired a fvcking 67 yr old coach. That isn't enough "mind"? This what they always say about assistants that are past their expiration date. At any rate, neither hire screams program build. More like they;ll work for the price.
  10. Serious question. Is the age of NIL and players leaving for all manner of reasons, what on Earth makes you think a 67 yr old HS coach can bring in AND retain players? This was not/is not a hire meant to grow a program and culture. I'm not sure what purpose it serves TBH. Looks like they couldn't find anyone else to take the job.
  11. You hired a 67 yr old HS coach? Really? HS? 67? Just quit the sport. You and your buddies over in San Jose get together and just play video games from November to March. Ask those boys over in Colorado Springs if they want to come over and hang out.
  12. Probably to most travelled franchise; Philadelphia Kansas City Oakland Las Vegas Baseball is different. It takes decades to build a passionate fanbase but fans, for the most part don't travel all that well. Dodger filth coming down to SD to watch a game in a real ballpark being the exception. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a Tampa/ Miami situation or if the locals adopt the team and show up in numbers 81 games/yr.
  13. Fresno isn't serious about basketball. They should hire Utah State's Athletic department to show them how to find a coach.
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