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  1. We should let those farmers go out of business. Phuck them and their food n' stuff. We don't need em. LOL You didn't even read the article you linked haha
  2. Most Americans like, I suspect,YOU and the vast majority of scum Democrats garbage who have yet to read the report the man spent millions of dollars and 2 years to produce? You expect him to divulge something in his testimony he....like...totally forgot to mention? You people are pathetic First we had the Troofers Then the Birfers Now The Kollushun klowns LOL Your appeal to intellect is laughable Laughable moron Trump 2020 bitches
  3. Always have a tax guy. Always
  4. I choose to be optimistic. This Wetzell dude is a legit man. At 6' 10", 240 he's the biggest guy on the squad. Dutcher is selling him as a stretch 4 but a guy his size can make a living down low in this league. For sure at the 4, we got bigger and older. Arop played well last year with an injury. There's room to be optimistic that we can get more from him. I think our guards are better and as always there's, the potential for a kid to step up, which is the best thing about college hoops. https://goaztecs.com/news/2019/5/8/mens-basketball-san-diego-state-hoops-adds-yanni-wetzell.aspx https://vucommodores.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=4299
  5. SJSU football is a revenue sport? This is why I read stuff; to learn things.
  6. They're all just names to me until I see them on the court. Hope they find someone good. Forgot to mention the freshman, Johnson. Maybe he has some game. We have 6 or 7 guys chasing 80 minutes of playing time.
  7. Disappointing but not surprising. Looking forward to see if the staff has someone else in mind for that last scholarship or if the hold it in reserve like they have foe the last few years. We still could use another PF/C. Arop is rehabilitating an injury so not sure of his availability. J Mensah and the NZ kid should help but not sure if that's enough. Joel starting seeing the floor more towards the end of last season. Hope the progress continues. Maybe Narain is finally over being Canada soft and will step up for us this year. One can only hope.
  8. The last Fisher player is Narain. Everyone else on 19-20 is Dutcher. His first 2 years he's had to deal with large freshman classes that had to contribute early. This year he's putting a few pieces ( 2 x grad xfers, 1x freshman, 1x junior xfer, 1 x JC transfer) in place. We got older Still a scholly to give so the story isn't complete yet.
  9. Perhaps you could enlighten us all and give us the 2nd and 3rd most important distinctions between the systems and how they could be realized without the use of zero.
  10. dude, "Arabic" simply means zero based as opposed to Roman, which doesn't contain a zero
  11. I like Fresno. I have face tats.
  12. I'm starting up a citrus orchard in Duluth, Minnesota in order to get in early on this Global Warming stuff. PM me if you run across ant interested clients.
  13. We're not going to war with Iran. WTAF is wrong with you people?