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  1. Two life lessons: Rap is utter garbage Stay off of social media
  2. Don't know why we haven't managed to find DeMarshay Johnson some minutes this year. He'll be Nate's replacement next year unless we bring someone else in. We'll still have LeDee, Johnson and freshman Elijah Saunders who has played sparingly. Here's our Fwd recruit for '23 https://www.desertsun.com/story/sports/high-school/basketball/2022/12/28/miles-heide-stands-out-in-a-tournament-bursting-with-talent/69760490007/ We still have Butler at PG next year who continues to improve his game and Miles Byrd, a 6'7" PG, a freshman currently not getting any PT. Here's a PG recruit for '23. https://247sports.com/player/bj-davis-46129824/ We've still got some players and some open scholarships for next year We need wings.
  3. I'm a little worried about exploding heads should The Rubbles lose again. ph already murdered his bunny. I fear what comes next.
  4. I hear Chris Beard is available.
  5. Never been on the "refs Suck" bandwagon. most of the time they're fine and call a fair game. The only issues I have are when they call some reaching BS up high just to get into the TV break on schedule (happens more than most think) and the obvious make up calls when they've been convinced they blew a call on the other end.
  6. Nate has never had much of a post game. He has zero moves to his his right hand, Gets most of his points on put backs and free throws. Lately he's developed a little bit of a jump shot from 12' in. LeDee has been a bust for the most part but he's starting to put somewhat of a game together. We'll se how he progresses.
  7. The IRS will take a good long look at these slush funds masquerading themselves as 501 nonprofits. Bet on it. It's only a matter of time. Even the Aztecs have one. It's called the Mesa Foundation, that pays our hoops players $2k/mo to do good works in the community. https://www.mesafoundationsd.org/
  8. https://goaztecs.com/news/2023/1/17/football-ryan-lindley-named-sdsu-offensive-coordinator.aspx I like the decision. Leaves room for an additional coach on that side of the ball.
  9. Rebel threads are like watching a slow motion nervous breakdown. Highly entertaining.
  10. Do you really think that $400k is his total income? Think about the folks he deals with daily in his real estate, promotion, and fund raising activities. The contacts he has developed cannot be found in that low rent, backwater, shanty town. long game.....
  11. They can take the Green line to the Yellow line. Call it The Trolley Challenge. The possibilities are endless!
  12. USD ended because their sub 200 NET year after year made the game no longer worthwhile. The UCSD series is a 3 for 1, I think, and is more or less an effort on Dutcher's part to help them grow their program. Three paydays and a home visit without the travel expense.
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