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  1. SDSUfan

    New Mexico at UNLV

    Their zone looked really bad against us.
  2. SDSUfan

    The New Democratic Party

    nice try. "Single Payer" in healthcare nationalization. The wall isn't naive, It's symbolism and the vast majority of his supporters view it as such. No reasonable person thinks a wall will fix our immigration system. Its a start, His other actions such as 'extreme" vetting have been fought tooth and nail by the leftist party also. If you think Democrats are on the "right" side of this issue, it's you who are being naive. Like it or not Bernie! and Occasional Cortex are the thought leaders of the Democrats. If they could raise taxes on everyone and everything, they would. Neither is really big on the market economy, private property or the Constitution for that matter. You still have yet to identify an actual Democrat policy. You get to "Trump Sucks!!!!" ....and that's pretty much as far as it goes.
  3. SDSUfan

    The New Democratic Party

    That's it? since when are either of these things national issues? Broadband only happened when the feds broke up MaBell and auctioned of the spectrum to private industry. Water treatment is performed at the municipal level. I guess you mean the Democrats want to nationalize these functions too?
  4. SDSUfan

    The New Democratic Party

    So? Name one. Nice pithy comebacks .Substance free and non responsive but pithy nonetheless I'm willing to be educated. Give me a modern Democrat policy preference that could "gain traction"
  5. SDSUfan

    The New Democratic Party

    Name one. Nationalization of the medical industry? Open borders? 90% top marginal tax rates?
  6. SDSUfan

    Mueller Comes Out & Defends Trump

    Decided to spend their time defaming Catholic boys instead...... oh wait.......
  7. SDSUfan

    SDSU going to the spread

    Mike Martz could teach them a lot. Get an Aztec to Fleet pipeline going.
  8. SDSUfan

    Here’s an impeachable offense

    BOTTOM LINE OF WHAT HAPPENED: Buzzfeed knew it published a lie. Rest of the media knew it was a lie, spread it anyway. The story was BS. They knew it. We all did. BUT they figured there was no way they could be caught. Because no one dreamed Mueller would fact check them.
  9. SDSUfan

    Here’s an impeachable offense

    The TROOF is out there..... phucking dupes mouth breathing toadies LOL
  10. SDSUfan

    Here’s an impeachable offense

    Fap fap fap ...... Wake up,little Willie Haha Clown Ooh got me there! Hard to match wits with you!
  11. SDSUfan

    Here’s an impeachable offense

    All you Trump Deranged Idiots,can put away the Crisco and put your limp ineffectual 2 in penises back in your panties. Special counsel's office says it's all crap. Hahaha. Idiots!
  12. SDSUfan

    Spartans Loss, Wolf Packs Gain

    Jim Harbaugh wanted the SDSU job, badly. But he once had a DUI so the administration decided that Long was more of an SDSU man. Not Rocky, Chuck.
  13. SDSUfan

    Best way to buy MWT tickets?

    He had a defensive strategy, it just didn't work. He was having his guards jump out and trap our PG high and defending the arc, preventing the 3 but leaving wide open 10 footers. Mensah and McD were having a field day. He changed up in the 2nd half, packing in the zone and we began to hit a bunch of corner threes. You have to be in the same mode as us, the rest of the season is about getting better. You've got some talent and some size.
  14. I think that like pretty much everything in this country, it will be another Red/Blue state divide.