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  1. We don't have an immigration issue. we have an ILLEGAL immigration issue. The problem with coming to terms with that is that ILLEGAL immigrants are easily manipulated into "voting" for DEMOCRATS when they aren't legally supposed to do so. California DEMOCRATS have set up a system for instance ( driver licenses for illegals- auto voter registration- MUST opt OUT in order to not be registered>vote by mail >ballot harvesting) that actually facilitates voter fraud. NO DEALS WITH LEFTISTS.....ON ANYTHING.....EVER
  2. When I was a kid in Chula Vista ,back in the 60's-70's, I could ride my bike down to Longs Drugs or K-Mart and buy all of the ammo I could afford. Longs used to keep the .22 LR boxes out on the lower shelf so the kids could get to it without bothering the clerk. Were were a normal state once upon a time.
  3. When I wasa kid here in California,back in the 60's-70's, I could ride my bike down to long Drus or K-Mart and buy all of the
  4. PLNC and UCSD don't have football fields The CC fields and USD won't accommodate television from the lighting and camera angle perspective...according to JD
  5. San Diego is the 2nd largest city in the state and 8th largest in the US. San Diego county, again, the 2nd largest in the state, the 5th largest county by population and 8th largest by area in the US. We have our own identity and frankly it's grating to be consistently lumped in with the LA metroplex.
  6. It represents ANOTHER indirect attack on prop 13. If you think 2% on commercial RE is the end all, you're mistaken. They won't give up.
  7. Explain the SCIENCE behind the notion that a fetus isn't a human being. You don't need to be a religious zealot to question this particular bit of sophistry.
  8. Prop 13 was passed so as not to tax people, particularly senior citizens on fixed income, out of their homes. This was a real thing before 13. It is needed now more than ever. The state and localities have been chipping away at its edifice for 50 years with special assessments that they SWEAR TO GOD will fix the schools....this time. Nobody actually pays 1% anymore. I understand this concept is virtually impossible for leftists to understand but I'll give it a try once more. Ready? Here it is: THE STATE DOES NOT HAVE A REVENUE PROBLEM. THE STATE HAS A SPENDING PROBLEM. THAT SPEN
  9. The Democrats didn't have enough votes for " the Garland thing". That's the way our system works. If they wanted the "Garland thing" perhaps they should have moderated themselves on the "Obama care" thing and preserved their majority.
  10. It's a fraud scheme. Anyone that doesn't recognize that it's a fraud scheme is a moron.
  11. The point, naturally went over your head but since you mention it, Planned parenthood has an annual operating budget of $2 Billion. With that kind of scratch they could literally murder every little baby that deserves murderin' and even a few that don't
  12. Democrats want to preserve the right to taxpayer funded baby murder Republicans would prefer it if the court stopped inventing shit out of whole cloth such as the right to taxpayer funded baby murder.
  13. But...But....But....Myocarditis!! IT'S THE MYOCARDITIS!! DON'T YOU KNOW ANYTHING!
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