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  1. He might not go pro. He might transfer to a team that can better showcase his talents. Really it's a matter of the benefit of staying at UNLV has for him. Diong is gone for sure I would say, leaving you with zero post players other than Martinez who can't find the court with a guide dog and a GPS. He's dead weight. Hoping you can pull 4-5 transfers in who will be high level contributors, especially big men, is not realistic. Things could get ugly in Vegas next season. IMO; Hamilton isn't NBA. Neither is Shakel or Mitchell. Sherfield and Queta are the only two MWC guys
  2. Temporary damage to conference reputation -105 Permanent damage to conference reputation +105 I'll take the underdog
  3. I usually just hit the pipe in the parking lot porta-potti and swig some MD20/20 to take the edge off before I head in
  4. How does a D1 basketball team get out rebounded by 30!! UNLV had as many offensive rebounds as Dumpster Fire U had total rebounds! This has to some sort of record.
  5. Honestly, I was more upset about Shelton following him but I wasn't really upset at either. Dutch has grown nicely into the head man role. He was/is mature enough to leave the ego at the door. Not always the case with guys in their first HC position. I'd like to see Tim find his way back if the Fresno gig goes south, which appears imminent.
  6. The worst part is it wasn't a SDSU home game. Our team was packed and ready to bus to the airport. Then they cancelled. The game was a UNM "home" game in Lubbock TX. Like you said, you have to feel for anyone subjected to a government so incompetent it that makes California look well governed but there's no excuse for cancelling games for reasons other than those agreed upon to mitigate COVID spread
  7. New Mexico - SDSU should be declared forfeits. Being tired and emotionally drained isn't an excuse to cancel games.
  8. Stock up on girls sizes. Chicks love this dude. If they open the gates, the Pads will probably draw 3 million+ this year.
  9. He needs to stay healthy. As to the contract length, there's always a way out for both parties.
  10. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/story/2021-02-17/padres-fernando-tatis-contract-agree I'd buy a new car with that kinda scratch. The gutty little Friars now have one of the highest payrolls in MLB
  11. UNLV fans getting nostalgic about Dave Rice? LOL
  12. This is a dumb strategy for BYU if true. They WILL get left on the cutting room floor. Can't see the committee rewarding a conference for gaming the system.
  13. Why do you say that? One has nothing to do with the other. The difference is pretty simple. I've seen virtually every game Shakel had played at the college level, roughly half of them from really good seats in the gym. I didn't see a single game Klay played in college.
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