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  1. Anyone that ever raised kids knows in their heart this is a really bad idea.
  2. They already get a vote. Their parents vote for them. Thus the designation of "minor". But this is California, where practically every dumb idea can find a welcome home.
  3. And the truth is always found on Twitter
  4. Sorry. Not a grassy knoll guy. The bottom line is he says he's not coming.and he's not coming unless it's as Matta's assistant, apparently. What's your point? Sheesh
  5. Not hating. Just stating some very obvious facts. The answer at UNLV isn't at the end of a series of coach hirings and firings. Menzies didn't make UNLV mediocre. He didn't drive the fans away. He's not responsible for the distorted system that makes it difficult to impossible for "G5" programs to retain top coaches. I can tell you that from my perspective as one of the more avid, engaged and interested MWC conference BB fans is I see improvement in they way the Rebels are playing. Kids are playing within a system and they appear to be playing for each other. Nobody is waiting for the latest 5 star phenom to bail them out. You don't have the talent yet but at our level, you have to recruit and develop it. That's what Marv is doing, You have 12 players that are freshmen or sophs. You've got some pieces to build on with the African kids and Hardy. A bunch more, like Hamilton, are getting meaningful minutes. That's how you build a program. Next year you'll be better and two years from now you'll be challenging IF you have the patience.
  6. Uhhh.... “I root for UNLV every game,” Pitino said Friday to Ed Graney of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I have been a big fan since the Tark days. But now I root for them every game because of Marvin Menzies, a younger brother to me. I, nor my agent, haven’t had any discussions with UNLV about coaching there. I will continue to root for my ex-assistant coach every game. Go, Marvin.”
  7. 12 pages based on a rumour from the guy that started the last rumour that turned out to be BS. Gotta love Rebel fans. As an outsider, it looks like the Rebs are making progress. Marv only has two full recruiting classes. He should get more time.
  8. That sucks. I've had two friends succumb to this disease. One lived 5 years after diagnosis. The other died as a result of his very first chemo treatment.
  9. Not sure why. I've got the whole Wolf Punk fan base whining like school girls cuz I say mean things. LOL I'm actually about as far from # snowflake as it gets.
  10. and the fact that nobody....NO-BODY... gives a crap about SJSU athletics, present company excepted. The question is; what is being done about it? It's not enough to say that you're building towards some nebulous "future" that may or may not arrive. That ship has sailed IMO. SJSU admins needs to go to whatever engaged alumni base is out there for the resources to make a splash hire in one of the two major sports. BB is the more personality driven of the two and the easiest to turn around based on the reputation of the coach. I'd suggest starting there.