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  1. SDSUfan

    Texas Southern @ SDSU Tonight

    I should add that the 4 freshmen are physically the biggest guys on the team. Tall but not frail. Add Seiko who is a large guard and Mitchell who is likewise....not thin and we can throw some size out there.
  2. SDSUfan

    Texas Southern @ SDSU Tonight

    Domination from start to finish. We're going to be a handful this year.. It's hard tl fully gauge performance when playing an obviously over-matched squad but N. Mensah played some really good minutes. Starting lineup is actually small; Hemsley, Watson, Shakel, Mitchell and McDainels playing the 5. Tonight, Narain and N. Mensah were the 1st two off the bench with Seiko getting some short minutes. Mitchell was killing it. Watson played only ok. He takes too many shots, is a marginal defender at best and tries to dribble out of trouble. He drives me nuts. Shakel shot well. Took the ball to the rack a couple of times. Mc D is showing some real toughness in the low block and has some nice post moves. Outside shot vastly improved. Arop got some good PT. Played good D. J Mensah and Chang got some minutes late. We play Duke on Monday. We'll see how we stack up.
  3. Also, an impossible task given that "inner cities" and the education establishment are literally, and I mean literally, dominated,99-100% leftist Democrat. It's not like Republicans have no answers. Conservative ideas stand no chance of implementation. I'd settle for Democrats getting their share of the blame ( 99-100%). That of course will never happen. Hell, I'd settle for ONE Democrat standing up and admitting the maybe, perhaps, possibly, there is a vanishingly small chance that they could be "wrong" on maybe, possibly one of two things and it may be time to try doing one or two things differently. Who am I kidding. It's much more profitable for Unions and Leftists to soak up money and power while inner city schools and minority communities are given the shit end of the stick and blame Republicans for it. Probably the smartest thing "W" ever said is his riff on the "soft bigotry of low expectations" which to me formulates perfectly the smiley face, patronizing racism of the left in this country.
  4. SDSUfan

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    He wants to go back the the NBA. Wouldn't surprise me to see him end up with the Lakers. I don't think Luke is long for that chair.
  5. SDSUfan

    UNLV at SDSU

    As ugly as I imagine this game was on TV, it was uglier sitting in the stands. This team is very difficult to love this year. Not sure why Rocky decided to bench Chapman. I thought the great Agnew experiment was over. He's a talented young man who simply isn't ready. He actually played slightly better on Saturday but his inexperience showed at the end. NO idea what happened to the defense. It's almost like they prepped for the wrong team. UNLV played a great game. The Rebs were fired up and played like it. Aztecs? Not so much. It was if they would have rather been elsewhere. This may be the squad that has Rocky questioning how long he wants to continue coaching much the same way the BB squad a couple of seasons back, IMO, hastened Fisher's decision to hang it up.
  6. SDSUfan

    Bold basketball predictions

    By the beginning of the conference, SDSU will be starting 2 freshmen
  7. SDSUfan

    SDSU West leading big

    Congrats to SDSU West. Just so you know, I voted yes on both. BUT what I said about the fundamental dishonesty of the SDSU west campaign still stands. Additionally I still maintain that this is not the plan that is best for the city or for that matter,SDSU, the CSU system and the taxpayers of the state but the people have spoken. Stadiums are terrible investments. Spending hundreds of millions of dollars for a building that sits vacant for 350 days a years is at best profligate for a government entity. . When the fund raising starts, I'll contribute my fair share. Go SDSU West....I guess.
  8. SDSUfan

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    Reno Basketball Fans circa 2019-20
  9. SDSUfan

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    Don't flatter yourself. You, the Reno fan base generally, and your team aren't worth being angry about. Smoking. Crater.
  10. SDSUfan

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    Your team is a smoking crater in the ground in six months so enjoy it now.
  11. SDSUfan

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    I don't think there's anything that's universally "good for the conference", SDSU is part of the conference, no? They think it's not good for them. I've already stated what I think and that is IDGAF who we play and how it's determined. I buy my season tickets, as I have since 1985, I show up to the games, I have a beer, and enjoy myself.
  12. SDSUfan

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    Like I said, take it up with our administration. They don't think so. Maybe one day, IF Reno becomes an actual program instead of having a couple good years, your administration will think differently too.
  13. SDSUfan

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    Our administration disagrees. We don't have trouble scheduling RPI friendly opponents. The problem with RPI is in conference.
  14. SDSUfan

    BSU vs BYU

    Et tu Moroni?
  15. SDSUfan


    Damn right! They'd stay at home and work at the local high tech startup, you know, coding and whatnot.