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  1. https://www.medmen.com/stores/ https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/urbn-leaf
  2. Ford makes cars in Germany. BMW makes cars in Alabama. Nissan designs and manufactures in many parts of the US. Countries are only a very rough shorthand describing concept origin and profit destination, at least in the auto industry. The new Toyota Supra has a BMW engine in it. The newest Asian upscale badge ( Hyundai---- Genesis) has hired the M-series Chief engineer and the Bentley lead designer to bring their products to market. As to overall build quality, IMO, the Japanese still do it best. I've owned them all at one point. Germans still have a slight edge in performance for cars that are accessible to the larger market. They lose that edge to the Italians when you get to the Supercar arena. Their build quality is only average. BMW interior finishes, IMO, do not hold up well. I owned an Audi that was a bucket. Couldn't keep that POS out of the shop. Americans build some fine, competitive products in all categories. The new mid engine Corvette is waking people up. The Ford F150 is the highest selling vehicle in the world. Expanding the conversation to other products, the US is still a dominate force in most areas, from agriculture to heavy equipment to electronic components to military hardware to construction materials. Our infrastructure (power generation/transmission, water, sewerage, roads etc has no peer. Some countries may do one or two things "better" at the margins but taken in totality, we rule.
  3. Picked 10th in the SWAC https://mvsusports.com/news/2019/10/23/mens-basketball-tabbed-tenth-in-swac-preseason-media-poll.aspx?path=mbball The conference was ranked 321 out of 32 last year. 8. Mountain West 9. Atlantic 10 10. Missouri Valley 11. Sun Belt 12. Conference USA 13. West Coast 14. Summit League 15. Mid-American 16. Western Athletic 17. Colonial Athletic 18. MAAC 19. Ivy League 20. America East 21. Southern 22. Horizon 23. Ohio Valley 24. Big South 25. Big Sky 26. Patriot 27. Big West 28. Southland 29. NEC 30. Atlantic Sun 31. SWAC 32. MEAC So to summarize; you beat the 10th place team in the 31st ranked conference.
  4. Going out on a limb and predicting Boise
  5. There's a 50-50 chance that the team that has the ball last, wins. Place your bets.
  6. Keep it up. The conference is in dire need of a new flagship since the scuttling of the Good Ship Renol
  7. Next year the Big West will have four member universities: UCSB, UC Davis, UCI, UCSD That's some Bus League
  8. The issue is, according the Dutcher in the local rag, the change in when the Tourney is being played which has pushed conference games into December. That has had a ripple effect with open dates being limited. There are other driving factors that are out of our control like the Pac going to more conference games etc. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/story/2019-10-15/sdsu-aztecs-basketball-mountain-west-conference-schedule-20-games-ncaa-tournament-brian-dutcher
  9. Good luck with your idea. I hope it works out for you. Sounds like you may just need an electrician
  10. I guess forty years of actually being an electrical engineer, to include managing, hiring and training young engineers makes me unqualified to provide insight. My apologies. I stand corrected.
  11. Engineers don't come out of school with specialization. That is gained as a result of industry experience. Additionally, the days of slide rule engineering are long past. Consulting engineers have overhead in the form of very expensive software tools and in many cases, even more expensive test equipment, taxes, health insurance etc. When I was consulting,which is nearly fifteen years ago, my billing rate was anywhere between $125.00 and $175.00/hr, depending on whether or not I had to bring in outside skills such as packaging or PWB folks. You need to bring more to the party than just an idea. You need to understand the market and have sufficient technical background to grasp the complexities of the design. Engineers that are employed in the targeted field are often employed by corporations that don't take kindly to their engineers working for the competition and as mentioned above, true skill in the form of a consultant isn't cheap. My advice would be to learn the skills you need to advance your design to partial functionality and fully understand the remaining tasks for completion. Then, contract out those discrete design tasks.
  12. All electrical engineers are not equal. You'll need to be more specific. High Power, RF, power supply hardware, control syatems etc What specific skills. firmware, FPGA, IC, DSP etc..,. Most people with" good ideas" want an engineer to basically generate IP for them on the cheap. Most engineers will not take that kind of work on without a significant, perhaps even majority ownership stake, unless the other party brings significant funding, marketing and organizational skills with them. Good Idea faries are a dime a dozen. Your best bet may be an engineering student
  13. Once upon a time, there were 2 sides of a football game. Offense ......AND.........DEFENSE That shit is now old and busted apparently