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  1. I'm also not an "over-compensating" patriot. I understand how governance is supposed to work in a liberal, market based western democracy. I understand how fascist regimes and how socialist and communist systems work., "Public-Private partnership" is in reality an apt description for fascism. So much so that it could be considered a euphemism. I also, unlike many/most of the SDSU "products" in this forum recognize and HIGHLY VALUE the core mission of the University, which is to educate. It is NOT to play football and it certainly is NOT to be a real estate speculator. Spending upwa
  2. I wasn't "produced" by SDSU. I have a BSEE from Mudd and a Masters from Maryland. My Aztecs fandom comes from my status as a native San Diegan and community booster.
  3. Not any time soon. They're a negative in the NET and other seeding services. If they step their game up, then yes, in the future. Fisher was big on giving locals the opportunity to play in front of a big time crowd and get a nice paycheck for it. Realities have changed and Dutcher is less inclined to be charitable. UCSD is likewise off the schedule for the immediate future.
  4. I bought Feels So Good and Children of Sanchez when they both first came out in the seventies. Still have them but the music hasn't aged well IMO. Big Dinah Washington fan though. This one is damn good.
  5. Golden Corral- Everything that's wrong with food and people in one convenient location
  6. Throw a bone to the greatest clarinetist who ever lived dude. There's not that many of them! :-)
  7. Basie, Frank and Quincy. There will never be that much talent on a single stage again. Quincy's arrangements were pure genius.
  8. You need five "really good defenders" on the court at the same time. All it takes is one "bad" defender and guess what? You have a bad defense. Recruiting defense is stupid. Defense is effort, technique and scheme. Even bad players can play good defense
  9. You can't win in this conference with that lineup. JC numbers don't always translate. After watching "T-Go" last year, I'm wary of Big West stats too. That league isn't very good. Reading the linked LV Sun article, it sounds like Kruger went out and got a bunch of bench guys and "defenders", which as everyone who follows basketball knows is shorthand for "can't shoot". I don't think you guys have enough, at all. Kruger should have just bit the bullet and chased some HS kids. There's value there because of COVID and everyone else chasing transfers.
  10. The carnage is I think, well known by everyone. This visualization helps in grasping the scale
  11. If colleges are clogging the pipeline by giving everyone a free year and opening the transfer flood gates, I can see lots of kids preferring this option as opposed to signing on with the NCAA bottom feeders who are likely the teams with open scholarships.
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