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  1. Is there a worse analyst than Douchenozzle Rothstein? No. No there is not
  2. It's a sport with a bloated squad made up of significant number of athletes with ZERO rowing experience prior to being awarded a full scholarship. Live by the ratio. Die by the ratio
  3. Here's our play. Try to stop it. You cannot We go seven deep and we're bringing back the single wing bitches
  4. LOL... It's nice to win BUT I sure wish we could throw the football on occasion. I don't want us turning into a Utah State with a trail of broken QB's littering to roster every year. It's apparently too much to ask to even find ONE QB that can do the "P" in a RPO scheme, much less multiples.
  5. For the record. We re NOT hiring Barry Switzer and the Aztecs will NOT be running the wishbone. JFC on a pogo stick. Has there ever been a CFB program, over the long haul, more incompetent at the forward pass? ever?......E.V.E.R?
  6. I have some beach front property in San Bernadino for sale. You interested?
  7. SDSU has dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball in both games this year. It's not by accident. We have legit talent and outstanding coaching in those positions. SJSU needs to match up or it will be a long day for them too.
  8. PXL_20201031_215117799.mp4 Stopped by the site as I was at Costco getting gassed up.
  9. Old enough to be a "dshawfan" myself, as well as an "icurtis" and "hmoses" fan and I agree but you don't even have to go back that far. Az Hakim, Patrick Rowe, Darnay Scott, all of those guys could get separation from defenders and make the big catch. We'll have to see as this very weird season progresses but we look as one dimensional this year as we've looked for the last few years
  10. The charging input is a standard USB C connector. There are plenty plenty of reasonably priced non Apple options for it. I recently purchased a set of Jabra Elite75t true wireless earbuds for $145.00 which are better than AirPods IMO. There are plenty of more than acceptable earbuds out there for far less. If you need AirPods for some reason, feel free to pay the premium to show your friends that you're cool like that. Jabra Elite 75t Pull Quote: "“Historically, I feel like they’ve really been at the forefront in terms of talking about climate change,” Zino tells The Verge.
  11. I don't see how this works out equitably without expanding rosters and maybe not even then.
  12. This is pretty huge. I wonder if the next step will be for the allowance of additional scholarships or if 2021 HS seniors get screwed entirely. SDSU has 5 seniors. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/story/2020-10-14/san-diego-state-sdsu-aztecs-basketball-ncaa-extra-year-of-eligibility-new-transfer-rule
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