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  1. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    I expect very little from government functionaries but at the very LEAST, they can act ethically. The SDSU administration cannot even mange that basic threshold.
  2. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    Think what you will.. LOL
  3. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    Headed put to the game. I'm sure Ill be bumping into all of you sooperfanz there. LOL
  4. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    The initiative isn't the legally binding document. The lease with the city is the legal document. Seriously. Keep up By the way dipshit, until SDSU suffered their collective aneurysm, they were actively negotiating terms with FS.
  5. SDSU Campus Plan Released

  6. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    I didn't post the poll you +++++ing jackass. Try again
  7. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    LOL. See you at the game tonight..no? I thought I worked for a contractor...or I'm a anti-sports professor....something. I can't POSSIBLY be a SDSU sports fan AND a lifelong city resident that want what I believe is best for the city. That could NEVER happen.
  8. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    SDSU Worst is a "multi-use" stadium, just like Soccer City, Remember? Can't keep your lies straight. that's the problem when you run a dishonest campaign. Footy goin' ta be doin' some stompin'
  9. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    LOL. Given the vacuity of the administration and the SDSU posters in this forum, I'm not sure that's something I would admit. Remember, all you need to do is convert the 26% of those that don't want to do anything with the site ( 20%+26%=46%) and you're damn near there! LOL As for being a TRUE SDSU FAN, if that means buying into this dishonest, profligate, parochial, pig-in-a-poke SDSU Worst debacle, count me out. I always thought going to all of the games ( BB and FB) and donating to the university might be a better indicator but apparently not. See you at the game. Stop over and say Hi. Footy says hi!
  10. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    LOL. Brilliant insight! Do you even live in SD? do you not know what the politics are when it comes to land use here? That 26% is a hard reactionary, "Get off my Lawn" "We don't want to be LA" 26% that will and does vote against anything and everything. It's baked into any initiative involving land use in this city. For SDSU to prevail, they need to win over basically all of the soccer city folks + a few from the "not sures" or "others". Barring that and barring SC winning, this thing goes to an RFP. Who wins when it goes to an RFP? Basically a group of developers that call themselves "Friends of SDSU". You know, the group that pledged that they are backing SDSU West as a civic duty and to "prove" it, have pledged NOT to compete for the work should SDSU West prevail. They know damn well what the electorate will do. They know damn well that putting two competing proposals on the ballot practically ensures neither will prevail. Their intent is to bring it to a process they are all comfortable with and can manipulate in familiar ways. SDSU is nothing more than a convenient prop that THEIR boy McGrory has delivered to them. Is the picture getting any brighter for you? I've never seen a more delusional crowd than TRUE SDSU FANS
  11. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    Nothing is etched in stone. If the university had stayed engaged in the process, terms could have been negotiated to give SDSU first right of refusal. That however would take thought and imagination, two things utterly lacking up on the Mesa. Footy says hi!
  12. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    Thanks for your contribution.
  13. New California?

    This isn't about me. I'm a proud native San Diegan. I've long ago come to terms with the state of politics in this state. I understand how the game is played and have arranged,my life accordingly. This is primarily about the Central Valley and the folks that live and work there having a state government to respond to their needs. Keep in mind we're talking about more people than Utah,Wyoming,Montana,New Mexico, north Dakota, and south Dakota, combined that are effectively disenfranchised. I can't make it any clearer. The numbers matter.
  14. New California?

    San Diego County has more people in it that your entire state. If you can't recognize that the differences in scale, I can't help you. Utah is like 90% white and 90 % Mormon. You are as homogeneous as it comes. That you have a relative few outliers is one thing, California as constituted disenfranchises roughly 5X more people than live in your entire state. That's 10 million folks.
  15. New California?

    No, it isn't. The shear size of California, population and land mass, and the stark differences between the two distinct cultures make it different in scale alone.