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  1. My bad on the number of games. But, the reasoning is the same. If there isn't a merger in place for 2024, and the MWC schools want to help the 2, a scheduling agreement would require a reduction of conference games.
  2. The only option that would be significant would be to reduce the MWC conference games from 9 to 8 for 2024. That would free up 12 spots. OSU and WSU would each get 6 games against MW teams, they likely have 3 OOC games lined up, then play a home and home with each other. That's 11 games each, so they would have to pick up another game elsewhere. This assumes the MWC is looking to help out the Pac-2 in 2024.
  3. You sold out half the stadium? So does that mean a quarter of a real stadium?
  4. You're right, let's change the subject. So, about those Padres...
  5. Part of the reason he was successful at Jackson State was that his name brought in recruits that were a lot more talented than other SWAC players. He won't have that advantage in a P5 conference.
  6. It looks like a practice facility, not a stadium.
  7. Yep, there is no need for the MWC to be vindictive, but the cost to be allowed back in should be for SDSU to acknowledge and sign that when they leave they must pay the fee. No reduction to the fee and no payment schedule.
  8. Well, you are 3-7 against them in the MWC, so it makes sense not to play them if you don't have to.
  9. The withheld revenue is applied towards the exit fee.
  10. Fresno and Nevada didn't negotiate it down. The $5m exit fee at the time only applied to the first team to leave, there was no fee for a second team to leave, so they were able split the full $5m exit fee.
  11. To get a comparable contract they may need to get to 12, simply because the additional inventory will add value. Obviously, there are multiple negotiations, with scenarios of 10, 11, and 12 conference teams. How much extra in rights fees do the 2 extra teams bring in, and what does that do to the fees for the existing 10 schools? None of us know. Basketball's rights will also be affected, and obviously SDSU adds value there. The number of scenarios is endless when calculating for different numbers of teams and multiple media partners. It's not as simple as comparing 2 contracts, one with 10 and one with 12.
  12. Yep, this is likely what will happen. I remember when Fresno State and Nevada gave notice in August 2010 that they would join the MWC in 2012... it was almost two full years of being in the old conference and looking forward to the future... but, time marches on. Next thing you know, you'll be at Snapdragon for a Pac 12 game.
  13. Utah also left behind a bunch of credits when the MWC was formed, they had also recently played in the national championship game while in the WAC.
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