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  1. I’m glad you’ve found your imaginary hill to die on.
  2. Systemic racism? Wtf? Can you name the ethnicity of every OL in the Hawaii current 2-deep?
  3. Slavery is slavery. Just ask people in China, North Korea, Uzbekistan…hell, even Mauritania recently sentenced a couple of people for enslaving others. I repeat: hyperbole.
  4. I’ll take hyperbole for 800, Alex. Players can stop playing. Slaves had (have, in the places it’s still happening) no choice.
  5. Apologies, peeps. Not gonna dox myself but the place I work at is trying to operate over max capacity, and it’s not going well (I’m in a major retailer’s supply chain). Anyway, picks during the week may not be a thing from me, if our workload continues. I believe Wake Forest is still available. Shocked if they are. Gotta figure out the 2nd.
  6. Watch: it’ll turn out that @MetropolitanCowboy was on his deathbed with COVID, and it’s gonna make us all look like assholes. Well…those who’ve been giving him shit, anyway.
  7. I’m not one to declare a message board troll a genuine f*cking a$$hole, but unless you were just messing around about the last part of that, you are one. So please tell me you were.
  8. I believe it’s back to @East Coast Aztec
  9. While I both respect and thank you immensely for this little bit, I must point out Nevada is taken (and not also available).
  10. Damn it, sorry. UVa. @East Coast Aztec
  11. Not entirely sure who is next.
  12. Not entirely sure who is next.