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  1. If we keep bricking the 2nd half, this one will get ugly. Alford needs to ride the refs about the hand-checking SDSU is doing. They are VERY handsy right now.
  2. It looks like we’ve never heard of aggressiveness. The only strong move all game got Queta his only foul so far. That’s not a coincidence.
  3. At the G5 level, you don’t force a guy out who has just won you 10 games, unless there’s something else going on (recruiting violations or whatever). Working with him on a reasonable offensive change is ok, pressuring him till he walks is not.
  4. Are you going to elaborate and defend your assertion, or just play the immature jackass wannabe bully little girl?
  5. Incorrect. While 8 points is technically a “one-score game,” you at some point need a 2-point conversion. Go for it early. If you don’t get it, at least you know what you need and can give yourself time to make it up. If you wait to need it on the last possession, you are more likely to have put all of your eggs in that basket, and be going for it with no time left. Ault preferred to go for it earlier, and it appears Norvell is the same way. I agree with them. Waiting to go for two is analogous to taking first possession in OT, insofar as the alternatives at least let you know what you’re going to need. The reverse was a WTF play. I don’t think there is any disagreement there. You had overloaded the left side and had run Lee to the heavy side all game long. Counter was there. Run the counter, pull the guard as a lead blocker, and get 6 the simple way. I will admit I wasn’t thinking about the FG during that last possession. I was so focused on “TD then FG” that reversing that didn’t occur to me. Norvell may have been thinking the same.
  6. Ya know, there’s a .000000000000001% chance of it happening, but he fits right in with the mindset Norvell is trying to instill… Plus, he’s the mastermind of our current defense.
  7. Wants to take a step back, maybe? Get back to what he truly loves?
  8. I do, but why the eff did he throw the fade? Go with a percentage throw.
  9. Wonder what history would be like had Basped not hired an agent a year early. I’d always thought Moch to be the better DE.
  10. I would personally trace that win to the Fresno-USC game in 2005 (I may have mentioned this already). Pete Carroll was renowned for scouting opponents. The week after USC, Fresno played us. I could tell that we had taken a lot of lessons from how USC had gone after the Fresno rush D, and were using them to great effect. Ault later said that beating Fresno got us a lot of recruits that we wouldn’t otherwise have landed. That was the senior class that beat Boise in 2010. I would also respond to another poster with this: if Nevada beats Hawaii earlier in the season, it’s probably a Top-10 matchup, possibly something like 4 vs 6 or 7. Looking back, it’s crazy thinking about the combined talent level on that field.
  11. I’d love to know where the hell these freezing cold stretches come from. I mean the entire BYU game and the entire 2nd half of this game. Multiple airballs and bricking layups-level of icy.
  12. Sometimes you have to strip someone to the studs for them to grow how they need to. It’s rough on everyone, but he’ll end up fine as long as the coaches don’t give up on him.
  13. 2 key questions for Nevada: how good is the o-line next year? They will hopefully be healthy, and some nice reinforcements were signed today. Also, what kind of defensive staff is brought in? Norvell’s presser today introducing the recruiting class made it sound like he wants to retain the 3-3-5 defense. We could compete for the conference championship, or be very mediocre.