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  1. If that’s for me: I’m also not one to run a draw play on 3rd & 20. I’m not terribly concerned about the mathematical odds.
  2. I stand by my statement. If you make it, SJSU is in trouble, and they’d scored 3 points to that point. Go for it.
  3. Reading some threads make me wonder whether people look for reasons to go full Chicken Little.
  4. I liked going for it. I wish Norvell would do it more.
  5. Nevada vs. UNLV bleeds into other aspects of life: Reno vs. Las Vegas, Northern Nevada vs. Southern Nevada, squabbles over funding in the legislature (keep in mind that NN legislators tried to block funding for the Raiders’ stadium). However, I have never seen a rivalry as “on the sleeve” as Wyo-CSU. The level of petty and number of pot-shots is kind of breathtaking (and I mean that with an honest tip of the cap).
  6. The difference: Mumme is running his own offense with input from Norvell. Rolo was brought in under a “I need you to run my offense, while I maintain veto power over your play calls” kind of deal.
  7. That’s the QB Coach, aka Mumme. How many guys have they started at QB in the last 2.5 years?
  8. Kellen Moore didn’t throw 3 picks.
  9. If Norvell is to be taken at his word (call me naive), I think we’ll see a rebuilt secondary on Saturday, namely among the safeties. That throws a whole lot of new variables into the equation.
  10. As to your point about protected rivals: the thing about what at this point is merely a thought experiment (though I would truly love to see it happen) is that different fans will see different schools as a potential protected rival. Depending on the Wyoming fan you talk to, the 3rd could be UNM, Hawaii, Utah St, or fill-in-the-blank. Nevada’s third could be Utah St (we used to play them every rivalry week in the old Big West), Fresno St (in the Ault days, the players from each school knew each other well enough that it was a huge rivalry internally), or SDSU (something about thorns in sides). I personally side with Utah St because they’ve been a big rival, to a greater or lesser extent, for decades.
  11. Has Utah St run to the right yet? I’ve only been watching the 2nd half, but it’s only been to the left from what I’ve seen.
  12. If you include Notre Dame…which, technically, you shouldn’t. 4-1 at home, 4-8 on the road with wins in Tallahassee, Los Angeles, Boulder, and Fayetteville.
  13. I gave you CSU, UH, and AF above. Would you say UNM is a bigger rival?
  14. I’m going to take a wild guess that you’re in the medical profession.
  15. Edited from a Nevada-centric perspective. I’m sure I’ve missed something, but I can’t find it.