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  1. I never said I speak for every single individual person in Northern Nevada. 🙄 I would think the “in general” could be left implied. There are obviously those who agree with him, almost all in Washoe County.
  2. I will merely respond by saying that Kap’s political stances do not resonate with those of the Northern Nevada community.
  3. I just realized that 9 conference games would still only mean 2 cross-divisional matchups.
  4. Not sure how realistic this would be, but it made me think when mentioned: have 2 of them be Army-West Point and Navy. That way all 3 service academies can be in the same division. Stay with 8 conference games to minimize cross-division travel. Then SMU and…Tulsa? Memphis? NMSU (not sure of the state politics there)?
  5. I’m sure there are plenty of tweets coming out today from this guy that will be posted by others, but this caught my eye.
  6. Can probably expect AFA to be 100% by end of Sept, given what SecDef and CiC are saying. Glad Nevada is 90%+.
  7. We can chest beat all we want if we win the games. We’re not about that “win on paper” life.
  8. For the record, I like that the Nevada and UNLV administrations seem to have joined themselves at the hip. I personally hope we’re still joined with Boise St after it all shakes out, too. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  9. Based on what MHver3 said on Twitter today, the Big 12, if ESPN has its way. Another tweet says the current value of the B12 minus Texas & OU is $14.7M per school. I still say WVU goes to the ACC. Next question is whether the SEC and B1G go to the 20-team megaconference idea. I don’t think they will, but we’ll see. My personal thought stays that the Big 12 remnants and the MWC merge under the Big 12 “entity,” adding western AAC teams to get to 16, and rebranding somehow. <Enter the cacophony of voices calling me an idiot for countering the groupthink>
  10. Multiple journalistic outlets (including The Athletic) have reported otherwise.
  11. Thank you SO MUCH, Cary Groth! /obvious sarcasm
  12. The next step in the “let’s make this all legal and official” process.
  13. In that same group of tweets, he mentions it’s all contingent upon the Remaining 8 holding together. Which means if WVU/Kansas leaves, everything alters again.
  14. Fun fact about the P4 conspiracy: it involves 65 teams, not 64. Who gets left out?
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