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  1. One thing I’ve learned about Hair is he doesn’t do his thing to the microphone unless there’s a compelling reason. He’s more of a back-room dealer. Having worked in a casino (which has nothing but that kind of dealing) for over 3 years, I can tell you that people who can do that effectively wield a surprising amount of power within those rooms at the end of the day.
  2. That’s why there’s this: https://ncaamarket.ncaa.org/jobs/ Literally custom-built for it.
  3. At the MW level, it’s not about the splash hire unless you’re sitting on a secret cash stash. It’s about the guy you initially say “who?” about, then research and really like it. In other words, the quietly effective unknown.
  4. The pervasiveness off the mediocrity within my picks is almost impressive.
  5. Ah. Granted I only saw it once, on a TV replay, but I thought the defender had committed before the slide began, then tried to leap over him.
  6. Negative. He was in bounds. Pulverize his ass and make sure the play ends. It’s too bad he got hurt, but that was a legal play all of the way.
  7. Mostly this, though I’d drop CSU a spot or two lower.
  8. My point is last year this loss would have felt semi-apocalyptic. Not so, this year.
  9. I can live with this loss, given circumstances.
  10. Yeah, Meeks did nothing except 6 points, 3 boards, and an assist. Nothing whatsoever. Milling I’ll give a couple of games to get his sea legs.
  11. Norvell said at the weekly press conference today that he has taken over playcalling duties.