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  1. Nevada @ the Baggies

    3 straight 1 & 1s missed. Sonuvabitch.
  2. Nevada @ the Baggies

    There’s a lot of “a lot of contact, no call” going on on the radio side when Nevada is on offense.
  3. college basketball FBI probe ...

    I disagree. With the depth and breadth of what’s going on, as well as the publicity it has received, I don’t see how the NCAA does anything shy of laying the hammer. Otherwise, you may just see Congress step in (especially if the Dems take control during midterms) or something like that.
  4. Hey Boise...

    “Nevada's first athletic teams in the late 1890s and early 1900s were referred to as the Sagebrushers or even the Sage Hens after Nevada's state flowering plant, the sagebrush. There are references in print to the 'Sage Warriors', although none of these names were the official mascot of Nevada's athletic teams. In the 1921-22 athletic season, a local writer described the spirited play of a Nevada team as a 'pack of wolves'. The name stuck and soon almost every reference to the athletic teams was the Nevada Wolves. In 1923, the students officially designated 'Wolves' as the school's mascot. Since all teams are a group of players, the word pack followed quickly. In 1928-29, the Nevada student handbook referred to the athletic teams as Wolf Pack and two school songs were adopted, entitled 'The Wolf Pack' and 'Here Comes the Wolf Pack'.” http://nevadawolfpack.com/sports/2017/7/21/trads-unv-trads-html.aspx
  5. Hey Boise...

    I noticed that too.
  6. Nevada @ Boise State

    Re Lindsey Drew, out for the year: https://twitter.com/MurrayRGJ/status/964020840756002817?ref_src=twcamp^share|twsrc^m5|twgr^email|twcon^7046|twterm^0 Edit: if someone wants to be kind and show me how to properly do tweets on here, I’d be grateful.
  7. Nevada @ Boise State

    Please tell me Lindsay is ok.
  8. ESPN host calls on Notre Dame to drop racist mascot

    The largest portion of my ancestry is Irish, and Kellerman can shut the hell up. Irishmen are fighters, dammit. Fits us well.
  9. Nevada Still Ranked...

    Tell that to SDSU.
  10. Something we ALL can get behind

    Not signing it, only because I want to play UNLV on Nevada Day weekend (only makes too much sense, right?) and Boise St on rivalry week.
  11. SDSU vs Nevada

    Looks like team doctors cleared Caleb to play a little time each game after some INTENSE treatment all week. No weight on it whatsoever and all of practice time in the training room this last week. Cleared for up to 20 minutes or until the pain got to him tonight. Hopefully it’s not harmful.
  12. UNLV at Nevada

    The good news is that we may very well have a full roster next year. At least 6 coming in that I know of.
  13. Caleb Martin out indefinitely

    If be happy going 3-4 these last 7. I don’t expect any favours from the committee. I fully expect us to have to win the conference tourney for a berth.
  14. Caleb Martin out indefinitely

    Posted on the other thread: did some searching on Google. 2-8 weeks if surgery is not required, closer to 8 months if it is. It’s honestly “don’t be surprised if his season is over” territory until we know the severity.
  15. UNLV at Nevada

    I gather that it doesn’t really matter for mid-foot injuries, unless a bone is broken. In that case, surgery is always necessary. Yeah. Sobering.