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  1. That’s 3 tip drill catches by Fresno St on the last 2 drives, if I’m not mistaken.
  2. Teams could run that run route play into the flat against us over and over. Tell us it’s coming even. We still won’t beat it.
  3. Hawaii’s defensive game plan is clearly to sag way back or stack the box. Only problem is that our run game has folded like a wet paper bag at the first sign of resistance.
  4. Early Modern English. There’s a lot of archaic terminology…such as wherefore. Tell that to the ghost of Alex Trebek.
  5. I was surprised you guys hired him to start with. I thought he’d be good, but I was still surprised.
  6. When we execute, we go forward. When we don’t, we go backward. I stand by my statement.
  7. The requirement for this to be accurate is Nevada executing rather than mis-firing.
  8. Give whoever was offsides on a damn punt a spot on the bench.
  9. There are those who say “not going to happen,” and there are those who make it happen.
  10. Guessing at who’s still available #2
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