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  1. Charlotte. @aggzilla, then @bsu_alum9.
  2. Ok…I believe it means it goes back to the DA, who has the option to retry the case. As it stands now, he goes back to having an arrest on his record, but there is no longer a conviction, which means he’s no longer on probation nor considered a sex offender. If retried and convicted again with the same sentence, he would have the time served to this point, and it would simply pick up as if it were suspended. If acquitted, things get interesting from a civil standpoint for the DA and state, but none of the stuff he currently faces would be the case any longer. Short answer: they can try him again, but if convicted again, the sentence he has served to this point wouldn’t have to be served again. That would fall under double jeopardy statutes.
  3. For the record, smoking is only allowed in the casino area and outside. Technically, one can go straight from the parking garage to the Midway without going through a smoking area. Even the smoking floors in the hotel part were done away with when the rooms were renovated, and the lobby is non-smoking (as silly as that is from an effective standpoint). Side note: there’s a lot of internal debate as to whether they “perfume” the vents. Side note #2: one of the worst decisions corporate made for us was making all of our “tables” virtual and shifting the real ones to Legacy. That said, they take in more revenue from the arcade than they do gaming.
  4. Name: Hometown: Sparks, NV University and Degree: AA from TMCC in Reno, currently working on BA in Psychology at Capella University and in English at Great Basin College, with intent to pursue advanced degrees. Occupation: Currently something other than intended possible career paths. Teams: Nevada Wolf Pack, San Francisco Giants Interests: Sports; outdoors; astronomy and theoretical physics, along with other intellectual pursuits Dislikes: Liars; willful misuse of common psychological terms (random pet peeve) Favorite Activities: Usually things having to do with interests On my playlist: Most genres except rap and heavy metal. I’m sure you could find some random obscure something I cringe at. Married/Kids/Pets: No(t yet); significant other has a little one for whom I’ll be filing paternal rights if/when she and I tie the knot; no
  5. First, may the young man Rest In Peace. It’s tough when a life is cut short, whether by their own hand or those of another. To battle.borne: I am NOT here to blindly speculate, but…if you look at the APA definition of a mental illness, it’s hard to see a way for any suicide to not be caused by mental illness of some sort. It may not be depression; bipolar disorder is on the rise the last couple of decades, and manic or mixed episodes can just as easily cause suicidality. (That is merely an example; and I am in fact studying for a BA in Psychology, with a focus on abnormal psychology.) With that said, it wouldn’t MERELY be about the psychological side; the factors that go into something like this can be and often are extraordinarily complex.
  6. I assume you mean “with relative mediocrity the last few years until they canned him.”
  7. As my octogenarian grandmother (who successfully raised 6 kids when belts were acceptable punishment) once said, “if you can’t take the heat, get out.”
  8. I know this image was used in another Pick 10 last year, but apparently Georgia State doesn’t do coeds. @Slapdad, @Warbow, Warbow, Slapdad, me.
  9. I work at Circus. One of my supervisors has been there almost since the place opened. Each succeeding summer I’ve worked has been the slowest he’s ever seen (yes, meaning it keeps getting slower). There are places back to “meh” status, but the Indian casinos (and mismanagement) are killing us. Side note: it was mentioned in news articles that the combined company will go under the Caesars Entertainment, Inc. name. However, the new board of directors, or so I’m told, has one more “old ERI” than “old CEI.”
  10. Ya know, I was going to use actual *facts* and *stats* to refute what you’re saying, but your claims (not to mention oozing condescension) are at the point of being laughable. Have fun being a raging moron.
  11. Also wouldn’t fix the reasons for the overwhelming majority of gun deaths: accident and suicide.
  12. It is a process that, to the best of my knowledge, is quite common at the D-1 level. Yes, I do. Refusing to help the athletics side is blind to the effect of publicity brought by athletic excellence and very short-sighted. Hell, ADs are even learning to capitalize on APR scores.
  13. It was less a commentary on Mackay Stadium adequacy than it is on Marc Johnson’s distinct lack of commitment to athletics.
  14. Turns out the maintenance guy who initially checked the boiler after the first explosion stopped firefighters outside the building and was talking to them in the two minutes between their arrival and the second explosion (the one that blew the side of the building out etc). They said that had he not read the situation correctly, people (including firefighters) would definitely have died.
  15. We’d probably be able to do it right away if Marc Johnson would throw athletics a bone. As is, his only contributions to the AD are the occasional quiet plaudit, so we struggle to afford even minor seat upgrades.