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  1. This pic never gets old. I've always loved how UNLV fans regale us with stories of Tark's innocence and squeaky clean actions.. Apparently he was just ignorant and a pure victim to the atrocities going on at UNLV.. BTW, if the "Fixer" was a real pimp, he'd have women in that hot tub, not just 4 dudes..
  2. There will be more Ute fans than that there.. I believe the number you saw was just though the school's accounting process which doesn't account for general sales on the open market... My guess is 20-30K.. Utah hoops isn't a hot ticket, you should be able to move wherever you want.
  3. Utah is terrible. We’ve lost to every team with a pulse. I expect Nevada to win by 15. Anything can happen and it’s in SLC but I’m not holding my breath. We will be lucky to win 15 games this year. The PAC is also terrible so we might get some cupcake wins.
  4. That’s why I have friends like you to save the day. Life is a delicate balance of idiots(like me) and smart people.
  5. I picture this.. LOL.. I'm 100% sure you and I would get along well in real life and have some good stories to share..
  6. Im surprised Mangum is still around and not prepping for the combine. I seem to remember a few BYU fans claiming he was god’s gift to football and NFL bound after his 2015 season. My oh my how reality hits home sometimes.
  7. So sad. What a great story though. That guy was a real hero. Makes you think twice about things.
  8. That’s interesting. We’ve been told there are billions of BYU fans that “comprise” their national following. @BSUTOP25 maybe you should start keeping track with gear updates? My guess is they might not be on par with CSU but close.
  9. I was at the Bunny Ranch a few weeks ago and a BYU dad in front of me was seriously pissed because he couldn’t use a 2 for 1 coupon for his son’s first time. He continued on with his rant and told the cashier he should get a discount because he brought his own condoms from a “lightly used” second hand store on Byu’s Campus. Embarrassing.
  10. Probably not a good idea.. As dirty as BYU is with cheap shots, nut punches and clowns like this idiot running around hitting people in the back of the head, I don't think BYU would want another beat down. Memphis is a much better program than BYU these days.. Maybe @Wyovanian has some insight?
  11. I think with the Holiday Bowl’s future up in the air with it only being secured through 2019 in Qualcomm, there is a chance that the Vegas Bowl will move up the chain with up coming Bowl negotiations. However, I do think this will require new Bowl ties with P12 vs another P5. It’s only logical with the new venue and a good chance to be more high profile.
  12. I’m wondering if @BSUTOP25 has some new insight on this? I mean if the first 400 threads on this topic this year aren’t enough, keep trying until you get the correct answer I guess. Maybe these threads can be combined with the 600 fire the UNLV coach threads?
  13. I’m not going to waste time searching for something that is basic common sense. Should I prove that water is wet too? But for the sake of your argument, let’s say there aren’t more injuries. It still doesn’t change a damn thing I said about competing in a stronger, deeper league.
  14. Why don’t you just ask your coach. I’m sure he’d tell you things are different in the P12 than the MWC. I mean, should I provide a link that the NFL is far more physical than college too? There’s far more future NFL guys in the P12 then the MWC.
  15. Just like Utah would probably beat ASU 8/10. But it didn’t happen. The likelihood that these games happen for Fresno would be far more frequent in P12. There’s dozens of examples of this the last 5 years of lesser teams beating better P12 teams.
  16. Sure there's plenty of evidence.. When the best recruits go to the best conferences, things move faster.. And when you play 9-10 P5 teams instead of 2-3, you get beat up faster. It's also a well known fact that G5 teams are thin after the 1's.. I've been on both sides of this.. I used to think that Utah would compete just fine because of our record against BCS teams.. I just get a kick out of some Fresno fans that are claiming "bitch" status because of a couple of wins over bad to average P12 teams.. Fresno also lost to a pretty average Minnesota team, so more proof that nothing is a given..
  17. I agree 100% that if you gave Fresno the same resources, they would be fine.
  18. First off, I agree Fresno is a great team and honestly probably would have competed fairly well in a down P12 based on their starters. Where you run into trouble is depth doing it weekly rather than a few games a year. In the BCS era, Utah was probably the best G5 team at taking P5 skins so I see why people might think it translates to conference placement in a power league. Guess what? It doesn’t. It really does take years to build the depth you need to make it all the way through a season. When you play bigger, faster, stronger dudes every week, injuries pile up much faster and the parity is greater. Look no further than our 2011-2013 seasons as an example of our lack of depth and talent being exposed. This was coming off 2 10 win ranked seasons in our final years of the MWC. It took Utah many recruiting classes and resources to change style and build the depth to compete at a high level and we will never have built in recruiting advantages that some P12 teams have. Utah won 3 of their last 4 games with a back up QB and a back up RB and damn near beat Washington to play in the Rose Bowl. I highly doubt most G5 teams can absorb that and win in a power league. Depth matters.