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  1. I won’t dispute that Ohio State is the much bigger dog in the ratings but there was a lot of interest in Utah as well with our fans and I’m guessing overall football fans. The fact that it was a nail biter to the end with 2 great teams played an overall factor in the national ratings. Utah has also had more than a few games in the Top 10 in ratings this year according to Sports Media Watch. It’s not all opponents either. https://www.deseret.com/2022/1/1/22859417/the-utah-utes-owned-the-rose-bowl-until-they-didnt-ohio-state-buckeyes-bryson-barnes-cj-stroud
  2. Good God, this flopping is ridiculous in many matches. My favorite is when someone barely gets clipped in the leg and the victim does a spread Eagle launch to the ground rolling around with hands on their face acting they got hit in the face by a dump truck.
  3. For nearly two years, Camp MAGA/Extremists have been telling everyone that the other side of the story hasn't been told and this is nothing but a political witch hunt.. What a great opportunity to clear their names and get the story straight. Trump turned down testimony and providing documents. Like you said, this oozes innocence.
  4. Because there is a shitload of tradition with the B10 and P12 in this game. And I think the other big bowls want to be part of the CFP playoff rotation.
  5. You’re probably right. They landed pretty soft after getting blown out by Michigan.
  6. Like I said, just my evil side speaking there. My rational side wants him to go away.
  7. The evil part of me wants to see Walker speak in the Senate. Making proposals and competent rebuttals as well as educate the senate floor on how there’s too many trees on the planet. Maybe whip out his newest police badge. Now that we have control of the Senate, let him embarrass himself and serve all the half wits that voted for him. The fact that this was a tie in round 1 shows how stupid Georgia residents are.
  8. Currency will definitely be a priority.
  9. So how do we match up with the Dutch?
  10. How many people that were part of the 1/6 mob can run a meth lab in their sleep? I’d say 80%.
  11. Let’s hope they all become someone’s bitch in prison. I hope the judge goes full speed on handing out maximum sentences.
  12. Here was Rhodes before the verdicts: And After:
  13. Wait a second. A few weeks ago, @Nevada Convert was telling everyone that the 1/6 mob was just a peaceful and misunderstood group that was just led down the wrong path in life. They weren't terrorists, just simple Freedom Fighters looking to tour the inside of the capitol.
  14. Thinking the same thing. I can see digging in on defense with a two goal lead but we’re playing with fire right now.
  15. In 2016 they changed the rule to allow 10 if you play a round robin schedule. I’m not sure if a waiver was required back then but the language I see now is a waiver is only required if you don’t play a round robin. But I’m not sure why we couldn’t get one if we will need one or just continue with 9 conference games. It also looks like there were more proposals to loosen the rules and give conferences more freedom on their process. If 10 had no options for a CCG, I’d think the P12 would be super aggressive and public about needing more teams. https://theathletic.com/3499816/2022/05/09/ncaa-committee-recommends-loosening-conference-championship-game-requirements/?amp=1
  16. 10 would still have a CCG. As far as losing money, everything P12 leadership has said states the numbers look good at 10. Take that with a grain of salt. Proof is in the pudding. The attitude towards expansion seems to be, we are taking a look and many schools have shown interest. Doesn't seem aggressive to me. Other than this, it's all rumors.
  17. Big pass on Jones. He's old news and damaged goods. I think it's important that UNLV shows a strong commitment to football to land a good and established coach. You guys have the facilities but the instability and revolving doors in your athletic department need to end. So far Harper has some big balls.
  18. He likely doesn't need money but he needs the spotlight and to test his skills against the best competition in CFB. It's just a matter of time before he's at a good P5 school that's looking for sizzle.
  19. Any smart AD would be throwing their hat in the ring. At the end of the day, if the P12 expands, any expansion scenario would have to increase revenue. No point in feeding more mouths if they don't increase payouts.
  20. 2.5 is a tight line. So we can expect TCU to be down early and need another comeback, it's their destiny. KSU isn't a pushover.
  21. $5 million is unrealistic unless UNLV is P5. Based on the paper trail we've seen so far, it sounds like some UNLV booster(s) have their hands in this. Which also means they will write bigger donation checks if they have a say in this. So I definitely see a good paycheck for a good HC with experience.
  22. If USC loses, if you look at the teams that are ranked 5-8, only LSU and Clemson have a shot to win their conference, which is a huge factor for the committee. I don't think Clemson drops much after a loss to South Carolina. I think LSU is going to get whipped by UGA. Clemson has holes this year but still a good record. If they win the ACC, I think they have the best shot. If they lose, Bama has a good shot as a non conference winner team. Ohio State is fresh off a beatdown loss, so I think that plays a part. I think TCU handles their business too.
  23. Mexico should delegate this to their cartels. They are already squeezing and intimidating Argentina with drug trafficking and violence. Alvarez won't have to lift a finger.
  24. Shaw is burnt out. They used to be the bully on the block. He’s a 9-5pm guy now. No passion, no fire and full of apathy. I think he needs some time off and hit the reset button if he coaches again.
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