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  1. This pic never gets old. I've always loved how UNLV fans regale us with stories of Tark's innocence and squeaky clean actions.. Apparently he was just ignorant and a pure victim to the atrocities going on at UNLV.. BTW, if the "Fixer" was a real pimp, he'd have women in that hot tub, not just 4 dudes..
  2. There will be more Ute fans than that there.. I believe the number you saw was just though the school's accounting process which doesn't account for general sales on the open market... My guess is 20-30K.. Utah hoops isn't a hot ticket, you should be able to move wherever you want.
  3. Utah is terrible. We’ve lost to every team with a pulse. I expect Nevada to win by 15. Anything can happen and it’s in SLC but I’m not holding my breath. We will be lucky to win 15 games this year. The PAC is also terrible so we might get some cupcake wins.
  4. That’s why I have friends like you to save the day. Life is a delicate balance of idiots(like me) and smart people.
  5. I picture this.. LOL.. I'm 100% sure you and I would get along well in real life and have some good stories to share..
  6. Im surprised Mangum is still around and not prepping for the combine. I seem to remember a few BYU fans claiming he was god’s gift to football and NFL bound after his 2015 season. My oh my how reality hits home sometimes.
  7. So sad. What a great story though. That guy was a real hero. Makes you think twice about things.
  8. That’s interesting. We’ve been told there are billions of BYU fans that “comprise” their national following. @BSUTOP25 maybe you should start keeping track with gear updates? My guess is they might not be on par with CSU but close.
  9. I was at the Bunny Ranch a few weeks ago and a BYU dad in front of me was seriously pissed because he couldn’t use a 2 for 1 coupon for his son’s first time. He continued on with his rant and told the cashier he should get a discount because he brought his own condoms from a “lightly used” second hand store on Byu’s Campus. Embarrassing.