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  1. @Did I hear a WOOSH? What are your "sources" saying about this? I know you probably just got off a plane after meeting with B12 presidents as an official UCF advisor, so any update would be appreciated.
  2. That's the nice way of saying, we appreciate all the teams reaching out showing interest but nothing makes sense right now. And if a golden nugget falls in our lap, we would be stupid not to look at it.
  3. Really? Do you have legit info on this? But I'll play along, what exactly will this expansion look like? We know the B12 just stabilized. And I've already said if the B10 starts making moves, it could happen but as of now, they are fine. Which teams would be a good fit academically and add value, and significant value? Otherwise, why add to a stable conference?
  4. No bro. It's all legit. Just like all his other inside hot takes. You'll see.
  5. The PAC took a hard look at expansion this round. Nothing made sense. If it was going to happen, now was the time. Our tv contract will be coming in a few years. Probably smart to see what that looks like before they start looking at yard sales again. So unless the B10 starts some chaos, I think we are done for a decade. Our tv $$ is based on 2010 numbers and we also have a lot internal house cleaning to do from Larry Scott's mess with bloated salaries and bad deals on the P12 network. So far the new guy is getting shit done. We also need to go to 8 conference games.
  6. I watched the whole Cal game. They just needed to get into a rhythm. If Utah can be in the P12 title mix, we will be fine. BYU is just for bragging rights really. But Utah this week will tell me everything about our season.
  7. Its always easy to be objective when it's not your team right? After Utah lost to BYU, I was ready to sell my season tickets, burn all my gear, send hate mail to Whittingham and never watch a game the rest of the year.. It's Weds and my wounds are healing. Not all the way though.
  8. What are the chances Woosh has been on a probing table of a UFO before? Found walking naked 30 miles back to his house with no answers? I'd say a 78% chance.
  9. I think Nevada continues this nice run and gets another W. I told @mugtang @thelawlorfaithful to be patient in the Cal game as they wanted to sell the team in the 1st qtr.. Two P5 scalps would be a nice start.
  10. Utah Utes before the BYU game: Utah Utes after playing BYU.
  11. If you look at the games ahead of this game and the population bases of all, I think 8th is very good.
  12. So what did this game prove? BYU can beat Utah 1 time in 10 games? I noticed you weren't around on Utah's 9 wins.. Poor guy... Only a 10% win %.....
  13. Interesting. So on the ratings of the Utah/BYU game, you know which TV's were BYU and Utah? And this link has already been posted here a dozen times. It appears Utah does have more eyeballs and this is a decent window to compare. https://medium.com/run-it-back-with-zach/which-college-football-programs-bring-in-the-most-tv-viewers-efc03c689e50 BYU fans are one of the only fanbases I know that run around with TV ratings in their back pocket and it doesn't appear that Utah is a good comparison for this topic.
  14. But maybe a little more in depth and accurate than a cherry picked 22 game window to make the MWC look better? I think a 5 year look shows pretty recent trends. And I’m sure it doesn’t look any better if you go back to 2011 when the current MWC lineup started. Rarely do you see 1 and done series any more.
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