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  1. @since1670, this is your source that you linked for the Ute Documentary right? Is this the guy that told you the B12 will be making a lot more money than the P12 and Utah will have to decrease spending everywhere?
  2. Check out that Swaim……er.. Shame clown’s Twitter “work”. Maybe this is where @Did I hear a WOOSH? gets all his inside info? https://twitter.com/GSwaim/status/1542988129015140352?s=20
  3. I’ll make sure to tune in. Sounds exciting.
  4. Yeah. It’s an old video but still a gem. Lol.
  5. Are you really bumping a 6 year old thread? Dude. It’s time to step away from the keyboard.
  6. I’ve said it before, @Yoda is a terrible representation of Fresno State. You guys have great fans here. It’s too bad clowns like Yoda are running around the internet soiling everything any chance he gets.
  7. Locked out? So are they going to put up signs that say, P12 recruiting is illegal in this area? What about all the P12 schools that already have good relationships with So Cal high school coaches? Will they send the police in to stop the recruiting?
  8. https://houston.sportsmap.com/university-of-houston-poor-sales “Justice offers many reasons why the Cougars, despite recent on-field success, well paid and respected coaching staff, generous funding, excellent facilities, Top 25 ranking, and bowl game appearances, have trouble packing their comparatively small 40,000-capacity TDECU Stadium. Most times, UH crowds are around 25,000. The last time they drew 30,000 fans was in 2018. Last time UH played in front of 40,000 fans at home was in 2016”
  9. Link? Btw, our stadium is already good to go. We have everything we need.
  10. Maybe when BYU gets some B12 money rolling in, they will be able to afford more than a 55” TV from Walmart to serve as their main video board? And update the rest of your broken down stadium and sound system. That way you folks can get really rowdy when you sing your popcorn popping on the apricot tree song to intimidate opponents.
  11. You never did get back to me on how UCF’s top 15 offense and defense were turned “ loose” last year and were comparable to Alabama and Michigan. Even though you lost 3 of your last 4 including a game to 4-8 Navy in Orlando.
  12. I guess the difference is, some of those schools are legacy P12 schools. Every conference has dead meat. Where as the B12 just added 4 bran new turds by choice. CU was a mistake for sure. But at the time the P12 needed 12 schools for a CCG. And we all know BYU couldn’t make the cut.
  13. The P12 appreciates all the concern for our business coming out of Provo and other B12 locations. We really do. You guys are on pins and needles with this stuff. Updates, insider info. You folks give it all. The B12 deal was done months ago and you’d figure BYU fans would be focused on their up coming 4-8 season.
  14. Wait. You’ve been saying the PAC won’t exist after this year? You already had the 4 corners in the B12 last July.
  15. It will be interesting to see how far the B12’s conference SOS and reputation goes down in 2023. Beating down terrible G5 programs like UCF, Cincy, Houston and BYU over and over can’t be good for the good teams in the conference. These are virtually body bag games within the conference. The B12 was desperate by adding this trash and I think it’s going to come back to bite them.
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