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  1. Another example of life being too short and what's really important.. Kudos to @mugtang for posting this thread.. I'm sure just about everyone has been touched one way or another by cancer in their lives... Another reminder that there's real people behind these handles.. Jackmormon and I agreed on a lot of things about BYU... That's for sure. I'm glad his family used that pic.. Looks happy and full of life.... Happy Trails bro...
  2. I’ll have to disagree here about Lynch. Watching him flop around like an overweight coy fish getting about 2 yards a carry was embarrassing. A totally desperate move by Seattle to bring this overweight has been back. He was still decent in goal line situations but that’s about it.
  3. You still wanna buy all my old Blue Rays?
  4. You forgot a few. Fat Women: Idaho > Utah Truck Stop Showers: Idaho > Utah Lot Lizard Training Programs: Idaho > Utah Rednecks: Idaho > Utah STD Clinics: Idaho > Utah
  5. Why? That guy is a loser. Couldn’t one line his way out of a wet paper bag. Dumber than a box of rocks.
  6. Yoda was fun to fight with. Lol. That’s very old school. About as good as you and @Loboblast........
  7. I think Jeff wanted to come back to college and prove he could still coach. Yeah, the other guy’s players but he made Fresno relevant again. What were they 1-11 the year before he got there? He brought some hardware to “The Valley”. The Carr team was pretty decent too. A losing season, age and health problems are never a good combo.
  8. You know that’s impossible. That’s like thinking my sister is hot. There are hard lines in my world that I will never cross.
  9. You forgot one. Multi billion dollar rivalry with the University of Minnesota. I've heard there's 500K Alumni involved worldwide.
  10. See, this is the creativity I was talking about. Includes doctored up links for bait.. Brilliant.
  11. We are playing Wyoming too. which you probably already knew.
  12. I think LSU, Clemson and Ohio State are elite. I think Utah is very good.. I think our defense can play with any of these teams. I think our OL is our weakest link(still very good) and we would struggle with these three teams.. Maybe keep it close but I think all 3 teams would beat us.
  13. I just think Utah is looking out for our program.. and doing what's best for our fans and teams...I love BSU as a program but I like that we've inked new deals with Florida and Arkansas.