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  1. utenation

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Actually, you were the one who compared the Pac to the MWC... I just threw your info in the trash... And I'd imagine that the Pac will lose their seat at the table about the same Wyoming does anything relevant in any sport.. I think we will both be waiting a long time for that..
  2. utenation

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Speaking of head in the sand, your first comparison was to MWC CCG attendance in 2016 and 2017 with the games being played at home stadiums compared to a neutral site P12 CCG game.. I mean if you are going to make claims and comparisons at least make sure they hold water.. If the PAC 12 title game had the same format this year, Washington would have had 65-70K, Utah would have also sold out for about 47K. I could spend all day ripping into MWC attendance and other major issues but for the sake of the good fans here, I'll pass..
  3. utenation

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    This is all hilarious coming from a Wyoming fan. And sorry, I’m not buying sellouts of the teams you mentioned given the exact same conditions. Any local with a life and work that would have to get to a 5 pm game on Friday would struggle. One thing is clear. You make brash, ignorant claims with zero research.
  4. utenation

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Yes I do. I’m not saying it’s the only reason and I agree that there are issues elsewhere. Local Bay Area fans just don’t really care about CFB. See Cal and Stanford’s attendance. But your broad brush strokes aren’t the answer either.
  5. utenation

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    100% real.
  6. utenation

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Do a little research. Friday night at 5 pm local time with Bay Area traffic and Santa Clara being hard to get to isn’t ideal for any fan. Our Game will likely move to Vegas when the stadium is done which should improve things quite a bit.
  7. I agree with folks questioning this hire. I could coach Wisky to 10 wins. Very simple formula and Alvarez is really the one calling shots on the field anyways. I love what Gary did for Utah and I think he was on to something at USU. But things change and people lose their edge and mojo. The OSU situation just can’t be overlooked. He failed and basically threw the whole school under the bus. This is also his most recent HC job. He quit on his kids and that’s never ok. Maybe the USU environment is his magic. I hope he does well. But if KW left UTAH, I wouldn’t want GA as our coach. Too many questions for me.
  8. I can see your point if somehow Utes we’re making this claim but we weren’t. I think you are just fishing for a fight. I really don’t think Ute fan start BYU/Utah Threads on this board. BYU fans however, that’s another story.
  9. Yeah, I agree. How exactly is Utah “ vastly superior” and how did they overlook BYU? We are a dumpster fire this year and were pretty sad last year. Lastly, why is this topic of a WCC/P12 game on a MWC board?
  10. utenation

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    Hats off to Nevada. Great comeback. Honestly, it’s pretty cool for UNR fans to have something badass to cheer for. You guys will kill the UTES. Great team.
  11. utenation

    Rank: Best UNLV Coaches Since Tark

    I’m not sure who was best but I’m pretty sure there was a thread or all out riot to have each of these one of these coaches fired after their first loss. Nobody will ever live up to Tark in my book. This is back when UNLV lived up to the greatness we’ve all heard about. Pretty sure @BSUTOP25 can shed some light on the timelines of greatness.
  12. utenation

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    2001 was about the last time BYU beat Utah right? Great memory.
  13. utenation

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Lol. BYU even gets their ass kicked by our cheerleaders. BYU Fan got taken behind the woodshed. Best thing? Nobody stopped it for awhile.
  14. utenation

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    I've been around for awhile.. I remember when Utah was considered "Little Brother" to BYU up through the late 80's and early 90's.. Then Coach Mac came around and turned the tide.. The Utah/BYU series has became a complete disaster for BYU.. My oh my how things have changed.... Now, Utah is on a completely different playing field in all areas.. All USU has to do is put together a nice streak and it will be the same outcome.. Keep growing, improve attendance.. If this happens, BYU fans will be forced to try and big dog Weber State and Southern Utah for instate success.. As independence slowly death grips and sucks this program dry, BYU Admin and fans will continue to desperately reach for anything they can hold on too for relevance.. Tough time in Provo these days..
  15. utenation

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    This is easy. First thing I would do is hire @BSUTOP25 for revenue negotiations and more specifically promote UNLV basketball as God’s gift to basketball. Somehow the world has forgot. Try to keep CSU in the MWC. I hear the gear update is leaning towards having the numbers for the B12. Next I would hire @Wyovanian for legal and PR and to head the smear campaign against BYU. Lastly, hire @RogueStout to keep the conference offices stocked with booze, drugs, whores and scandals. It’s all about having the right staff.