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  1. Agree 100%.. Logan is off the beaten path. Beautiful. Mountains. Friendly farming/blue collar community. Just not enough watering holes. I went with Boise. They are more city than town but their downtown scene, music, pubs are sweet. Right next to the stadium. I like Ft Collins too but I consider them part of the overall blob aka Denver Metro.
  2. Convert, this is by far the best post and thread I’ve seen from you in 14 years.
  3. The Hollywood version movie White Boy Rick came out in 2018. Average movie, terrible story..
  4. That was definitely a good game. Something tells me we won’t be seeing the highlights of us beating your ass by double digits in both Vegas and SLC that same year during the regular season or Utah’s journey to the national title game. You know how wild those conference tourneys can be.
  5. Rob, I love your posts. I really do. The other day I think you said UNLV will be in the final 4 in the next few years. I’ll certainly be here for support. The only problem is, you and I were having the same conversation about 15 years ago.. And we haven’t been able to celebrate quite yet. One of these days, you’ll get it right. I have your back man.
  6. It’s kinda funny.. Last I checked, this is a conference board, not the UNLV circle jerk room. There’s been more than a few normal sports non UNLV threads hijacked by UNLV Fans. Injecting the greatness of your program. I follow this conference closely and we have a team from our state in this conference. I guess I just wasn’t aware I had to drink the UNLV Kool Aid to have an opinion. Discovering reality seems to be like finding Big Foot with some of your fans. Anything else is “trolling” I guess.
  7. This is exactly the post I was hoping you would give. Perfect. Also, it’s nice to know that if you have basic common sense and live in reality, you are a lousy fan..
  8. I thought it was a fair question. And the correct answer is: The P12 doesn’t give a shit where UNLV and SDSU go. The fact that you think they would care just continues to support your delusional view of UNLV’s worth. You guys aren’t competing in the MWC. So how are you going to do in a better conference like the B12?
  9. Lol.. you did respond to a post that said Tucson was terrible. And we both know you laughed at my Provo reference..
  10. Why would the Pac 12 care if the B12 took UNLV and SDSU? Vegas is great spot for bowl games and conference tourneys. SD is great for recruiting. UNLV and SDSU leaving would have zero impact to our conference in these cities. It is cute that you think the B12 would want a MWC perennial bottom feeder UNLV though..
  11. Just be prepared for an ass kicking this year. Doesn't matter that you've won like 8 or 9 in a row over the Rebs. Things have changed this year. Did you hear Lon Kruger will be helping out Jr? Once all the 10 star transfers in the portal come to town this year, prepare thy anus. If UNLV has a good season this year, I'm moving them up my Blue Blood list for sole 1st place in the West. That's how much potential this program has.
  12. In the article you posted, I also have an issue with: 247Sports: When you fall in heartbreaking fashion, there's just something about taking the floor in the following season with an anxious and hungry group to get back to the promised land. Mick Cronin is going to have that with the Bruins who, according to Parrish, is America's preseason No. 1 for the 2021-22 campaign. Juzang's NBA Draft stock could soar with another spectacular season out West for a blue blood that has returned to greatness. UCLA isn't the only blue blood program out West.. Give credit where credit is due.
  13. After I got my first shot, major arm soreness. Second shot major arm soreness. I've always wondered why you get sore arms too. Both were hammered into my left shoulder. The best I found was: The soreness in your arm is considered a local reaction. Some of the arm irritation also comes from the muscle reacting to the small amount of vaccine liquid that was injected into the arm.
  14. Did you get the Donald Trump discount? I heard he had a good time in Russia.. The caption on this pic should read: "Hey ah, is our agreement still good? Make sure they are sleazy and can be bought off if needed. I need a beautiful arrangement."
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