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  1. Never underestimate the heart of a Troll Champion.
  2. I'm the "Big One"
  3. Don't ever Fvck with the Dead Rabbits Boy... You'll get fish hooked.. And I don't care to take the butcher's leavins..
  4. https://watchstadium.com/news/college-football-bowl-game-changes-to-begin-in-2020-03-05-2019/amp/
  5. It’s funny. That was 10 years ago or more. I don’t post here anymore other than a long distance hello. Yet, my name is still brought up here quite a bit. You still have anger issues when I’m brought up. God Damn, I can’t believe I cut you that deep. Well, yes I can because I was obviously damn good at my craft. I suspect you will have a hole in your heart from my damage for decades. Keep the Legend Alive brother. I know you will. Talk about scarred. LMAO.
  6. You can always tell how good or bad a country is by how many people are trying to leave and come in. Same goes for conferences. I don’t recall any MWC fan ever claim they wanted their program to go to the WAC. Nice try though. 4/10.
  7. I've settled down some with age as I'm sure you have too. Much more important things to worry about and everything was always in fun anyways.. I'm sure you are a great guy in person. I also think many BSU fans have settled down compared to their first years getting real success.. Back then, Utah, BSU and TCU were all competing for top Non "BCS" Dog.. I really do like BSU and I think Fresno landed a diamond with Tedford. One thing about Harsin, Pete set the bar extremely high and still is.. Harsin a good coach but probably not great..
  8. Thanks Ian. You were probably one of the best WAC trolls ever and fun to spar with as well.. And you've settled in nice here, IMO.. Those days were long ago.. I lurk here very rarely but the difference now from then is, programs like BSU, Fresno, USU, Nevada, Hawaii were trying to get into the MWC and the Superiority Complex we created was salt in the wound for fans of these programs that felt they were good enough to be in the MWC. It made for fun battles. Much different now.. There is really no common enemy and that in turn has created an environment of mostly internal battles with some common clowns that make easy targets.. Back then, the MWC was legitimately competing against the old Big East for P5 inclusion. Now it mostly seems that every program is just fighting for themselves. To answer SGF's question about me coming out of retirement.. There is no need. Different dynamics now. I still have the fire but if anything, it's only directed at BYU.. I'm just a lurker now with the occasional jab at BYU.. Utah is in a great spot and we're doing well on the field and in the finance department, so there really isn't any disrespect ire to fight. If I did have to pick a troll, my clear choice would be @BSUTOP25. That guy is the biggest douche-nozzle on the internet. BTW, LOL at @Nevada Convert, my, my how the story has changed over the years as pointed out on this thread by our esteemed Fresno Fan @retrofade. I actually feel bad for guys like Convert.. We really shouldn't make fun of guys that are about as smart as river rock I guess.. I really do think there are some very intelligent posters here and the sarcastic comedy is off the charts. I laugh every time I read this board. I think Mug has done a great job of balancing without being heavy handed.
  9. I’m wondering if @BSUTOP25 has some new insight on this? I mean if the first 400 threads on this topic this year aren’t enough, keep trying until you get the correct answer I guess. Maybe these threads can be combined with the 600 fire the UNLV coach threads?
  10. Couldn’t afford? Lol. CU has a $100m budget and were paying MAC about 3 million per. He had one good season and the rest were horrible. Money wouldn’t be an issue numbnuts and he wasn’t as good as you’re making him out to be.
  11. Yeah, I hear he’s a real ladies man. All class.
  12. I’m sure it does. The question is who gets to ride shotgun? Word around the truck stops is, @RogueStout and @BSUTOP25 know this gal quite well.
  13. Anytime you do something like this, it just proves that you agree with the P5 that you don’t belong on the same stage. Bad idea