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  1. I’m with you on the Zag hype train but I can’t watch Timme play enough. That guy is fun to watch. Nice to have some fresh meat in the F4. Except for UConn I guess. Western basketball needs to be respected and SDSU is doing a great job this year. UCLA and the Zags helped a little this year but right now this is the SDSU show.
  2. Oh, I trust you without you providing proof. You aren’t a bullshitter. SDSU had some rough patches this year but they are clearly built for this moment this season.
  3. You called that? Holy shit. Yes, you should have thrown some $$$$ on that. I wonder what the odds were at the start of the season?
  4. Not unless they are over 60 or know how to run a VCR.
  5. @TheSanDiegan start your SDSU Final 4 thread now my friend. You’ve been good luck for your team since their first game.
  6. @Cougar King bought tickets to the F4 back in November being cocky that his Overhyped “Riff-Raff” team was a shoe in. Like he said, all the riff-raff is gone. I’m sure he’d be happy to sell them for money to remove his Houston Kitties 2023 National Champions tattoo he got at the 1st of March.
  7. This run by SDSU reminds me of our run in 1998. Without looking it up I think we were around a 5 seed too.
  8. It’s time for you to tap out of these threads little guy. Go sit in the corner and get your diaper changed.
  9. I don’t think anyone on SDSU’s team skips leg day in the gym either.
  10. Not just your opinion. Outside looking in, you are absolutely correct. SDSU fans are very mild to zero on the BS. Refreshing.
  11. It just doesn’t feel right unless UNLV fans give their blessing and insight on anything basketball for the MWC. Poor @ph90702 , he was convinced SDSU’s wins to get to the S16 were fake even though SDSU is carrying the entire conference on their backs right now. “ Beat Bama! He said. “Then I’ll listen!!!” Now SDSU is back to being outclassed for some reason. I hope some of these UNLV fans get to see their team dancing again before they die. They simply can’t stand other MWC teams having success and prefer everyone be miserable like their squad. Sad really. BTW, I’m pumped for this game. Truly elite success for SDSU so far in the Dance. Keep going.
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