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  1. It’s a simple matter of physics at this point. When you have a rudderless boat with no captain.
  2. No son. That’s not what being the first and best ever Troll Derby Champ means. It means the entire board voted you as the biggest clown on the board. And there were a lot more posters on the board back then.
  3. Don’t you think everyone and I mean absolutely everyone would leave if you owned this board? You should start a gay bashing or racial hate board. That’s more your speed.
  4. You’re the original Troll Derby Champion pal. You don’t get to that level without hard work. You know you’ve made the big time when you’re an ally of woosh. LMAO.
  5. @SharkTanked, @Rosegreen, @toonkee @son of a gun, @Brew_Poke, @Billings, @Spaztecs, @Iam4wyo, @B_Lootz @RebelAlliance, @PackNation , @TheSanDiegan@Los_Aztecas, your presence is requested.
  6. Woosh is just terrible. Lies about everything. I could really do without him. Oh well.
  7. Agree. @tailingpermit, man, bad move. Too late now though.
  8. If you were in charge of our military there would be a 110% chance you would have started a nuclear war 30 years ago. And you’d blow anything up that was still around after the smoke cleared. Warmongers are dangerous for everyone.
  9. And China was supposed invade the West Coast 2-3 years ago and Taiwan should be at the bottom of the ocean by now. We know man, it’s time to gear up and go to war with all these commies. It’s must suck to live with such paranoia everyday like you do. Of course we should take threats seriously but I think you’re ready to move 500K troops and every carrier battle group to fight Switzerland or Canada when they pop off at the mouth over who has prettier mountains.
  10. Lol. I love when you post. More examples of you not knowing shit. Especially about Western sports. Just 3 seasons ago, SDSU finished 12-2 in football ranked in the T25. The same year, their basketball team finished 23-9 and went dancing once again. So clearly the juice is there with their current budget. One thing we all know for sure is UCF isn’t good at any sport. UCF finished at the bottom of the B12 in both rev sports. An impressive 3-6 in conference football and 7-11 in hoops. Looks like there is no “juice” at all in Orlando. Once again, it shows how desperate the B12 was for warm bodies when OU/T said they were leaving. You should stick with what you know, which is nothing.
  11. Yeah, I wouldn’t be tossing these guys out. They’ve had a lot of coaching changes too. https://www.usu.edu/today/story/utah-state-athletics-wins-school-record-four-mountain-west-championships-during-2023-24-academic-year
  12. Seems like she’s much better than Hair. BTW, I wonder how many people in real life flip him some shit on that perfect helmet? Jimmy Johnson is even jealous.
  13. I was looking at ND's future schedules, these guys really don't do home and homes with G5 schools, which is pretty shitty IMO. I know they've done a few over the years. They've been to Provo a few times and maybe a few other G5 towns but very slim. Would have been nice if they at least threw out a 2 for 1. Only home and home I see is USF. https://fbschedules.com/ncaa/notre-dame/
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