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  1. Not true at all. Visit an Utah Tailgate anytime. I love silly stereotypes.
  2. I'm not sure this is a good thing. According to USN, UCF is ranked 73rd in overall engineering schools. Schools like CU, NC State, Florida, Utah, ASU, Iowa State, Wichita State, Auburn, CSU, Oregon State, Houston, Tenn and Dayton all have much better Engineering rankings. UCF is ranked 50th in Aerospace. You see domination of the market(which is BS), I see 49 better schools to go to.. But we all know the US Government likes to give contracts to the lowest bidder, so I'm not surprised some average at best UCF grads pollute the market. Like with many things in this country, we should expect and demand better. But we all know it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes bottom of the barrel rules the day.
  3. I think most people in the country would take a degree from TCU over a degree from UCF in a heartbeat. You are a perfect example of why UCF is a shitty academic institution, if you even made it to college. Somehow, I don't think being the Assistant Supervisor in the Walmart Produce Department required much of an education. I bet there is an 85% chance you have goals to someday go back and finish your GED..
  4. It's just another case of Wooshie trying to build another UCF house of cards.
  5. I've been on pins and needles for months waiting for an update. Like you, I can now rest easy.
  6. Going back to your original take that GK was in control and made all these decisions for the P12 and was out played by a guy named Yormark is what I’m talking about. Presidents made the decisions. Which is the post I responded to.
  7. Good at what? Academics? Nope. Football? Nope. Basketball? Nope. Marketshare? Nope. Discounts to Disney World? Maybe.
  8. @Headbutt, can you please move this thread to the Houston Chamber of Commerce section of the board? Thanks in advance.
  9. The CNN special about a year ago was fantastic on Navalny. Especially when he figured out who tried to poison him. Homeboy should have never made a bold public return to Russia with media in tow. It took about 10 seconds for him to be taken into custody. Did he think Putin would negotiate or say welcome home pal, let's resolve this little problem? Everyone knew he would rot away in jail or simply have "an accident".. He should have stayed on the run with limited media coverage and kept up the fight. He's not even a good martyr. Putin won.
  10. Do you still smoke in the house too? I think @retrofade still has his vintage computer repair business in his basement, if you ever need to get that puppy fired up.
  11. This is badass. I guess some men are just as bad at saving junk. LOL. I remember when I had my whole den wired with a nice 7.1 sound system. Wires cleverly hidden going up the wall, a big receiver unit with 6 disc CD changer included. Now a top of the line wireless soundbar with bass box. Twice as nice as the wired system. My how times have changed. The sad part is, I kept all that extra speaker wire from the old unit "just in case" for about 6 years. I did throw it out eventually.
  12. I've been on record for a long time saying personally I liked adding SDSU. But I'm not a decision maker. And the decision makers said no in every capacity. Just the facts. But honestly, P12 Presidents aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. Pretty sad for an academic conference.
  13. Last I checked the best schools in the ACC were looking for loopholes to get out of the conference. And how much would the prestigious ACC be able to pay all the B12 schools they could take at any time? Maybe all these B12 schools would go on prestige alone and move further East for a 75% paycut?
  14. Based on Utah's results, championships and added conference pooled revenue, I'd say the P12 got a good deal, wouldn't you? How has first pick CU done for the P12? lol. Utah has been to 4 of the last 6 CCGs in the P12. Nobody else has been that consistent in the new league. And clearly SDSU wasn't a fit in any capacity based on additions even though your school decided to write "we're leaving" letters to the MWC without an invite.
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