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  1. Now, now. It wasn’t that bad. I liked both of you from the start. And would hang out with either one of you. You and @RogueStout are solid guys and some of the best posters here because you have brains. And that’s not because of anything I did. You guys are much better posters then I ever was.
  2. Another example of life being too short and what's really important.. Kudos to @mugtang for posting this thread.. I'm sure just about everyone has been touched one way or another by cancer in their lives... Another reminder that there's real people behind these handles.. Jackmormon and I agreed on a lot of things about BYU... That's for sure. I'm glad his family used that pic.. Looks happy and full of life.... Happy Trails bro...
  3. Couldn’t afford? Lol. CU has a $100m budget and were paying MAC about 3 million per. He had one good season and the rest were horrible. Money wouldn’t be an issue numbnuts and he wasn’t as good as you’re making him out to be.
  4. Yeah, I hear he’s a real ladies man. All class.
  5. I’m sure it does. The question is who gets to ride shotgun? Word around the truck stops is, @RogueStout and @BSUTOP25 know this gal quite well.
  6. Anytime you do something like this, it just proves that you agree with the P5 that you don’t belong on the same stage. Bad idea
  7. ESPN is going to drop BYU like a bag of dogshit. Bad investment. They aren’t going to keep paying a loser. BTW, how has all of BYU’s “exposure” done for their recruiting? I see the slowest most unathletic team in FBS when I watch them. Look no further than their lack of players in the NFL.
  8. According to stunner, all is well in Provo.
  9. I never said it was dirty. The USU series is a good one IMO. We are dealing with kids that have roller coaster ups and downs. With a 9 game conference slate, both teams on the schedule won’t happen. BYU and Utah have the most fans instate. More money to be made. BYU got their way.
  10. 2 things. 1. We already tried to get BYU off our schedule, their grease ball politicians kyboshed that with threats and actual audits of our program. This means BYU is pretty much guaranteed to be on our schedule forever. So we are limited on remaining games. 2. We will not play 2 instate rivals the same year in OOC. No matter the level of the teams, more emotion and physical play goes into these games. I’m all for playing them but it should be a rotation with BYU.
  11. I really don’t expect you to understand our instate politics and why this isn’t just a broad stroke solution.
  12. I’ve seen Rob shoot for the stars for about 15 years on this board. He’s been laying out the path to UNLV greatness and belittling every coach that has walked through the doors in both sports. Champagne taste on a beer budget. Can’t blame the man for wanting the best but reality left many moons ago.