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  1. I give Rob a lot of credit. Much like his other UNLV predictions the last 20 years, even with them being about as water tight as a submarine with a screen door, the man never gives up. BYU has a better chance to get into the P12 and they will never get in due to politics.
  2. Unless your are a top 6 Blue Blood in the B10 or SEC, most stadium remodel research points to smaller stadiums with the main competition being TVs, HD quality and streaming.. Much easier to watch an entire day of CFB at home with 5 different games on at 1 time from the comfort of your couch. For the longest time, I wanted the Utes to get to a 60K seat venue.. Good sized invested market, sellouts and waiting lists since 2003. We ended with about 51,500 with the new paint job. 90% of that is high dollar suites, restaurants and other bells and whistles. Which will draw a lot more revenue t
  3. They say bigtime drug dealers don't use cell phones for running their business and getting intel. I think the OP is a High Roller Meth Dealer in Northern Idaho with "legit inside sources* even if they are mules and runners. Meth fires can be dangerous though.
  4. I agree somewhat Jack. I've seen both sides and there just isn't the overall passion as say the deep south. But let's look at both sides. What kind of other entertainment activities does a place like Oxford Miss, Fayettvile Ark and Tuscaloosa have on game day? Compared to say Boulder, San Francisco, and LA? I don't think it's unrealistic to say the West Coast is a more sophisticated and educated culture with options. BTW, I would add the Huskies as a rabid crowd to your list if the team is halfway decent.
  5. I'm not sure people understand the politics of adding BYU to the P12. Bottom line, it will never happen. BYU is not a cultural fit. The P12 is a very liberal conference. They would be a good fit in the B12 for sure.
  6. Still trying to sell this worthless snake oil I see. UNLV wouldn't be invited to the MWC these days with their terrible athletics. I wouldn't worry about your bottom of the barrel athletic programs getting poached by any conference.
  7. It's been over a decade since BYU got a win. If I were a BYU fan, I would wish for the series to end and avoid further embarrassing disasters. At some point, you just have to throw in the white towel. This year will be no different. Another win in Provo.. We might as well stating putting our logos in your stadium.
  8. I wish.. We both know that BYU went crawling to Utah legislature a few years ago to ensure BYU stayed on our schedule. We tried to dump you folks in both basketball and football. It seems there's a few folks in Provo that care quite a bit.. To the point of getting greasy/slimy former BYU grad politicians to start meaningless audits that just waste tax payer dollars. Utah has been your daddy since the early 90's when Mac started making the series an embarrassing lopsided affair.
  9. Yeah, I know. I don't have a really good reason for no BSU series in football.. After 2006, there hasn't been even a whisper of a series. We've played them in hoops a few times. BSU has a nice rivalry with BYU going so Utah really doesn't matter.
  10. I wouldn’t hold your breath on Utah. No sniff of a series since we screwed you over after 2006 Our new AD is trying to load up on P5 OOC games. We’ve been kinda soft on OOC the last 8 years.
  11. Great video. I think CSU and SDSU(when done) will have the nicest cribs. Wyo's War Memorial is underrated. Very clean and updated.
  12. LOL.. If this is a rut, what would you call the performance of ANY team in the AAC? BTW, how does UCF compare on these rankings? I must have missed their status.. https://www.deseret.com/2019/11/6/20951623/utah-has-been-in-college-football-playoff-rankings-more-than-most-teams-in-nation
  13. Are we talking about the same UCF team that was embarrassed by BYU last season? A team Utah has smoked for over a decade straight. We should set up a game. We have a few conditions for FCS teams. You will be coming to SLC for a 1 and done. You'll get your body bag paycheck like the rest of the cupcakes. Like I said earlier a few hundred fans on the ACC board chirping doesn't mean anything. Again, if the ACC was such a powerhouse, you think the TV contract would be on a P5 level?
  14. So when you say "many or most" are you talking about the 200 fans or so on the AAC board? Or is this like your other claims like, you own more property in Utah and the West than anyone on this board? Even though you failed your geography lesson last time it was brought up? Or what about your claim that UCF has dozens of 5 star recruits fighting to get in the doors at UCF? BTW, if the ACC has overtaken the P12 in football, you would think you folks would have a lot better TV contract than $6.9 Mill a year.. Something just doesn't add up.. I'm sure the TV networks are just waiting fo
  15. I don't understand the need or want to take those off? What is the purpose?
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