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  1. Any and all of what you said about McCain might be true however Trump never alluded to any of that, he clearly said he doesn't like people who get captured meaning he shit all over your uncle's friend and every other POW
  2. To be fair that's essentially the last war we've won since WWII
  3. UNLV at Nevada

    As opposed to never having glory days? I love how schools with ZERO history take shots at our history
  4. UNLV at Nevada

    Well I've been away from the board for a while but just stopping to say hey Reno..... suck it
  5. BYU @ UNLV

    I think this was one of those ESPN deals, no way ESPN was going to put this game on a Saturday night. Honestly though I like UNLV playing BYU and Hawaii back to back. I'm not sold on UNLV, but BYU is historically down for them so could be an opportunity for UNLV to beat up the Cougars for one of the only times in history but I don't see it. It's UNLV and BYU and the Cougars will have a lot of fans in SBS especially when you consider the Golden Knights have their first home game in two weeks tonight. My guess is it's a close game and BYU steals one 31-26 scoring late in the game to grab a W
  6. BYU @ UNLV

    Well we've had one of those guys leading the country (off a cliff ) for the last 11 months or so
  7. UNLV Exhibition Game with Alaska - Fairbanks

    My fear with this team is Mooring, I feel he is going to be a real pain in the ass and pout if he doesn't always have the ball in his hands.
  8. SDSU @ UNLV

    All you need to know about UNLV is they get the ball with an opportunity to run a 2 minute offense and they go with 3 unimaginative run plays including on 3rd and one.... in a game you can't stop me and @4UNLV running the ball you need to try and move the ball and score some points.
  9. Impact of climate change on commercial aviation

    The current airport in HKG is still pretty windy when you land, Macau is pretty windy as well. I loved flying into Kansai in Osaka, the view of Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto as well as the bay is incredible To this day the worst was flying through the outer bands of a super typhoon in SE Asia, any time I've flown in and around Singapore I've hit unreal turbulence. Crazy thing is I recently flew from Narita to San Jose and we didn't hit one patch of turbulence until we were landing in SJC
  10. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    I saw that, I have to imagine because there were 50K people there, a much smaller area and he would have been much closer the damage he would have caused would have been unimaginable I found out this morning that a co worker of mine was there, she's a really cool woman mother of 3 teenagers, she didn't get shot but she was beaten up I guess by people running for their lives. I haven't seen her nor has she been to work but she's ok My friend thinks his girlfriend is going to die, she's in intensive care at UMC and he says she ran for like a 1/4 mile after being shot and then just collapsed. He said she stopped breathing for like a minute and her brain is essentially dead. He said there are a few people at UMC who apparently are in similar situations and families might have to make decisions regarding life support. The UNLV hockey coach was very lucky, he was shot but it missed every vital organ and his friend who was with him saved his life. The girlfriend is back in the US, flew in today and was met by authorities in LA He was in the Philippines with her and I'm curious to see where he was, I don't want to speculate but if he was in the South there certainly could be some Islamic terror ties but that's just me being mr conspiracy
  11. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    I received word earlier today that the guy I went to hockey game with last night had a close friend that was shot in the chest, she's currently at UMC and he doesn't think she's going to make it A friend of mine taught the kid who graduated from Basic in Sunday School and he has died I haven't received word of anyone I know personally who has been killed but so far not a lot of names have been released, all my co workers are accounted for My boss and his wife usually go but she was out of town so they didn't go this year They found 23 weapons in this guys room and 19 more in his house as well as ammonium nitrate The girlfriend reportedly moved out about a month ago and she was in Tokyo So far they have raised over 2.5 million dollars on their Go Fund Me Page, UFC has donated 1 million dollars
  12. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    I was at the hockey game last night, I was on LV Blvd until about 9. I just found out that the guy I went with had a very close friend who was shot in the chest. She's in critical condition and sounds like she might not make it.
  13. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    Good to see our friends and family in Reno coming together, we have our differences but at the end of the day we are one Nevada, we are Battleborn.
  14. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    One of the people on the local news said he had over 200 fully loaded magazines, 2 shooting platforms, cameras, 8 rifles and a corner suite so he could shoot out of multiple windows
  15. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    Jesus Christ..... Norm Clarke just tweeted out that death toll might surpass MGM fire which was 79