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  1. Hey guys ...l have been on the board along time, Coastie was a good man who made this place better. I tend not to comment to often, more of a lurker really. I just thought that maybe we could create something really unique to show that the man did matter to us and still does. We could look at creating a hall of fame of the board. Do it like the voting baseball writers do, you must be on the board for a minimum of 3 years contribute to the betterment of the community. Arguments are great, going hard for you school ect. That's a stable of why we are here. If you are bulling someone excessively not cool and that should not bam you from the hall forever, maybe just not a first ballot. I am not married to the rules or the minutia regarding the process. . So here is my thought, If there are enough of you out there who like the idea, MVP, most valuable poster, best UNLV, new Mexico or USUu poster vote on our coach of the year for the conference, Call it the Dave rice trophy. Maybe we could 3 of 4 guys together to come up with what this looks like and go from there. I am happy to do a boatload of the work on it, but I know enough to know I don't have all the answers, it would be a fun way for the community group to recognize our own while paying respect to our dear friend Coastie Please provide some general thoughts feelings emotional reaction to the idea, or if you would love to help out building the process with me. if you are not impressed at all and think this is the worst idea ever, that's cool too, my only ask would be that you tell me why your not impressed. If there is feed back that's awesome it allows us to improve
  2. I had the game streaming on a secondary screen tonight. I wanted to check out other conference teams to see how we, as a MWC collective, will do this season. I always cheer for MWC teams in out of conference games, it obviously changes when conference play begins, however I would have thought that UCSB at home would be an easy win. Wyoming fans this is not intended as a flame, Is this what we can expect from you this season? I am super concerned about us, Vegas, this season and am really starting to think about what our conference rpi will look like this year. Nevada is the class of the league, physically hurts me to type, but if they stumble, they are tied at half time with BYU, once or twice are we a 1 bid league? I hope Wyoming is better than this, its always a better conference when you are.
  3. Well I feel late to the party on this, Troy, My best goes out to you and your family. I live in Toronto and lurked on the site for years before posting, your dad was the one who got me in to following Air Force. Rest assured I will Rock my Air Force hat for him when I get home…..you and your family will be in my prayers.
  4. UNLV 2010 NCAA Basketball Champs!