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  1. Bogus. The two games I wanted to watch are not gonna happen. BS...
  2. Yep. Really not happy about that at all. SJSU looks solid and would likely win, but what fun it would’ve been anyhow.
  3. Poor Rev, bet the rent money on this game. It’s gonna be a sad holiday season under a bridge. Looks like Aztec FB left town with Rocky...
  4. Still the best MWC site on the internets.
  5. Phuck it, viritual tiddly winks, I don’t care...love to play SJSU whether they’re good or bad.
  6. Agree. As much as it pains me, I think FS adds a second L to their schedule this week. That said, I am glad to see SJSU getting back to life. I enjoy the rivalry and hope they continue to strengthen their program.
  7. My question: is anyone being objective with their assessments of our current state of affairs?
  8. What’s the O/U on SJSU HC leaving after this season?
  9. LOL...so much fun to see donk fan upset over the same shyte their team is guilty of!
  10. Actually bet on the donks tonight...now I know their weakness.
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