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  1. I love my Dogs, but let's be honest here, they have not done many of the things they "should have" when it counted most.
  2. Heard from a good source that bsu and UNLV have invited Alabama, Texas, Clemson, Oregon, USC, Washington, and Ohio State to start a new conference...also heard they’re all leaving the NCAA and starting their own association. Should be amazing...
  3. The best example of a "perpetual motion machine" I have ever witnessed starts with CNN, Schumer, Pelosi, and the rest with their perpetual false narratives.
  4. I like having SJSU in the same conference as FS...I love to hate those guys and never want to lose touch with them, a great rivalry is all about love and hate.
  5. I love the taste of UCLA heartbreak...
  6. Mug, are you still our leader?
  7. Was gonna write something snarky, but you might have a point.
  8. Nah, that's just that one dude that chases hookers...
  9. Anyone else ever feel like this forum has turned into donk country 2.0
  10. I'm impressed that you can get a signal with your head that far up your anus...
  11. Let's be clear here, you meant male supermodel.
  12. What makes you think it's complete? I think you're being generous with the credit...
  13. Now that, that right there is funny!
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