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  1. Sorry man, I’m programmed to react that way when I see SJSU on a members name…
  2. Definitely not luck, many of the presidents of our conference members are clearly less capable than Hair. And a couple of others are smart enough to see the weaker members and drive things to their favor. You’re correct, not luck at all…definitely one of the most informative comments you’ve made here, even though you’re ignorant enough to not understand the point you weren’t trying to make.
  3. I require the same of your mom…
  4. Really looking forward to the sheep fvcking unit…
  5. Logic translation: don’t talk basketball unless your team is winning. #donkeducationstrikesagain
  6. Pin cushion? Ha, that’s what we call your mom for obvious reasons…
  7. Can you point to the spot on the doll and show us where Fresno hurt you?
  8. I like Hutson, but it might be time to test the waters for coaching talent.
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