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  1. Dogs4Me

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    CBI is the ceiling kind of year?
  2. Dogs4Me

    Should Alexander Mattison Declare Early??

    It all depends on how he feels about concussions...
  3. Dogs4Me

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    I’d fire all of the officials on the donk payroll, make SUDS get a stadium, I’d give FS home field every time the play the donks in the MWCCG.
  4. Dogs4Me


    Maybe it was me, or the way they showed it on TV, but it looked like he started walking to the wrong huddle after one of his carries and he was directed back to the donk huddle. If what was shown was accurate, he should’ve been on the sideline. It looked to me like his work in OT was not the same...just looked off, but that’s my opinion. Thanks for sharing...
  5. LOL...your selective reality is more like The Truman Show.
  6. I don’t care enough to find the post where you stated Rypien had a far better QB rating than MM in the last game...remarkably, you cited that one single point in the face of pretty even stats with the big difference being TO’s. It’s notable that Rypien had the TO...but you go ahead and do your donk thing. I won’t even mention you being all over Rypien being voted the best player in the MWC prior to the season...keep being you, you’re a solid source of entertainment.
  7. Dogs4Me

    Can we PLEASE start eating tacos now?!

    Precisely. I gave up on MX joints back there.
  8. Dogs4Me

    SDSU vs Ohio in Frisco Bowl

    Hi Rev! - Fresno State
  9. Dogs4Me

    Can we PLEASE start eating tacos now?!

    I remember the first time I lived on the east coast and went to a MX joint...man, it was a wake up call like no other. Hit a MX joint in upstate NY and the girl asked me and my very MX POA if we wanted soft or crispy shells. It took us a few seconds to figure it out. We canceled and got out of there. We settled for wings and beer...
  10. Dogs4Me

    Rank ‘Em?

    Well, I guess that’s that then huh? Congrats on being smart and stupid?
  11. Dogs4Me


    Guys, let’s get back on topic or I am going to lock this thread.
  12. Dogs4Me

    Rank ‘Em?

    See, you might just be that statistical outlier! Congrats!
  13. Dogs4Me

    Rank ‘Em?

    Congrats to MZ, but we’re discussing you. You're aware that IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, right? It doesn’t stand for Ignorance Quotient as you've consistently demonstrated. Way to go on being autistic...in the spirit of equality, I am going to be blind to your issue and treat you like every moron that trots out the IQ / autism crutch.
  14. Dogs4Me

    Rank ‘Em?

    You’re still a social moron...you’ve provided more than enough proof on this forum, smart boy. So, please do tell us more about your IQ again...
  15. Dogs4Me

    Rank ‘Em?

    I think you’re just stupid.