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  1. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    I’d argue it’s between him and Laradise...both are pretty solid nominees.
  2. Stunner is correct, you’re dumb.
  3. Honestly, does the “color” of the conquering people matter? Crack a history book and you’ll note that groups of people have been attacking other groups for eternity...as an American I am not going to feel bad about taking this land from another group, that’s life. The bleeding heart narratives sicken me...you want it, take it back. If you can’t the STFU and deal with it.
  4. This is what offends me...the fact that this stuff is left out of the logo. Short-changed on this transaction...as a Mick, I am offended.
  5. Bought you a ticket so you could see what all of this CFB stuff is supposed to look like and that’s the thanks I get? I’m hurt.
  6. This gif is SJSU’s AD in general...it’s too late, but keep trying.
  7. I’m increasing my ticket numbers...
  8. Everything when you consider how poorly thought of the talent was when he took the job...
  9. Checks schedule for CSU. Not there. Should be good to go.
  10. ...the retard you’re replying to is incapable of learning.
  11. Super Bowl

    Well, small consolation prize...there's always your FB HC.
  12. Super Bowl

    Gonna park it next to Fales?
  13. Super Bowl

    Halftime show is mega-homo...guys with testicles don’t listen to this whiny sh!t.