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  1. Dogs4Me

    MWC Ad Campaigns I’d like to see

    Wouldja look at those ears...
  2. Dogs4Me

    UW DT transfer Ricky McCoy eligible for Fresno

    Per numerous fans prior to the start of the 2017 season FS was going to be garbage across the board. It didn’t turn out that way. Now it’s song and dance about how FS can’t possibly replace such strong production in 2018. Meanwhile, donks are hoping Rypien blows up and tears it up this season. Ironically, whether he does or doesn’t, you will be here to tell us how much better the team will be without him. By all accounts, only the donks are capable of that sort of thing... As usual, you’ve taken a somewhat reasonable observation and gone over the homer edge, again.
  3. Dogs4Me

    We’re back M’F’ers!!!

    Couldn’t have been, I think he is brushing the cars at the entrance to the car wash.
  4. Dogs4Me

    We’re back M’F’ers!!!

    Did he use a screwdriver and a rag to get the crevices? Assuming he did use a screwdriver, was it by chance a gold colored screwdriver?
  5. Dogs4Me

    Rypien - Best FB Player In MWC?

    In with the assist...
  6. Dogs4Me

    Rypien - Best FB Player In MWC?

    Dude, you’re trying too hard...the poll and much of the discussion supports my idiotic opinion. I don’t have to say anything more, this thread and it’s poll have spoken loud & clear.
  7. Dogs4Me

    Rypien - Best FB Player In MWC?

    I still love you, man.
  8. Dogs4Me

    Rypien - Best FB Player In MWC?

    Don’t get your feelsies hurt...didn’t mean to trigger you like that. Need a safe space? For the record, each of your posts in the top 25 poll about Rypien inferred that you believed him to be the best player in the MWC because others voted that way. You took the bait... Hook. Line. Sinker.
  9. Dogs4Me

    Rypien - Best FB Player In MWC?

    Per @kingpotato, Rypien is the best FB player...wonder what his thoughts are with respect to what the poll reflects?
  10. Dogs4Me

    Happy Coast Guard Day

    Semper Paratus.
  11. Dogs4Me

    USA Today Coaches Poll

    Oh yeah? Well then...
  12. Did the MWC get it wrong? Or is he really the best FB’er in the MWC? To make it interesting you can also submit your best MWC FB’er selection if its not Rypien.
  13. Dogs4Me

    USA Today Coaches Poll

    LMAO!!! You’re such a simpleton... For the record, even some of your own fans agree that a 2nd QB was needed to keep the donk offense clicking because Rypien wasn’t getting it done on his own. That opinion, held by more than just me, is supported by the FACT that it actually happened. Also, donks were not winning the MWCC game until mid 4th quarter. LOL at you getting triggered and trying to make it sound like bsu had that game in the bag and led beginning to end. You can sell that donk revisionist history over at the blue turd, but no one here is buying what you’re selling.
  14. Dogs4Me

    USA Today Coaches Poll

    You're a moron if you think Rypien is the best player in the league...and don't cite these stupid MWC polls, you know that stuff is almost always BS. If he was the best player in the MWC, bsu wouldn't have needed to sub in another QB to make your offense click. Does he have the potential, certainly. Has he realized at this point to be the best player in the MWC, not even close.