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  1. Dogs4Me

    Aztecs 2018 MWC Baseball Champs

    Bingo. And that’s exactly why it’s a sad deal...
  2. Dogs4Me

    Aztecs 2018 MWC Baseball Champs

    Sad. That should be FS, but our team sucks again...
  3. Dogs4Me

    Troll Derby 2018 - Championship

    Warbow got my vote, not because I think he is a troll, but because I think Laradise is too stupid to know how to troll.
  4. I would harm that individual.
  5. Dogs4Me

    I need a new school to root for...

    Shut up, stupid.
  6. True about Firebaugh, but his circle extended beyond Firebaugh due to athletics...it's funny because there doesn't seem to be a need for any AA's to be around for that verbiage to be used. As stated before, I am not supportive of that language, just noting what I have seen. That said, it has always entertained me when it is a bunch of Asian dudes throwing that term around at each other...
  7. Dogs4Me

    SJSU Facilities Improvements

    That’s the nicest facility in NorCal?
  8. I see a kid that’s trying to thug it up, not anything hateful. Not saying I agree with his actions or his chosen vocabulary, but there was nothing written there that was hateful.
  9. Dogs4Me

    I need a new school to root for...

    Nope. Not even mentioned in the release from Castro. Perhaps there is more to come, but from the way the release reads, they are treating this matter as if she is not tied to the CSU at all. Completely private. Although, that could be a good thing.
  10. Dogs4Me

    I need a new school to root for...

    Fair enough...poll it and I will carry whichever moniker through the FB season. Deal?
  11. Dogs4Me

    I need a new school to root for...

    Who knows, I may come around in a few months...for now, I am pissed and ashamed of my university.
  12. Dogs4Me

    I need a new school to root for...

    I have no problem with her voicing her thoughts, even if I do / do not agree with them, my problem is her using Fresno State as a tool to taunt and make a mockery of the school. I could care less about her message, it's the part about how she handled it that I cannot get onboard with.
  13. Dogs4Me

    I Appreciate Everyone Here

  14. That fat, America hating, Muslim skank prof from FS will not be suffering any discipline for her behavior and I cannot support a school that allows its faculty to defame its good name. Is this poll worthy?
  15. Dogs4Me

    I Appreciate Everyone Here

    Phuck those classes, I ditched in favor of watching Boise fag’s mom work the pole.