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  1. Did they also handout ceremonial tweezers for the splinters?
  2. https://www.irishpost.com/news/many-eight-percent-sheep-gay-according-scientists-167695
  3. You good sir, win the internets for the day! Plucking awesome post.
  4. Fair response. To be honest, I’d read about it somewhere and cannot recall where it was...that’s why I asked the question since I never did see it discussed on this forum. In truth, it was more a question and not so much a troll attempt.
  5. The irony...find me a post in that thread from me. I’ve got mine quoted above.
  6. Hearing that donk nation might be short a couple of players due to legal troubles. True or false?
  7. Replacing the garish blue turf with new blue turf is like replacing old shag carpet with new shag carpet. Wretched...garish...lowbrow.
  8. Phuck all you MW losers, FS only views CA PAC12 teams as true rivals. This thread is so Karl Benson...
  9. No one is forcing them to participate. If they choose to, it’s up to them.
  10. Phuck it, kill all collegiate athletics.
  11. Rick Matta or Thad Pitino. They’ll accept no less.
  12. Nope the taller one that was next to the short one.
  13. Is that chick in the white top next to Musselmans wife her sister? She’s hot. now watch it be his underage daughter.