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  1. The Cal State three should play each other every year...
  2. What next, gonna let them vote too? She should be barefoot, pregnant, cleaning the house, and making me a phuckin sandwich. Women need to learn their place...
  3. That dude just tosses it in the air, BAM it’s a three.
  4. Maybe we can Maeva to hit him on the sidelines? Donk y donk!
  5. It ain’t a donk team without a Dunkin’ Donuts player. As much as I hate the donks, I loved me some Donuts...
  6. Donks are like Chuck Norris, they invite conferences to join them not the other way around.
  7. I don’t remember the socks, but there were a few where several of us had the login info so we could all take turns. It made it difficult to nail down who was actually posting as a sock since the styles were always different. I also turned I4H into the mods several times when he was a mod for fun when I was bored. Four kids later and my hands are always full with work or at home. Sure do miss the wilder days around here...was some funny shyte that went in around here.
  8. Dang, this sucks...enjoyed the disgust of donk fans with him at the wheel.
  9. You better work on figuring out how miles you’re gonna have to drive to help CSU pay the strokes on that new crib.
  10. Awesome stuff for SJSU this season! Congratulations on the MWCC!
  11. Quick, get Karl Benson on the phone.
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