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  1. "Before the AAC news broke, sources told the Action Network that officials at North Texas, Rice, UTSA and UTEP had contacted the Mountain West about joining the conference. North Texas and Rice had the most serious discussions, but ultimately, the Mountain West decided to remain at 12 schools, sources said." Brett McMurphy article implies the MW decided to stay at 12 before these schools decided on AAC. https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/aac-to-add-six-schools-conference-usa-college-football-realignment-charlotte-fau-north-texas-rice-uab-utsa
  2. Not if CSU, Air Force, and SDSU go as well.
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/american-targeting-mountain-west-powers-among-handful-of-expansion-candidates-in-realignment/ Thompson should be fired on the spot if he allows this to happen.
  4. The athletic department is facing ~$1.3 million deficit. Firing Neal and his assistants would cost $1.5 million. Tell me how you justify more than doubling the deficit?
  5. From the small glimpse we could get on the corner of the screen they look like white helmets. Probably the old school white ones with the logo they have on the hip.
  6. I had hoped joining he MW would help the SJSU attendance. It baffles me how it stays that low.
  7. Doesn't the NCAA require an average of 15,000 per season as a minimun? 7,000+ sounds ridiculously low. I could see 17,000 making more sense.
  8. I'm hoping they will look at NMSU. As much as I can't stand those guys, I would hate to see them go FCS
  9. I think New Mexico and Wyoming would be in that conference long before Hawaii would.
  10. I don't see CSU or AFA joining that conference without UNM and Wyoming. It's exactly what the pre-Big East invasion was minus those two schools.
  11. I like them, especially the whites.
  12. Yea, this is pretty ridiculous. Hawaii wanted inclusion into the PAC10 when they first announced expansion. The PAC10 wansn't for it. I don't know why they would want to go to 13 teams and further complicate their scheduling
  13. Never happen. The BCS hates letting undefeated non-AQ teams in. A one loss team will never be in.
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