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  1. Haha well given whenever you say something the truth is generally the opposite…… thanks!
  2. No the UN agencies in the south have confirmed it. Meanwhile….
  3. Sadly people going south are still being killed but keep pumping Likud propaganda. You would fit in nicely with them.
  4. Haha. You act like I created the summary. The essence is the same
  5. Sure I’m not disputing that fact and I read the articles. That all being true so is my point that the disinformation on the Likud side is also being coordinated with Doxxing attacks and charges of antisemitism. I have seen numerous instances of it occurring as Likud tries to silence those who oppose them in the United States.
  6. It’s not just creating fakes. The fakes are then coordinated with a Doxxing campaign to attack anyone who tries to discredit them. It is a state sponsored campaign you can watch unfold.
  7. Sure but GDP is a quarterly measure not a snapshot. The same Macro podcast talked about much of the GDP growth has been driven by govt spending and private spending is in a recession. I think it is in this podcast. I think you would enjoy it. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/macro-voices/id1079172742?i=1000635722338
  8. The issue is when those were passed we had an agrarian society and government corporate partnerships whether you call it the deep state or military industrial complex or some other term did not exist. What is worse is those relationships now also extend to foreign governments and provide to them a means to silence dissent.
  9. We have been on the opposite side of this topic for years. 1) I would agree if the comments are made in the context of work. 2) I would agree if the comments are made via a platform that carries the workplace brand like Linkedin 3) I would agree if the job held was some type of public spokesperson or CEO role in which case they were a public face of the company. Removed of the work context, activists with an agenda should not be able to inject the work environment as a means to inflict extrajudicial punishment on those with whom they disagree. It’s a form of authoritarianism no less dangerous than what we see from Trump.
  10. Heard something on a macro economics podcast that US production was at an all time high. It struck me as surprising and I haven’t had a chance to verify it.
  11. Sorry typing on phone in airport listening for boarding instructions. Wasn’t talking about transfer payments. Was talking about the multiplier effect when govt initiates deficit spending that spending becomes wages which are spent on goods that also increases GDP.
  12. Yes though it doesn’t account for govt dollars flowing into consumers the spent on producers.
  13. Funny we work in the computer industry and it’s been a brutal quarter.
  14. It’s not a lack of understanding on either side. Let’s close this discussion. We just disagree what should be included in our inalienable rights.
  15. And previous violations of rights is supposed to justify shutting people up now? By the way you left out Roosevelt and internment camps in your list. many of your examples were during times of war. Are we at war?
  16. I get the difference and I get protections for this are not currently in our legal precedents. What you miss is how easily this process can and will be abused to eliminate free speech is this country.
  17. Political speech has been punished twice in our history. 1) during the McCarthy era 2) now. and I am not a free speech absolutist. People can and should not be able to shout fire in a crowded theatre. You can’t use speech to create a hostile work environment. But none of those exceptions apply. The current use of Doxxing is absolutely being used to silence speech and prevent Palestinian sympathizers from expressing anti Israel sentiment. Just like McCarthyism was wrong so is what is happening today. This kind of doxxing is a symptom of a slide into authoritarianism.
  18. They aren’t all foreign and our constitution used to extend to everyone. Sadly people like you through it out.
  19. Here’s a personal story about Palestinian child prisoners (the I is not me): - In 2012, I was arrested in Hebron while participating in a march to open Shuhada street, which was a main market street for Palestinians until the Israeli military shut it down, and made it for Israeli settlers only. It’s part of the area @JamaalBowmanNY visited. - Handcuffed and blinded by pepper spray, and thrown in the back of an Israeli humvee after my head was slammed against it, the soldiers drive off. They suddenly stop, run out, and all I hear is a child screaming and crying. - This child is then thrown on top of me, and is handcuffed. I ask him his age, he said 13. I asked him what happened, he says he was walking to his sister’s house and they just stopped and picked him up. He’s in panic mode crying “my sister cooked lunch for me, she’ll be terrified if I’m lost”. I tell him not to worry, we’ll make it out and give him the basic tips: You have a right to remain silent, don’t say anything without a lawyer…etc. - We get to the Israeli military outpost, we’re dragged out of the humvee. The kid’s terrified, telling them not to blind him (He thought I was blinded because of the pepper spray, I couldn’t open my eyes). - The smack the kid around and tell him to shut up. - We wait a bit, then kid is called in for interrogation. - The Israeli military interrogator literally tells him: I’ll let you go home, you just need to confirm the guy with you led the protest and told you to throw the stones at us. - Kid says I want to call my family/lawyer. Interrogator says ok: Picks up mobile and gives it to kid. Kid puts in his mother’s number. Soldier snatches mobile. The mother answers. Soldier says: Your son is going to go to jail and if he doesn’t talk I’ll come and arrest you too. Puts it on speaker, mother is panicking. Kid starts to panic. Soldier hangs up in her face. - Soldier tells kid: I can make your family’s life hell. But if you say what I told you to say, everything will be ok. - Kid starts sobbing and says: But I don’t know this guy I just met him in the humvee when you picked me up. Sitting outside the room, I yell: Kid, stay strong, say your truth and don’t fall into his lies. - They come and take me away. Thirty minutes later kid comes out of interrogation shaken. He says the soldier told him he’d shoot his mother. The poor child told me not to worry though, he only said the truth . - The case brought against this poor kid was stone throwing, with two soldiers “testifying” they saw him throw a stone. - He spent 3 months in prison as court hearings kept getting delayed, eventually he was advised by his lawyer to “admit” to stone throwing because that way he’d spend less time in prison because the lawyer could be able to negotiate his release in 4 months, while waiting for a ruling from Israel’s military courts could take a year. - In short, working on this issue in Palestine for 12 years, I can tell you the majority of child arrests in Palestine follow this exact pattern: - Israel wants to teach a Palestinian community a lesson, deterring people from protesting its oppression. - It targets the kids, arresting dozens - up to 700 a year. - Majority of kids get abused and interrogated. - Lawyers and kids know it’s better to “confess” even if they didn’t do the crime, as waiting for a ruling and being in uncertainty/limbo is hell. That’s why you have a 95% conviction rate. - Then the Israeli government, when challenged for the systematic abuse, comes out and says: “These kids are terrorists - they attacked our soldiers and admitted to it.” - And because the lives of Palestinian children don’t matter, the world turns a blind eye again and again and again and again.
  20. You don’t but public pressure to fire a person is punishment without due process. Is the spy agency not part of the government?
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