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  1. @Jackrabbit if you really want to know where our money goes here is a good link… https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/historical-tables/ if you don’t trust the OMB then you can look at data from the CBO https://www.cbo.gov/publication/58946#:~:text=They remain below 24.0 percent,response to the coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Actually the sequester occurred under Obama. It was repealed under Trump. and discretionary domestic spending has decreased…. In CBO’s projections, rising spending on Social Security and Medicare boosts mandatory outlays, but total discretionary spending falls in relation to GDP. As the cost of financing the nation’s debt grows, net outlays for interest increase substantially and, beginning in 2030, exceed their previous peak. Want to cut the deficit then a) allow Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate on all drugs until our costs equal Germany’s b) don’t +++++ around with the debt limit so our credit rating falls and borrowing costs increase.
  3. I don’t disagree and the time to change it is when you go through the budget process. Limit appropriations then. This hissy fit is like saying, I’m not going to pay it, when the credit card bill comes due. It also absolutely says one Congress won’t honor the decisions of another Congress. Particularly galling consider it was the Republican Congress under Trump they aren’t honoring. the far left has not hindered the debt ceiling passage.
  4. Not yet. It has to pass the House and if the Freedom Caucus doesn’t like the direction they could force a vote to vacate the Speakers Chair. people like this have to vote on it…. McCarthy continues to appeal to the extremists by attacking Biden, saying inaccurately that the president “wasted time and refused to negotiate for months” when, in fact, it was the Republicans who could not agree on what to bring to the table until April 26. But this may well not be enough; already Kyle Griffin of MSNBC reports that two Republican sources have said that the far right is already balking at the deal and is “plotting ways to gum up passage of the bill or add amendments to make it more appealing to hardliners.” https://open.substack.com/pub/heathercoxrichardson/p/may-27-2023?r=o3nfn&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post
  5. Interesting. I heard Dutton and Smithee talking and thought they would vote not to impeach.
  6. Other than 1) Elon’s very close friendship with Sacks 2) the one meeting you acknowledge 3) the picture with Maxwell 4) the subpoena but sure there is nothing
  7. One must be careful not to confuse opposition to Trump with support for Dem ideals.
  8. Happy Memorial Day as we remember those who fought to protect this ideal….
  9. As predicted….. their oath is to Trump not the United States
  10. Gates isn’t running for Politics or actively supporting a politician. Musk David Sacks Robert F Kennedy are all supporting or are politicians and are possibly compromised.
  11. Christ Bob. Do you actually ever attend church? Have spent any time actually reading the Bible? Christ was emphatically clear we need to worry about ourselves and not judge others. The commandments and directions are there for you to lead your life. From what we have seen you clearly aren’t getting it at all. Seriously, If we could bet on who gets into heaven you or the gay guy my house would be on the gay guy. Being Gay is mentioned in two books and never condemned by Christ. Not judging is in almost every +++++ing book in the Bible and explicitly condemned by Christ is the Gospel.
  12. Not bologna at all. Certainly we aren’t NAZI Germany but look at the cooperation between the Hitler Regime and the leading industrialists. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economics_of_fascism Scholars also noted that big business developed an increasingly close partnership with the Italian Fascist and German fascist governments after they took power. Business leaders supported the government's political and military goals. In exchange, the government pursued economic policies that maximized the profits of its business allies.[8]
  13. Both authoritarian wings left and right try to use industry to enforce their values. Look back and you will see I opposed doxing Charlottesville marchers.
  14. Not completely. Remember far right authoritarian movements are often tightly coupled with the leading industrialists. The tend to be antiunion and demand a cut of profits and industry becomes a means of control.
  15. So what is you prediction on how it plays out?
  16. John sold out to be the candidate and was not who he was or grew up as. Same with Mitt who created the forerunner of ObamaCare in Mass. The party shifted radically from the 3 part: Libertarian, Conservative, Rockefeller Republican to basically the authoritarian party it is today. By contributing to this switch instead of fighting it they both contributed to what we see in the GOP now: A southern based neo-fascist party built on religion and big business.
  17. Well all know the “Freedumb Caucus” will blow it up. Trump wants chaos and they do his bidding. The more chaos that exists the more an authoritarian can come to power.
  18. I donated to McCain. But after loosing to Bush he adopted the emerging dominant social conservative positions of the party versus the libertarian leaning positions he had always held. Neither he nor Romney are authoritarians like Trump and DeSantis but the judges they would have appointed instead of Sotomayor and Kagan would have radically changed the direction of the country.
  19. So should be an interesting weekend. What are the odds a hardline R is unhappy with McCarthy’s deal and makes a motion to vacate the Speaker?
  20. I don’t think this has anything to do with the executive branch. The critical question here is can one Congress simply choose to ignore and not pay select spending authorized by another Congress. Biden saying Congress is bound by actions of previous Congresses should be clearly enunciated. If so, then investors should think hard investing in any US bond that extends past the term of the current Congress.
  21. You know Convert. Others may not but I appreciate you. I get a nice semi edited run down of Fox News without actually having to go there. Please keep it up.
  22. You do know Vietnam was an internal war whereas Ukraine is Russian aggression. Pretty big distinction. What we did in Iraq was much closer to Vietnam. Did you oppose Bush at the time or was he on the correct team?
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