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  1. It will be interesting how it impacts them economically. I have already said to my son in law he best not be taking my daughter into a state like that.
  2. I get he was over the top. I’m not excusing his behavior either. Btw it’s not like I haven’t had my moments either. We all do.
  3. Joe would go off on everyone then apologize later. I still remember him telling me he wished my wife would die… lol I’m sure he would say not his best moment but generally a good guy Look I don’t think this will be the last thread like this one on this topic. Abortion like slavery has real potential to split this country in two. I would put the odds at 40/60 right now no matter what @halfmanhalfbronco says. He is usually wrong anyway.
  4. I’m not excusing his posts. But you are better than these last 5 pages. And yes I think it’s cool you standing up for @smltwnrckr but in my experience he can verbally rip to shreds whomever he chooses.
  5. Look you know I appreciate your intelligence and wit…. Just take a breath.
  6. Haha. Per your point of being dark. We will have to go and have a beer some time.
  7. Dude take a deep breath. I’m not going for anyone.
  8. You are a Kings fan and a Spartan fan. How could you not be dark Btw. What did you think of the draft?
  9. It indicates how close we are to this country splitting in two. Not that I would really care but if you live in SoCal it could suck for you.
  10. Dude. You are over the top in this thread. I like you, often agree with you, and think you are funny. If I was a mod, you would be taking a break too. Geez what a cluster +++++ this thread devolved into.
  11. Yeah do so. You and I don’t agree politically but the rest of this thread is crap. @halfmanhalfbronco why are you letting this POS thread continue?
  12. They are starting to be worried about jail and are trying to cover their ass.
  13. Yeah starting to think Lincoln was a moron for not letting them go.
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