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  1. Oh yeah. Where would that be? oh btw… I’m sure that wasn’t your point even though you just doubled down on it….
  2. Well at what point does being pro <insert favorite economic model> matter for someone whose job is to interpret laws and the constitution?
  3. Again curious were an economic system is mentioned in the constitution. Quit dodging the question and quote a specific passage.
  4. I get it. But as foolish as that was it is equally foolish to deny that Trump hasn’t encouraged and emboldened those kinds of morons. Whereas they used to be evenly distributed Trump with his xenophobic messages has managed to consolidate them all in one party.
  5. Did not realize the constitution spelled out an economic system. Care to point out those passages for me?
  6. He isn’t wrong that some in the GQP will say those things. If you don’t like it consider the tract Trump has taken the party. It is why some of us who grew up GOP are so disgusted with what we see. That said I see zero value in repeating the racist imagery. That just furthers the aims of the knuckleheads. The point can be made in other ways.
  7. I don’t disagree but none of those people post here and I see no value in repeating and amplifying their hateful verbiage. That shit just plays into their hands. They want such a word image in peoples minds.
  8. Yeah well most people on here didn’t really even think that much less repeat it. Are their some extreme racists out there? Sure, especially in Eastern Europe but those kind of people don’t bear repeating and in no way represent any right wing poster on this board.
  9. Seriously. If ever a post needed an edit that would be it.
  10. No it has a return date in like 28 or so. The only reason I could see BYU keeping it was a trip to CA. Fresno is kind of in the middle. That being said we already have two tough PAC-12 road games so we are going to need a home game. Those games are hard to find.
  11. Yeah I’m guessing the Fresno game is done also.
  12. Well you only hope of slowing it down is Manchin. If he blocks a progressive judge he might as well switch parties at that point. It’s possible however as he is pro life.
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