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  1. Can’t we get an independent to run that is not captured by the extremists in both parties?????
  2. Yep the Democrats are no different than the Republicans. Taken over by the extremes.
  3. sactowndog

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    Yep “libs” like me would eliminate it all together.
  4. sactowndog

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    I’d be surprised if more than a small handful opposed the corporate income tax
  5. sactowndog

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    He’d never be in today’s Republican Party either.
  6. sactowndog

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    That was when the Republicans had a strong western libertarian wing. People like Bob Packwood would never exist in today’s Republican Party.
  7. sactowndog

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    Dude you are not old enough or smart enough to know the Republican “big tent” Party of the 80’s and 90’s. The term Rhino didn’t exist in that time period as the party hadn’t been captured by the extremists.
  8. sactowndog

    Trump says the EU is a foe of the U. S.

    Haha me too.... I was a Republican who left after the McCain Bush 2 primary. I had donated the max to McCain and didn’t appreciate the rumors in South Carolina. Prior to that I worked for Thomas Evans a Republican Congressman from Delaware who was fiscally conservative and pro environment. Left the Party as the social conservatives and pro torture crowd took over. Today now I guess I’m a liberal.
  9. sactowndog

    2018 World Cup

    Got to like the female President of Croatia. The only one to stand in the rain and congratulate the players while all the male dignitaries had umbrellas.
  10. sactowndog

    Illegal Immigration a Felony?

    Nah it’s stupity on the far left that’s equally as dumb as Thomas and his ilk on the far right.
  11. sactowndog

    Illegal Immigration a Felony?

    I agree with this post. Both sides are owned by their extremes. It’s a result of the Hastert Rule. A Rule as vile as the pedofile it was named after.
  12. sactowndog

    Pick 10: Team happycamper

    Classic @happycamper‘s appointed Lieutenant on 32 hours and counting.
  13. sactowndog

    Illegal Immigration a Felony?

    I’m no fan of the open borders left wing crowd either. But the don’t own both the legislative and executive branch at the moment. Personally I hope a new party gets started that relegates the extremists on both sides back to irrelevance. In the meantime I hope to elect Democrats so the morons in the White House have some real checks in their policies.
  14. Okay sure everyone has an agenda that says anything counter to your guy.... typical Trumpizm
  15. Yeah well who am I going to trust. A 4 Star Air Force General who is independent and served Presidents from both parties with this distinguished background https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Hayden_(general) or Thomas a party before country Trumpist on the MWC board... hard choice on who has more credibility.