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  1. Yep the could be really good. They need to stop reading their news clippings and get better each week. Some of this shit is on the city. Fresno State week for beating a team you beat 4 times in a row??
  2. Wew! It didn’t kill us. Hopefully this game got their attention. They play like this game in Hawaii it’s a loss.
  3. Game ain’t over yet. Need a stop. 🙏🏻
  4. Even the coach is having a bad game.
  5. Defense needs to get back to fundamentals
  6. Yeah the camera angles were horrible. No way they could overturn it but…..
  7. It looks out to me but how does the ref miss that call. I get why they couldn’t overturn it but oh boy seemed like a missed call to me.
  8. Do you really think we come out flat for you all?
  9. Frick and frack should just go home. They are worthless.
  10. Who called time out there? The Stadium said us but the announcers said UNLV.
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