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  1. You say that now mug saved your ass. I was figuring out how much you could afford to donate to charity. They have phoned you know.
  2. I’m not betting how many people are going to die and I was going to donate @halfmanhalfbronco‘s money to charity.
  3. Damm. I was going to make it the loser donates to the charity of choice.
  4. Did I mention it was a vegetable garden. That I wore a mask and gloves and stripped and showered when I got home. Trust me I am extremely careful.
  5. Sure want to bet $500 on it. I’m game. How about $1,000? I’m sure @mugtang can be the middleman until I supply proof in the form of a statement from the nursery.
  6. Anyone watching the 60 Mins piece on Covid-19? Very well done.
  7. Their business just went in the shitter... or better perhaps they should just change their name to image Toilet.
  8. Not to mention I probably wouldn’t have cut up my hands... lol
  9. Yeah it happens people forget from habit. That was why I asked nicely because I figured he had just forgot. Apparently that wasn’t the case. The customer service lady was so appalled she came out to the parking lot to apologize.
  10. Perhaps why eliminating the Pandemic Office was a bad idea.
  11. Apparently that was his thought. Taking a swing at him went through my mind but figured it was a bit counter productive in terms of distancing and the last thing the local hospitals needed was two dumb +++++s getting in a fight. 😏
  12. A goal? How about a ****ing plan and then execute it. A plan is not making moves, checking the polls and stock market, then speculating something 180 degrees different.
  13. So much for social distancing. I went to the nursery to get vegetables to plant in our garden. I put on gloves and a mask as my wife is high risk. Standing in line a guy wearing, I kid you not, a red Trump MAGA hat gets in line 2-3 feet behind me despite the clear markers on the floor. Being cautious and assuming he had just forgotten I said excuse me, my wife is very high risk, do you mind giving a little more space? The dude starts going off about the virus being a hoax and he was more than far enough away. Hard to believe some of these people.
  14. True but pretty sure the pandemic office has a pretty clear mandate. Perhaps even more clear than the military which has conflicting rules of engagement.