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  1. Except Bibi and the right wing extremists they represent don’t have shared values with anyone in the US except Y’all Quida. The right wing government is systematically trying to drive out/exterminate the Palestinians. It’s about time these people have a voice in the halls of Congress.
  2. Okay, I agree AOC is a nut case but does any district have a more F’d up representative than Iowa. My issue isn’t that King isn’t clearly an outlier. But more what does it say about the Republican Party that they would actually elect a guy like this dude. How F’d up must the party be that this dude is part of their caucus? https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/08/14/politics/steve-king-rape-incest-comments/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F
  3. Yep, I would be for sensors over a fence. I would guess sensors could detect movement above and below. Does not damage the environment. Seems to make more sense in unpopulated areas.
  4. I agree with much of it except ending birthright citizenship. In the first place, it would require a constitutional change that isn’t going to happen. 2nd it runs the risk of children being born stateless. 3rd it would cause a permanent underclass that never integrates like the Turks in Germany. Birthright citizenship worked to integrate the Germans, Irish, Italians, Chinese and Japanese immigrants in previous waves of immigration and will do just fine with the current one from Latin America.
  5. Haha. Yeah I don’t even bother. Not a lot of diversity of thought in the Central Valley.
  6. My son in law is from Dayton, it was a stressful day or two insuring friends and family weren’t affected. He knows the bar personally and thought the guy may be a white nationalist because it’s a mostly black bar. Instead he was just a completely +++++ed up kid that should never have access to firearms.
  7. Except Antifa would shoot up a white nationalist meeting and he shot up a primarily black bar. So doesn’t fit the model. Not to mention he killed his own sister. Dude was a classic nut job. Some are extremists like the El Paso shooter or the guy who shot the Congressman. Mental health doesn’t address those guys. Others are like the Dayton shooter and we need to keep them as far from guns as possible. Not all mental health is treatable.
  8. Depends if Trump wins the Presidency. If he does, I’m sure he will be adding the volume.
  9. I’m pretty sure the government already does. However it’s almost impossible to defend against a single lone gunman.
  10. You left out vote for the Party owned by the NRA...
  11. It is a statistically sample of the male population.
  12. Excellent news for Boise. We look forward to something of value our linebackers can grind into the turf.
  13. Bowling Green @slappy take your last pick