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  1. The problem is I doubt anyone will moderate as well as you so growing revenue seems a low probability.
  2. Yep one can argue if you are really following Jesus’s teachings that a left leaning position is all you can hold. Sadly, many on the Christian right see only one issue and it dominates their politics: abortion.
  3. I don’t agree. Being “Christian” was one of the highest correlating factors in supporting Trump. Part of that victim culture was a perceived inability to proclaim and live their faith. Even if their “faith” led them to bigotry and condemnation.
  4. Keeping the troops in place, which I don’t agree with isn’t exactly warmongering.
  5. You should know by now my stances aren’t partisan in nature but more solution, truth, and fact oriented. Just because I apply that to the current 2nd Amendment debate doesn’t make me more Democrat or Republican.
  6. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/02/man-who-refused-bow/618156/ This guy is someone for whom I could vote.
  7. Perhaps. I don’t recall your exact position in the Republican primaries.... but I was sadly an early Trump supporter. The angst and fear among blue collar workers is real and valid. I had hoped Trump might have real solutions.
  8. Actually not true. If you recall I was pro-Trump in the primaries while you were shilling for Cruz. I realized at that time he was not fit for office.
  9. Haha. You think if they were going to try to dub words they would at least do a marginal job of it.
  10. They aren’t charging the individual. The question is it onerous for those attending? For the major players probably not. I think you point is valid but it’s also valid to protect the White House staff. For most it’s a minuscule cost of doing business.
  11. I’m torn. I appreciate taking Covid testing seriously and the networks can certainly afford tests. But they should have a hardship for smaller entities.
  12. Did you make it to the Algarve? That place is amazing with the Limestone cliffs.
  13. Prague is one of my favorites though I have heard Dubrovnik is pretty amazing. Barcelona is another must visit city.
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