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  1. The one using kids for political purposes was Trump not me.
  2. Has nothing to do with teams. I’m not registered for either team. If you are at all aware of the Foster care system you know the outcomes for those kids are poor. I have been involved and donated significant cash given I can’t actually be a foster parent and stay married. If a child is being “parented” by two parents cooking meth in the kitchen, it’s not a great option but keeping the kids in that situation is worse. If the parent is violent enough to commit a felony then again keeping the kids with the violent parent is problematic in either case. In the case of Asylum seekers, many are fleeing violence not committing violence. The parents are by and large loving parents not threats themselves. To put those kids in an already overburdened and underperforming foster care system is unconscionable. 1) it removes options for kids who are in unsafe home environments 2) their parents aren’t threats and perverts the point of the foster care system. Your continued arguments down this path are beneath you and don’t align with what I thought of you as a person.
  3. Too funny drafting in almost the same spot have the same two teams. Hope it’s a good sign.
  4. Or quite frankly just cut social security all together and let people decide to save or not for themselves.
  5. No not because I don’t want to but due to my wife’s health. But again that’s pointless when you support separating kids at the border and make inane comparisons about separating kids from at risk parents.
  6. Where did I say large swaths agreed? I didn’t. I did say the more fundamental beliefs are turning off people from Christianity and that has been shown.
  7. Absolutely and too many righties think we can balance the budget by cutting non defense discretionary funding and that belief isn’t possible. BTW a big chunk of non defense discretionary dollars sits in veteran benefits which if correctly categorized as defense which push defense 694.5B and all other non defense discretionary 529.6. Making defense almost 57% of all discretionary spending.
  8. You can’t even make a factual statement in the context of this thread. I specifically said Trump has done things I like economically. But his and your complete lack of morals is a bigger problem.
  9. Do we disagree? I said entitlements were the biggest issue and defense which consumes half of all discretionary spending.
  10. No the issue is having ethics and morality. Something sadly lacking from too many on this board. And get the F out of here with the spurious and insulting argument regarding prison. As if removing a child from parents making meth in their home is in anyway analogous to removing a child from parents seeking asylum. I expect such arguments from you but I didn’t expect them Poke. I only wish his wife and kids could see them. I’m sure they would be real proud of him.
  11. We’re done discussing this.... apparently you think making inane points excuses such behavior or it doesn’t matter.
  12. Again stop. People committing felonies are not the same as people seeking asylum.
  13. I wish I could have lost my Dad to dementia.... sadly he died of leukemia at 60 and none of my kids (now in their 20’s) really ever knew him.
  14. Post the data..... I don’t believe Obama removed intentionally and as a policy immigrant children from all parents. If he did I will apologize. If he didn’t you admit you are being a schmuck.