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  1. sactowndog

    Nevada at Toledo

    Fresno Defense watching this game 😐 Fresno Offense watching this game 😁
  2. sactowndog

    Nevada at Toledo

    Yeah tight game between Neva_a and Tole_o.
  3. sactowndog

    One of the most savage political ads I've ever seen

    Gosar has a long history of controversial remarks and actions. He promoted the conspiracy theory that the white supremacists' rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year was a plot by the left financed by Democratic megadonor George Soros, who Gosar said "turned in his own people to the Nazis." In July, Gosar spoke in London at a rally for an anti-Muslim activist. He is also one of the staunchest opponents of legal rights for undocumented "Dreamers" in Congress. The Phoenix New Times reported that the ad and others were unveiled at a fundraiser in Phoenix on Thursday night -- and that in another spot, which is not public yet, Grace Goser says that "it would be difficult to see my brother as anything but a racist." when your own siblings make this kind of comment about you it’s shocking. But it is what a significant part of the Republican Party has become. You can’t make the case it’s cherry picking when so many are running and winning in Republican Primaries and Districts.
  4. You do know you have to be a G5 conference champ to go to the access bowl?? To get to a News Year’s day bowl BYU would have to be invited as one of the at large teams and of the spots 4 go to the play-off teams and 1 goes to the access bowl. If the ACC champ does not get a top 4 spot then they automatically go to the Peach or Fiesta.
  5. sactowndog

    MWC West Division goes 3-1 against the PAC-12 today

    Arizona will battle UCLA for the basement. UCLA playing lots of kids. They will get better.
  6. sactowndog

    Grats to SDSU and win over ranked OOC team.

    Left out Troy.
  7. And playing half the mountain west on their schedule. Their wins greatly impact out SOS like it or not.
  8. sactowndog

    SJSU at Oregon

    Nice effort Spartans. Good to see you have a pulse
  9. sactowndog

    San Diego State vs Arizona State Game Thread

    That ball was out
  10. sactowndog

    San Diego State vs Arizona State Game Thread

    PAC-12 always gets the calls. Bad calls for Fresno too
  11. sactowndog

    Nike Stock Closes At Record High

    Yeah for the few 60 year olds like that guy who wear sneakers
  12. sactowndog

    San Diego State vs Arizona State Game Thread

    Good job Aztecs! The Fresno SDSU game is going to be a slobberknocker!!
  13. Just commenting it’s too bad you aren’t in the conference and now the favorite for the access bowl. Generally a win like that leads to a building excitement.
  14. Granted having lost to Minne our chances are slim but that slim chance is greater than your zero chance
  15. I think no way they kick out a P-5 league champ for BYU. Sorry but we still have a shot at the access bowl and the conference championship. What are you playing for again?? Pride? How nice.