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  1. 2024??? crap I can’t predict what will happen in the Georgia Senate run-offs. The whole party has gone so batshit crazy who knows what will happen.
  2. Which would align with Trump voters being untruthful to “own the libs”
  3. The infighting might be Brutal now. Hoping for your insight in the Georgia Senate thread.
  4. You do remember he assassinated the Iranian general. I know it feels like decades ago but wasn’t really that long ago. World wars have started over such assassinations.
  5. To be fair @bornontheblue I liked many of Trumps policies also. I just never let him spend the night.
  6. It’s hard to tell anymore if this shit is Democrat dirty tricks or just dumb ass red-neck Republicans. @CPslograd what do you think? Smells Lincoln clubish to me but I have long since given up predicting the right wing.
  7. This shit is the kind of backfire I wondered might happen. I don’t know if McConnell and team had a choice but the statement everything Trump touches dies isn’t too far from the truth.
  8. So what prevents them from taking the 2000 and just doing nothing?
  9. Too be honest most of us are assholes including/especially me..
  10. Just out of curiosity, I don’t think you need a constitutional amendment to expand the house do you?
  11. Haha to be fair I was grouping him more in “not sufficiently loyal” versus “adults” but in his favor he did recuse himself from interfering with the special counsel.
  12. Facts for them are what they see on OAN network.
  13. True and yet we don’t know how Federalist Society judges would land. We also don’t know how that might have changed over the next 4 years. Trump originally appointed adults in his cabinet also. Most of them are gone. Those who weren’t sufficiently loyal got kicked in the teeth. Ask Sessions.
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