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  1. I don’t think that statement is true at all. For instance I give Trump credit for cutting corporate income taxes and changing the dialogue on “free trade”. But those things in no way overcome all the authoritarian BS that comes with Trump. If today’s Republicans actually believed in smaller government they would be equally anti-Trump but the party has gone full on southern authoritarian.
  2. Yeah I’m leaning her or Bloomberg
  3. Well each President since Roosevelt has pushed the envelope further and further towards an imperial President. Roosevelt was an Imperial President and brought about the 22nd Amendment
  4. No, I call it out when I see it including to one of my best friends (a Trumper) who said and I quote “Are you going to nominate the butt +++++er”. if you don’t like being called a bigot then I suggest you stop acting like one. Pretty +++++ing simple.
  5. Then don’t say they must be an affirmative action recipient when just a little research could simply tell you in fact tuition was free to the UC’s in 1960. Instead he makes a snarky comment about minorities versus everyone else. And as typical he doubled down on after someone posted the data calling it fake news. ignorance and race baiting shouldn’t be acceptable on either side.
  6. Yeah and god forbid your middle class in the Bay Area. Your taxes probably increased.
  7. Yes I agree. It’s partly why I’m not currently associated with either party. Big Business likes over regulation because it stifles the little guy but no regulation is a problem also.
  8. It could but like with most things he says it is opposite to what Trump the authoritarian actually does: 1) what Trump does is decrease capital gains taxes further and eliminates the inheritance tax. The impact: more incentive for the rich to find ways to classify income as capital gains and for dynastic wealth to grow and corrupt. what should be done if you care: set capital gains tax equal to income tax and increase the inheritance tax. 2) what Trump does is impose a set of tariffs. The impact: gives government more power to bend industries to their will. What should be done is tax cash flow earned in the US from operations and investments minus cash flow spent in the US on operations and investment. Like all things with Trump he said it was a rigged game and the proceeded to make it even more rigged!
  9. Very good article. Having worked for a large multinational for years I can attest to much of this article. * I think the business income tax should be eliminated as large enterprise firms use it to derive competitive advantage by shifting income. * Those who profit from return on capital should pay taxes equal to return on labor. The differential rates only provide opportunities to game the system. * last we need to be concerned about lost rights not from government power but from corporate power.
  10. Again double down on stupid. Typical Trump supporter. If you were there in 1960 that would make you approximately 80 today. So perhaps you were there and are now just senile. That would explain a lot.
  11. Nice snark from the typically ignorant and racist Trump supporter. I doubt you went to the UC’s in the 60’s. Here is some history for you.... 1960: The Master Plan for Higher Education in California maintains that tuition at University of California and state colleges should be free, but that fees are necessary to help cover non-instructional costs. “The two governing boards reaffirm the long established principle that state colleges and the University of California shall be free to all residents of the state.” 1966: Ronald Reagan assumed office of Governor of California and changed the course of the state’s higher education system. In his eight years, he cut state funding for college and universities and laid the foundation for a tuition-based system. According to a New York Times article from 1982, during his eight years as governor, “Reagan fought hard in the legislature to impose tuition at four-year colleges. He lost the battle to lobbyists for the university, … However, the Legislature agreed to increase student registration fees.” 1975: Students at University of California schools are now paying $600 in fees and tuition—a number that would soon skyrocket.
  12. Funny enough for men sports at the D3 level actually increases enrollment as the men come to play the sport. That model has been done to grow men’s Volleyball and is now being used by Water Polo.
  13. I think the CSU’s should have a hybrid model. Identify a subset of schools that will be D1 and have sports and another subset that will have lower fees and no sports. Let students choose.
  14. You would think a reasonable middle ground would be possible wouldn’t you? It is in the states interest to provide loans. Heck in the 60’s education at UC’s was free. In the 80’s, people took loans, defaulted on them and saddled the government with the debt. The result was reform that made it much more difficult to discharge loans via bankruptcy. Now the pendulum has swung too far the other way. People have data on the types of schools and degrees that have the most defaults. We need lenders to provide credit worthiness of the programs not the kids who many have stated are not old enough to make a decision. If Joe’s Computer Shop doesn’t graduate anyone then they shouldn’t be eligible.