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  1. I don't blame anyone who mocks us for being recruiitng champions. Its up to coach Otz and coach Arroyo to prove them wrong. In basketball especially we have a recent history (before last season) of underperforming with probably the most talent in the MWC, see Dave Rice years. I personally believe we have 2 coaches in football and basketball that will have success. BUT, they need to prove it first.... I will say it feels good to have hope though!
  2. What will the UNLV season ticket holders get? One of those cool plastic helmets again....
  3. www.whatcoloristhefremontcannon.com
  4. I live in Oregon, near Portland and see it.... hundreds of miles away from CA.
  5. I was planning on cheering for the Raiders starting this season... Born and raised in Vegas, I felt I had to because they are going to be my home town team. I have been a Saints fan since the mid 80's and I will be staying that way. The fact that the Raiders aren't doing everything they can to work with UNLV who is a joint tenant is a load of crap. I hope they sell out every game (for the city) and the stadium is 60+% visiting fans. The Raiders themselves can go 0-16 for all I care at this point.
  6. Well the article is horribly written and some of the statements are false... like the Raiders owning the stadium... But I cant defend my Rebels here... they along with the Raiders botched this and its enbarrassing for the university to have to play a single game at Sam Boyd... hopefully its only the one game, and they figure out the Arizona State game.
  7. I think we left too much time... Missing the 2pt conversion killed us
  8. The defensive energy is falling off.. Reno about to roll again.
  9. crazy... where has this team been the past 6 weeks. Not saying we should have won any of them but if we had played like this the season would feel soooooo different.
  10. Bet SDSU to cover vs the Rebels. 😕😟😡🤭
  11. Congrats on your first win this year SJSU. Part of me wants to say Thank you! Maybe this is the final nail in the coffin for Coach Sanchez.
  12. under contract through 2022... https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-football/unlvs-tony-sanchez-to-get-100000-raise-with-new-deal/
  13. we suck on D... Utah state hit big plays... blocked punt for a TD... we suck.
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