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  1. It has to be this for a Saints fan. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-cant-miss-plays/09000d5d81646143/SB-XLIV-Can-t-Miss-Play-Saints-surprise
  2. For UNLV... 3 thoughts... 1. Season went as expected 2. www.whatcoloristhefremontcannon.com 3. New coach, new facilities, and a new stadium = hope for the future
  3. Born and raised in Vegas... living in Oregon now. Class of 2008, Go Rebels!
  4. Its definitely hard to watch right now.
  5. 157.... whew... last bucket with 15 seconds to go.
  6. Based on tonight.... i agree... Sanchez needs to go.
  7. This true freshman QB making it look easy.... meanwhile... Armani Rodgers..... ugh
  8. Logic says yes..... but who knows at this point. I sure hope to see Oblad in there to start the second.
  9. Oh, I dont think we are any better. This game right now is painful to watch It was just one of those things... a lot of casual football fans just assume when they see Nevada that its a Vegas team.
  10. I live in Oregon now, have lived here for about 3 years. Its pretty funny how many people think UNR is UNLV they just assume when they see the word Nevada that the school is from Vegas. I received a text tonight from a friend who was at the Duck game (as they were destroying UNR). They know I am from Vegas and a big UNLV fan. The text read: "Is this really your team? They are horrible!!!" I replied "Nope, thats UNR, from Reno... yup they suck" His reply "Well...it is Reno" ROFL, made my night.
  11. The defense is playing ok so far. need anything offensively....
  12. Drama aside... and i hate the Patriots... but if AB was to join them it would be video game like. He is in his prime.... Hope it doesnt happen....