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  1. RebelSaint702

    Fire Sanchez

    under contract through 2022... https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-football/unlvs-tony-sanchez-to-get-100000-raise-with-new-deal/
  2. RebelSaint702

    UNLV vs USU Game Thread and Stream

    we suck on D... Utah state hit big plays... blocked punt for a TD... we suck.
  3. RebelSaint702

    UNLV vs USU Game Thread and Stream

    just got home and tuned in, can anyone summarize the scoring drive?
  4. RebelSaint702

    MLB in Vegas?

    I live in the Portland Metro area... It is not larger than the Las Vegas Market... to look at the Vegas market in regards to eyeballs and tv sets you need to include: North Las Vegas, Henderson, and the other population dense areas of Clark county... If anything the two metro areas are very comparable... With the entire Portland metro area being just over 2 million, similar to Las Vegas. http://worldpopulationreview.com/us-cities/las-vegas-population/ Population Vegas metro area is over 2 million... http://worldpopulationreview.com/us-cities/portland-population/ Population of Portland Metro area is around 2.4 million... If anything, I would say Vegas is a bigger market because the Vegas Metro area is much smaller in regards to total geography so the entire population is within the Valley... For Portland the metro area is considered to stretch much farther south of Portland to the Eugene area where the University of Oregon is which is over 100 miles away from Portland. The Vegas metro area is much more population dense than the Portland Metro area.
  5. UNLV playing 10 games in a row ending the season at Reno... Could be a tough one.... will be beat up by then I am sure. I still think the rebs go 6-6 this year or better! My projections below UNLV Sept. 2 – Howard - Win Sept. 9 – at Idaho - Win BYE Sept. 23 – at Ohio State - Loss (please stay healthy!) Sept. 30 – San José State* - Coin Toss Oct. 7 – San Diego State* - Loss Oct. 14 – at Air Force* - Loss Oct. 21 – Utah State* - Win Oct. 28 – at Fresno State* - Win Nov. 4 – Hawai‘i* - Win Nov. 11 - BYU - Loss Nov. 18 – at New Mexico* - Loss Nov. 25 – at RENO - Win! FUNR
  6. RebelSaint702

    UNLV recruiting

    Nice little update to share....