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  1. I was just looking at the newest Monmouth Poll... he polls at 13% among white Democrats, and drops to 2% among minority Democrats.
  2. I think the major car companies are waiting for Tesla to break through that next barrier before going all in on it and burying them. Tesla's future could be licensing their batteries, and then still making their cars as luxury products with all of the enhanced technology that they have in the form of autopilot and other automation features.
  3. Like I've said many times before... that's just a dumb idea.
  4. We have four current conference teams tied at the top with 3 titles each. After this season, we'll then have one active tied with BYU, TCU, and Utah for the most at 4 titles.
  5. Even if I weren't already a Canes fan, I'd be rooting for that to happen just because of how odd it seems.
  6. I'm guessing you meant Anderson, but I think he's got a leash longer than one 5-7 season. Other than that though, I agree with all of those.
  7. Oil spiked nearly 3% yesterday off of the news that the Trump Administration would no longer be allowing waivers for import of Iranian oil.
  8. Here's something amusing... the Lightning lost their series in 4, the Flames in 5, the Preds in 6, and if the Canes win tomorrow, then the Caps will be the last 1 seed to lost, and in a different number of games than the other three. That would also obviously mean that all four wild cards made it out of the first round. I love the playoffs.
  9. If you go back and look at the no goal that got Ovi so worked up, it was actually the correct call. https://cdn-b-east.streamable.com/video/mp4/4yqn0.mp4?token=gvvq10pEmaB698D8ut2XBQ&expires=1555991735 edit:
  10. Canes take a 5-2 lead with 3:02 left. We're headed to GAME SEVEN!
  11. Mr. Game Seven wants to make sure he gets to play in another one.
  12. Canes/Caps Game Six is intense as hell. All knotted up at 2-2, just over halfway through the second.
  13. They shot it down. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/19/sports/ncaa-graduate-transfers.html
  14. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty annoyed about this. I've been a subscriber from the beginning, and had the old $34.99/mo price, so it's going up by $15/mo for me. It's not like they're even really adding all that much in the way of content or features with this price bump either.
  15. Winning certainly plays a part in it, but the new owner has really invested in the in-arena experience as well as community outreach. There are a lot of cool theme nights now as well, like the "homegrown" series that features a different local brewery and special commemorative limited-edition shirts.
  16. Raleigh is ahead of San Diego, as is San Antonio. I'm pretty annoyed that St. Louis got an expansion team though.
  17. Let's go Canes! Thursday's win set a new sports attendance record at PNC... the only bigger crowd there was Metallica a few years back. I wanted to go, but the least expensive tickets I found were $300 for nosebleed seats.
  18. I mean... I would probably make it to wing six without too much difficulty, but everything after that would be hell on earth. I actually ordered their first and fifth sauces because they sound delicious. I with they still had the chipotle one, because both Rachael Ray and Alton Brown ranked it as their best
  19. I also love how DJ Khaled gave up after something like Tapatio. It's even more awesome that everyone makes fun of him.
  20. and then she tapped out anyway. I'd think that getting wasted beforehand would be a help.