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    The Old Man is Back!!!!!!!

    Rick Wilson on point with his response.
  2. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/424674-kamala-harris-to-enter-presidential-race-on-or-around-mlk-day-report
  3. Time to add Bernie to that list... https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/bernie-sanders-enters-2020-presidential-race-complete-revolution-n972906
  4. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/dems-gain-gop-state-lawmakers-switch-sides-because-trump-extremism-n965256 I just finished Everything Trump Touches Dies by Rick Wilson, where he went into great detail how Trump had already destroyed the Republican Party and had morphed into a group of MAGA populists experimenting with some light authoritarianism. He wrote it back in the spring (it came out in August), and predicted that because of the hard right shift the party had experienced, it was leaving moderate Republicans behind as everyone clambored to win the "Trump Primary" by being more like him, and that it was going to lead to devastating results for the party in the November elections. It turns out he was right on that one. He also said that he'd expect exactly this scenario to happen as well --- moderate elected officials leaving the GOP to become independents or join the Democrats. I'd highly recommend the book to everyone, and he trashed the Democrats in it pretty hard as well. It's probably safe to think that this isn't going to be the end of the defections in the era of Trump either. Trump is going to burn the GOP to the ground if they keep allowing him to run roughshod over them, and then we'll see if they can rise from the ashes, or if we see some new parties take their place at the adult's table.
  5. retrofade

    Roger Stone Arrested for Obstruction

    He's going to end up heading to jail early at this rate.
  6. retrofade

    Respected or Feared

  7. retrofade

    Fresno State vs New Mexico...

    I can't stand him... and I've muted our games a lot because of him.
  8. retrofade

    Paul George

    He was probably talking about Sylvester Seay... who did play pro, but never made it to the NBA.
  9. retrofade

    Rude Not to Respond

    Please don't.
  10. retrofade

    Trumps tweets

    This one is a classic with its insinuations... Exercising free speech should land you in jail or you should have your citizenship revoked... If it's negative coverage of the Donald, then it's fake news or rigged (or both I suppose). Trump actually won the popular vote --- in his own syphilis addled mind anyway. This one, I mean... yeah it stands on its own. High I.Q.
  11. retrofade

    Fresno State vs New Mexico...

    Jesus Christ the refs are ridiculous in this game... let them actually play for the love of God.
  12. retrofade

    Fresno State vs New Mexico...

    Huggins and Taylor are raining threes now.
  13. retrofade

    Fresno State vs New Mexico...

    Dogs up 47-43 on the strength of a 12-0 run.
  14. retrofade

    Rude Not to Respond

    But like... they consent, right?
  15. retrofade

    Rude Not to Respond

    It's just a one pump and go situation now?
  16. Why do you think he wants to execute drug dealers?
  17. From Trump's rambling "speech" yesterday... Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen... Trump is once again signalling that he wants the death penalty for drug dealers here in America as well.
  18. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/legal-issues/us-judge-finds-paul-manafort-lied-to-mueller-probe-about-contacts-with-russian-aide/2019/02/13/c5209f7a-2f2c-11e9-86ab-5d02109aeb01_story.html?utm_term=.8f641ad167f5 Manafort's defense appeared to be, "I have a bad memory" and "Gates isn't a credible witness".
  19. Forgive him, he's obsessed with Obama and Hillary.
  20. Mueller's team just filed their sentencing memo for Manafort in the case where he was found guilty...
  21. retrofade

    Roger Stone Arrested for Obstruction

    Wait... what's this? Mueller's team has records of communications between a Trump Campaign associate and both WikiLeaks and the GRU? https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/5740797/2-15-19-US-Stone-Related-Case.pdf
  22. So when should impeachment be used?