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  1. I was referring to the content, not that you posted it.
  2. That moment when the dude that created Family Guy is more aware of the idiocy in the Democratic party than the politicians.
  3. They should just send the Karens in first... they'd demand to talk to managers and then everyone else could get through unscathed.
  4. This was the best I find on short notice. I think I saw a BART-esque one back when I frequented ATS like 10+ years ago.
  5. Yep, I believe it's supposed to go between Nellis, Area 51, Dugway, the Denver Airport (as long as they're not CSU fans), and Dulce. There are probably others, but that's what I can recall.
  6. They just move it back and forth between the different bases through the underground high speed rails that interconnect between them all.
  7. Dugway? There are also some claims that the Green River launch complex may be acting in that capacity... or both.
  8. Goddamn dude, you should really stop while you're only this far behind. As you can see, mug said that not everything needs to be a Trump or politics reference. The very clear inference is that you don't need to talk shit about Trump or make things political in every thread. I get that you probably don't understand that level of nuance, but hey. I would appreciate it if you could cease the shit flinging shenanigans in this thread at least so we can get back to making fun of stupid people. Oh, wait....
  9. I can't believe I'm about to say this... but here goes. I think you may actually suffer from the mythical Trump derangement syndrome, if a simple mention of the dipshit sends you into a rage, then you might have a problem. I can't stand the dude, but I can reference him as a joke from Back to the Future about absurd things without seeing, ahem, orange and losing my shit.
  10. I did, and I even mentioned it. Not everything has to be political... we're talking about hundreds of thousands of people potentially trying to rush Area 51. There's plenty of levity in making fun of them. My mention of Trump was to reference the absurd, which this whole idea is. But you can't just laugh at something, no, when Trump is mentioned you have to REE REE REE about it and shit all over every damned thread. I bet if I said that someone played a "trump card" you'd start throwing more shit all over the place.
  11. I was making a +++++ing joke. C'mon, if I were a time traveler that visited you 10 years ago from 2019, and you asked who the President was. Would you have believed me? No, your reaction would have been like this... Which was the reference I was going for. That being said, a passing jocular mention of Trump doesn't mean that you need to make everything about politics.
  12. Dude, do you really have to fling your shit like a monkey in every damned thread?