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  1. Yep, it's December 8th this year. It has to be six days prior to the actual Electoral College vote on the 14th. So, perhaps we'll only have another two weeks of this bullshit? Maybe. But probably not. I hope that just sends him to hang out in Bedminster or Trump Tower until after Biden's Inaguration.
  2. There are plenty of other delivery methods.
  3. Yeah, I cashed in on crypto penny stock that I bought a bunch of at under $2 back during the summer. Then I turned it around on Tuesday when it was nearly $6.50. It's been a pretty lucrative year to be honest if you're hunting pennies in certain sectors and flipping them in the short term. I did take a moderate loss on a different marijuana stock earlier this year, but have hit more than I've missed lately.
  4. It's marijuana/cannabis adjacent, but I made a bunch off of IIPR about a month ago. I bought back when the market tanked in March and it was under $50/share and sold at around $150/share right after the election.
  5. You seem to be a few short there. Which, I mean, I'm sure you're used to hearing, though likely followed by, "... fries short of a happy meal", or "... tacos short of a fiesta platter". No matter though.
  6. Once again Bob, we know. You don't give a shit about anybody but yourself.
  7. Hmm. I wonder if this is actually the reason why he's trying to derail the NDAA. https://www.icij.org/inside-icij/2020/11/us-lawmakers-move-to-end-anonymous-shell-companies-in-national-defense-spending-bill/
  8. retrofade


    I mean, it's always been obvious during my life time that Conservatives believe that a woman should live to serve her husband, bear his children, do all the cooking and cleaning, and make sure his needs are well tended to. You know, the way it was in 50s-60s television. The Leave It To Beaver life. It's what all woman should truly aspire to become.
  9. Lady G and Josh "I don't actually live in Missouri despite being one of their Senators" Hawley are backing Trump. I'm shocked. Somehow, in their twisted world, the pretend anti-Conservative bias on Twitter is the true national security issue. I also love how he's claiming that "Big Tech" can't be sued for their business practices... a little over a month after the DoJ sued Alphabet for its business practices. The we have dipshit Hawley above.
  10. This is one of those times when Gaetz pretends that he's a libertarian Republican.
  11. It will die on the Turtle's desk and never see the Senate floor. The only way that it does is if the Democrats somehow pull out a miracle and win both of the Senate seats in Georgia. Also, I love how the "gubment can't tell me what to do" crowd is all about being told what to do by the government in areas like this.
  12. Oh God, I hope not. I didn't think I could have less respect for Bob than I do right now. If it comes out that he believes in the 5G conspiracies, I'll get to experience it dropping even further. It might even get to negative levels.
  13. Bob has made it very clear that he doesn't give a shit about anybody else. In Bob's world, it's all about Bob. Phuck everyone else.
  14. I hadn't heard that, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least bit either.
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