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  1. Getting two utility companies to even have a conversation is hell on earth... hell, and that goes for utility software companies as well. Source: I've worked for a utility software company as well as a utility. Then adding in the concept of sharing expenses on something? Yeah, I definitely agree that's not going to happen. The holy grail is reliable backup power in the form of batteries and other technologies, but we're simply not there yet. There are some storage facilities in the Eastern part of NC, but not nearly enough to keep the lights on for people for very long, and a lot of power gets used up with transforming the energy voltages for transport, and then transforming again before entering the house.
  2. Yeah, there was a lot going on... like Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and Putin's desire to make an example of an American breaking their laws.
  3. Don't get me wrong, we have to fight them almost every step of the way. I'm also definitely complaining either... but if they don't do all of their chores, then they have their allowance taken away. I was just trying to come up with a scenario that would likely result in larger demand.
  4. It'd technically be kWh, and not kw/hr, as the latter references kilowatts used per hour, while the former is a unit of measure. kW is another one encountered, and that refers to the demand (or work) necessary to bring enough power to your home to accomplish the appliances that you may be using at any given time. Some utility companies (more often now) charge a max demand rate, which measures your demand usage over the highest 15 minute increment that the meter experienced during that billing cycle. If you spread out your appliance usage over a longer amount of time, you're going to be putting less demand on the grid itself. An example of the above would be my kids come home from school, and they immediately turn the television on along with nearly every light we own, then they empty/load the dishwasher and start it running again. Then maybe they go upstairs and get a load of laundry going. That's a ton of demand in a very short period of time, which is going to more than likely raise people's rate due to demand. There's also other stuff such as peak usage and 15 minute increments, which aren't truly a measure of demand on the grid to get enough power to your house, but rather than kWh that you're using. A lot of utilities charge higher "demand" rates at certain times of day in order to try and bring demand down during those important hours. The initial procurement cost is an interesting question. In places like here in NC, almost all of the power comes from Duke's power plants along with the nuclear reactors that they co-own with the public power conglomerate that provides electricity to most co-ops and municipal utilities. I don't know about how things work in other states very well though.
  5. Texas is a completely other story, as they've effectively cut their grid off from the rest of the country.
  6. Having worked in the Utility Industry for a number of years, I've been yelling about this for a long time now. There are something like 7-8 strategic substations that if taken out relatively simultaneously, would cascade outages all the way from west of the Appalachians to at least the Rockies if not on into California, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, and potentially others. These two substations went down on the third... over 35k people ended up without power as a result. Most of them have gotten power restored by today, but not everyone will have power most likely until sometime tomorrow. A big part of why this takes so long is that these substations are either too old for them to keep spare parts on hand for stuff like this, when it would make more sense to develop a replacement plan. The other part is that a ton of these parts are made overseas, so it's not as easy as popping into Lowe's and getting a replacement fuse. It also looks like this type of attack is on the upswing, and not going away anytime soon.
  7. Honestly, probably doubtful. He wanted these things in order for him to feel important when he would show them off to people.
  8. I don't think anyone knows what happened to be honest.
  9. It's quite unfortunate that it happens on such a regular basis. There's a cadre of people who will go after any and everyone whose politics they disagree with, in basically every thread they can find. It's freaking tiresome, and that's coming from someone that's been running forums since 1999.
  10. I trolled him so much that he finally blocked me.
  11. Yeah… she’s got a deal with McCarthy that he’ll put her back on committees and help her get some of her batshit crazy agenda passed, as long as she backs him for Speaker.
  12. Probably more like Wednesday at this rate. Still having issues with me legs not wanting to work properly, so I'm stuck with a walker while my actual computer where I can take screenshots from is in another room... upstairs.
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