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  1. You claiming to loathe Trump while parading and celebrating most of his policy position is laughable. It's as simple as that, little one.
  2. I used to love Miracle Whip... and then I turned 10.
  3. You and I would get along just great.
  4. Pepperoni, olives, and mushrooms for me.
  5. So, we played a bunch of AHL guys and other prospects, VGK played a lot of their top guys and still felt the need to headhunt.
  6. Okay, we're good then. I tolerate mayo, but only in conjunction with mustard as a moisture vehicle in sandwiches.
  7. Joe, please don't tell me that you're a Miracle Whip guy.
  8. Wait what? There are people that think pepperoni is spicy?
  9. This is becoming the food question of our times, ranking right up there with "do beans go in chili" and "does eating avocado toast mean I can't buy a house" in terms of divisiveness. So what say you, MWCBoard? Does pineapple go on pizza, or is it an abomination?
  10. IF Trump involves us, he loses in 2020 regardless of his opponent.
  11. As I said in a different thread... he was very Trumpian in that regard.