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  1. I've contacted him to no avail. He has apparently decided to let the place die. Hosting renewal comes up pretty soon, and I wouldn't be surprised if it lapsed as well.
  2. I don't know for sure, but I can say that I searched the court systems in Idaho for his name and didn't find any criminal cases since 2022. Searching for him on Google doesn't show anything new from him since the reddit posts making fun of him for being arrested while running for Governor and for his law license being suspended last year.
  3. This would be news to me.
  4. He randomly DM'd me like seven hours ago, telling me that he wanted me to tell him that he's a "f***ing loser." I didn't, and just responded a few minutes ago asking if he needed help. He has idiosyncrasies, but if he's in trouble, I want him to get help. I've basically had no interactions with him for months, so I'm a little concerned that he would lash out like that out of nowhere. If anyone has his contact info --- I don't --- please check in on him and make sure he's okay.
  5. Swifties are pissed at Bille Eilish because they think Billie attacked T-Swift when she said she wouldn't perform her entire new album on tour because it would be a three hour concert because she wouldn't want to cut some of her other songs from it, and said that it would be "literally psychotic." Well, Taylor Swift's Eras tour is like a three hour show. Beyonce also performs on her current tour for around three hours, so their fans decided to attack Eilish because she was --- in their minds --- attacking their favorite artist(s). It's all stupid.
  6. Jeff let the certificate expire. He also hasn't been here in a month, so he probably doesn't know that there is a problem. I'm not spending more of my own money to fix it.
  7. It's largely browser dependent, and you can browse for a limited period of time after using something like "Advanced Mode" in Chrome to get here with an invalid cert.
  8. Check your spam folder I guess.
  9. Jeff has to, and he hasn't been here for a month. I've contacted him, but haven't received a response.
  10. As a heads up, our certificate is expired. Your information isn't in danger as a result, but @Jeffkills needs to re-up it with our hosting provider. I've let him know.
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2024/05/23/politics/trump-hush-money-trial-venue/index.html
  12. I'm not there, but it looks like a nice enough stadium. I just disliked how much tickets were because of the limited capacity... and, well, not having bathrooms
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