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  1. M*A*S*H Parks and Recreation Frasier The Office Big Bang Theory
  2. Let me get through this hellacious morning, and then I'll see if I can find some time this afternoon.
  3. It was quite the thing to witness. EVERYONE dunked on him, regardless of their political bent. The only other time we've seen something like that is when @roswellcoug finally went full white supremacist.
  4. Colonial Pipeline is the company whose IT infrastructure was breached and bought down by a ransomware attack. Which then led to them shutting the pipeline down temporarily, which has led to a run on gas in the SE.
  5. Why do you think he's been so pissed off over the eviction moratorium.
  6. https://www.daybook.com/jobs/jDuPoWB4gbFMpS8x5
  7. There's also a chicken wing shortage.
  8. So... you're saying that he was the Pat Hill of the MWCBoard?
  9. God, people are being such idiots with this. It's the same type of dumbasses who caused the run on toilet paper a year ago. I've got half a tank left in my car, which should last me through early next week, so I'll be waiting to fill back up again.
  10. I hit my full efficacy this week, as Monday was two weeks from Moderna shot #2.
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