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  1. Color me shocked that the majority Y'all Qaeda would be against something with the word "Arab" in it. My overall take away is just that people are stupid though, especially when you see this little gem.
  2. Impeachment doesn't require the President (or any other holder of public office) to have committed a crime.
  3. I literally agree with all of this.
  4. In light of all of the GOP led legislatures passing anti-abortion laws, I wanted to know what everyone's opinion on the morning after pill is. Is it murder, a contraceptive, or something else?
  5. and someone here tried to tell me that the Austrian ruling coalition wasn't fascist/alt-right and being influenced by Russia.
  6. The end goal for Mars at this point is to have people live there. They can build out a base, test equipment, see what works and what doesn't work, all on the moon. The moon is a 2 day trip from Earth, so resupplies, etc., aren't logistically super challenging. Then they can actually try and build out a launch mechanism from the moon to go to Mars, which could drastically reduce the Delta-V necessary to move from Earth orbit to a Mars orbit. Aside from all of that, this is all pretty much brand new technology, so testing things close to home to start with just makes the most sense.
  7. The moon is a test run for Mars.