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  1. #Release The Memo

    If there was nothing in the Fusion GPS testimony, then why did the Republicans fight so hard for so long to keep from releasing it? For the record, I do believe with you. They just need to release it and be done with it. I personally believe that if it doesn't come out soon, it's because they're saving it for if/when Mueller announces another indictment or conviction/plea deal.
  2. #Release The Memo

    I'm referring to the fact that the GOP started going on television networks and social media to promote this memo as incredibly damaging --- on the same day that those other events occurred.
  3. #Release The Memo

    Opposition research doesn't imply negative research. If you read through both of Simpson's testimony transcripts, you'll see that Fusion contracted him to simply look into Trump and various Russian connections that he may have had. Steele doesn't pay for information, he has people that he pays to then go out and gather information. From my understanding, that's a pretty standard way to gather intelligence. Furthermore, Steele was a Russian expert with MI-6, and trained in weeding out disinformation. A common prosecution tactic is to flip people for testiimony by giving them lesser sentences instead of what they technically could have charged them with. That appears to be what Mueller has done with Flynn and Papadopoulos. I'm not convinced that there was some grand conspiracy here.... but I do think the fact that Trump is imminently connection with somewhat nefarious characters related to Russian organized crime is at least suspicious. Trump also seems to simply want to be liked, and he doesn't understand it when people don't like him, which then seems to cause him to lash out at them. I think we have a collection of a number of staffers with the campaign that went and made all sorts of side deals thinking that they were smart enough to get away with them, especially since they had been able to do it in the business world. I firmly believe that the absolute worst thing that Trump could have done was run for President to begin with, and expose the lives and financial dealings of not only himself; but his family members, associates, and all sorts of other stuff. He seemed to be trying to build a name for himself in order to start his own news network ---- which is something that has been mentioned multiple times dating back to even before he officially announced his run. When it looked like his message was actually taking hold, he started to believe that he could win, and also saw this as an opportunity to attack Hillary, and by extension, Obama, who he seemed to harbor a grudge again. Towards the end of the campaign, they started to try and win the thing, but didn't actually expect to pull the win off. It turned into this perfect storm of events that led to an exceptionally unlikely presidency.
  4. #Release The Memo

    Another dog whistle that just magically "appears" right as the Fusion GPS testimony is released, and the Russia/NRA connection is written about.
  5. SDSU loses to Fresno Right After Losing to Boise

    Boise vs. Fresno MWC Tournament Championship game confirmed?
  6. Instead of suing his accusers as promised, Trump

  7. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    I'm going to go vomit now. I.... I just, I can't even.
  8. Fake News Fake Awards

    I got a kick out of the fact that the website crashed.... given all of Trump's attacks on the Obamacare website being unreliable.
  9. Amazon cuts the list to 20 HQ2 finalists

    Well, Bezos owns a home there, as well as the WaPo.
  10. Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Boston, MA Chicago, IL Columbus, OH Dallas, TX Denver, CO Indianapolis, IN Los Angeles, CA Miami, FL Montgomery County, MD Nashville, TN Newark, NJ New York City, NY Northern Virginia, VA Philadelphia, PA Pittsburgh, PA Raleigh, NC Toronto, ON Washington D.C. https://www.cnet.com/news/amazon-hq2-list-is-officially-down-to-these-20-cities/ Only one location on the west coast, three in the DC area, and one from Canada.
  11. Jeff Flake speech regarding Trump

    Wow. Much respect for Flake. That was an amazing speech.
  12. So Much For The 25th Amendment

    The last time I checked, 6'2", 239 (lol) lbs, isn't "healthy".
  13. Bannon Subpoenaed by Mueller

    That last sentence is key.... it could very well be Mueller telling Bannon that he's not coming after him, so just cooperate.
  14. New California?

    So where do you put the capital? San Diego, Fresno, Anaheim..... Oh, and then can we split SDSU and Fresno off from the CSU system and make us UNC San Diego and UNC Fresno? Pac-12 invitation coming for the two new flagship schools!