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  1. Really now, Dotard? It's mind boggling that people still believe his bullshit.
  2. Trump Cons Attack Olympic Athletes On Twitter

    I love how the Trumper excuse for their hero being a dipshit is this made-up "Trump Derangement Syndrome" shit.
  3. Trump Cons Attack Olympic Athletes On Twitter

    You can't be patriotic and criticize the President.... well, unless the President is Obama, because then you're not patriotic if you don't criticize him. Get with the program.
  4. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    Eh, we just landed the highest rated recruit in the conference, completely out of nowhere. It's worthy of being on the main forum.
  5. Late addition for Fresno State....

    Holy shitballs.
  6. That's been the most concerning part of this to me from the beginning.... especially now that multiple agencies have stated the interference was legitimate, and nobody is willing to do anything to try and protect our elections this year.
  7. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-indictment/u-s-grand-jury-indicts-13-russian-nationals-three-entities-in-alleged-election-meddling-idUSKCN1G022U?il=0
  8. Dude.... you know you're out in left field when this douchenozzle is agreeing with you.
  9. Stay current on the

    I agree with you that the reports of 18 shootings are overblown and not entirely accurate. That being said, it still means that we've had around 10 school shootings since the start of 2018. There's something wrong there.
  10. You're being belligerently obtuse, and you know it.
  11. You do realize that you're comparing apples and oranges, right? This is the problem with attempting to engage in an intelligent discussion regarding gun violence in the US --- both sides end up implying that the other wants ridiculous extremes and no solution can ever be even discussed.
  12. Dude... you've completely jumped the shark on this.
  13. Stay current on the

    Rifles make up the overwhelming amount of mass shootings though.