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  1. Got it updated early this week. As always, let me know if you see problems.
  2. Don’t say that on the BB. Can’t be unhappy with any element of the game without getting crap for it.
  3. He’s playing like a moron tonight. And again, another FG attempt because of it.
  4. Our o line is still complete garbage. Something like four years in a row.
  5. That was a high hit. Where was the targeting.
  6. Yeah. Suck it after that bullshit call.
  7. Why can’t he roll off the field? Why does it result in a stoppage? Stupid shit.
  8. I guess. This is the ASU game again. Our fans are going to make endless excuses about this as well. No offense to you guys, but we should be up by at least another 14 at this point.
  9. Why did we bring Baxter back? Our “special” teams are pathetic.
  10. Our play calling on offense isn’t.
  11. It’d be nice if our offense could get their shit together.
  12. Yeah, there's not actually a comparison between the two. It's telling just how desperate and reaching you are with this nonsense. The left wasn't "obsessed" with Stormy Daniels. The left wasn't holding congressional hearings and trying to impeach Donald Trump because of Stormy Daniels. I know you're not a "true" MAGA, but you're doing a great job carrying their water for them.
  13. Sorry all, failed again this week. Computer took a crap and then I was sick basically all week long.
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