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  1. I mean, if you had an opinion that disagreed with that stance, then you'd obviously just be an ignorant racist moron.
  2. It turns out that the American Airlines planes have a system in place that would essentially discover the issue before the plane would ever take off, so they'd know to head back to the terminal.
  3. Just let Tools decide who is and isn't allowed to vote. It seems like the most logical solution.
  4. Apparently the hardcore alt-right fascists in Italy are the most fervent anti-vaxxers in Italy. Whatever their political persuasions, they're +++++ing idiots.
  5. Damn... two years in, and we're sending five guys to compete for national championships.
  6. Tools probably believes that nobody should be allowed to vote unless they agree with his politics.
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/italy-vaccination-chickenpox-anti-vax-massimiliano-fedriga-salvini-a8829926.html Lega is Italy's alt-right/fascist political party.
  8. https://thehill.com/policy/defense/434802-federal-judge-says-hold-on-trumps-transgender-military-policy-remains
  9. I'm looking forward to our upcoming Twitch/Facebook/Twitter deal, making each school a shiny quarter every year.
  10. They technically do... but Wilson is a nevertrumper and Nunes is a Trump surrogate/sycophant.
  11. I HOPE that he tries to include Rick Wilson in his lawsuit... because holy +++++ would that be amazing.