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  1. retrofade

    Convince Me

    My guess is that he added up the quarterly numbers to get his absurd claim of 10%.
  2. I didn't mean to insinuate that you had a beef with it. I was just saying that I think it's a good move because it's a good move.
  3. It's a good move because it's a good move. I mentioned the other countries to show that we're not the only ones doing it.
  4. retrofade

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    Well... Pelosi isn't standing down.
  5. Good move... Canada, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Costa Rica have all recognized him as well.
  6. retrofade

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    I definitely agree... but it's why I used the language I did. If he does go through with what he's saying, without anything else changing, then his actions would be usurping Constitutional authority from a co-equal branch of government. That's placing the Executive above the other two branches of Government. It would almost literally be a crossing the Rubicon moment.
  7. retrofade

    Problems at Covington High

    Check out Mug's post right above yours. It's blackface.
  8. retrofade

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    What if he attempts to force his way onto the floor of the House and tries to give a speech? At that point, he is actively imposing his will on a co-equal branch of government in violation of the law.
  9. retrofade

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    Yes, it was hyperbole on my part... but what would you call it if he really does demand to address Congress from the floor of the House as he suggests he'll do.
  10. retrofade

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    So... Trump is threatening to overthrow a co-equal branch of government next week. A few things to note here... as I've said a number of times, Trump cannot give a State of the Union address without a Joint Session of Congress having been called. A Joint Session of Congress cannot be called without both the House and the Senate having passed Concurrent Resolutions... neither of them have as of now. Additionally, while Trump has the right to be on the floor of the House, he cannot give a speech on the floor without the permission of the Speaker of the House. Additionally, the Speaker of the House has control over the cameras in the chamber as well. Here are the possibilities in my mind... Trump caves and agrees to reopen the government without the $5.7B in wall funding and Concurrent Resolutions are passed for a Joint Session. Pelosi caves and passes a Concurrent Resolution with the Senate for a Joint Session. Trump submits a written report to Congress, and then gives an address from the Senate floor with McConnell's permission or from the Oval Office and calls it the State of the Union anyway.
  11. retrofade

    People with dementia can be fun

    Haha, seriously. I used to post on the old Art Bell forums --- which was one of the places that Titor showed up --- and then browsed Above Top Secret a ton for a while as well. Then over the last few years, that brand of crazy has morphed into what we see today with QAnon, birtherism, Pizzagate, Seth Rich, etc. I miss the days when I could just go onto a conspiracy website and read about aliens, Area 51, and Dulce Base without being subjected to crazy alt-right nutcase propaganda and insanity. Alas, those days are gone.
  12. retrofade

    People with dementia can be fun

    Oh man, good old John Titor. That was some good stuff.