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  1. That has to be one of the most unsatisfactory shutouts ever.
  2. Haener has regressed so badly.
  3. Haener is freaking stupid for letting that happen.
  4. How the hell do we have a delay of game off of a damned freaking timeout? That's freaking ridiculously stupid!
  5. Early says fvck your bullshit PI call, I'll just intercept it on the next play.
  6. Gotta love how the Fox announcers were practically begging for a flag on third down.
  7. Please don't bring a backup QB in. Please please please please please.
  8. Thank God our guys know how to be ball hawks.
  9. Haener is no Carr at calling plays at the LOS.
  10. Another holding call on Bull. That never ever ever ever happens.
  11. No, I get a drive time to go to a game. I'm just wondering if you're just in a truck watching a game? Are you a truck driver?
  12. Our guys got cocky and decided they were better than everyone.
  13. Don't underestimate our defense against a QB that can run.
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