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  1. The talking points from the BB cult are that I'm madly in love with Beto and he's my boyfriend.
  2. To be fair, Paul Walker was the passenger in the crash that killed him.
  3. Journalism is just the same today as it was back then. Hell, some of the same journalists involved with breaking Watergate are still active today. You're a joke.
  4. I read the other two simply to see the extreme talking points of any given issue. I do also look at Newsmax, which is just as painful as OAN, so I just kinda cycle them back and forth. I do agree that the Faux news division is decent enough, just like the WSJ news division is good.
  5. Oh now the "DA" is out to get Trump. You'll ascribe everything you can to bias in order to fit your own beliefs. You're among the most pathetic believers among the already pathetic.
  6. I read news from every angle... I even debase myself by reading Faux, Brietbart, and OAN. Fvck off with your idiocy, little man.
  7. No, just admit that you don't like the reporting when it goes against what you want to believe. You're a diehard Trumper, you have been since day one, and you will be until the day he finally dies.
  8. Well, that's because the law in question is with Griner a Russian one.....
  9. Well, I mean he could still technically run from prison, win, and then pardon himself of any federal crimes.
  10. That's how I took it.... "What a nice country you've got there, it'd sure be a shame if someone set it on fire..."
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