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  1. Here's their idiotic lawsuit. https://www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/College-Football.pdf
  2. They can go +++++ themselves if they were looking for more than that.
  3. Thanks for doing that. I was about to search for it, but PACER appears to be down right now.
  4. Sorry that I'm delayed in responding. You're a dumb+++++. kthxbye!
  5. HOLY CRAP! IT'S CROSSOVER TIME! That's Depa Billaba and Kanan/Caleb at 0:25 into the trailer! Now I hope that they found a way to put Cal Kestis into the show as well.
  6. I'm just glad that Rex was able to remove his inhibitor chip so he didn't take part in the slaughter of the Jedi. Watching Cody order his troops to kill Obi-Wan was horrible.
  7. I’m so freaking excited for this last season. There’s also some rumors of a Rebels spin-off with TCW animation style following Sabine and Ashoka setting out to find Ezra.
  8. The House asked for those things during their investigation, and the White House stonewalled.
  9. I'm just shocked that Moscow Mitch is trying to end this thing as fast as he can....
  10. Yet another example of how the House +++++ed the +++++ up by not naming Amash as an Impeachment Manager,
  11. I mean, I generally agree with you on stuff... but look through Sekulow's CV......... there isn't a lot else to mention.
  12. I received a phone call from my mom at about 9:40am this morning... which was 6:40am back in California. I knew that something was wrong, because she never calls me that early. She told me that my grandma died last night, and was found by her sister who was staying with her this week. She was 85 and had lost her husband over the summer, but was otherwise in relatively good health. I then had to call my son and his mom (who was close with my grandma) to tell them what happened. What happened afterward was something that no amount of parental "training" ever prepared me for.... talking to your child about death. His mom called out from work and called him out of school today, so he's been texting me asking about death, what happens when people die, and everything associated with death. My step-daughter is home sick today and has been asking very similar questions all morning long. It has been a really difficult day, and it isn't even noon yet. How have y'all dealt with these types of situations?
  13. Oh, also... my new favorite Star Wars droid is BD-1. Sorry Artoo and Chopper.