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  1. There's no point with him. You can't fix stupid.
  2. Halfway through the day, we've already hit a new high mark for deaths reported in a day at 1,530.
  3. Shocker... another Trump underling falls on his sword after handling the dirty work. On the bright side, at least he's gone.
  4. And now he's ousted the IG who was supposed to be overseeing the stimus distributions. How the +++++ do so many people still support this corrupt mother+++++er?
  5. Attack, attack, distort, lie, attack some more, and take no responsibility. The Trump way.
  6. I don't listen to Howard Stern because I don't listen to Howard Stern. He's trash. I don't see why we should give a flying +++++ about either Howard Stern or Tom Brady.
  7. I actually responded with facts on how these things work. I highly recommend that you check out that statistics course I linked to you yesterday. You might learn a little bit instead of continuing to remain willfully ignorant.
  8. It's called a cult.
  9. It says a lot about the veracity of your arguments when you have to resort to petulant personal attacks about the physical appearance of somebody that you've never actually met. Go back to listening to Rush, I'm sure he'll fill you with some more hate towards others to make you feel better about yourself. @TheSanDiegan, do you want to take the rest of this one? I almost feel bad for beating the shit out of him so much. Plus, you're the actual mathematician around here.
  10. tHe MoDeLs WeRe LiBeRaL pLoTs To DaMaGe TrUmP! - bOb
  11. Hospitals in Sweden have largely stopped using Hydroxychloroquine because of the negative side effects that their patients have been experiencing as compared to its effectiveness.