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  1. He’s setting up for a career of punditry and lobbying. Still, now that Musselman is out I’d vote for a ham sandwich if the libertarians ran it so long as it wasn’t Gary Johnson.
  2. Lol in what way are the Palestinians any more pragmatic than in the past? Are they launching less rockets? Sending less money to terrorists? Sorry bud, they’re religious right wing fundamentalists too. And some religious right wing fundamentalists are different so much that a difference in degree is actually a difference in kind. Those rockets don’t go off by themselves. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2018/05/02/world/middleeast/palestinians-abbas-israel-jews.amp.html May 2, 2018 RAMALLAH, West Bank — The Palestinian leader’s long, rambling speech was laced with deeply anti-Semitic tropes, including that the Jews of Europe brought persecution and the Holocaust upon themselves because of usury, banking and their “social function.” Israel, he said, grew out of a European colonial project that had nothing to do with Jewish history or aspirations. And citing a widely discredited book from the 1970s by Arthur Koestler called “The Thirteenth Tribe,” he posited that Ashkenazi Jews were descended not from the biblical Israelites but from the Khazars, a Turkic people who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. Opening a rare gathering of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s legislative body in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Monday night, Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of the group and the president of the Western-backed Palestinian Authority, also declared that he wanted the Palestinians to live in peace in an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel. But instead of stirring international sympathy for his cause, he stirred outrage. The furor following his speech underscored what many critics view as the increasing irrelevance of Mr. Abbas, now in his 80s, the bankruptcy of the organization he leads, and the chasm between his stated goal and any imminent prospect of the Palestinians achieving it.
  3. Exterminate? Easy there SactownConvert, not everybody you disagree with has to be Nazi’s. Like damn man, if you want to ascribe the Jews the negative intention their enemies have literally expressed, at least pick a conspiracy theory that fits in with the rest of the anti-semetic ones. They can’t control the media, and the Illuminati, and the weather, and also be completely inept at genocide.
  4. Yeah, that’s not what’s happening. What’s happening is instead of these pro-BDS reps being disavowed by their own party for their tactics and rhetoric which as has been the bipartisan stance, the two have been put front and center and the Democrats are rallying around them. Bibi turned it into a partisan issue, putting the interests of Israel at the whims of the next election. Who cares what the toothless world is gonna think if they lose one of the two major parties in the country that matters most to them?
  5. Right now the Democrats are rallying around them. I could see how that might be a good strategy for Trump. But no way is it good for Netanyahu. Had they come and did their thing instead of being barred, the rest of the Democrats would have distanced themselves from them. Now he’s got one of the two major parties closing ranks against his interests. Bigly dumb move.
  6. Exactly. He could have shone a light on what these two bumbling idiots actually believe by inviting them to meet with pro-Israeli factions. Make them make the decision to either visit the Holocaust remembrances and meet with pro-Israeli groups as well and risk alienating the pro-Palestinian groups they support, or else snub them and risk coming off as exactly the anti-Semites they’re critics paint them to be.
  7. Because they are they are Congresswomen of their most powerful and vital ally. Because they are supposedly our most important ally in the region not because they work well with us in intelligence gathering, but because they are supposedly unique in sharing the values of western civilization. If they’re simply going to act like any other tin horn, repressive regime like all the others, why the hell should we look at them as anything other than a transactional relationship like all our other “allies” in the region? Jesus man, they had a golden opportunity to let two idiots, Omar especially, come and show our country and the world their antisemitism. Instead they look just like any other regime in the Middle East, using their authority to silence critics not because those critics are liars, but because they fear what they say rings true.
  8. Only 2 of the 6 have been one term presidents as well. We can all correlate dumb things to extremely complex issues.
  9. This dude ain’t dead. He had cameras and recording devices all over pedophile island. He’s got copies distributed all over. He’s the one in the Cayman’s, these idiot guards and warden are the just the fall guys.
  10. They should have been let in but Bibi is an idiot. Invite them to Holocaust memorial.
  11. Damn that last line. I was just coming here to make a joke about how everybody made jokes about Seward’s idea too, only to find out WE’RE STILL LAUGHING AT AN IDEA OF HIS.
  12. Look for someone from the rust belt states. Just a quick perusal of the senators doesn’t leave a lot of flashy names, but this is chess not checkers. Deliver the battleground with a name people know and have reliably voted for. Abrams is a nobody who knows nothing.
  13. King is all but done. Good riddance. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/homenews/campaign/439083-steve-kings-campaign-spent-more-than-it-raised-last-quarter%3famp Rep. Steve King's (R-Iowa) campaign operated in a deficit last quarter, spending about $8,000 more than the amount it took in. King's campaign took in just $61,666.52 during the first quarter of 2019, including $4,000 from PACs and the remainder from individual donors. His expenditures, meanwhile, topped $69,501.68 for the quarter, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings. A request for comment to King's reelection campaign was not immediately returned. According to his FEC filings, King's campaign has just over $26,000 cash on hand following the Iowa congressman's close reelection battle last November against Democrat J.D. Scholten, who came within single digits of ousting King. The nine-term lawmaker could face another heated battle for reelection in 2020, as Iowa state Sen. Randy Feenstra (R) announced in January that he would mount a primary campaign against the controversial congressman. King has faced criticism from members of both parties over remarks he made about white supremacy. Feenstra's bid to unseat King raised more than $100,000 in its first 10 days, and has raised a total of $260,442 so far, more than four times the amount raised by the sitting incumbent.
  14. Well...if our prison system wasn’t a nightmare of colossal traumatic hellholes ruled by gangs and a code of violence, we could stand a few more prisoners. The fact that only 1 out of 100 Americans is in prison is statistically laughable when you consider the number of people out of 100 you know that would steal from you or do harm.
  15. As per usual, your joke is a dud. Go learn the casino business Convert.
  16. Yeesh. I’ve used Fredo as an insult for as long as I can remember after watching those movies.