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  1. There is saving 500k and then there is why the hell would anyone spend a dime to come watch this program.
  2. It was an illusion. You’ve both seen your teams play a half from hell. That was Texas State in the first half. We were lucky to have that lead.
  3. Sure Destiny’s hooker sister, we’ll give you a ride. Would you like a smoke?
  4. Destiny’s hooker sister is walking down the street…
  5. Whoever is running the graphics for ESPN+ is completely drunk.
  6. Woooo! Pick 6 10-0. We were getting carved up before that.
  7. I’m not a Republican. So ask them. And there’s a lot of things you don’t know which one hopes the former hendo pimp turned supposed intellectual would be humbled by, but maybe it’s threatening.
  8. I think you’ll live, unless you take the term literally. But your bulb is not very bright so I wish you the best.
  9. The thing is you do give a shit. You do this little schtick every time. Don’t engage with me if you’re going to try to slam the door dramatically by proclaiming you don’t care like a teenager. It’s false. Debase yourself defending a mongoloid whose stoke didn’t make his politics any less dumb all you want. Just don’t talk to me about it if your really don’t care. But you do, you really do.
  10. Sand is course and it is rough and irritating. And it does get everywhere, though.
  11. Wilson better have are guys looking like this
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