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  1. It is thought that the moon was created by an enormous collision. For billions of years the most interesting that ever happened was when another cold, lifeless object happened through gravity and the chance of existence, crashed into it. And then one day, in all those billions of years, someone showed up. They left, but others returned temporarily. Existence happened to the moon and its existence in turn facilitated the creation of beings to recognize its existence. It fulfilled its own purpose. It was no longer a cold, dead thing doomed to orbit its progenitor without ever touching it again. Joe Burrow is god.
  2. Out of this eclectic group of posters we’ve gotta have some experts. I want MOAR of whatever sounds like this.
  3. Nobody on that defense team comes off well in that book but Shapiro is clearly the worst. Once others took his spotlight he seethed.
  4. The man who wrote the OJ book that inspired the awesome tv show doesn’t deserve to be flogged in public like this.
  5. Enjoy your jokes. You won’t have Toobin to jerk around anymore.
  6. Treating ringworm is a new one. Not sure it makes the PED excuse Rushmore but it’s a good one.
  7. I might have to rewatch this movie. I didn’t think it was good but reality is insane.
  8. Memories of being excited followed by Ryan Moats steamrolling us in week 1 have me on guard. Complete rebuilds suck.
  9. The last major politician to be accused of these crimes. If he’s convicted, Clinton will be the last.
  10. Not far in, but this is a very cool premise for a show.
  11. Codes are definitely obsolete. They’re probably obsolete daily. It just makes for good jokes.
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