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  1. I’d love to hear your critiques of the line of questioning while you’re at it. You seem to be presupposing an honest and fair process, which not even the people who wanted him shot down for “belligerence” admit wasn’t a reality.
  2. I love the sanctimony given to the Supreme Court Justices, as if they are supposed to be hallowed angels but it doesn’t matter that Kavanaugh already held a lifetime appointment to a court that is almost every bit as important. Yet shading the truth only matters when it’s convenient for you, and by the people it’s convenient to you to overlook. It seemingly makes no difference to you that the processes judge, jury, and supposed investigators, were trotting out outright monstrous fabrications. But because in that environment a man might have downplayed drinking to excess in his teens and early twenties, that itself is disqualifying. Very telling.
  3. He’s supposed to be a dispassionate arbiter when he is in the role of a judge. He was not in the role of a judge. He was in the role of a person accused of heinous acts. No sensible person could deny that’s what the entire hearing was about. Perhaps you think a judge, when not acting in the role of arbiter, should never mount a defense for themselves. I’d say that’s a shame for anyone think, but it’s your own biases, not mine, that have led you there.
  4. Lindsey Graham sucks but he nailed it. And everybody watching knew it.
  5. 1. There were no corroborative witnesses. Not one. 2. The Dems didn’t call for any witnesses because it was their strategy to hold up the confirmation from the outset. Everyone could see it because almost to a person they all literally said so from the outset. 3. The entire charade rested on the call for the FBI, and not the Judiciary Dems whose job it was, to perform the investigation. That same FBI led by Christopher Wray. How you have followed this as closely as you have, are familiar with the facts, and are still maintaining like there is any there there is truly mystifying.
  6. Maybe they don’t trust us to have their back and are worried it could go very badly for them.
  7. This is rich. Which policies, please be specific. Because if mocking the spastic response he engenders is celebrating then I guess I’m guilty, I don’t think more crazy and stupid is an appropriate response to crazy and stupid. In any case, the part of the comment you highlighted speaks solely to character, and I guarantee you won’t find a single utterance of mine praising Trump’s character, even when the dirtbag stumbles into doing something benevolent. So pull up, put up, or shut up. Because we both know it’s not me that’s completely changed who they are and what they believe as a knee jerk reaction.
  8. If you got something to say @retrofade I’d love to hear it.
  9. I don’t think she’s moderate, I think she is solidly left of center. It’s just a reflection of how the Overton window has shifted that ideas that used to be rejected as idiotic lunacy like gun confiscation, denying private health insurance, giving away a college education on the backs of taxpayers etc... have become normalized. Like you I respect her for all the reasons I loathe Trump. She displays good character. She refuses to play in the mud even if it could advantage her and dirty up her opponent. She’s also someone that can work reasonably with others and trade horses to gain a compromise. We don’t have enough of that. I disagree with her on many things, but if only there were more like her, and fewer like Trump and his ilk in my side of the spectrum, people wouldn’t have such a bleak outlook on the country, where it’s been and where it’s headed.
  10. Oh, forgot about that element. We’re good and screwed if this is what passes for journalism at the Gray Lady.
  11. She’s the candidate least well served by the large field in the debates. Nothing flashy about her and she can’t even fake it. Probably not gonna make it far once the field continues to get culled. Oh well, we need good senators too.
  12. Beto sold his career down the river for a percentage point bump or two in a democratic primary. Enjoy being the mayor of Austin, if you can swing it you paper thin jabroni, because you’re done as a statewide politician in Texas.
  13. They almost defeated him. I don’t think it was a botch from a political perspective, there just was no there there. All it would have took was one shred of corroborating evidence to sink him. Unfortunately for them the plan backfired as the shamelessness of their actions became too apparent, because even if you want the smoke to kill your enemies, you can’t control a firestorm once you set it.