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  1. I remember George III and when they burned the White House. In 2040 when President Markle says Harry wants to press his rightful claim, it’s payback time bitches.
  2. Chiefs down 10 still -140. Vegas really believes.
  3. I’ll never trust him, but he delivered there.
  4. Oof Tannehill. He’s the turd in the punch bowl.
  5. Even though Mahomes is the most fun player to watch in the league I gotta admit, I want the Titans old school brutal running philosophy to prevail.
  6. The game was all those things and the Aztecs, of course, ended up being winning by 13. Vegas has warlocks setting these lines, I swear.
  7. He’s still calling Hymes Williams.
  8. Don’t expect much but we’re hanging in after 10 minutes.
  9. The only downside is we already know the series finale ends with Elizabeth ordering the death of Jeffrey Epstein. It is really well done though.
  10. There must be some value in the cultural first family not being the same as the family at the head of government. It’s not like anyone cares about Boris Johnson or Theresa May’s family. Nor should they, it doesn’t have anything to do with their job. Thats the best argument I can make for the crown without tarring and feathering myself.
  11. There wasn’t time to criticize it, the 100 yard march in 98 didn’t take a month.