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  1. You’re mixing them up! Tilting at windmills with eternal optimism requires a punch in the balls!
  2. If she’s still gonna do floor, she’s not pulling out. Maybe having a new golden girl eased the pressure off her. She did not look thrilled watching the all around. Biles doesn’t want the last thing people remember of her Olympic career to be her walking out.
  3. I don’t think anybody knows for certain at this point. That might take years of study. I’ve seen this theory in a couple of places. Seems as good a guess to me as any. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/13012550 So what's going on with kids and COVID-19? The short answer is: we don't exactly know yet. But there are likely loads of elements that contribute to a youngster's relative fortitude against COVID-19 infection and transmission, said Marc Pellegrini, an infectious diseases researcher at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. There is some evidence
  4. I will convince him. @Bob. Bob my man. Bobby. What’s happening? Anytime you want to talk about the vaccine, I’m here for it. I’ll never be for the gubmint mandating it. I’ll never be for vaccine passports or punitive measures against free Americans for making their own choice. I won’t be a pain in the ass to any store that requires a mask, but that part of my life is over unless something drastically changes. I’m done with it. You’re right, the CDC and the public health officials have lied and botched this beyond repair. I don’t trust them either because they’re just making it up. I’m on
  5. Some outbreaks were worse than others. That goes for cholera, scarlet fever, typhus, yellow fever...the list goes on. The point being that a 30% mortality rate instead of a 60% mortality rate, doesn’t move the needle when talking about a disease with a 2.5% mortality rate at its worst without treatments. We don’t live in a country where any of those numbers are comparable to the present anymore. It’s not March 2020 anymore. As our situation has changed, our thinking must change. The vaccines are safe and they work. Hammer that and nothing else.
  6. You amuse me often. I love your science postings. I like your humor. I like your old Clinton pragmatist ways that don’t bend. But you’re not helpful here. And I think we can get Bob vaccinated. So if that’s one fewer vector for death and serious illness, how many people can that reach? But you can’t do it pointing out regular people at their last extremity of life with a chuckle. It doesn’t work. It seems like we’re the unreasonable ones.
  7. Ok, give me the numbers and factor those things in. Abstract statements about other potential problems don’t do anything. The hospitals were never overrun on a wide scale when we didn’t have a vaccine, and the hospitalization numbers are greatly reduced now that we do. You cannot scare monger, now that things are getting better, people who weren’t that scared to begin with. They see those numbers too. Hammer the point. The vaccines work. Get it. +++++ the masks. Go live your lives. That’s all anybody should have been saying for months now.
  8. There are 8 billion people in this world. It might take a decade to provide vaccines to all who want them, if they’re given the choice. That’s why the pandemic will be with us for years. The delta variant didn’t come from Marjorie Taylor Greene’s stupid head. If you want more people to get vaccinated, stop talking about it. Because you suck at persuading anyone and are being actively unhelpful. You, personally, are making things worse for giggles on the mwboard. At least bob only makes himself look bad.
  9. It won’t. So spare us the sad about his kids. You’re not helping.
  10. Not being politically correct is fine. Being politically stupid is not. Pointing at some poor guy and his suffering family is politically stupid. It comes off as craven, wicked. It’s not that the unvaccinated can’t do math and look at the data, it’s that they can and do. They’re not stupid. They just weigh the risks differently. Smallpox had a mortality rate in outbreaks around .6 a few hundred years ago. When Covid got here novelly last March, without any known effective treatments, it’s mortality rate was around .025. The mortality rate for the flu in a given year is .001. The mortality
  11. Peace be on him on his. +++++ the ghoulish reporter that couldn’t wait to find some rando who died to make an example of him. Lying in wait to highlight a man’s death doesn’t do anything to convince anyone to get the shot. It just makes those who want people to choose to protect themselves look like assholes.
  12. 325 out of 4 million cases = .00008. The children are not going to die is right.
  13. Hell yeah, doping in swimming drama. This is my jam.
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