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  1. Any wolf pack fans out there got photoshop skills wanna help me out?
  2. His use of timeouts, or again lack thereof, it’s perplexing as well. I’ve enjoyed every minute of him though.
  3. You’re right. I haven’t been MW boarding enough lately
  4. No my friend. Its HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!
  5. Enjoy the offseason Boise. You’re my boy @halfmanhalfbronco!
  6. I love these Martin brothers to death and Jordan Caroline does nothing wrong.
  7. Tax seasons over. What could you possibly have to do?
  8. So many 2007 flashbacks. Everything after that SDSU road game has been unsettling
  9. Dear Ian, +++++ you. I was just thinking about that game. I had tickets to to the title game and had to watch Reggie’s bunch cut down the nets.
  10. Well I’ll applaud in 2035 when they finally stand up to anti-semitism. It’ll only be the 103rd anniversary of the enabling act. Until then, the party and it’s leadership deserve all the criticism they get for pretending to be the party of inclusivity but standing by a new star when she’s all “inclusivity but +++++ them greedy Jews.”
  11. Champs do what they want and Jordan Caroline does nothing wrong. Villains love your tears.
  12. King was censured, removed from all committees, and has been called to be primaried by leadership. Not what’s happening here.