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  1. Only been watching for 5 minutes, but already seen three good runs. Are we actually this fancy or is El Salvador overmatched?
  2. I think I’m over the worst of it but I couldn’t get in to get tested until this morning. Me and the kids right now:
  3. If that’s the case I’m gonna milk it so I can watch the in peace and quiet.
  4. If it comes with a new U2 album already downloaded into my brain I’m going full Q.
  5. Feel pretty foggy, but so far it’s nothing unlike a sinus infection/headache
  6. Looks like my my time has come. I have commenced a heavy regimen of horse tranquilizers. If my takes seem unusually strange in the next few days, just remember I was a pretty weird guy before Covid brain.
  7. It’s still an enormous problem for our allies. The refugee crisis alone will be paradigm shifting.
  8. Except that more than a few of them are military allies. We turn our back on NATO allies, we lose all credibility. We turn a blind eye to Ukraine, and it will soon come down to defending our allies. There’s no walking away from the table on this one.
  9. Russia could subdue all these old ex-Soviet countries easily if the US does nothing. Ukraine is really only a separate nation because the west props it up financially and militarily. It’s not a state that stands up on its own.
  10. Old blood and guts saw it differently. That’s partly why we’re doves and he’s old blood and guts.
  11. Hell, we were their supply lines. Good luck keeping those armor divisions up and running with the desolated region of the Eastern Front as your base and no support from the USA. Americans didn’t want to turn on a war ally, even if in hindsight it could’ve worked. They wanted to go home. They earned a peace.
  12. They did. Taylor tried to tin cup the game into the water repeatedly at the end but they still pulled it out. After watching the 13 seconds game...he might have been right. Mahomes is a wizard.
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