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  1. Hang in there man. I’m not much of an animal person but I know that dogs are good friends. It’s hard to lose a good friend.
  2. I don’t know what you’re trying to say here but yes. Yes.
  3. *Wife that has been subjected to this garbage for hours Finally!
  4. Whatever the opposite of the Louvre is, this needs to be there.
  5. Now watch them trade touchdowns for 8 OT’s.
  6. This game is an argument in favor of soccer.
  7. Agree that winning those Georgia seats was a poisoned apple. I need to dig through the Rona thread because I remember when things hit the fan in March you and I had a dark outlook. Now luckily the worldwide depression and open conflict has not come to pass yet. But we were pretty spot on about this was going to be, and will continue to be. Biden’s biggest problem is that he is Joe Biden. He was the least bad option. It’s easy to forget because 2019 is 2 centuries ago, but we all made fun of this guy the entire campaign. Of course he is struggling. But hey, even though
  8. I don’t know anything about the gear. @RogueStout or @Posturedoc would have a better answer.
  9. (Tour route released with a real time trial, cobblestones, and the Alpe)
  10. I agree. And it’s what makes Better Call Saul so great. They took the same canvas and palette, and created a different masterpiece. It’s not as grand in ambition. Still, it feels like Breaking Bad while also being its own thing. On the other hand the Pinkman movie, The Saints of Newark, the Deadwood movie...they’re enjoyable in their own way. But they do feel just like fan service.
  11. Damn. I got excited for a second but just as I feared the thread is about exercise equipment.
  12. It will spoil some enormous moments in the show, but the real reason you should watch it is because it’s awesome.
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