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  1. Look man, I like Reagan a lot. But he was off the scene 32 years ago. 32 years before that we were deep in Eisenhower who only ran to oppose the Soviets. 32 years before that we’re in Coolidge territory. The only tangible experience many people have with Reagan is in the new Call of Duty where he asks you to commit war crimes to protect the American idea. And from everything I’ve heard, it’s awesome. People love fake killing commies in the name of freedom and democracy. Yes, Trump is an absolute scumbag that makes everyone a bit dumber. I mostly gave up trying to persuade his supporters o
  2. This Mother Jones guy from the top rope!
  3. Lol. That’s only when a Democrat is President
  4. Set aside Trump’s terrible character, because that’s the real elephant dung in the room. What is it that Trump did that is not conservative? Federalist Society judges that are McConnell’s work. Paul Ryan’s tax cuts. Trade is pretty much the only area where he deviated from the pre-Trump orthodoxy. Maybe Kim Kardashian’s criminal justice reform, but reformicons were trying, and failing, to argue for that kind of stuff back in the 2000’s. It’s the detestable clown show stuff that warped the GOP, not policy.
  5. The President threw a Twitter fit and got laughed out of court over and over. There was no night of the long knives. Trump militias did not seize federal armories. Trump supporters did not burn down American cities. We had an election, the President cried like Nancy Kerrigan, the end.
  6. But not all of them debased themselves to join the resistance no matter how ridiculous it got. There are a lot of people that got flack in the crossfire from both sides for criticizing Trump and the GOP while still not abandoning conservatism to do it.
  7. There are a lot of things written on the right that I find stupid. Writers that I like often write things I think are dumb. That’s not what Frum, Kristol, Sykes etc...did these past four years.
  8. I don’t have a problem with neocons, other than my pre-Trump skepticism in general. I do have a problem with neocons that stopped believing things they used to based on whatever position Trump took on an issue. Goldberg, French, Will; still cool. Frum, Boot, lmfao Rubin and their ilk can rot.
  9. There are plenty of jackasses on the right. Frum is of that special class of jackasses that is no longer on the right, but wants to present himself like he is so that people will keep swallowing garbage like this. Against those arguments is this fact: We are facing very possibly the worst scandal in the history of the U.S. government. Previous high-profile cases of disloyalty to the United States—Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s betrayal of atomic secrets to the U.S.S.R.; Secretary of War John B. Floyd’s allowing federal arsenals to fall into secessionist hands in 1861—did not involve preside
  10. No, it wasn’t. And no, it’s not. Frum vocally peddled Russian collision as if it were true for three years, then as the Mueller Report blew up in his face shifted the goalposts. Now he wants to pretend like he saved the country or something when it wasn’t ever in danger, after gaslighting and enjoying the plaudits of group think once again. That guy can piss off.
  11. Sorry David, you don’t get to be a jackass for four years acting like a fourth reich is imminent and get taken seriously on the right anymore. Enjoy your new buddies on the left. Hopefully for you they memory hole all that axis of evil stuff
  12. Only the parts where Obama tries to lecture cocaine Mitch about not knowing what is really good for him and Mitch stopping him cold saying “I think you’re under the mistaken impression that I care.”
  13. “Sir, you can continue acting like a baby, just let us start the transition.” ”No.” ”Sir, if something bad happens they’re gonna blame you.” ”Blame me? Do whatever you gotta do then.”
  14. You’re gonna ruin your wholesome thread with this talk
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