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  1. Good. Cowardly idiots should remain quiet.
  2. Ph you’re even dumber on this side of the board.
  3. The Oort Cloud is God’s fart cloud. That hum is a dissipating divine ancient rumbling.
  4. Ready yourself, flagships are coming.
  5. The youth of Demarshay’s kid is extra cool because his dad had trouble focusing on academics, forced to sit out the 2006-2007 season. He finally buckled down and got his degree the next year. He hoped his young son would learn from his struggles but respect his determination. If the kid entered his senior year as a 16 year old he definitely takes the books seriously. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eastbaytimes.com/2007/11/28/johnsons-hoop-dream-now-comes-with-degree/amp/
  6. In the post Rebel Net civil war life cycle of a UNLV fan, you are here:
  7. Space Cam, Caroline, the Martins, Stevens, and Drew; oh what might have been. Good for him.
  8. As he put it, “The good is done. It is not said. And some medals hang on the soul, not on your jacket.” Humility and trauma, both individual and collective throughout Italy. The post war generation of Italy had been through a lot and was eager to move on with their destroyed lives. And of course with these revelations coming out decades later, and only popularly known in English after Bartali and most of the principles died, there is a decent argument based on the paper trail that Bartali didn’t do any of it. It was just one more myth Italians elected to believe about Bartali in additi
  9. I’m only married to the theory that you are misinformed here while simultaneously calling someone else misinformed based on the fact that bats and other, non-human infecting forms of coronavirus exist. Sorry that speculation doesn’t hold up until it has something behind it.
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