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  1. Two more wins. Say that to yourself again Aztecs. It’s real. You could be national champions three days from now.
  2. Executive orders are powers granted previously by the legislature and state constitutions. People voted. Did you grow into adulthood without any understanding of civics and government in this country? You probably ought to take the word asinine out of your vocabulary until you catch up.
  3. Then how are you getting rid of the guns? If you can’t find an answer to that you aren’t even thinking about the problem, People taking selfies and posting on Facebook is not the person murdering 9 year olds. Who are you really upset with in this situation? If you can’t see that then there’s no wonder why they won’t ever be convinced.
  4. They certainly voted on what representatives would bring up legislation. You’ve been here for awhile. How dense are you? Just so I know how much of my time to waste. Are we talking stay puffed marshmallow man or red dwarf status?
  5. By all means discuss it. But when Born catches more flack than the actual murderer for pages on end, pay attention to why there is no willingness to compromise. In any given compromise you gotta answer why your side should be trusted.
  6. Then you gotta shout down the people that do want to ban guns. They exist. You can’t compromise when the terms laid out are unconditional surrender.
  7. I don’t even disagree with you. Societies with more tightly controlled gun ownership make it harder to commit murder and suicide. But the elemental fact remains that those in favor of stricter gun control measures are not trusted by those they need to convince. And it’s pretty basic stuff as to why this is. China is running 21st century concentration camps and people just go along with it, especially the rich and powerful in our own country. The Russian government imprisons and kills its political enemies. At home, the political party most likely to move on the issue has a base that is extremely mistrustful, with plenty of good reasons, of the enforcement arm of the government needed to produce such a policy.
  8. We have gun ownership restrictions. Age, open carry status, criminal record; all things governed by law already. If you want more restrictions you gotta convince people. It’s the only way.
  9. Murder is already illegal. If you want guns to be illegal, well, convince people. But to do that you’re going to have to clear the bar that focuses on the murderer and not just the existence of the tool they use to murder.
  10. Change my mind that tragic vehicle accidents and drug overdoses are not the same as murdering innocent people? Because I’m pretty sure those things don’t usually show up in the murder rate.
  11. These people were not killed by a gun. They were killed by a mass murderer with a gun. People that die of fentanyl overdoses almost always die from trying to get high off drugs, that are already illegal, and the chemistry wasn’t in their favor. They risked their own lives but weren’t trying to hurt anyone. With the exceptions of people intent on murder, like the Waukesha murderer, most people that die in automobile accidents die because of physics. Something goes wrong and soft tissue meets mass in the form of metal, concrete, hard earth, and an abrupt change in speed that the tissue is no match for. People woke up and decided they needed to get somewhere fast and didn’t make it. They didn’t decide to kill anybody. When someone decides today is a good today to go massacre a bunch of people, it’s not like a drug overdose or a car accident. It’s quite a commitment. Guns make it easier to do but it seems pretty unlikely they’d just give up on what they set out to do because it was just a little too inconvenient. I wish it were the case.
  12. The big blue city cops of Tennessee went in like heroes and stopped a mass murderer. The rural disgraces in Uvalde, Texas sat out because they were scared while kids were massacred. The laughing is out of character for ECA though. 3 nine year olds and 3 teachers are dead.
  13. Sure, it’s on ice. But Brooks Robinson did that like 6 times in the 1970 World Series.
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