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  1. The way I do it is not sharing directly from the app on mobile. You click share, open the tweet in your browser, click on the ellipses in the upper right corner of the tweet and select embed post. Scroll to the top of the page and that link works with the board’s software. But that might depend on the browser you use so maybe somebody else’s advice works if mine doesn’t.
  2. That sounds like Jonas won’t be ready. Two Americans leading the best team in the world. LFG!
  3. Omaha, Caparzo, Wade, Jackson, Mellish, Horvath, Miller. They hit the same every time. Shakespeare in Love my ass, the Academy.
  4. I’ve watched a bunch of people younger than me react to it and it always hits the same way. We don’t teach anything useful so everyone assumes whoever planned it were idiots. That bothers me the most. The most educated and experienced people in the world came together to make D-day happen. And what the young people don’t understand is that it was the best way. There were no other good options. And the guys who secured that beachhead knew what they were going into. They knew the world was at stake. It’s hard to explain WW2 to a 13 year old. My son reacted the same way everyone does. But he said they must have used so much CGI. I had to tell him no. It’s all real effects because it was important to the filmmakers that the world knew what their fathers had to go through. My mothers father died before I got to know him. He was an immigrant that served in Patton’s army that signed up to retake France from those Vichy bastards. My father’s father was the most interesting man I ever knew. He was a surgeon who had to stay a year longer in Europe than everybody else. Whenever I got the courage to ask him he would smile as he always did and say you don’t know about that. And then he would go to his library, which was massive, and give me his books. I don’t understand how a man could come out of that and be so sweet. But he was. He was a kid determined to make a better world. And he did. But he didn’t want to talk about it.
  5. It was a travesty. And people were saying they’d been reformed or something like they were the “moderate rebels.” They’re theocratic barbarians ffs. Watching it in real time was amazing and not in a good way.
  6. We don’t have the resources? Germany. Japan. South Korea. Taiwan. No it was never going to be an overnight thing for an illiterate Stone Age nation to figure things out. But it’s not like things weren’t improving. The thing is people in the 2000’s thought our Middle East incursions, rightly with Iraq but wrong Afghanistan (They did murder 2000 people by the way) and they can’t allow themselves to be wrong about it. And as soon as we gave it back to them they murdered us again. I understand. You’re a fiscal conservative and truly care about where we invest our money. That’s a fair viewpoint. But the reality is we spend like it’s going out of style. Afghanistan was nothing. We did have it locked down. The only people we were losing were in car accidents. People were going to school. Our personnel were making it less of a shithole day by day. It was never going to be a snap of the fingers thing. They aren’t Germany. But resources? That’s ridiculous considering how much we spend on everything else.
  7. If somebody can name a net positive I’m all ears. Who benefited? The Taliban? The girls who can’t go to school anymore? Iran? Afghani literacy? Military producers who found a more lucrative option in Ukraine? I’m sorry man, but the it was a good thing long term is just dumb shit people thought 20 years ago because they were smoking pot and watching the Daily Show to get their opinions on the world. Nothing good came of this. And the execution was exactly like the relief pier in Gaza sinking into the sea.
  8. Making a deal with the Taliban while they kill our soldiers and blow up 100’s of people while refugees fall out of airplanes sure as shit wasn’t easy.
  9. Tadej goes home in pink with 6 stage wins and a 9:56 seconds advantage of Danny Martinez. Gerraint Thomas, at 38, rounds out the podium. It is the largest time gap in the Giro since 1965, when the top 10 were all Italians before it blew up into a more global endeavor. He held the jersey for 20 of the 21 days. Needless to say this has not been done in decades. For now Pogacar is going to rest. Remco and Roglic are recovered and going to square off at the Dauphine. Jonas is aiming for the Tour but won’t be racing until then. Who knows if he’ll be fully recovered. I doubt it. Kuss and Van Aert may have to save the season for Visma. History has its eyes on you Tadej.
  10. They’re going by official podium positions. Lance was stripped of all 8 so by that criterion it makes sense. Anyone who watched knows who won those races though.
  11. I showed my son who is about to enter high school Dazed and Confused Saturday night. Then last night I felt compelled to make him watch Saving Private Ryan, particularly the Omaha Beach scene. I don’t know if it was subconsciously done or not. But he got the message. Other people did this so that you could do that. I don’t know how they did it. But I am grateful. As we walk through the cemetery’s today I wish you all well.
  12. That’s a lot of wins. Maertens was a beast except in the mountains. Belgium is a lot like Canada in hockey. They love it the most but haven’t won the big ones in decades. Except for the Olympics (+++++ you Crosby).
  13. We’re not involved. Well except for the American hostages still held by Hamas and the wounded soldiers fired upon setting up a pier to deliver reliief. Nobody on our side died in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The Israeli’s had a Pearl Harbor level attack aimed at civilians. Makes you wonder who would be protesting for the Japanese if time was moved back.
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