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  1. This is how I gauge it too. The Democrats would be better served pairing down the debates, but if they want these also rans lobbing grenades at their strongest candidates that’s their choice. There’s nothing good that can come from a Castro or Beto landing a punch when a five point bump from it will still leave them as cannon fodder.
  2. Of course he didn’t. You can’t sell your schlock to the masses without delivering the real thing to the inner circle, that never works. Every good socialist knows that.
  3. Bad halfman, you’ve been away too long. The joke is he is so rolling he pays for toddlers to fly first class. Take it back.
  4. Nobody has been suffering for 400 years. Humans don’t live that long.
  5. See I’m the opposite. I used to think he was dumb, now I believe him to be a genius troll, because nobody could be that stupid.
  6. I guess sometimes just continuing to scroll is too hard for some people.
  7. Shirtless volleyball confirmed. Communal showers tbd
  8. Ladies and gentleman, your United States House of Representin hard at work!