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  1. I am voting for a Democrat in the Idaho Gubernatorial election.

    I think a governor’s opinion on Adams county has way more to do with the job than the second amendment to the federal constitution.
  2. I am voting for a Democrat in the Idaho Gubernatorial election.

  3. ESPN’s Too Early Top 25

    http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/23251272/college-basketball-way-too-early-top-25-rankings-2018-19-nba-draft-early-entry-deadline Nevada tentatively up to 9 after agent hiring draft entrants and transfers taken into account. Just sitting here waiting on Caroline and the Martin’s...
  4. US Veteran Receives First Penis/Scrotum Transplant

    I know, it’s an exciting day for both of us.
  5. US Veteran Receives First Penis/Scrotum Transplant

    This is a +++++ing miracle.
  6. Rosenstein Tells Trump He's Not A Target Of Cohen Investigation

    That depends on how much what we know now lines up with dirt Mueller actually has. It doesn’t seem like much of anything right now. We’d find out pretty quickly what Mueller has been keeping out of the press if he gets canned. It would be a bad look for Trump even if there isn’t much there, if he has a lot more than we know it would be politically fatal. Firing Mueller would be a dumbass move by Trump no matter what. When he fired Comey he hitched his fortunes to the hopes of Mueller not coming up with anything substantial, whether he likes it or not. The smart play is to ride it out.
  7. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

  8. Rosenstein Tells Trump He's Not A Target Of Cohen Investigation

    Neither charge of obstruction was predicated on firing a subordinate. Nixon was committing a whole bunch of crimes to obstruct justice and Clinton lied under oath. They broke laws to obstruct justice. The President has the constitutional authority to fire anyone in the executive branch, as all authority, even Mueller’s and Rosenstein’s, flows from him. But I think the political fallout might mean the legality of such an action wouldn’t matter to most people.
  9. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    So was Gandalf.
  10. Rosenstein Tells Trump He's Not A Target Of Cohen Investigation

    It isn’t. Politically unsurvivable perhaps, but it wouldn’t be a violation of a criminal statute.
  11. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    Into the Wild is the most entertaining movie where the hero slowly starves to death. Way better than Ghandi.
  12. OT: Boxing Thread

    Pretty good card. Davis looked great. If he comes out like this more often, and not like he did on the Floyd card, he might end up being something special.
  13. Fresno State Professor

    People in the private sector agree to work with each other with the goal of creating value for each other. Rotten public behavior can make that goal difficult or impossible to achieve, making the offending party a bad actor in the agreement. Federal employees are not supposed to campaign on others behalf. They make an agreement when they take to the job to do their best not to be political hacks, otherwise we’d get rubes chanting “DEEP STATE” about everything that doesn’t go their way. The goal of agreement is suppsosedly serving the public good. The professor’s agreement with the university is that they’ll pay her for the fruits of her mind so long as she uses it sometimes to educate their students. Going back on the agreement because you might dislike the thoughts in the professor’s mind defeats the entire purpose of the university. The goal is expanding human thought. In the other cases terminating the employee doesn’t defeat the goal of the undertaking. Threats can be criminal, so as has been pointed out crimes can do them in. Racism? Lol. We differ a lot in our conservatism, but there is no way we would want universities canning professors for speech deemed racist. People who think like this professor would be the ones deciding what constitutes racist speech. Concept creep would snuff out any heterodox idea in its infancy.