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  1. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    Counterintelligence investigations and criminal investigations are not the same thing. The FBI does both. And they should be doing counterintelligence investigations when they think Russia might be up to no good.
  2. #Release The Memo

    Bombshells like the Steele memos were paid opposition research by Clinton campaign? That kind of blew the lid off the farce. Or that Comey called it salacious and unverified months after it was reported in the press to be taken seriously by the FBI? A lot of lid blown off there. Or how about the fact that for 9 months the FBI was investigating but Comey had said repeatedly they specifically weren’t looking at Trump? That should have been enough for anyone reasonable enough to look. Then there is the fact that in the two plea deals there is no admission to being part of a conspiracy, despite the fact that if such a conspiracy existed it would be very harmful to the case for them to plea to only being liars. I could go on, but we’ve been through this many times. You prefer to ignore the known facts at hand and instead grasp for the Louise Mensch type narrative.
  3. #Release The Memo

    McCarthy always worth a read. http://amp.nationalreview.com/article/455426/steele-dossier-fusion-gps-glenn-simpson-trump-russia-investigation?utm_source=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&utm_medium=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&__twitter_impression=true
  4. #Release The Memo

    The subject is exactly Trump Russia, that’s why you want to wave it off.
  5. Government Shutdown 2018

    The dream act was never passed and signed into law.
  6. Live footage of Senate minority leadership.
  7. These LEGISLATIVE ARSONISTS are threatening to KILL PEOPLE!!!
  8. Government Shutdown 2018

    Ryan has brought the freedom caucus in line with a clean CR that keeps the government open until Feb 16th. Outlook for the bill in the Senate is not good if the reports are true that the Dems have enough no’s to shoot it down.
  9. Easy easy. Maggie Haberman is pretty good but she’s no Jimmy Madison.
  10. Political Humor, Cartoons, and Memes 2018*

  11. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    People, man...who needs monsters?
  12. Government Shutdown 2018

    Our representative government is being taken hostage by TERRORISTS!
  13. Government Shutdown 2018

    I knew where the thread was from last spring when it looked like we were heading towards a shutdown.
  14. Government Shutdown 2018