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  1. Because the vessel arguing against the stupidity is a moron that knows nothing of any of those subjects and isn’t interested to learn. But what you can do is make that dumbass look like the least crazy person in the room by keeping RUSSIA front and center.
  2. He was sapping 8-15% of the sane GOP primary every single state. After Rubio got smacked down by Christie he never recovered. Showed poorly in NH, badly in SC when Jeb had to bow out, got massacred in most of the SEC primary. Without Kasich splitting the I can’t stand Cruz but F Trump vote, he might have had a better shot. Even towards the end he was preventing Cruz from a real showdown for the soul of the Republican Party. I hate him.
  3. He was too prepared, it seemed fake next to Trump. Christie blew him up with the robot comment, put him on tilt in front of everyone and killed his momentum. He biffed in NH accordingly, allowing Jeb to stay in another week and Trump to run away with SC. From there all momentum was lost.
  4. We’re still talking about the inglorious failure of the collusion theory and all its tendrils. Not infrastructure, not healthcare, not green energy, not free college, not any other giveaway the Dems in the field would rather be focusing on. Trump Jr is supposed to make a fuss, he’s been cleared or wrong doing.
  5. What lie? If he lied to Congress or Mueller he’d be indicted, not subpoenaed.
  6. They know the answers already. This is theatre to dunk on the Dems even more.
  7. My god, the same fools are still dying on this hill? Democracy has no hope if the best of the opposition is this dumb.
  8. He’s smart enough to have knew when. He just has that Clinton gene and thought the nomination was his birthright.
  9. A self aggrandizing blowhard that stayed in the race because he thought the party would just hand him the nomination at a brokered convention. Him drawing 8-15% gave Trump states and momentum he wouldn’t have had otherwise. That man did as much to nuke the old conservative coalition as Trump did.
  10. She also has talent the talent to parry and thrust effectively in a political way. My money is on her as well. Everybody else but Bernie seems like a lightweight that can’t take a punch.
  11. If Rubio didn’t have such a glass jaw he could have won all things considered. +++++ John Kasich forever though.
  12. If he lost he’d be removed from office in two months anyway, he couldn’t stop it.