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  1. Besides the media cover, he also had De Blasio and Trump as counterpoints. Starting to think New York politicians really suck.
  2. Amnesty International has always advocated for a lot of people that are real POS. That’s not the point. Their purpose is not to be the arbiter of moral authority, but to speak for the persecuted and wrongly imprisoned. The stupidity here isn’t that an evil tyrant imprisoned his political opposition after failing to assassinate him. That’s standard practice. It’s the organization whose one job is to oppose such things backed down from doing so because they couldn’t tell complainers no.
  3. No, pretty sure it’s a big highlighter over how slobberingly stupid the media treated the situation. If they were worthless, there wouldn’t be a big party, preceded by days of purging, where everyone dresses up every year and pretends they don’t want to win when they desperately do. Those things are hard to win, man. If it was as simple as getting a few thousand old people killed and fraudulently covering it up, everybody would do it.
  4. Yeah, there are others. The Humboldt is just the one entirely contained within Nevada.
  5. Depends on what you mean by run. There’s still water in it during the dog days of summer, but trot might be too generous a description, let alone run.
  6. How dare you insult the mighty and majestic Humboldt like that!
  7. They gave him an emmy. Steve Carell never won an Emmy, nor did Andy Griffith, Connie Britton, George Clooney, Kerry Washington...you get the time point.
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