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  1. thelawlorfaithful

    Democrat Thunderdome - 2020 Democratic Candidate Thread

    I know Ohio had a run of presidents more than a hundred years ago but I can’t remember a party basing so much of their appeal on one state like the Democrats and California now. It’s both their strength in the house and their weakness in the Senate and electoral college. They’ve secured the state by monopolizing the very large, very progressive urban areas. This allows for smart gerrymandering that ensures certain districts few districts are very Red and many are very blue. So incumbents rarely lose, and they stay on so long that they gain serious power like Pelosi and McCarthy. And because the state is so big and economically important it can make stars of its politicians in short order like Harris and Newsom. This effects the party as a whole since the Democrats all get pulled left by the party’s focus on dominating California. Its a winning strategy nationwide to dominate the urban areas of California when they have a vibrant candidate like Obama. But most places, even many big cities, are not as populated with progressives like the big California cities, so the Republicans have somewhat successfully focused on winning inside straights in the suburbs and rurals. Both approaches can produce election victory’s, and both are vulnerable in my opinion to capsizing due to the other party winninc wave elections. The parties as a whole are too weak because they rely on California and the rurals too much.
  2. thelawlorfaithful

    Nevada Back To #7

    I don’t think our particular NET ranking matters so much as the teams we play and beat (and lose too) does. Much like the RPI used to do, it’s just a different way of grouping teams to compare elite wins, good wins, bad losses, and terrible losses. We could have a top 5 NET ranking but since most of our wins are crummy they won’t match up to other teams with better resumes
  3. thelawlorfaithful

    There’s now a Trump specific forum

  4. thelawlorfaithful

    Where is UNR Ned?

    Awww, my favorite tea-swilling, crumpet scarfing, ninny Masshole noticed my absence. I’m touched. Yes fellers I’ve been away and may be for some time. My personal life ran aground and I’ve needed to step back for a bit and rebuild. I still do a little bit of lurking but my heart just isn’t it to do battle on the board. Maybe the world has humbled me, maybe it’s the medication. I hope you’re all well and had a happy holiday season. I wish you’d be a little nicer to each other while you’re at it but oh well. This is the land of the wolves. I’ll be back when I’m right again. Be well.
  5. thelawlorfaithful

    UNLV Basketball is in Real Jeopardy

    Only the trivial ones get trivia questions.
  6. thelawlorfaithful

    Happy New Year!

    It ends happily. Take care of yourself Hal.
  7. thelawlorfaithful

    Alford out

  8. thelawlorfaithful

    Merry Christmas You Bastages...

  9. thelawlorfaithful

    Criminal justice reform- well done Trump

    Crusades only end in the kingdom of god my friend. Progress is nice, but no.
  10. I won’t be around for a while. Be good to each other.

  11. thelawlorfaithful

    MW is Largely Below Average

    The gross part is the 2014-2018 average.
  12. thelawlorfaithful

    Looks like Mexico’s check bounced for the wall.

    It’s also not how trade works.
  13. thelawlorfaithful

    Name the best movie death or kill

    Most of the hard deaths on screen get easier through rewatching. I don’t know whether is increased exposure or the theatrical value shining through. This one always felt a little too on the nose, still tough to watch.
  14. thelawlorfaithful

    Study finds California gun legislation had no impact on gun deaths.

    I didn’t say anything, I said all. Racism certainly played some part, but it was mostly trying to address the serious harm crime was causing in the communities most affected by it.