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  1. I don’t wanna hear that Billy Beane numbers malarkey. I watched Dodger fans go pale for years every time he came in at a big moment. He’s certainly among the league leaders in the “something bad is about to happen” statistic.
  3. Mookie, Xander, soon to be Devers. This is some Harry Frazee bullshit. Way to throw away a golden generation BoSox.
  4. We traded an arms dealer for a female basketball player and left other Americans to rot. Were there no war criminals or cannibals to trade or something?
  5. Step 1: Sieze parliament and kidnap the health minister Step 2: ??? Step 3: Return to Prussian glory, Kaiser Heinrich, and profit
  6. No apologies necessary. I do get pithy and catty from time to time. Forgive me. The make your own damn cake line speaks to the free exercise clause. The talent required to make such a cake only exemplifies what is being demanded. Had a cake already been made and was for sale but the gay couple was barred from purchasing it because they were gay that’s clearly different than having to create something that does not yet exist. Though I would stereotypically expect a gay wedding to have a bit better taste, would a fundamentalist Christian rock band be unable to decline a booking at a gay wedding?
  7. Nationalism is back in a big way. Joe Burrow was robbed.
  8. Well it’s not Urban Meyer or Tarkanian. But now that everybody can pay players openly, a Meyer will never coach at a school like UNLV. Ever.
  9. Jokes aside, this doesn’t seem that bad a hire. He’s young and experienced running a big program.
  10. Nevada closes the show 85-77. At Oregon coming up
  11. Pepperdine answers every mini Nevada run. Can’t get a stop to get over the hump
  12. HC: Odom OC: Petersen DC: Patterson DB’s: Deion QB’s: Herman ST’s: Polian Tremble in fear peasants
  13. I can teabag two at once if you want to play the lackey.
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