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  1. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    😂😂 G5 Students 😂😂 oh man that is rich. The friends I have that went to Pitt just couldn't wait for football on Saturdays 🙄
  2. Cal at SDSU

    Aztecs are pretty garbage right now. A miracle win against Gonzaga and maybe we can be an NIT team.
  3. 2017 MWC Football Attendance

    The Ghost of Jack Graham is Cowboy Junky right? There is nobody in existence other than him that gets this worked up about SDSU attendance.
  4. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    Thats not what they told us. After Boise backed out, we had to decide whether to return with Boise or stay with the Big East(AAC)
  5. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    I think we could have. But the administration flinched.
  6. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    Their bowl tie-ins put ours to shame. Thats for sure. I mean Aresco is a far superior commissioner to hair, so I guess that is to be expected.
  7. SDSU vs Army in the Armed Forces Bowl

    This. How have the presidents allowed him to keep his job. He has shown he is out of ideas, and not interested in trying to improve the MWC beyond its current level.
  8. OT: MLS - WTF is happening in Atlanta?

    I have been to a Xolos match. It's about 100x times less convenient than you make it sound in this post. I think MLS is fun, and a team would do ok in San Diego and I would love to see it. That doesn't mean I support SoccerCity.
  9. Bakersfield Destroying CAL 38-18 almost halftime

    All CSUB wants in the world is to be in the Big West.