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  1. I am glad those are the hard issues the Florida legislature is taking on.
  2. UNLV at SDSU

    Nice pick-up. I was as surprised as anyone with the scope of that blowout. Hopefully that was an anomaly for you, and Aztecs keep improving, and we get a great rematch in the MWC Tourney.
  3. Wyoming/SDSU

    Good game pokes.
  4. San Diego State at UNLV

    Good game Rebs. hopefully we will be battling at the top of the league instead of the middle soon.
  5. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    Yep, I lways assumed he would assert himself into that role. But, his execution in the last 5min of games has also left a lot to be desired.
  6. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    Kell was a pick for Pre-Season player of the year before last season. Now you can make a case he is one of the worst starting guards in the league.... I just don't get it.
  7. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    I am not sure who would be scared of the Aztecs. If they ever get a lead on you, they will just blow it.
  8. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    I hate talking politics on sports forums, I am sorry for the momentary lapse, I am done
  9. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    Thats not true nobody is tying DACA to the budget. If Trump said today he would sign a clean bill on DACA, or even the BIPARTISAN compromise bill, which he said he would sign live on television in his televised immigration meeting. Then this would have never happened.
  10. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    Laughable, Republicans control every level of government, and have a president who openly advocated for a shutdown. They could have had clean votes (single topic, no amendments) on CHIP and DACA as well as a continuing resolution on the budget that would have passed with wide margins in both houses of Congress. But, no the president won't sign anything without funding for a wall he swore we would never pay a cent for. So again... how is this the Democrats fault?
  11. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    ?? G5 Students ?? oh man that is rich. The friends I have that went to Pitt just couldn't wait for football on Saturdays ?
  12. Cal at SDSU

    Aztecs are pretty garbage right now. A miracle win against Gonzaga and maybe we can be an NIT team.
  13. 2017 MWC Football Attendance

    The Ghost of Jack Graham is Cowboy Junky right? There is nobody in existence other than him that gets this worked up about SDSU attendance.
  14. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    Thats not what they told us. After Boise backed out, we had to decide whether to return with Boise or stay with the Big East(AAC)
  15. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    I think we could have. But the administration flinched.