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  1. That team was coached by Craig Neal, thus the collapse. Sure do miss those epic battles.
  2. Unm has already lost nearly 3000 season tickets since neal became head coach. I would expect at least another 1000 next season (including my 2). and lobo club donations as well. I hope Paul Kunzer Murphy Krebs is listing to the fans!
  3. I used to enjoy the conference expansion stuff. but it is now ridiculous. the be is just desperate and they throw out invitations to anyone w/ a pulse no matter where they're from. I sure hope the mwc stays loyal and rebuilds this conference. no need to whore yourselves out to the highest bidder. the be is a lateral move. they may have aq status right now, but that is coming to an end quickly. If they keep aq status craig thompson better raise hell and let the littigation start. the mwc is the premier non aq league, and we will get better.
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