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  1. I would assume that these teams that are shutting down for covid are all vaccinated or high percentage vaccinated (at least 90 percent) ... So why are the unvacinated blamed. .seems to me that the vaccine is way overrated. Not saying we shouldn't get it, but we need to get back to living our normal lives.
  2. Not sure how people are rating "joker" But as far as best movie, joaqiin phoenix joker movie was by far the best. I'm not a super hero movie fan, but that movie was awesome, and phoenix's portrayal was great.
  3. Considering the title of this thread...I thought it was about Biden and the taliban, and the Americans he left for dead.
  4. Bradley van pelt, was the first name that came to mind...he was always killing us (lobos) . Then I remember his senior year when we played csu. We finally beat them and sacked him, and caused a fumble to seal the victory. But that guy was s warrior.
  5. Lefties are hypocrites. The fake attack on jussie smolette, and the fake noose in rusty Wallace's garage stories were everywhere. And investigated by the FBI. But this real racist attach get very little coverage.
  6. Some other great war movies not mentioned here...u 571, hacksaw ridge, and free state of Jones.
  7. Unm has already lost nearly 3000 season tickets since neal became head coach. I would expect at least another 1000 next season (including my 2). and lobo club donations as well. I hope Paul Kunzer Murphy Krebs is listing to the fans!
  8. I used to enjoy the conference expansion stuff. but it is now ridiculous. the be is just desperate and they throw out invitations to anyone w/ a pulse no matter where they're from. I sure hope the mwc stays loyal and rebuilds this conference. no need to whore yourselves out to the highest bidder. the be is a lateral move. they may have aq status right now, but that is coming to an end quickly. If they keep aq status craig thompson better raise hell and let the littigation start. the mwc is the premier non aq league, and we will get better.
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