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  1. King of queen's My favorite, and very underrated. Also like 2 and a half men. Seinfeld is great too.
  2. Really some excitement here in loboland.
  3. I am really hoping for keller. Don't know much about patino, except he's son of rick.... Don't care for miles at all.
  4. Maybe they should go after Tim miles...get him off the lobos radar.
  5. When I was about 12 or 13, my friend talked me into buying c.b. radios. He called himself "the tumble wolf". Then he suggested I call myself "the red wolf". Then 25 or 30 years later, I just signed up as red wolf rob, on lobo site. Just cause it sounded good. After that I then realized we had those nicknames as kids.
  6. I was at that lobo/ Nevada. Game. It solidified Craig Neal's failure as a head coach.
  7. You don't have to tell me its embarrassing, we are. Awful this year.hopefully we wil turn this program around And get back to being competjve.
  8. Bus may be the most talented team in this league. Agreed they should be better. Maybe its karma. ...rice wanted to eliminate teams from the mwc tournament (to protect the higher seeds) The lower level teams in the conference were offended, especially coming from a coach who hasn't won the conference or tournament.
  9. are UNLV fans happy with tj? Seems like he's rebuilding UNLV.
  10. I like the idea of either frank martin , or Greg Marshall. Don't care for miles, I just remember beating him a lot. I guess he made. A ncaa tournament, but so did noodles (Neal) .
  11. Please, not miles nor miller, shyatt, or stodymire. Would love to see Marshall.
  12. I'm a lobo fan, and I agree.in my opinion, Paul weir did not want that double digit beat down, he would have received against sdsu. Then the CSI series was postponed, saving him 2 more losses. Then he had the Gail to worry about. "Rust" against Wyoming.
  13. Us lobs played the utags, we just duck the aztecs.
  14. That team was coached by Craig Neal, thus the collapse. Sure do miss those epic battles.
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