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  1. Louisiana - Monroe GO WARHAWKS!!!!! @SLCPoke followed by @pokebball
  2. Nice field!! Nice girls!! @blind_squirrel54 batter up @TheSanDiegan on deck
  3. And valley's, crevasses, nooks and crannies. Further exploration required.
  4. @SLCPoke have at it @pokebball
  5. @Broncomare pickin's are getting slim, but I'll hold off for you to make your pick
  6. @blind_squirrel54 followed by @TheSanDiegan
  7. @SLCPoke up @pokebball up next
  8. I'll take Kayla Simmons........errrrrrrr......... Marshall - Thundering Herd @blind_squirrel54 up @TheSanDiegan on deck @SLCPoke anytime
  9. Texas A&M if you'd focus your head's on her sleeve @SLCPoke up @pokebball there after...................
  10. @blind_squirrel54 up @TheSanDiegan on deck
  11. Did you just see the LSU spirit / dance squad in the front row going into commercial? Just curious, we got a bunch of flack for similar back in the day.­čśü
  12. Would like to agree Mug, but I would like to see the stick stood straight up perpendicular and know the camera angle. Probably no complaints then.
  13. Bacon has two TVs at their bar. They will be tuned into sports I'm sure, at least they were during the NCAA tourney. This is a don't miss place to get you're day going. Bloody's don't pour anywhere in town before 10:00. Beer and wine do, and Bacon has some damn good flavored mimosa's to hold you over until 10:00 if you get there too early.
  14. Very sad and sobering. Troy,......God bless you and your family in your time of need. Your dad was always an insightful and enjoyable poster on this forum and his presence will be missed. Godspeed!!!