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  1. Boise State vs Illinois State Thread

    Easily the best player on the floor. Looking good! ^^^^^^
  2. Boise State vs Illinois State Thread

    Hutch coming to play today!!
  3. OT - Best Sushi in Boise

    Plenty of good sushi around town. Kyoto's is definitely good. I prefer Raw Sushi, they've been on Vista forever, and just opened a second location downtown on 10th St. If you can Make it out to West Boise......Rotary Sushi on Fairview / Five Mile has been DAMN GOOD every time the wife and I have been in.
  4. Boise State @ WSU

    Nice start other than tackling Go Bronc's!!!! Go Aztec's!!! Someone needs to rep this conference against someone other than Abilene Christian and Gardner Webb. Go Bronc's!!!! Go Aztec's!!! Good job Reb's (I think?)
  5. Sad news. This is coastie's son posting.

    Very sad and sobering. Troy,......God bless you and your family in your time of need. Your dad was always an insightful and enjoyable poster on this forum and his presence will be missed. Godspeed!!!