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  1. Things Are looking good at Unlv if ph is against firing mm and not on board with new coach.
  2. Where's all the "mw is a 1 bid league" posters.
  3. Never change rebel fans. You guys are very entertaining.
  4. And averaged 7.5 wins a year over the last 20 years. I was a little off.
  5. fresno has been great for the type of program you guys have, not arguing that. 7-5 seasons are more the norm for you guys though.
  6. Fresno will regress a lot. They are not the type of program to sustain success.
  7. Just because Unlv hasn't been any good recently doesn't mean their chances aren't improved by playing at home.
  8. Agree. Unlv getting home games is a huge advantage. If this were a nuetral site tourney their odds would probably double.
  9. Reb high should be in the 40's. Breakout year coming.
  10. What's funny is that if Reno would have won the game none of this would have happened. Muss has established this culture. He whines and cries about everything and his coaches and players follow suit. If I was a Reno fan I would be very concerned.
  11. My guess is that if Reno coaches weren't such whiny bitches all the time things may have turned out differently.
  12. i doubt it. Whatever ends up getting built won't be truly a suds football facility.
  13. 35k seat stadium is gonna be a problem for suds. Hard to announce 45k attendance when your 35k seat stadium is half full.
  14. That facility fits right in with wcc gyms. Perfect fit
  15. Yeah I'm not gonna tell you. Few started the conversation of leaving the gym league.
  16. Wcc has no upside. High school gyms make it hard to ever be legit. There is a reason coach Few wants in the MW. He was just told no by gonzaga admin and he's not happy about.
  17. Everything is orange slices and rainbows. Then he criticizes his play by play guy for talking about the game, or criticizing any player. He's a doped out joke.
  18. not sure why the kid is constantly trying to out people here. It's not ok. I could care less how many disabilities he claims.
  19. Poor pelado. Average oly sports. Two sports that matter byu is nonexistent.
  20. Colorado made a good move to the PAC because it is a better cultural fit for them. They have made only 1 bowl game since joining though. Haven't been nearly as competitive as they were in the big12
  21. P12 is probably a 1 bid league also. According to your logic the wac is as good of a basketball conference as the p12.
  22. I know it's a difficult process for you. The next time bsu has a ny6 worthy team the mw conference schedule will be a laugher.
  23. This is great great. Joser can't afford to play fbs or fcs. What a shit show athletic department.