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  1. The whole season and rankings is a joke this year without any non conf games.
  2. This isn’t a surprise. No school other than bsu cares about playing good football.
  3. It’s been 30 years since unlv cheated their way to the top. Wouldn’t count on them.
  4. Couple things here. ph is the smartest reb high poster here. wyo can talk because they have a better basketball program than you.
  5. Reb high has by far the worst athletics in the MW and the dumbest fan base in America.
  6. Few wanted out of the wcc a couple of years ago. The admin at Gonzaga told him no. Bsu men’s hoops is a solid program for the wcc.
  7. Next year. Will be announced after this football season.
  8. Not gonna reveal my source. It’s bsu only. Western division will be smu, Houston, cincy, Memphis, Tulsa and bsu. gonzaga made the wcc happen for bsu olys.
  9. You will get your wish. Unfortunately the mw will be sunbelt 2.0. But your presidents pushed it. Probably best for all involved. Bsu wants to excel. Mw wants to be garbage.
  10. Stumpy I’ve been around long enough. Deal is done. Nnc has nothing to do with anything. Troll rookies.
  11. All you morons don’t know. It’s done.
  12. Gonzaga pushed for bsu. Got the deal done.
  13. Good news is unlv hoops will now not be as shitty.
  14. It’s done boys “and 4unlv gals”. Y’all wil see.
  15. Lol. AAC doesn’t want suds. Coattails is all you are.
  16. You will see. I expect an apology when the time comes
  17. He is a good recruiter but a bad head coach. Bsu will always be average with him in charge.
  18. Deal has been done for awhile now. Kinda surprised nobody here knows about it. 1 football game doesn’t matter.
  19. Bsu is gone next year. No worries warblow.
  20. Why do you say “we”. You are a piece of shit that bsu wants no part of.
  21. Native. Not 30 year old guy that dad paid to go school at bsu. I appreciate you though. All idiots are needed.
  22. Will be announced after this year.
  23. Football to AAC is done. Olys to wcc. Their invite wouldn’t have been accepted until mw tried to fight tv money that was agreed upon. Good luck mw leeches.
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