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  1. A’s ownership wants to build it privately financed. No public funds at all and the city is still balking. Hope the a’s bolt.
  2. Same coach, same soft team that can’t compete if 3 balls aren’t falling. Doesn’t matter what players on the squad.
  3. @k5james here’s your opportunity. Imagine being the owner of this board, not just a moderator.
  4. Yeah they kind of like Hawaii in that aspect. It’s very easy to get good ooc home games for rainbow football. Must be frustrating as a reb high fan to have built in advantages like that and have such horrible hoops and football programs.
  5. Yeah CSU is the 4th best squad but will probably win the conference. They rarely win anything, I have no problem with them getting a Scheduling break due to Covid
  6. Glad your back ph. This board needs at least one intelligent reb high poster.
  7. If any bad team replaces 60% of there starters with good players they become better. Come on ph. You are one of the most intelligent reb high posters here.
  8. Johnny come lately’s think bsu needs a flashy hire. What bsu needs is to get back to basics.
  9. Because they have the dumbest fan base in America.
  10. Few wanted out of the wcc a couple of years ago. The admin at Gonzaga told him no. Bsu men’s hoops is a solid program for the wcc.
  11. Next year. Will be announced after this football season.
  12. Not gonna reveal my source. It’s bsu only. Western division will be smu, Houston, cincy, Memphis, Tulsa and bsu. gonzaga made the wcc happen for bsu olys.
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