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  1. Johnny come lately’s think bsu needs a flashy hire. What bsu needs is to get back to basics.
  2. Harsin tried to all buy himself. 5-2 is unacceptable. He should have been fired last week. Thank god for Auburn.
  3. Because they have the dumbest fan base in America.
  4. The only thing that looks remotely correct is reb high.
  5. Yeah it sucks being affiliated with programs who have no desire to excel. Fortunately it will be over soon.
  6. Yes. Bsu wants to excel. Mw squads want to exist. It sucks being stuck with horrible programs like unlv.
  7. The whole season and rankings is a joke this year without any non conf games.
  8. This isn’t a surprise. No school other than bsu cares about playing good football.
  9. It’s been 30 years since unlv cheated their way to the top. Wouldn’t count on them.
  10. Couple things here. ph is the smartest reb high poster here. wyo can talk because they have a better basketball program than you.
  11. Reb high has by far the worst athletics in the MW and the dumbest fan base in America.
  12. Few wanted out of the wcc a couple of years ago. The admin at Gonzaga told him no. Bsu men’s hoops is a solid program for the wcc.
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