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  1. Ryan Leaf chimes in on Mel Kiper's projected #1 pick

    He's a moron. All he did here is take a shot at the guy that believed in him and allowed him to make millions.
  2. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    Bad look for the fighting rainbows. 3 and outs with 15 seconds off the clock isn't gonna help their defense
  3. Nevada gets 4 Star RB

    Uh oh. Mod halfman is gonna move this.
  4. Boise State @ Nevada

    Great game. As a bronco fan I feel good with the outcome considering how horribly bsu shot from 3. Reno has a very good team. Game in Boise will be great.
  5. Boise State @ Nevada

    Lack of shooting isn't helping.
  6. Boise State @ Nevada

    bsu playing like shit
  7. Boise State @ Nevada

    Cody Martin is playing.
  8. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    Isn't a bad thing. Not playing AF helps rpi's.
  9. SDSU loses to Fresno Right After Losing to Boise

    Humidity got to them.
  10. RealRPI Predictions

    What's the line?
  11. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Lol. Then the biggest dipshit of them all replies.
  12. Boise should get a blue basketball court

    We have to start wearing blue uniforms at home.
  13. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Wait. I remember dipshit ph saying over and over how unlv was gonna win the mw this year. Apparently that's what his simulated video games were saying.
  14. Vikings Win in Improbable Fashion!

    Lol. Not accurate. $110 bets 6 wins = +600 4 losses = -440 52.5 percent is the break even mark.
  15. Lol. Stumpy. Just come back