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  1. boisewitha-s

    Top Teams in the American.

    I'm pretty sure pee wee Herman made a lot of money.
  2. boisewitha-s

    Top Teams in the American.

    Exactly. That's why a undefeated team the last two years from the aac isn't in the playoff top 10. Lol P6
  3. boisewitha-s

    Our Veterans...

    Here we go. Leave it to tools.
  4. boisewitha-s

    RANKULATOR Week 11

    As stated above rankulater has a toughness factor figured in. That should help answer your question.
  5. You people are idiots. They won a natty almost 30 years ago, no way they don't win the mw.
  6. boisewitha-s

    Rank ‘em

    Why? There are 4-5 decent mw teams and usu hasn't played any of them. You will get your shot though.
  7. boisewitha-s

    Rank ‘em

    Bsu fresno usu suds turds
  8. boisewitha-s

    New Rule

    They need it. Imagine how much worse they would be without this advantage.
  9. boisewitha-s

    Great game Boise

    I rarely follow game threads. Whenever bsu plays Fresno it's a must though. Very entertaining. Almost every call is whined about by Fresno fan.
  10. boisewitha-s

    Great game Boise

    If u followed the game thread and didn't watch the game you would think Fresno would have won by 50 if it wasn't for the refs.
  11. boisewitha-s

    Rank em

    Just copy and paste this for this weeks rankem thread.
  12. boisewitha-s

    Fresno @ Boise

    Good call
  13. boisewitha-s

    Fresno @ Boise

    First half was was Fresno D bend but not break and Harsin being Harsin. If bsu gets a stop to open second half should be a good finish.
  14. boisewitha-s

    Fresno @ Boise

    I forgot how whiny you Fresno fans are. Reminds me of my 9 year old niece.
  15. boisewitha-s

    Fresno @ Boise

    Soccer players suck.