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  1. boisewitha-s

    My Rankings are the same as last week

    Nothing. They seem to be a little better than horrible and people overreact.
  2. boisewitha-s

    My Rankings are the same as last week

    What's this pacific division? The west is not very good again. Better than years past though.
  3. boisewitha-s

    UNLV at Arkansas State - Game Thread

    Just when I think you can't get any dumber.
  4. boisewitha-s

    UNLV at Arkansas State - Game Thread

    The good thing is you guys got a half built building out of this whole mess.
  5. boisewitha-s


    Lol. Ok st isn't way better except on the sidelines.
  6. boisewitha-s


    Go away. There's a reason usu hasn't ever done anything.
  7. boisewitha-s


    I agree. Sometimes coaches do everything right and put the players in a position to win and they fail. Haven't seen that scenario with harsin. He gets out coached all the time. Never beats anybody they shouldn't and loses a couple every year they shouldn't.
  8. boisewitha-s


    This is great. Bsu was favored at game time and harsin got ran. Couldn't even get a punt off, or make any adjustments at half time.
  9. boisewitha-s


    Yeah keep on being ok with a mediocre coach. He has like 2 big games a year and loses all of them.
  10. boisewitha-s


    Out coached again. He'll get 9 wins again and cash paychecks. Embarrassing.
  11. boisewitha-s

    Pueblo Revolt part II

    Unm is doing it right. Soccer is a women's sport. Good for them.
  12. boisewitha-s

    BYU still sucks

    they may be improved but that's not saying much. They are pretty bad. Az and cal are not good football teams.
  13. Didn't get to watch the Fresno game. What happened?
  14. Unfortunately nobody but bsu will be ranked this year. Gonna have to ruts.
  15. boisewitha-s

    Random hoops/non football thread

    In case of what? they had a team and ran them out. The NFL will never go back.