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  1. SDSU loses to Fresno Right After Losing to Boise

    Humidity got to them.
  2. RealRPI Predictions

    What's the line?
  3. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Lol. Then the biggest dipshit of them all replies.
  4. Boise should get a blue basketball court

    We have to start wearing blue uniforms at home.
  5. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Wait. I remember dipshit ph saying over and over how unlv was gonna win the mw this year. Apparently that's what his simulated video games were saying.
  6. Vikings Win in Improbable Fashion!

    Lol. Not accurate. $110 bets 6 wins = +600 4 losses = -440 52.5 percent is the break even mark.
  7. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    I generally agree. Hutch had a easy dunk and the defender bear hugs him. What else are you gonna call?
  8. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    Kind of agree. Think suds weathered the storm pretty well. Don't think they can score well enough to stay in it though.
  9. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    elevation clearly affecting suds.
  10. I have sold the Boise site to

    I know independent thought is a hard concept for you. The sky is blue.
  11. I have sold the Boise site to

    Well he's halfway there. Halfman isn't even a mod here and tries telling people what they should and shouldn't do.
  12. FS1

    Not surprising.
  13. FS1

    Anyone watching providence vs DePaul right now? Coaches miked up and no commercials. It's great.
  14. Final Report Card FBS USA Today

    Keep up bubba. We're talking football.