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  1. You really think calling yourselves p6 helped you get a few more bucks from espn? Not sure what it means for the mw but in the big scheme of things when p5 conferences are getting 30 mil a year per school we are all behind the 8 ball in trying to compete.
  2. i would have thought you guys being a p6 conference and all would have got 4 to 5 BILLION for 12 years. Lol
  3. Exactly right. Reb high would be in a much better situation now. No football to worry about and being able to win a conference title in hoops here and there.
  4. Has there been any more talk of dropping football? It would definitely allow Reb hoops to spend more money and get a good hoops coach.
  5. Things Are looking good at Unlv if ph is against firing mm and not on board with new coach.
  6. Where's all the "mw is a 1 bid league" posters.
  7. Never change rebel fans. You guys are very entertaining.
  8. And averaged 7.5 wins a year over the last 20 years. I was a little off.
  9. fresno has been great for the type of program you guys have, not arguing that. 7-5 seasons are more the norm for you guys though.
  10. Fresno will regress a lot. They are not the type of program to sustain success.
  11. Just because Unlv hasn't been any good recently doesn't mean their chances aren't improved by playing at home.
  12. Agree. Unlv getting home games is a huge advantage. If this were a nuetral site tourney their odds would probably double.
  13. Reb high should be in the 40's. Breakout year coming.