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  1. Won’t know that till the games are played. Public definitely thinks so though.
  2. Lol Unlv isn’t good at anything. Dumbest fan base in America and they lease a football stadium. The MW would be so much better without them.
  3. Lol. You act like the kids in programs not playing football are in a bubble. They aren’t. One could argue they are safer playing football. But it doesn’t fit your political view.
  4. This is exactly what should happen. If kids want to get paid to play sports go pro.
  5. Are you on board with unlv dropping football and concentrating on hoops? The thought is gaining traction with Vegas boosters. It’s a good idea. As it stands both programs are garbage. Maybe you guys can figure something out with hoops if you don’t have to worry about funding football.
  6. Unlv, new mex are non starters. If we had to choose between the two new mex would get the nod.
  7. @mugtang when I win just donate my prize money to the city of Fresno. Thanks.
  8. Lol. Seriously though I don’t get why Fresno fans just don’t own the fact that Fresno is a shithole.
  9. Nothing new. Players have been testing positive for weeks now.
  10. Just more proof that the wac was better than the mw back then.
  11. I would definitely throw unlv out. Nobody wants to be associated with such a poor athletic department. They have one of the worst all time football programs and it’s been 30 years since they were good in hoops. I would add Fresno St and Wyoming. Could really care less about temple or Ucf joining the party.
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