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  1. Lol. How did a frat boy living off of daddy end up at bsu.
  2. @ph90702 complaining so much to get rid of the idiot button has pretty much ruined this board.
  3. I’m just glad hawaii is finally decent. Hate playing them because it’s usually a sos killer. I guess we have to play them again next year. Hopefully they will get over the trauma of getting slapped on the blue by then.
  4. Being stuck playing a losing program every year is not good scheduling. SOS out of conference is the only real control bsu has.
  5. I know. Your a transplant that loves this game. Get over it.
  6. I salute our two aac trolls. Good effort tonight.
  7. Give rainbow fans their excuses and moral victories. What else they got?
  8. Minus the espn+ fees. It’s pennies anyway. I’ll bet you anything you want af doesn’t join the aac.
  9. Lol. So the aac learned their lesson by adding Tulsa. It’s good to be cautious.
  10. Lol. How fuucking stupid are you? You think af gives a flying +++++ what a suit at espn says.
  11. Aren’t you guys tired of begging schools to join. Bsu paid millions to get out of that mess. You guys have a decent conference even though nobody knows.
  12. byu is 2-4. This game is such a drag on our schedule.
  13. Where you been ph. This board needs more of your knowledge.