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  1. Not even close. They might win 8 games
  2. Post it. I’m pretty sure it should be a part of this board. Unlv fans at their best.
  3. Where’s the pic of Sanchize in the jet that proved he would teach reb high how to play football?
  4. Reb high will average 8k bits a game in their rented stadium.
  5. A’s ownership wants to build it privately financed. No public funds at all and the city is still balking. Hope the a’s bolt.
  6. Same coach, same soft team that can’t compete if 3 balls aren’t falling. Doesn’t matter what players on the squad.
  7. Few wanted out of the wcc a couple of years ago. The admin at Gonzaga told him no. Bsu men’s hoops is a solid program for the wcc.
  8. Next year. Will be announced after this football season.
  9. Not gonna reveal my source. It’s bsu only. Western division will be smu, Houston, cincy, Memphis, Tulsa and bsu. gonzaga made the wcc happen for bsu olys.
  10. You will get your wish. Unfortunately the mw will be sunbelt 2.0. But your presidents pushed it. Probably best for all involved. Bsu wants to excel. Mw wants to be garbage.
  11. Stumpy I’ve been around long enough. Deal is done. Nnc has nothing to do with anything. Troll rookies.
  12. All you morons don’t know. It’s done.
  13. Gonzaga pushed for bsu. Got the deal done.
  14. Good news is unlv hoops will now not be as shitty.
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