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  1. This settles it. If a really smart guy like ph says he’s intelligent you all can book it.
  2. No shit. This is why women should be in the kitchen.
  3. Nonsense. You raise prices because a sophomore who couldn’t get on the court as a freshman is coming back. That’s how professionals who are used to having top 25 teams do things.
  4. That is correct. Give me washington and michigan.
  5. Gonna play Usu first half. They’ll probably be up at half and shit it away late in the game. Fresno seems like they should be able to cover 13. Reno at home should cover also.
  6. Not sure what’s confusing you. Didn’t think It was needed to explain but here goes. Home team in bold blah blah blah. Colorado and csu always play neutral in Denver. That help?
  7. Arizone -11.5 HAWAII FSU -4 Bsu (game in Jacksonville) WAKE FOREST -3.5 Usu Colorado -10.5 Csu Purdue -8.5 RENO Mizzou -14.5 WYO USC -13 Fresno
  8. Don’t care who who wins but when Toronto does it will be like fresno beating bsu’s 2nd team. Not a lot of satisfaction there.
  9. Are you retarded? You really think your AD waited on one players decision to come back or not before deciding ticket prices. This is why this board is great. Morons are welcome.
  10. You should be banned from the game