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  1. Spring Football Reports

    This is truth.
  2. It's Happening.

    They are.
  3. Calipari pushes for a HS combine

    I think kids can go from high school to the g league immediately. Think a Syracuse commit opted for rout this year.
  4. CSU Stadium Naming Rights Sold

    Give csu the naming rights ship. They need something to get excited about.
  5. Phuck bsu

    It's embarrassing going to OT with csu. Harsin better get his shit together.
  6. Phuck bsu

    lol Please tell me what football program has done anything to add to the football tv money.
  7. UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    Every men's soccer team in the country should be cut. It's a okay girls sport though.
  8. Phuck bsu

    Tournament credits should be distributed differently but it's not like bsu hoops hasn't added to the pot.
  9. Phuck bsu

    Bsu was kicking everyone's ass in the mw while in wac with a tiny budget and less tv revenue. Bsu earning a little more now from tv compared to everyone else is just a way for them to justify sucking.
  10. Govt subs. Good luck.
  11. Sucks to be in California. Can't justify spending money on the football program when everyone has their hands out.
  12. Spring Football Reports

    One of the best threads ever.
  13. Spring Football Reports

    Agree. Csu is good for 8 wins this year. Great year for you guys.
  14. Upcoming TV contract negotiations

    i cut the cord and still pay for espn. The fact is espn still own rights to sports people want to watch. They aren't going anywhere.
  15. Spring Football Reports

    Last year at this time suds fans were saying he's the best qb in the league.