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  1. It really sucks that bsu is the only program worth a shit in this conference.
  2. For California transplants it is.
  3. Where they gonna play while new stadium being built?
  4. Good thing is they’re consistent. Win or lose all class.
  5. That’s not fair. Tagged posters are not allowed to ever go against the mothership. They fall in line.
  6. It’s pretty obvious. A lot of weird shit going on around here
  7. If bsu wins and cincy wins bsu is in. No need to worry.
  8. Not sure a new coach will change anything attendance wise next year. Unless they get urban of course.
  9. It’s not even close. Af plays within the rules. BYU applauds players for dirty plays and ending opposing players careers.
  10. Even with Harsin I don’t think that trend continues.
  11. Csu’s Shiny new stadium effect wore off quicker than I thought it would. Will they crack 20k next year?