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  1. You may have something about my total dislike of USU. My experience with USU that dates back to the ‘70’s. It’s hard to overlook their sanctimonious attitude and treatment to those that are not a member of the club. That said, I have a few friends that attended USU. I do not hold that against them. Read the entire thread. If you can’t connect the dots, get back with me.
  2. Wrong again, but again, proving my point. I do not wear the right kinda underwear and can’t stand either BYU or BYU Lite (USU). With that said, if your heritage is 2 or more generations in Cache County, we’re probably related. Cousins I would expect.
  3. You must be assuming i’m A Fresno fan. Well, I like FSU more than USU, by quite a large margin. Bronco fan, that’s me. I grew up in East Idaho. Even when our D1AA team kicked the crap out of the Aggies, USU fans were over the top. Nothing’s changed.
  4. I have 150 posts because I’m a more of a reader than a poster. But... Had to deal with USU fans for longer than than you will ever know.
  5. Just as I dreaded... Aggholes win the tourney and now we won’t hear the end of it.
  6. So in other words, “Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.”
  7. BSU has been disappointing this year. For the most part, they compete but can’t complete. Their schedule is nothing to get excited about and we have a losing record. Oh well, I’ll still be in my seat today at TBA with hopes that we can finish against USU.
  8. So feel free to open up on this, but what was the deal with the game & shot clock? You would think that a venue like SDSU’s could have a clock that ran properly. I thought the clock issue took rhythm out of the game. It was frustrating to the point of being comical.
  9. BSU was out rebounded by a landslide. However, we lost the game at the line. Pure and simple.
  10. Any owner that takes him deserves the fallout that will follow. He’s nothing but an entitled individual looking for some way to be relevant.
  11. I saw that too. But I hate to count on the refs to get the call. The foul may have been called as he was setting up the shot, giving Hobbs a one and one on the line. That wouldn’t have helped. I think Hobbs was smart by not leaning, giving him a chance with a three.
  12. Boise can’t win close games. Not this season. Good game, frustrating game for BSU but still a good game.
  13. I know why the Patriots struggled to score. The the announcers had their noses so far up Belicheat & Brady’s a$$es, I don’t know how they could concentrate, and still had call and run plays.