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  1. I don't mind Coach Rolovich getting the award. Not at all. Hawaii's had a great year. Jumping from 3rd place in 2018 to 1st place in the West is commendable. Maybe that's it. BSU didn't move up in the standings because they won the Mountain Division and is hosting the third conference championship in 3 years. The challenges with the QB situation, all the confusion and obstacles with the Florida State game, all of the injuries that BSU has endured and yet here we are again, playing for the championship. I think this is his best year coaching. And yet, it seems like winning the division is the expectation of the conference and the press and thus, not as notable as the jumping from third to first in the West.
  2. Congrats to Rolovich for coach of the year. No disrespect to Hawaii and Coach Rolovich, but what does Harsin have to do to get coach of the year? Let's see, this year he endured the mess in Florida (moving the FSU game and time) and came back to defeat FSU; had Oline injuries; running back injuries; quarterback injuries; defensive back injuries; and other player injuries that would have stymied most teams and yet, the Broncos are 11-1 going into their third consecutive championship game (not the first, not the second but the third consecutive game). I know the bar is set pretty high for him and yet he hits the bar year after year. Just curious.
  3. This was over corn dogs. Corn dogs! As many of you already know, there are corn dogs, and then there are Pronto Pups!
  4. Great job Aztecs!!! Now the lingering question... what to do with all that jello?
  5. Looking forward for SDSU to curb stomp them.
  6. I hope SDSU takes BYU's green jello, pees in their ice cream and dumps all of their Postum. Oh, and beat the living crap out of BYU. Now, let me tell you which team I'm rooting for...
  7. I’m an old guy and took the comments at face value. My apologies.
  8. No. The Aggies demeanor, the crowd’s excitement went south in a big hurry with the pick six. The game was over at that point.
  9. You lost all credibility with paying off the refs. USU was whipped soundly. Soundly.
  10. This ball game was over when we got the pick six in the first a quarter. You could sense it by the Aggies’ body language. It sucked the air out of their team. I might add that we were in Love’s head from the start.
  11. BSU would have lost this game last season.
  12. It’s all about the money!!! CSU will not let Bono go. New Mexico is cash strapped. Sanchez’s stipend if he loses his job is minimal. Sanchez goes first.
  13. Montana State is BSU lite. Lot's of former Broncos associated with that team. Go Cats!
  14. Weekly GIF’s on this board is one of the many reasons I like MWC football. I’m an old guy and not that techy, but I love watching the GIFs. What’s up with that?