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  1. Might thought on the subject... There are two schools of thought here. Should the outcome be different than expected for those that opted out, they have their pride hurt. Should the outcome be different than those that plowed forward to play, the consequences could potentially be worse. A lot worse. The bet placed on the lives of the players and coaches, players' and coaches' families and their fans is a bet I would not take. If you bet wrong, there's no turning back. Humble pie is one thing but the potential of long term health issues or even worse are not worth the risk. You cannot p
  2. No, my head is not in the sand. Frankly, I haven't been following their quest for games one bit. BYU is not in our conference and parade around like they are. Like most fans of MWC teams, I could care less about them. If BYU can put a schedule together, kudos to them.
  3. This post and poll are not about Boise State or even the Mountain West. This is another post about BYU wishing they could fill their football schedule this fall. Take a hike. BYU made their bed. Let them lie in it. If I've said it once, I'll say it 1000 times. This conference owes BYU nothing.
  4. In Reno today. I read a tweet indicating 20 athletic jobs were axed today. I think the Wolf Pack is the first of several schools lighting their athletic budgets.
  5. I forgot to list... In November, heading to Orlando to see our son and his family. Then drive to Key West for a week in the Keys. I hope to go fishing in gulf or even the Atlantic for a day or two. I love fishing down there.
  6. It won't matter. UCF or whoever wins the abbreviate COVID tournament in the AAC will claim national champion status anyway.
  7. For me, cutting some firewood, fly fishing while the weather holds and DVD’s & YouTube Bronco games. Betcha my selection will result in an undefeated season of games gone by. Go Broncos!
  8. So, will BSU still be the defending conference champion for 2021 without playing a conference game in 2020?
  9. It’s amazing what they can do with plastic.
  10. Why? BYU is like the couple living together out of wedlock. They get the benefits without the commitment. No. MWC needs to focus on taking care of themselves and walk away from BYU just like BYU walked away from the MWC.
  11. They are happy because the Aggies got a life raft from the MWC once the WAC went kaput. They were knee deep the in the back room shenanigans when both the WAC and the MWC were teetering. I'm sure they thank their lucky stars that they did not end up like Idaho or NM State.
  12. Why should any team in the MWC lend a hand to BYU? BYU acts like a member of the conference but we all know they are not. Yet somehow they benefit from the conference thru their former association with it. No. That's not right for any of the conference members. If BYU wants a life raft for this season from the MWC, join the conference as a full time member. Otherwise, the conference owes them nothing and should offer the same.
  13. Tell BYU to go play NMSU 5 or 6 times this year. If the MWC only allows conference games, let BYU reap what they sow. Too good to be in a actual conference? Well, no life rafts from the MWC.
  14. Hardly a slap to the Mtn West in general. This has been debated a hundred times. The AAC has a huge population base to attract viewers. They are second tier games but they should attract decent numbers based solely on population. Then, there’s the time zone. Most of BSU’s home games are shown after 7:00p. Conversely, AAC have better time slots to show their games. For example a noon game in Gainesville is on at 9:00a Pacific. Certainly not prime time but the game is watchable. Conversely, BSU games that start at 8:00p Mtn. Time is on at 10:00p in the east. Our games finish up anywher
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