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  1. My post is not meant to be about UCONN. It has more to do with the woeful home out of conference men's basketball schedule for the Broncos.
  2. I wish BSU would leverage their football schedule to include UCONN. Granted, they are not a good team right now but football is not my reason for scheduling. Leverage football to get UCONN to come to Boise to play the Broncos in basketball. What a breath of fresh air, UCONN instead of Central Washington or some other lousy out of conference team playing in the Pavilion.
  3. Dalton & Alex Smith were excellent QB's. But one of the best performances in a game that really meant something was Brian Johnson who curb stomped Nick Saban's Crimson Tide back in the day. The score was closer than the game was.
  4. Don't start messing with Nick Patti.
  5. The MWC doesn't owe BYU anything. If BYU wants to be included in the MWC scheduling, then do what the members of the conference do, join the conference.
  6. I remember this game. Yes, we still were in the Big Sky Conference. We drove down from Boise to watch it, too. John L. Smith, a former Idaho Vandal coach, was a riot on the radio after the ball game. He was not trying to be funny, he was just crazy. He really had a hard time reconciling the fact that we beat them so soundly. In the interview, he flat out stated he didn't like us at all. He said something like he couldn't even say our school name or mascot. During the postgame show, he called us "those guys" or "the other team" or something like that. It was hilarious.
  7. Oh crap! No sports probably means no sports segment on the local news. KTVB (Boise NBC affiliate) will most likely fill it with a longer weather segment. In a 30 minute show, weather will be 25 minutes. How many times do we have to hear the forecast in the broadcast? Geez!
  8. Careful now. They may go UCF on us and claim a national championship!
  9. There were a couple of times where Merrill obviously lowered his shoulder a defender while driving the ball and even bumped a SDSU air borne shooter with either no foul called or foul called on the SDSU player. With that said, it appears that Merrill was fouled on his last shot with no call. Things happen. With 10 players moving around the court at all times, setting blocks, picks and setting up their plays, the refs (I can't believe I'm standing up for them) are going to miss calls.
  10. That sounds like a typical Aggie fan.
  11. Merrill is a great player. No doubt but boy, he gets away with a whole lot.
  12. I don’t have a dog in fight but I hope the Aztecs lambaste the Aggies... Not that I’m biased or anything... Go Aztecs!
  13. Home stand in Boise with the new baseball team. The first home game in 40 years played last week had almost the same attendance as an average home basketball game. Raining today, though. I noticed 8 Aggies on the floor last night. 3 were wearing non-fashionable striped shirts. Typical.