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  1. The NCAA set a precedent with North Carolina. Lots of talk but the hammer falls on the likes of Coastal Carolina or some other small, less privileged school. I don’t expect anything different with this.
  2. 2 for 1 is what it generally takes to schedule a decent P5 team. Barring an unexpected late cancelation of a game, that’s what most G5 teams have to schedule. 2 for 1 deals are beneath UCF so they will end up scheduling lower level P5 teams. That is not the way to build a resume.
  3. I live in Boise and voted for Albuquerque. Good food and interesting sites. I almost voted for San Jose but that would remind me of my initial visit there when I repossessed my first car, truck actually. I thought of Reno but I would lose waaayyy too much money in a week’s time. Fort Collins... no. Laramie, not in the winter. Never been to Colorado Springs or Fresno. I have no use for Logan. Too many relatives that I don’t know that will try to convert me.
  4. Okay. I trust you on this. I love fishing at Henry’s, though. I’d like to try Walker Lake in Nevada sometime. They pull lunkers out of there, too.
  5. Then you haven’t been to Henry’s Lake located in Eastern Idaho, about 15 miles or so from West Yellowstone, Montana. There are special limits there. Catch and release anything under 21 inches or so. Awesome place, great scenery.
  6. So I started this on another thread, but my family flew from Boise to Orlando via SLC. Once there, we spent a day at Universal, followed with a 5 day cruise to Nassau and back to Cocoa Beach and then rented a car a drive back to Boise. Here’s my gear report from our trip... We saw gear from FSU (sorry Fresno fans, it was Florida State), Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan State, Oregon, Penn State, Clemson, South Florida, Utah, BYU, South Carolina, USC, Colorado State, N. Colorado and more. Some interesting results... I didn’t tally the sightings but Florida, FSU, Alabama and Georgia wear were the most common. That’s no surprise. On the cruise at dinner, our table was next to a table with guests from Oregon. One guy wore Oregon gear on the first day. We bantered back an forth throughout the cruise. We saw another Oregon shirt at Universal along with a USC shirt. For being a recent “national champion” we saw two people wearing UFC gear. One at the Orlando airport and one at an Orlando mall. Two. P6. We almost came away without seeing any CSU gear. But our rental car had a flat tire and the closest Budget Car Rental office was housed in a Fort Collins Walmart. Short story, we were in Fort Collins about 4 hours and didn’t see any other CSU gear. Other than a license plate frame, we had to be at Walmart to see CSU gear. Hmmm. Think that thru. I almost forgot, we did see Wyoming gear at a service station somewhere in Wyoming. The most surprising thing was seeing Montana Grizzlies gear in SLC, at Universal, on our cruise and at the Welcome Center on I-75 going into Georgia. No kidding. Finally, to all the USU fans seeking relevance, we saw a freeway sign near Brigham City identifying the Logan and USU exit. That’s it. No gear at all. I’m glad to be back in Boise again. I hope to duplicate this trip sometime in the next year or two.
  7. No images of lunch today, maybe later in our trip. Gear alert... yesterday at SLC airport, one Ute sweatshirt, two BYU shirts & 2 Montana State sweatshirt/jacket & a Michigan State coat. The winner: 3 Montana Grizzly jackets & hats. Too late and two tired at MCO (Orlando) airport to notice. Did not consider my BSU shirt.
  8. I don't know if you can schedule games that are "pretty easy to win." Most of the games, such as the games that were announced today, were scheduled when the team was doing well. USF is a quality opponent, not a pretty easy to win team, at least last year's USF team was. An example would be back when BSU scheduled Southern Miss an number of years ago, they looked to be pretty good team. Unfortunately, by game time, their success had waned.
  9. It's an April Fool's joke, right?
  10. You may have something about my total dislike of USU. My experience with USU that dates back to the ‘70’s. It’s hard to overlook their sanctimonious attitude and treatment to those that are not a member of the club. That said, I have a few friends that attended USU. I do not hold that against them. Read the entire thread. If you can’t connect the dots, get back with me.
  11. Wrong again, but again, proving my point. I do not wear the right kinda underwear and can’t stand either BYU or BYU Lite (USU). With that said, if your heritage is 2 or more generations in Cache County, we’re probably related. Cousins I would expect.
  12. You must be assuming i’m A Fresno fan. Well, I like FSU more than USU, by quite a large margin. Bronco fan, that’s me. I grew up in East Idaho. Even when our D1AA team kicked the crap out of the Aggies, USU fans were over the top. Nothing’s changed.