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  1. Spazdog

    BSU and UCF: Separated at Birth?

    I love Key West. My in-laws had a place on Big Pine Key near mile marker 30. My father in law (rest his soul) used to take us fishing out past Little Palm Island to Spanish Channel. We caught countless fish. It was awesome!
  2. Spazdog

    BSU and UCF: Separated at Birth?

    The word from MBA grads from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida is that most undergraduate students at UCF never set foot in a classroom. If they do, they are auditorium classrooms. Most take online courses almost exclusively.
  3. Spazdog

    I Hate NFL Overtime

    If there's a rule change, for playoff games and SB, make the overtime period 15 minutes, the equivalent to another quarter. Anything less will still give a huge advantage to the team winning the coin toss. That way, both teams have a chance to play on offense, defense and special teams as well as working field position. There would be an advantage to win the coin toss giving that team an extra possession. Just my thoughts.
  4. Spazdog

    I Hate NFL Overtime

    I don’t care about missed calls during the game, teams can play thru those. But a blatant missed pass interference call in the waning moments in a tight, all or nothing game, it sure seems that it’s more than a missed call... How many striped shirts are on the field and not one reached for their yellow hanky? Not one?
  5. Spazdog

    Gear Report/Lunch Review

    Habit sucks. Char burgers... Not so much. I've had burgers still frozen from Habit. Chicken sandwiches, more lettuce than chicken. Multiple times, same result.
  6. Spazdog

    Fresno Boise game

    The crowd has been pretty lethargic all season, with the exception of the Nevada game. There were stretches in that game when the crowd was not in the game.
  7. Spazdog

    Fresno Boise game

    Here’s what I saw from Section 9... Fresno had better athletes than Boise (just my opinion). Neither team could get any rhythm offensively because of the other team’s defense, for the most part. FSU was able to knock down threes in the final minutes to hold and build the lead. Neither team had foul troubled players which is surprising based on the defense that was played. When BSU had open shots, they were not falling. Refs sucked but their calls or no calls were pretty much even.
  8. That’s a drag. Cancer SUCKS!
  9. Spazdog

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! Here’s to hope, good health and happiness for the New Year.
  10. Spazdog

    Merry Christmas You Bastages...

    Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you, including VP97. Best wishes for a New Year full of Hope, Good Health and Happiness!!!
  11. Spazdog

    P6 vastly overrated and plays zero defense

    I start off by saying, UCF's win streak is more than remarkable. I don't care who their completion is or was. But I understand your hope for LSU to thrash them. I know that we had obnoxious, delusional fans and still do. But the level that UCF and the AAC has taken it is crazy. I'm not a fan of the entitled SEC, either but I hope LSU knocks them down a notch or two.
  12. Spazdog

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Back in 2006, BSU went to Rice Eccles Stadium to play Utah. BSU left with a humiliated defeat of the Utes. Most Utah fans that we passed were grumbling and whining about how poorly they played. On the way out of the stadium, someone’s grandmother went out of her way to make sure everyone in our group heard her. She said something like “At least we won the Fiesta Bowl.”
  13. Spazdog

    OT: Patriots Loss to the Dolphins

    The dude even did his best "Ian Johnson" by hucking the ball into the stands. I wouldn't be surprised if someone got down on a knee and asked for a hand in marriage. Awesome tribute! Awesome!
  14. Spazdog

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    Day one... Allow FBS independent football teams to schedule 1 team from the MWC per season. If an independent schedules more than 1 MWC team, the conference will be compensated by the independent team for each subsequent game. Frankly, there are benefits to belong to a conference. Teams such as BYU & New Mexico State choose to be independent but seek conference benefits such as a stable set of teams to schedule. My MWC will not enable independents in that way. They're either in or they are out. Nothing in between. I would actively pursue teams that could enhance our conference in other revenue sports, such as Gonzaga, to move all of their sports to the MWC. Finally, I would change the formula to disburse funds equally with each school but reward programs with additional benefits, including additional funds, for conference championships, top 25 rankings, NY6 appearances, etc.
  15. Spazdog

    First CFP Rankings

    Why do they care? They'll just crown themselves national champions regardless of where they end up in the rankings. Loons.