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  1. Air Force Mountain West 103 -5.7 Boise State Mountain West 49 48.3 Colorado State Mountain West 86 11.3 Fresno State Mountain West 100 -2.7 Hawaii Mountain West 113 -15.7 Nevada Mountain West 91 6.3 New Mexico Mountain West 116 -18.7 San Diego State Mountain West 95 2.3 San Jose State Mountain West 120 -22.7 UNLV Mountain West 107 -9.7 Utah State Mountain West 89 8.3 Wyoming Mountain West 99 -1.7
  2. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2019/2/8/18212728/conference-class-rankings-2019 1. Boise State (48.3 ranking spots better than average Mountain West team) The Broncos are the most reliable “non-power” in part because they develop players well and win a lot of big games, but also because they recruit like gangbusters. They’ve put together a No. 49 class that so thoroughly laps their peers that it should further guarantee their ownership of the Mountain West Mountain for years to come. The involved four-stars are QB Hank Bachmeier (the No. 6 pro-style passer), possible linebacker Casey Kline (the No. 16 ATH), and Austin Griffin (the No. 1 JUCO tight end). All three come from California.
  3. Tulsi will get the Ron Paul treatment from the media. She scares the elite.
  4. "A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have." -- Thomas Jefferson
  5. I wonder what the institutional support from student fees/general fund are for each school. Is there a good place that provides access to that data?
  6. I know you love to spout off about the streaming rights, but where are you getting your information?
  7. God these AAC tools love the sound of their own voices
  8. Although the AAC fans are annoying, I am glad we can have these discussions here on this board. Their board is a piece of shit in comparison. Little man syndrome is prevalent and rampant over there.Thank you @mugtang