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  1. Fort Fun Municiple Broadband

    https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/01/colorado-city-to-build-fiber-broadband-network-with-net-neutrality/ I wish Boise/Meridian would do something like this.
  2. UF hires Chip Kelly

    This post did not age well
  3. The Rise and Fall of BYU athletics

    Hmmm, "same-sex attraction" (Mormon term) marriages are bad and immoral, but marrying 14 year old, other men's wives, the help is a-ok? Come on now, give brother Joseph a break!
  4. The Rise and Fall of BYU athletics

    “We have been systematically kept out of not just the Pac-10, but after that, the Big 12,” says Fehlberg. “This has been good, old-fashioned religious discrimination masquerading as academic snobbery that legitimizes an otherwise untenable position.” -- Breaking out the old "religious discrimination" card. The LDS church is absolutely ignorant of their own discrimination and (polygamous/polyandrous) history.
  5. Boise St up to #23 in CFP poll

    It will be interesting to see what the final CFP rankings are and how they take into account UCF/Memphis/USF not playing a full 12 game schedule. If Boise wins out, they will have played 1 more game, and no FCS teams.
  6. Mora fired

    Chip makes much more sense in the PAC12 than in the SEC. Plus UCLA would be perfect for him from a recruiting standpoint.
  7. Air Force @ Boise State

    Pepperidge Farms remembers.
  8. Air Force @ Boise State

    Back to ESPN2
  9. Air Force @ Boise State

    TD Broncos!
  10. Air Force @ Boise State

    3-0 Broncos
  11. Air Force @ Boise State

    Fu.ck ESPN
  12. Air Force @ Boise State

    AF received the kick then turned the ball over. Boise ball.
  13. Air Force @ Boise State

    Starting on ESPN News
  14. Air Force @ Boise State

    Kickoff at 10:26 EST
  15. Boise vs CSU

    Truly indicative of ram fans based on the number of fans in the stadium that 2nd half.