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  1. baileyake

    Josh Allen Apologizes For Offensive Tweets

    I had a friend in Jr High School. He lived a rough life and just wanted some semblance of acceptance. At 13 he started hanging out with a group of skinheads. Tatted up his body with swastikas and other hateful symbols and words. At 15, he found out that he has Jewish roots. He was a dumb kid that just wanted to be a part of something, and made some dumb decisions. It took him 25 years to finally cover or remove all the offensive tattoos. He has spent his life working with troubled teens. Should he be judged poorly for his teenaged actions?
  2. baileyake

    Moon landing?

    Dave McGowan has a good write up from the denier perspective. If anything, it is a fun read: http://centerforaninformedamerica.com/moondoggie-1/
  3. baileyake

    Fort Fun Municiple Broadband

    https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/01/colorado-city-to-build-fiber-broadband-network-with-net-neutrality/ I wish Boise/Meridian would do something like this.
  4. baileyake

    The Rise and Fall of BYU athletics

    Hmmm, "same-sex attraction" (Mormon term) marriages are bad and immoral, but marrying 14 year old, other men's wives, the help is a-ok? Come on now, give brother Joseph a break!
  5. baileyake

    The Rise and Fall of BYU athletics

    “We have been systematically kept out of not just the Pac-10, but after that, the Big 12,” says Fehlberg. “This has been good, old-fashioned religious discrimination masquerading as academic snobbery that legitimizes an otherwise untenable position.” -- Breaking out the old "religious discrimination" card. The LDS church is absolutely ignorant of their own discrimination and (polygamous/polyandrous) history.
  6. After this season, a lot of the faithful are going to have difficulty renewing their temple recommends. Idle hands and all... PSA from Profit Monson: Do not play with your little factories!
  7. baileyake

    Libertarian Alert !!!

    Doesn't Tor allow you to browse anonymously?
  8. baileyake

    Utah Passes Bill To Lower DUI Limit

    I have three cousins that are UHP. Through their training, they have stated that it is impossible to discern if a motorist is at or below 0.08 BAC without the use of a breathalyzer. Simple observation and sobriety tests are worthless. This new law is nothing but a money grab.