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  1. Italy's issue is that a large portion of their manufacturing industry is run by Chinese immigrants. With one of China's biggest holidays occurring at the end of January, a lot of these workers returned home to Wuhan and returned to Italy afterwards. The above must be true - I read it on Reddit /s
  2. The bigger reward is Air Force the week before Florida State. The Bronco's aren't going to have any linemen available against the Seminoles. Thanks Craig.
  3. Fun fact: Willie Alderson used to train the dogs that retrieve the tee after Boise State kickoffs.
  4. Yes please! Is the Segway the best method of trolling mall parking lots? Do tell!
  5. Had a friend from high school play at LCSU and thought he was hot shit. He's a bar tender at the knitting factory now. At 45+. Baseball guys...
  6. Basketball is usually worth 20% or less of the media rights value.
  7. I wonder what the MW media contract would look like financially without Boise. Probably lose Fox, and become the sole property of CBSSN. Worse off than before Boise rejoined the MW.
  8. The Boise fans are the level headed ones in this thread. It's all the other TWMCFs that are going ham with their doomsday scenarios and "kick'em out" takes.
  9. You are ignorant. Read the complaint. Boise voted no to the Fox/CBS deal.
  10. Read the complaint >> Boise did not approve the contract. Also, Hair said that ESPN offered more $$ but the conference wanted a shorter term than what ESPN was willing to provide.