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  1. holy shit, after months of hiatus I come back for this. SJSU over arkansas! wow
  2. lobos might flip that to 4-3, go LOobes
  3. we're going to go 3-4 and I'm not going to say which games.
  4. Well I know this for sure, we are guaranteed to win at least one game! LOL
  5. Hawaii has huge problems and the top 3 have nothing to do with who is coach - no? Jones saw where it was headed and that's why he left.
  6. You could say all these guys in no order Usu, byu, Fresno, rice, b-green, NIU
  7. Lol good point. You didn't play Fresno though - ha!
  8. Really? I don't think it happens this way or us.
  9. trailing the MAC. oh great. I'm assuming by the Big East, they mean the AAC?
  10. Oregon, bama , Oklahoma, Ohio st. Poll is way to favored for this years winners. I think Oregon gets in next year. My dark horse is Oklahoma
  11. Stan Albright was right the world is crumbling around us