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  1. I hope the decision makers share your same logic. If the Oregon Washington rumors are true, there may not be room for Utah now absolutely glorious.
  2. This is amazing. The greatest moment in conference realignment history.
  3. I hope Utah rejoins the MWC. But logically the B12 should pick them up.
  4. Did anyone really give your thoughts any merit.
  5. She sure was a bitch to SDSU. She is a respectable bitch.
  6. Well said PAC has a serious problem right now
  7. Conference USA is getting raided. Hopefully NMS gets the invite
  8. The 34 million exit fee is a real problem. At minimum 2 schools are leaving in 2024. SDSU felt like they couldn’t afford the 34 million fee. I still think the MWC gets raided. PAC will still get 12-15 million probably the 19 million still, if they can keep Oregon and Washington.
  9. PAC couldn’t do anything anyway. USC has been unhappy for a long time. They even looked at Independence. They stopped the raid of the B12 then they left and the B12 has now began the raid of the PAC12. USC screwed the PAC not once but twice. I never really liked USC until now.
  10. When is the meeting. B12 presidents voted last night supposedly
  11. You won’t get an objective answer on that here
  12. The Utes would still be my 2nd favorite team if all the Ute fans where like you
  13. https://www.sportskeeda.com/college-football/news-pac-12-tv-deal-stumbles-12-million-less-big-12-20-linear-coverage-reports above is what opened the flood gates. This will be an interesting next couple of weeks that will quickly go thru a few conferences.
  14. Everyone man for themselves now. The rats are jumping ship
  15. That bitch has her work cut out for her this week.
  16. That is the only info we have right now. But whatever it is Colorado said hell no. Beezo was going to pay 19 million for the streaming. I guess CW was part of the 19 million as well
  17. Utenations is probably drinking in the basement. Mumbling curses at BYU
  18. That would keep the 19 million offer. UNLV and SDSU will be gone most likely. Do you really want streaming and Tuesday night CW games though. MWC will be the 6th playoff spot with BSU as well.
  19. Well then $15 is still worth the jump. MWC will be raided
  20. Colorado isn’t the only team coming
  21. With the PAC payout dropping to 15 million a school is it worth it to SDSU and Fresno joining.
  22. Very true. Gonzaga is doing something. WCC will expand with Grand Canyon or they join the remaining PAC. Conference USA will grab another WAC team after NMS and UTEP bolt for the MWC.
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