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  1. https://fb.watch/gRmDYEiF0g/ Hilarious SNL monologue
  2. The Church is full of a bunch of liberal pansies now. Everyone one of my Bishops was a Democrat.
  3. Might be far to drive the motor home for the BYU game.
  4. She has some interesting thoughts. Based on what she said I would go with Liberty and try to raid the AAC ECU SMU Memphis that would be a solid conference. Not sure they would want to leave the AAC though. It would check all of her boxes for expansion.
  5. If the B12 can’t get the four corners. They should add SDSU and Gonzaga. Stay at 13 for football. Not sure who MWC should add. Liberty is on a huge island but has a P5 budget.
  6. Voter turn out here was less than primaries. Unfortunately the drag people from the streets and and have them vote with no IDs paid off for the Democrats. We need to start doing the same.
  7. It was banned as a criminal punishment. Owning of slaves was banned over a century ago. Apparently Carmichael doesn’t like to read and thinks people still own slaves in the rural counties. Im all for bringing back the chain gangs as punishment.
  8. Follow the Florida model. After 2000 they got their shit together.
  9. Good grief we might not even win the house
  10. Maybe it will force these morons to finally work together. We are looking at a slim house majority and most likely a 50/50 senate with Manchin trying to save his job in 2 years. Manchin will be a very powerful senator.
  11. Hard to predict 2024. Trump should probably step aside now. It’s a difficult map for the Democrats, with a lot of democrat senators from red or swing states to defend. Manchin won’t agree to anything from Biden with his job on the line in 2024.
  12. This is a disaster. A very small pickup for a small majority. Maybe as small as a 220-215. Nevada has to go to the Republicans and then win the runoff. and the runoff doesn’t look positive since Walker lost round 1. this was a red drip. Similar to my orgasm when my prostate is functioning at some level. Disappointing when you expected a red explosion.
  13. Arizona is done. I don’t see a ton of Republican votes to be had.
  14. Data just dump. Laxalt takes a decent lead with a ton of Republican votes left.
  15. Gridlock is good. I would take gridlock forever. It appears that the Democrats have the upper hand on the senate. We have to win Nevada and the run off. Not even sure what the projection on the house is now. Probably a small lead for Republicans.
  16. There didn’t appear to be a big discrepancy between the polls and the actual voting. Republicans didn’t out perform the polls by 4 to 5%. Fetterman won with a comfortable margin a surprise and Schumer was wrong about Georgia. Warnock didn’t go down.
  17. Well this is what we learned from the election. 1. Republicans moved in mass to Florida during the pandemic. 2. we are a divided country I fully expected a red wave when the results of Florida came pouring in.
  18. Well that is pretty much history warnock took the lead.
  19. Walker is losing ground on the 50%. Likely a runoff.
  20. I can see that. Not sure Walker will have enough to get to 50% now.
  21. Disappointed night. Even if we pull out Nevada it certainly wasn’t a wave in terrible economic conditions. Georgia likely flip Penn likely flip AZ hold Nevada is for all the marbles
  22. What is going on in Nevada. It’s our only hope now.
  23. Democrats beat history. Maybe this is the end of Trump.
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