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  1. Washington St will be biggest loser of all time in realignment. They have a huge deficit spending along with a massive amount of debt and are about to lose almost all TV money
  2. He is always cranky. Occasionally he acts like an adult.
  3. For the 80% of your fanbase I’m glad you have a landing spot. For the other 20% I wish Utah was stuck in what is left. B12 isn’t big into rival weeks. But I think they would make an exception and put Utah/BYU game back on rival weekend.
  4. Utah, Cal, Stanford, WSU and OSU will back fill with MWC teams
  5. Ha ha B12 decide if they want them or not. Take UA and ASU and call it a day
  6. Tulane spent nearly a century in the same conference with SEC teams. SIIA or something like that, then a founding member of the SoCON followed by a founding member of the SEC.
  7. They were an SEC team along with Georgia Tech at one point
  8. Our poor parents. Joe was the youngest and the clown of the family. It took him a bit to grow up. We got the old man cussing at us a few times growing up. Back in the day a lot of chat rooms you could share the same name. We would go in and pretend to be an active chat member. The Chaos that followed was usually very entertaining.
  9. He is absolute type of guy who listens only to his foolish thoughts. Probably not very successful in the real world. I’d guarantee it but I’m not one of those absolute guys. Im sure it’s embarrassing to him to have foolishness exposed.
  10. Wasn’t he one of the PAC12 has no chance of disintegrating voices.
  11. B10, SEC and B12 all take 4 teams from the ACC and destroy it. MWC and sunbelt battle it out for the 4th best. Those 2 should destroy the AAC.
  12. We will have a couple super conference. It makes little sense for a G5 conference to follow with this model. Though the MWC wanted a merger with Conf USA not long ago.
  13. The TV meeting obviously didn’t go very well.
  14. ACC getting blow up just killed UNLV’s chances
  15. This will be bigger than the last big go around. It all started with USC and UCLA
  16. I think they are good to go to 24. FSU and Miami are gone for sure to SEC or B10.
  17. Good grief the ACC is getting raided. Maybe a merger with PAC, SDSU and UCONN saves what is left of PAC. A ton of moving parts now, who knows what happens now. B12 might want to see what they can get from ACC now.
  18. https://apple.news/A_cQ9EP5oQyqzoac-TxmCZg Paul Finebaum says P12 is dead. What most are thinking anyway.
  19. That’s what McMurphy is saying as well.
  20. I hope that is the case. It would allow BYU to play BSU, USU and other MWC teams more often.
  21. UNLV was likely to end up in the PAC. But certainly wasn’t a guarantee. SDSU, WSU and OSU look like the losers here and of course possibly Utah.
  22. I can see conference schedules going to 10 games.
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