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  1. Positive signs for the predictions to hold. 83% flip on house and 55% for senate flip for Republicans.
  2. I expect 53 seats in the Senate and a pick up of 20 seats in the house. Let’s see what happens.
  3. Extra NyQuil, on hand in case the polls are wrong
  4. First result in Paul behind 2 percent reporting
  5. Looks UNLV is a no go. SDSU and Gonzaga are strong possibilities for the PAC
  6. That seem to be how the game goes. The underdog has been winning a lot.
  7. It’s a premium article. What’s the take on UNLV and Gonzaga
  8. What is the solution. Of course my USU side (a ton of family members went there) wants this as a yearly game. With 3 non conference games BYU has its hands tied. USU got screwed by Utah when the WAC was created and they blackballed USU out of the new conference. USU was better in football and had very good basketball team. USU has developed into one of the better overall programs of the MWC. This is an off year and they are probably still going bowling.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2022/11/06/bill-maher-trump-2024-january-6-prediction-gps-vpx.cnn When Bill Maher speaks I usually listen. Trump will not have a Vice President in power to attempt a coup in 2024. So it’s interesting what he says but I don’t believe it’s a likely possibility.
  10. How much are they. I have great seats at Lavell Edwards’s stadium for $40. We got a discount because I bought 20 of them for the family. I thought $40 was pretty reasonable.
  11. I like USU but why would BYU play a game in 25k stadium H/H when we have fans across the country. We didn’t do while in the WAC or MWC why would we do it in the B12. We have 3 non conference games and 3 main rivals plus a host of other P12 and MWC teams that want to play us, in addition we have BYU fans out east and in the south that want BYU to play in that region FCS/ USU home game only or UNLV at Provo south/ Provo UNLV would have to agree to be road team in Las Vegas as well. rival game BSU/Utah 6 out of 10, 4 years to other western schools H/H to different regions
  12. I hope you guys get in the B12. This would be one of the top rival games in the conference and certainly BYU’s top rival. Even if you don’t we need to find a way to play at least semi regular. I like playing Utah 6 times a decade and maybe Biose the same. I like USU but I wouldn’t play them unless they do a 2-1 like we did before independence.
  13. BYU won its last MWC title
  14. B12 will have a grant of rights. So if OU and Texas aren’t leaving because of it, I don’t see the other teams leaving the B12 early either.
  15. revenue wise maybe but not having tier 3 rights to the schools will really hurt BYU even more so than KU. BYUtv has been BYU sports thru independences. That is a massive loss that is still worth it for the B12 invite. Not playing around the country is another lose but again it’s worth it for a major conference.
  16. Did you notice Hair in the background
  17. It took one of the greatest catches in BYU history to win the game
  18. Puka won’t be back I’m sure.
  19. Best rival for BYU during independence. Sorry to see it end.
  20. Yeeeeeessssssss
  21. The wheels fell off after the Wyoming game. We took a noise dive like UNLV did
  22. I stated my opinion and just don’t see that. Trump is always an interesting character. People in public always bagged on but in private loved him and voted for him. Jan 6th is now going into overkill. There isn’t some smoking gun with Trump giving an order to murder Pelosi. He can’t run after another term so we won’t see the antics he tried to pull with Pence. Let’s see what happens. The media is going to portray anyone we put up there as the devil. We know Trump can fight that shit effectively. Usually I’m right. But we will see.
  23. Rental market here is terrible for renters. The landlords sold a number of houses reducing inventory. The interest rates are too high to make purchasing of more rentals profitable for me and other landlords. I’ve increased my rents 30% to match the demand. We have people looking in a 60 mile radius. I have a piece of junk I just rented. My choice was between an executive manager and a Resident Doctor. They didn’t give a shit about my grammar. Probably because my attorney wrote my contract. The interest rates is just another problem with the housing issues in this country.
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