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  1. This is always one of my favorites Thanks warbow
  2. I like USU and will be rooting for them on roots in every game except BYU. If we ended up in the same conference it would make the rivalry even better. A hh in bb every year would be fun.
  3. KU's stadium is a wreck. maybe with the 20 million they get from Texas they can up grade the thing before it falls down.
  4. Lol I can see him and his bud my wife goes to Stanford right now together
  5. Great topic, Very funny Warbow
  6. If they are the rankulator will show that at the end of the year. that defense is going to give up 4 losses at least
  7. piss bombs right in your face, those were the good old days
  8. I think I will stay out of this one
  9. One of my board favorites is back
  10. ULM Offense is fun to watch. The head coach was the OC at UNLV until he got his job a ULM. Why did UNLV not promote this guy?
  11. Watching this game it made me think of how great a full playoff would be. Who doesn't love seeing the underdog.I would love to see every conference champ plus the 2 best independent teams battle it out every year.
  12. Friday nights are crazy on ESPN. Who plays on Friday night next?
  13. I like Independence

  14. I like Independence

  15. LOL Looking forward to Rankulator this year.
  16. I just changed my mind BYU is not going to BE
  17. 12-0 with this schedule We will get an at large if not top 2
  18. Schedule looking pretty brutal. Road games at ND BSU Utah Georgia Tech maybe I should at SJSU and NMS to list as tough road game both look or looking impressive. I will say BYU's defense looked very good. Riley was impressive but no arm to speak of.
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