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  1. It looks like Georgia might hold and Ohio might flip. Republicans will have to hold Penn and Flip 2. Az and Nevada.
  2. I think Ohio just threw cold water on the celebration.
  3. 1st flip looks possible for the Democrats in Ohio.
  4. Ohio has a chance to flip. I didn’t see that. Rough map to win senate if we lose that. Ugh we might have let this one slip away.
  5. Florida so going to flip 4 house races.
  6. I think the Kansas Democrat governor will will. Trying to attach herself to Trump will probably pay off for her.
  7. I think Desantis covid response was a positive for everyone.
  8. Just my take no excitement for the Democrats. Abortion isn’t an issue in Nevada.
  9. Does the massive win in Florida mean anything. I didn’t think it would be this big.
  10. Democrats have disappeared around here. Probably a good sign.
  11. NC is making me nervous. I didn’t see that one being close.
  12. That doesn’t bode well. A possible hold for the Democrats.
  13. Getting my multi screens up in hopes of seeing the Democrats meltdown.
  14. I don’t think Florida’s a swing state anymore
  15. Wow, Florida could be a runaway for the Republicans
  16. Good grief WALKER is down by almost 200,000 already
  17. Rubio behind with 20% in. I didn’t think this would be close.
  18. Pretty much what fox said Democrats just aren’t showing up.
  19. Fox says Democrats are struggling in Nevada. Take that for what’s it’s worth.
  20. Seems like it has it right now
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