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  1. https://apple.news/A4v48oFD1ToyQ1aqngehwcw threats against the Colorado Supreme Court. This happened to Supreme Court when Roe V Wade was overturned. BOTH sides fringe needs to stop this.
  2. It looks that way. They tried to hook up with the SBC. The MWC was the lessor option. With this happening some teams aren’t moving over to the PAC. MWC will probably fold and the remaining teams will join CUSA.
  3. Jason Beck will probably be the next OC at BYU
  4. Anae had a dominant short career on the OL. If the OL plays a fraction like he did they will be awesome. That is a solid staff.
  5. The Trump base controls the party. A lot of them would abandon the Republican candidate if it wasn’t Trump. It’s an historic election with two very bad candidates.
  6. https://apple.news/ANqoWxuU_TF2n6f6FqugzMQ Amazing potential.
  7. It came out a week or so before the end game. I watched the piece of crap.
  8. You have no idea how many times I have had to watch that between my wife and my daughter. My testosterone level has permanently dropped.
  9. The only female movies I liked was the twilight series. It was amazing. It had me at the edge of my seat one moment and then on the verge of tears the next.
  10. No one would have watch Marvel either if it wasn’t for Avenger end game. We tell the truth even if it isn’t politically correct.
  11. The WNBA sucks. Marvel tried to cast a movie with all female stars. They couldn’t even get women to the movie. The truth is the truth. It was moronic decision that a kid could have told you wouldn’t work. No one ever wants to watch an action movie with female gender as the only stars. It might have worked as a porn movie they could have sold it to pornhub.
  12. I believe in 2nd chances. If he was an NFL QB unless he kneeled during the national anthem he wouldn’t have lost his job. We have a double standard. If he shows remorse his entire life shouldn’t be destroyed over an altercation that we don’t know all the facts about. They are talking about replacing him with Will Smith who we all saw assault a black man. Apparently we don’t care about that. Pure BS you hypocrites.
  13. Prepare the wailing and gashing of teeth. The next 5 years will be entertaining.
  14. The Democrats are scared to death with Trump leading in the polls for months now. The Russian collusion hoax, now this. I think political this is going to backfire on the Democrats even though it’s the courts decision. The Supreme Court will put an end to the lower courts decision. Trump is gaining a lot of traction, even with Democrat voters. Both Candidates are hated. this is how a lot of Americans see it. things were good under Trump personally for them. Prices and services suck now. Ukraine war will end quickly with Trump the Middle East will be handled better by Trump. Not sure I agree with all of that. But voters are blaming Biden and believe Trump will fix it. If the Republicans were serious about beating him they would consolidate beyond one candidate. They aren’t. Trump is almost guaranteed to be in the ballot in November of 2024 unless the Supreme Court does something crazy. He will most likely win. Who would have thought that 6 months ago.
  15. Fresno finishes another successful season. One of the most consistent team in the west.
  16. https://apple.news/ATKbENUUwTJmPbM-LErl2zg Notes from the article. Apparently a great deal of Palestinians blame Hamas and want them gone. The war only supports Hamas’s aims. There is a great deal of fear of Hamas and they look at them as occupiers. 25% of the population loves Hamas the others stay home during rallies but remain silent over fear of regime.
  17. https://apple.news/AWFmkSDqyS8OhWHUUt1EpBw a few more of his thoughts on this
  18. https://apple.news/Aajw35iMJTXWOzzZ_hJi_FQ play 7 regional games and 5 cross over games in other regions . Conferences for other sports only.
  19. That place is loaded with cash. They pay 5 million for the football coach. I’m sure they have a decent NIL going. They have more money than any G5 team with little tv money incoming. MWC should add them ASAP. The most invested G5 team should be a no brainer
  20. I haven’t followed Howell since he split with Bronco, but BYU fans didn’t like him. But the Jack Bauers of the BYU fanbase side also hated Anae, top 10 offenses and they demanded he should be fired every week. It was a real head scratcher. Don’t you realize we are one of the top 5 offenses in the country over his tenure and you want to replace that. So I would say Howell is probably ok.
  21. Assistant news. Is Dr Anae coming?
  22. https://apple.news/Ar1ClrGx6QQCwieiTp6lHfg Unfortunately they are bringing their politics with them. California has been destroyed now they are on the move to red states for better living conditions. Unfortunately they don’t equate their voting habits with the circumstances they lived in.
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