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  1. LOL classic Mike Leach. He was fascinated with people.
  2. Mike Riley couldn’t play do to talent and injuries. Mike told him you understand this better than the other QB do you want to help coach.
  3. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/articles/5-thoughts-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-football He was an amazing story teller who happens to be one of the most influential College football coach of all time. He is at practice with some homeless guy he just meet in Lubbock. He is just talking to this guy and invites him to practice to show him what they do. He tells a Fascinating story about his experiences with his pet raccoon as a kid and how it relates to people.
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2022/12/13/mike-leach-best-moments/ Washington post with a number of great clips.
  5. https://www.kansascity.com/sports/college/big-12/article269941557.html KC star Mike Leach the most influential person in B12 history.
  6. Cougarboard has some interesting story about him in college and other interactions. Apparently he told everyone he wanted to coach they asked him how are you going to coach if you don’t play. He said it was more about analyzing things to become a coach. Mostly he was an odd fantastic individual like he was as a coach.
  7. And he played Rugby. Ha ha and somehow he became a coach that had a massive impact on how the modern game is played. On top of that he was probably the greatest character in college football.
  8. Massive heart attack unless youare in a hospital you have little chance.
  9. I don’t shed a tear much. But I did today. A one of a kind coach that is gone. He donated his organs as his last gift to mankind.
  10. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/sports/mississippi-state-head-coach-mike-leach-listed-in-critical-condition/3146683/ Per the Ledger, Leach went 10 to 15 minutes without medical attention before EMTs used a defibrillator to restore his normal heart rhythm.
  11. My divorce attorney told me you would have to be bleeding from a shot gun wound and your wife holding the gun before they might consider assaults charges against your wife. He said in your next marriage get a prenuptial. We live in a female dominated world. We accept abusive behavior from women that would never be tolerated from a man. She was made as hell about Jasmine from the local club and was acting extremely inappropriate.
  12. Russia is horrible outnumbered. But Europe needs to not rely on the US for its military.
  13. B10, B17 and B18 were on the cutting edge of technology. B18 actually bombed I guess.
  14. There might be some slight exaggerations. I didn’t force her to go to a weight loss Doctor. She went with strong encouragement from me. I told her I didn’t like sex with her anymore.
  15. The B 2 design came from WWII. They had 2 prototypes. AY 36 was one of them but I’m not positive on the make. The also had the Goblin jets. I believe they were designed to detach from the B36 or B52. Apparently there is some film footage of a single wing long range Germany bomber that had parasite fighters in WWII. Some captain with a special opts team destroyed it.
  16. I think the B36 was the biggest bomber. It was obsolete on the production line though
  17. The B 58, F-111, B1A and the B2 were all supposed to replace the B52
  18. The B 52 is the only plane flying from the pre 1962 designation.
  19. I’m a millionaire do you think I’d get lucky enough to not get snag by a women. My wife said she went to the gym everyday so she would get a millionaire. She said her hard work paid off. Unfortunately she gained a ton of weight. I made her go to a weight loss Doctor and get breast enhancement. Now she looks pretty good again. I don’t like fat ugly women.
  20. The good seats are all gone. Looks like I’ll be near an endzone. I might as well get the cheap seats for $25. How is the local strip club you NM fans?
  21. Interesting stuff. This stuff fascinates me even more than the local strip club.
  22. The plane is 100 planes. We only have 20 or so B2’s
  23. US is also looking at an upgrade to the F22
  24. The stealthy plane, he said, has “50 years of advances in low-observable technology” built in, making it difficult for “even the most sophisticated air-defense systems” to detect a B-21 in the sky. “The B-21 looks imposing,” Austin said. “But what’s under the frame and the space-age coatings is even more impressive.”
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