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  1. I can see that. Not sure Walker will have enough to get to 50% now.
  2. Disappointed night. Even if we pull out Nevada it certainly wasn’t a wave in terrible economic conditions. Georgia likely flip Penn likely flip AZ hold Nevada is for all the marbles
  3. What is going on in Nevada. It’s our only hope now.
  4. Democrats beat history. Maybe this is the end of Trump.
  5. Looks like the red wave didn’t happen. A small house win. Senate is a tossup and most likely a hold for the Democrats. The Florida wave gave us high hopes that didn’t appear.
  6. Looks like it comes down to AZ and Nevada. I think Pennsylvania is done Dems win after the horrible debate. Republicans flip Georgia. Behind in both Nev and AZ. I think Dems keep the senate now.
  7. Utah looks solid Republican. So no big Democrat surprises assured. It all comes down to the tossups.
  8. Johnson behind but with early votes primarily Democrat I assume that will be a Republican victory. No one expected an upset anyway.
  9. Oz starting make up ground. No surprise we knew it would be tight.
  10. Looks like the only surprise was the massive Florida Republican win. Everything else was about as expected.
  11. The momentum has swung. Ohio and NC are done. Georgia worst case is a runoff and likely a Walker win now. we need one more.
  12. How big the governor race is. It think it’s likely Walker gets it.
  13. That was a likely Democrat. This still might be a red wave. Republicans need only one more tossup for control.
  14. Walker is now up. Republicans up one preliminary.
  15. Vance up by 100k. Walker making massive move. wow flip one might be Republicans after all.
  16. No prediction now. But every swing state is still in play for Republicans. It looks like we have the lean Republican states back from early scare.
  17. Even the Democrat in Colorado campaigned against Biden.
  18. No doubt not a massive wave. The night is Stabilizing for the Republicans from early scare in Ohio and NC. This will be close.
  19. He is down now. But he has a lot of votes left
  20. Vance takes lead. We might salvage the night after all.
  21. Looks like NC is going back Republican. Ohio looking likely Democrat.
  22. North Carolina not looking good either. Democrats could sweep. OH, Penn, NC, Georgia, AZ and NEV. Every toss up and 2 lean Republicans. Plus watch Utah.
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