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  1. I’ve been to numerous strip clubs but never to cafe rio.
  2. Back in the 50’s we locked these people away. Most the homeless would be in state hospitals. During my morning walk and a bunch of people with teeth missing are mumbling to themselves as I walk by. It’s political incorrect to even try to house these people now.
  3. The WAC started this. I didn’t work because there was no money and at the time there were few bowls. You have to have money to make it work, which they won’t. I suppose you could break into regional divisions to reduce cost that could make it feasible.
  4. MWC probably should scope up Stanfords Olympic sports if true. Along with a late season scheduling agreement. Trying to play hardball didn’t work with BYU and it won’t work with Stanford. Their Olympic sports would definitely help the MWC especially if Gonzaga joined at the same time.
  5. It’s a boring game but it gets us into California. I’d prefer BSU it’s turned into a good rivalry.
  6. I think Gonzaga and BSU need to be added.
  7. BYU has some openings with Utah and Arizona joining the B12. I can see a long term series with them. Holmoe will have to decide if playing in the Bay Area is better than renewing the BSU and USU rivalry
  8. He is also agnostic. So he admits he doesn’t know everything. I haven’t heard his take on that. I know he doesn’t like to be involved in race and political issues and refuses to do interviews along those lines. He wants to be know as a scientist not an activist. He is very entertaining on explaining things. I have watch him sometimes over an hour a day. I listen to him mostly then Jordan Peterson and Bill Maher. 6 months it will be someone different.
  9. I listen to Neil DeGrasse Tyson a lot. He is one of the smartest persons in the world. According to him this is the future. Most of the accidents from self driving cars are overlapping program directions. Which is being resolved. He thinks in few decades no one will be driving anymore. Auto Fatalities will go from 40,000 plus to near zero in the US
  10. I skip it. I’ve shed 20 LBS since February
  11. We have a number of extremely good looking posters. I pictured most of you as loser nerds. Now I’m self conscious. We need some pictures of some of the Ugly bastards on here.
  12. BYU, Utah, BSU and USU have openings. Probably a lot more.
  13. What is Gonzaga going to do. I think they end up in a rebuilt PAC or finally come over to the MWC.
  14. Yep the talked of boycott is ridiculous. Nice in theory but a G5 conference won’t do it ever.
  15. I have said it many times. The G5 are getting screwed. At least the playoffs are now more inclusive now
  16. That pretty much sealed the MWC fate. You are about to get raided.
  17. It’s an expansion thread and they just moved into a conference and I’m pretty sure he mentioned MWC teams in his post. Good Lord get a life
  18. You certainly deserved it. It’s a BS system. At least the playoffs are now more inclusive
  19. I like SDSU but they wouldn’t have saved the PAC
  20. Did you watch the video. China doesn’t have natural immunity which is really hurting them now.
  21. Thank God for all the Trump voters who didn’t get vaccinated.
  22. SEC will stay with 8, hopefully the B12 follows and goes to 8 as well. This will allow BYU to play MWC teams especially the California ones if the B12 doesn’t expand into California. Im think USC will want an 8 game schedule so they can schedule regional games. Hawaii was the PAC scheduling bitch more so than BYU was. I doubt they want to give up playing Hawaii.
  23. What kind of Basketball credits do they have?
  24. Nothing is going to happen for a few days maybe longer
  25. That should the number one goal. I’m guessing they are looking at 2025 but who knows. I already stated Cal and Stanford have declining fan interest which won’t improve going into the B12,so I’d prefer someone else from the MWC.
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