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  1. On 9/22/2023 at 9:45 AM, SanDiegoPoke said:

    The away games are good contests too. St. Louis is a decent A10 team, Vermont is a perennial NCAA team still, and College of Charleston is consistently good, Texas is Texas, Portland is in the WCC and not great, but playing WCC teams is not a bad thing, South Dakota State has been very good recently, UTEP has history for me, and BYU will always be BYU.

    What is the deal with BYU series. Is this a rolling 2 year deal or is it multi year contract. It seems like it has been played for a while now.

    I think USU series is over unless USU wants to go back to uneven schedule. 

  2. On 9/19/2023 at 7:23 PM, NevadaFan said:

    Wow. I run a sub-9 and I get excited these days. Now, I was never into track when i was in HS and only ran if chasing a ball. That’s amazing. 

    Thanks. It took a lot of hard work. I have 2 week recovery then I’m back to training for another distance. 

  3. On 9/19/2023 at 10:50 AM, Nevada Convert said:

    1. Fresno St. 
    2. Air Force
    3. Wyoming
    4. Boise St.
    5. Utah St.
    6. CSU
    7. SDSU
    8. UNLV
    9. SJSU
    10. Nevada
    11. Hawaii
    12. New Mexico

    The Conference is actually fairly decent this year. Nevada gave KU all it could handle and they are near the bottom. 

    Im looking forward to Wyoming/BYU next year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see BSU match up against BYU in a bowl game. Good TV rival game. 

  4. On 9/18/2023 at 4:46 PM, Someone Else said:

    Keep after it!  

    I just emailed them. Once they verify the race I’ll officially be an All American. Track will be much more difficult. 

    right now I’m unofficial the All American millionaire. But most people can’t get off the couch at my age. Who cares I still get the title. 

  5. A friend told me about a book. Train like a pro even if you are slow. 

    Most of my runs are at 10 to12 minute mile pace. Which when I read it thought that was way to slow.  You have 3 higher intensity days a week. Only 2 on level one training. 

  6. On 9/17/2023 at 10:15 PM, Someone Else said:

    I'm not trying to give you crap because I think it's great that you are training and want to improve but All-American per who? And are you sure that time you list for All - American is correct?  21:49 for 5k?  That's just over 7 mins per mile... that can't be right.  

    I thought it was slow for all American status as well.

    They probably want to sell gear and awards to more people. see link

    You lose a ton of speed when you age. I could show up and run a 17:30 with no training for years. I walked 7 miles a day at the time. I ran a 26:39 as a fat ass last year with little training 



    I have to run a 19:45 on the track. Road race is much slower for some reason. 

    800m is right on. You have to run a 2:15 to medal. 

    21:33 is smoking fast when you where obese a few months ago

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  7. Awesome. 

    Saturday I ran an All-America road race time for the 5k on a certified course. I’m ordering my gear and certificate this week. It’s been a long process. Lost 20lbs and knocked 5 minutes off my 5k time. 21:33 5k. 21:49 is the All American mark for 45-49. 

    if I can stay healthy my goal is all American status  from 400m thru 10000M on the track this summer and hopefully a medal at national. Some stud in my age division runs a 2:02 800m. So silver is my best scenario.  I want to sweep gold at the sunflower games this summer as well. 100 and 200 will be difficult plus the grind of 6 events. 

    I have 25 lbs to lose and lot of speed work over the next few months. 

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  8. On 9/10/2023 at 2:25 PM, Eat_Your_Dried_Fruits said:

    1. Fresno State 41,031

    2. Boise State 36,447

    3. San Diego State 32,017

    4. Wyoming 22,121

    5. Utah State 20,034

    6. Nevada 19,852

    7. New Mexico 17,279

    8. San Jose State 14,224

    9. Hawaii 9,485

    Fresno can draw fan interest 

  9. On 9/8/2023 at 12:33 AM, Nevada Convert said:

    Can you flip forward 30 seconds with a remote button, flip back in 10 s increments, replay in slow motion or frame by frame? I doubt it. If your internet gets slow or goes down, you’re hosed. I can stream too if heavy rain blocks the signal. 

    It hasn’t been much of an issue with internet. I was reluctant to go streaming, but I doubt I’ll ever go back to satellite or cable now.  Is cable still around?

    It nice with travel you take your subscription with you. 

  10. On 9/7/2023 at 5:36 AM, Nevada Convert said:

    The games are being shortened. The networks are just filling the saved time with more commercials. It’s out of control. One of the reasons I still have Dish is because I can record 10 games at the same time, and blow through commercials, HT, reviewed plays, etc.

    In fact, a lot of the time when a play is over I hit the instant 30 second jump forward to see the ball snapped again. You can see a lot of FB that way. I tape everything and then watch no commercials. I can’t take them anymore. Some channels do 5 to 6 minute commercial breaks. Out of control. 

    You can record every game on YouTubeTV

  11. On 9/4/2023 at 6:32 PM, NorCalCoug said:

    You seem to think you know a lot…. 😂.  It’s cute you think Utah and BYU care that much about USU.  

    BYU fans or at least 70% of them primarily leave multiple states away from Utah. We aren’t nearly as invested in USU as in state fans. But we can’t denied the history we have with them. Same with BSU. USU, BSU and Utah became our primary rival during Independence. BSU was in my opinion our top rival during independence. Now it looks like that rival is dead for a while. I’m excited and relieved to be in the B12. I’m not sure what we should do about those 2 rivalries going forward. BYU needs games in California more than continuing the rivalries. SDSU, Cal, Stanford, San Jose St, Fresno St, UCLA and USC are probably more important games now. 

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