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  1. What is the deal with BYU series. Is this a rolling 2 year deal or is it multi year contract. It seems like it has been played for a while now. I think USU series is over unless USU wants to go back to uneven schedule.
  2. Thanks. It took a lot of hard work. I have 2 week recovery then I’m back to training for another distance.
  3. The Conference is actually fairly decent this year. Nevada gave KU all it could handle and they are near the bottom. Im looking forward to Wyoming/BYU next year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see BSU match up against BYU in a bowl game. Good TV rival game.
  4. 9.3 million viewers for the CSU/CU game most watch night game in ESPN history. CSU should get a few million for the great show.
  5. I lost 20lbs and gained 2 inches.
  6. I just emailed them. Once they verify the race I’ll officially be an All American. Track will be much more difficult. right now I’m unofficial the All American millionaire. But most people can’t get off the couch at my age. Who cares I still get the title.
  7. A friend told me about a book. Train like a pro even if you are slow. Most of my runs are at 10 to12 minute mile pace. Which when I read it thought that was way to slow. You have 3 higher intensity days a week. Only 2 on level one training.
  8. Trying to stay healthy as a master athlete has been the biggest challenge. I can’t even do stride outs right now, or any plyometrics because of my shin splints.
  9. I thought it was slow for all American status as well. They probably want to sell gear and awards to more people. see link You lose a ton of speed when you age. I could show up and run a 17:30 with no training for years. I walked 7 miles a day at the time. I ran a 26:39 as a fat ass last year with little training https://nationalmastersnews.com/all-american/road-race-standards/ I have to run a 19:45 on the track. Road race is much slower for some reason. 800m is right on. You have to run a 2:15 to medal. 21:33 is smoking fast when you where obese a few months ago
  10. Awesome. Saturday I ran an All-America road race time for the 5k on a certified course. I’m ordering my gear and certificate this week. It’s been a long process. Lost 20lbs and knocked 5 minutes off my 5k time. 21:33 5k. 21:49 is the All American mark for 45-49. if I can stay healthy my goal is all American status from 400m thru 10000M on the track this summer and hopefully a medal at national. Some stud in my age division runs a 2:02 800m. So silver is my best scenario. I want to sweep gold at the sunflower games this summer as well. 100 and 200 will be difficult plus the grind of 6 events. I have 25 lbs to lose and lot of speed work over the next few months.
  11. All the P5 money these schools get over a G5 school is a bunch of BS. A number of MWC schools are just as deserving including CSU. At least the 12 team playoff will include one possible two G5 schools.
  12. Deion got lucky. Jay Novell got in his head. Smack talking Deion might be a wise move going forward he loses his concentration and becomes emotional and undisciplined Having said that he still won. Not sure Deion will be a long term college coach. He is new and learning and might figure it out.
  13. Don’t you throw out a week. I forgot the rules
  14. Wyoming wins. Ha. Who the hell likes Wyoming
  15. Besides Mahomes he is the best player in the NFL
  16. It hasn’t been much of an issue with internet. I was reluctant to go streaming, but I doubt I’ll ever go back to satellite or cable now. Is cable still around? It nice with travel you take your subscription with you.
  17. BYU fans or at least 70% of them primarily leave multiple states away from Utah. We aren’t nearly as invested in USU as in state fans. But we can’t denied the history we have with them. Same with BSU. USU, BSU and Utah became our primary rival during Independence. BSU was in my opinion our top rival during independence. Now it looks like that rival is dead for a while. I’m excited and relieved to be in the B12. I’m not sure what we should do about those 2 rivalries going forward. BYU needs games in California more than continuing the rivalries. SDSU, Cal, Stanford, San Jose St, Fresno St, UCLA and USC are probably more important games now.
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