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  1. Biden should just pardon both him and narcissist Trump and move on.
  2. robe

    Pride month

    https://apple.news/AM-7zODLIR3mwrTyle0y35A Love is a complicated thing. An interesting read that the left and right probably won’t like. A Touching story of a man and a woman and their kids and his homosexual life.
  3. Only conservative are held to any kind of standards.
  4. It’s it a free for all board since you only have 2 members. This place doesn’t want BYU fans around anyway.
  5. LOL we just landed another 4 star. This is getting ridiculous. We apparently are a blue blood already. Not sure how everyone is getting minutes this year. I get why Watterman left he wasn’t going to play. A starter last year who played a lot of minutes. Utesnation go down to Provo and let me know what is going on.
  6. On a side note does anyone actually believe him that he didn’t have an affair. He is a classic liar. Pretty much like all of them
  7. https://apple.news/AX1FY50Q1QxaJxYDI8LZbVg Democrats call for a pardon of Trump after 52 million in campaign funds raised by Trump. If the shoe was on the other foot Democrats would be calling how unfair this is. A Stormy Daniels affair leads to a conviction. Good lord how many woman did Clinton rape plus the trips with Epstein to have sex with little girls. the January 6th is a different matter this case is extremely hypocritical from the left. Sex with a college intern that the left had no problem with Trmp is a sleazy narcissist who has brought much of this on himself, but I guess we need to round up half of congress and throw them in jail no one follows campaign finance laws especially Democrats. This case was extremely suspect with flimsy evidence that won’t hold up to an appeal.
  8. That’s not how the media makes it sound.
  9. Congrats to all the happily married gay men and all the miserably married lesbians this month.
  10. Because I responded to a post that said who we are recruiting a specific race and players from specific continent. So I pointed out exactly who we are recruiting. We normally recruit from Africa overseas now I guess we will start to recruit Europeans and 5 star lottery picks from America The first and last time we had a complete starting 5 that wasn’t LDS was under Pope and that team was one the worst teams in decades. Pope overachieved once, he left and BYU’s dynamics drastically changed. And it wasn’t the $18 million that the big 12 gave use that the moron TCU fan and UTEs buck tooth idiot contends. It was Ryan Smith and the other boosters which is quite clear to anyone but those 2. We aren’t recruiting players we are paying them to come here which does bother me. We won’t be recruiting the life long fans like Saunders if this continues. Reluctantly I will have to be content with us buying a team of 5 stars as long as we get some token Mormon kids who can cheer from the bench
  11. #1 recruit in class of 25 coming for a visit on Monday. 1 to 2 million offer will probably land him. between Young and Ryan Smith’s billions I expect he will commit.
  12. It looks like BYU has decided to become elite in basketball. I’m concerned about the football team. BYU is going to pay 3 to 4 players a million plus each year in basketball. Recruits brought in. 1 mormon 4 star 1 European 2 mill per year 5 star 2 black player one 4 star the other a 5 star who didn’t qualify for admission 1 black transfer who was highly sought after Young ran off Waterman who started last year. At least it was hinted that way by BYUtv. BYU has a a million or so to dole out to another high prize recruit since the 5 star couldn’t make it into BYU. I’m sure he won’t be member. to be honest I’m not sure how I feel and I’ve seen a number of highly recruited players not pan out. BYU will not be a bunch of Mormon boys anymore. BYU has the money to compete with anyone in the country now. Seems weird and I wouldn’t have believed it a month ago. I don’t think they will invest in the football program like they are basketball.
  13. Great rebuttal by Trump. 1st time of listened to him since 2020. He will roast Biden in the debates.
  14. How big of a jump will Trump get this week in the Polls?
  15. Celebrate, it’s going to bit us all in ass come November.
  16. This is going to fire up the base. It probably will be a huge polling lift to Trump. Over half the population thinks it a kangaroo court.
  17. It will be throw out. No way it will be held up in the appeals. It’s a Kangaroo court.
  18. Hans Olsen said it doesn’t matter all the conference are going to be blown apart in less than 5 years anyway. ACC gets more playoff money and is a much better football conference so of course Utah would prefer the ACC. FSU ND Clemson Miami can you blame Utah for looking at it. No
  19. Title IX is going to be coming for half of this soon. What a mess
  20. Do I get any of this money from my DII days back in the 90s on a partial scholarship
  21. From Reading the alignment board. This was a take I agree with. Utah has had conversation with the ACC and those conversations are being blow out of proportion. USC for years talked about leaving the PAC12. Utah looking at every opportunity is doing what any school would do.
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