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  1. As I understand it, it’s already spelled out in the contract how much the B12 will get with any additions. The negotiations would be between the B12 and the incoming members. I’m guessing SDSU would come in with partial share until the next contract or at least gradually move up to full shares. Based on comments coming out of SDSU they are having talks with both conferences. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean they will get an invite. SDSU AD has apparently enough info to say they will be in either the B12 or PAC12. Maybe he is just speculating like us.
  2. The B12 contract will add 20 million to the contract if it adds a P5 school. No money is added for a non P5 school. This has been cited numerous places. Apparently the media partners or part of the contract has given SDSU an exemption and will consider them a P5 school if added. The statement from your AD gives more weight to that being true. Adding 20 million for a P5 add is a fact for the B12 contract. SDSU counting as one is rumors and speculation that appears to have merit from statements and action coming out of SDSU.
  3. BYU/SDSU relationship since 2018 says otherwise. SDSU saved BYU during Covid and apparently applied pressure on the MWC to accommodate BYU. SDSU and Utah are the only rival games retained since BYU joined the B12. Maybe coincidence.
  4. The contract calls for additional 20 million by adding a P5 team which might include SDSU. I assume based on SDSU AD comments they would be considered P5 by the B12 media outlets. SDSU AD seems to think the B12 is an option maybe you are more aware of the situation than he is. To your other question the B12 will only get 20 million per p5 added. Apparently they have multiple reason to add a team. My best guess is in hopes of having a more secure conference and better TV package in the future. B12 is trying to expand only they know the reasons. Is SDSU worth 20 million no but that is what the contract says which likely includes SDSU.
  5. I’ve heard that SDSU will be considered a P5 school for the B12 media rights if added. Adding SDSU would give the B12 an extra 20 million a year. Not sure if it’s true but it certainly make sense. BYU/SDSU basketball series is apparently going to be long term. Not sure if that means anything except SDSU has at least one strong ally in the B12.
  6. I’m surprised but doubtful of the data. If true some bipartisan bill should be passed to fix this.
  7. Despite our political differences I’ve always like but you use to post more in the sports side. Spaztec has grown on me over time.
  8. Another made up accusations from a nut that the left take for the next Trump witch hunt.
  9. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/06/25/stunned_anderson_cooper_cuts_to_commercial_when_trump_accuser_e_jean_carroll_calls_rape_sexy.html I thought Trump was probably guilty and got what he deserved until I watch the nut who accused him on CNN about 5 minutes ago. Good lord every time I do research on Trump, his accuser ends being crazy than he is. Jurors in New York are nuts I’m guessing Anderson Cooper probably think is innocent in this case
  10. None. I would never handle something that could cause death to another human or creature. I don’t own anything but I had to answer the 2nd questions.
  11. I usually wouldn’t associate with a loser who only has a fraction of my net worth.
  12. Side note Bill Maher and Dr Phil got in a heated debate about Trump. At the end they agreed to disagree and it didn’t affect their relationship. Unfortunately in this country we can’t have a heated debate and walk away as friends anymore.
  13. The media is on full attack mode. Unfortunately I don’t see Trump losing the primary to anyone.
  14. https://news.yahoo.com/ai-could-replace-80-jobs-211900514.html Robots and AI are about to take over our jobs and eventually kill or enslave us. No one is even worried about the impending doom.
  15. Any TCU fans want to buy the rest of my season tickets to TCU home games.
  16. I don’t buy the whole gender unequally deal. For centuries women have dominated men. The 1% of men who were in the ruling class might have dominated women. But for the other 99% of men in relationships the women called the shots.
  17. https://cowboystatedaily.com/2023/04/21/lawsuit-rock-springs-school-district-encouraged-hid-daughters-gender-identity-from-parents/?fbclid=IwAR15ug_LaO2pD64u1jm-kEbcm53bMa8W5pJHzofbaB4oK-488oXSuq6E44g Maybe this is why. A lot of life long Democrats think Disney and Woke crowd have gone too far. Daughter with a history of mental illness was pressured by teachers to go by a male name.
  18. https://apple.news/A8OHNol-RSLuamryvcdqYSg This guy makes a serious mistake. He still needs his day in court. But I believe in redemption. Now they are looking at recasting him in Marvel. I hope they say listen get some help, keep clean and we will give you a 2nd chance. Everyone wants to just destroy his entire life over a poor choice in an emotional moment. Will Smith is still moving on after a physical assault caught on national TV. Which I’m ok with the 2nd chance.
  19. I think the media is trying to stir the pot as always.
  20. There was 1 white girl killed this week and another in critical conditions under similar situation. Tragic for all 3. I’m guessing the 84 year old man will face justice.
  21. Mankind is in its last chapter. AI will soon replace us. When earth explores reach the stars it will our creations that explores them. We will no longer be around.
  22. https://apple.news/A0cdu99UMRkqPD_jIhc3V_w they are looking at raising Social security eligibility. This is going to hit blacks and MAGA Republicans the hardest because of lower life expectancy. Of the course the 2 groups liberals care the least about. Republicans shouldn’t even touch this let the Democrats take the hit for raising the retirement age. We can blame them for something that had to be done. The issue got fixed and we gain from it politically. Win/win for Republicans. I have a feeling the Democrats will let it slide thru so we take the blame with Biden. The slick bastards. Working to 70 is going to suck.
  23. You and I could teach a class about life and women. These people won’t listen to wisdom though.
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