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  1. They could still have 5 losses. SJSU is decent as well and NM is vastly improved. Not sure which are road games. But any of those beside Hawaii on road will be a difficult win.
  2. He has gone silent. I’m beginning to think he can’t handle success
  3. I have always said UNLV is a sleeping giant and would thrive if they ever made it into a P5 conference. Well you seem to be peeking at the right and might become travel partner for SDSU into the P12 or B12
  4. Good grief you guys where on the B12 radar. Your stock is falling fast.
  5. I’m pretty sure every MWC team would have some problems with Sac St. they could probably beat more than half the teams. They aren’t Idaho st that replaced 56 players or something. So many morons lump all these FCS in the same category.
  6. Sacramento st is probably better than UTEP. Aren’t they in the top 10. So it has to be BSU.
  7. I’d like to see BYU still play regional rivals. So I hope that is part of Holmoes plan. Hopefully it’s only a 8 game schedule. So BYU can play more historic rivals. The Wyoming game was a fun game to have this year. Having a game with some history is priceless.
  9. You guys are having one good year and you’re acting like you have dominated the MWC for years. Start by actually winning the MWC once.
  10. Not going for it on 4th and no onside kick was questionable
  11. Wyoming is a solid team. Not sure they run the table though
  12. Yep, you are making our 3rd string guys look like All stars
  13. Chase Roberts is out he must have gotten hurt. BYU is down 4 of its top 5 receivers. But it didn’t seem to slow us down
  14. https://www.deseret.com/2022/9/24/23367128/byu-cougars-still-planning-to-play-at-wyoming-in-2024 from today. BYU plans to play at Wyoming in 2024
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