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  1. They have a Commemorative shirt with BYU/Wyoming and the black 14. They should have something during the the BYU/Wyoming series.
  2. Based on the uncertainty from the polling in 2016. I would probably agree with your opinion the most. We are a bunch weird political junkies. Debating over polls and what they mean. No one really knows. But someone will be right on November 3.
  3. That is pretty significant considering what we have been thru.
  4. I had a job for a year that just dealt with one specific part of the APWU contract. My job was for 40hrs a week was to reduce the grievances from that issue.
  5. Yes. I’m in maintenance we pulled out machines that are no longer needed. The news media made a way too big of a deal over this. I can’t answer for things on the coast. I know there is extreme mismanagement on both coast. We don’t have cost of living adjustments so the post office job isn’t the same paying job on the coast like it is in Kansas. The pay is barely over minimum wage in those places. They are always begging for mangers to go into those places. I could have went into Philadelphia as high level manager. Anyway to my point mail processing is probably a complete clu
  6. Nobody really knows. Some liberals are it’s a blowout Biden. A number are very concerned about polls like this. As they should be based on 2016. Polls that are showing Biden neck and neck in Texas and leading in Georgia is extremely suspect to me. There is no doubt that a number of things point to Trump winning. The same polls that predicted this in 2016 are being discredited. Rasmussen polls have to be very concerning for Democrats. His favorable rating is way higher than Obama in 2012. Even I question that a bit though. Even if these polls are accurate, and who knows. this is going
  7. Young voters are more liberal but over time start to align more with conservative ideas. Why is that?
  8. Plus they are required by a certain date to certify a winner.
  9. I just sat thru a meeting. We are going above and beyond to get the ballots thru the mail. Trucks are not to leave until we have captured all the ballots, unless it would delay ballots further down the transportation grid.
  10. Were is that. It’s probably 2-1 Biden here. It was 4-1 until the Trump signs started to come out.
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