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  1. I thought they had ACC games. Well good for them. Kansas right now is moving forward with fall high school sports. NAIA KCAC conference is moving forward. They play only Kansas schools. A huge portion of the athletes are from Texas, Utah and California. I rent to some football players. They all got Covid a month ago. They seem like decent kids hopefully they don’t destroy my home. Play on.
  2. Corn hole is fun to watch. Nearly as good as curling.
  3. You are more passionate about BYU than Wyoming. It’s great to be a BYU. 9 years later and the passion is still alive.
  4. They still have payday games. Hopefully BYU plays on with AAC.
  5. Well of course I am I’m a BYU fan if you haven’t noticed. Half this board is just as obsessed with BYU as well. We all share a deep passion for BYU. Thank you for your passion for BYU.
  6. Why worse case is we end like the MWC. BYU is probably in one of the best financial situation in the FBS. You guys screwed yourselves and you’re celebrating what this will do to BYU. Seems like an over obsessive with BYU to me. I hope we still move forward with the AAC if possible.
  7. What about how the national news left out pieces of the Floyd tape. That absolutely confirmed he was resisting arrest. No one is advocating he deserved to die. But why did they leave out information that was negative towards Floyd.
  8. Well that is a good point. let me clarify the left has lost it. This isn’t even an opinion. It is hit piece with absolutely no facts. Perfect propaganda using fear and emotions to evoke a response from the uneducated. Im probably losing my job and will have to move. Post office gives management 2 years to find a job. Hell im not happy about it. But I’m pissed at the Democrats who could have fixed this crap when Obama was in office. Hell Obama was for most of the reforms. He advocated a 5 day delivery which was less than the post office wanted. The funny ass thing this isn’t a political thing. If he was a Democrat appointee there wouldn’t even be a word said about it. Post office already reduced standards 5 years ago. This delayed mail would have been delayed at the plant anyway. It arrives the next day and is processed. Some of the priority mail might be delay one more day. But this is a small amount of our volume. We already shut down our machines at a certain time. We also have plane schedules to make. Postmaster generals ideas are good. If the mail isn’t going to make a flight why spend anymore money to transport the mail to the plants to just sit at the plants. They guy who wrote this has no clue how the post office works.
  9. No argument here. But the govt needs to step up and start to fund it. The post office was in the middle of shutting down plants and congress stopped it. We were 2 weeks away from going to a 7 day delivery of packages but only 5 day delivering cheap ads. Govt shut that down. That would have saved probably over a billion dollars without reducing our service. You can wait till Monday to get your damn ad. If you have a package we will deliver it on Saturday. The Post Office is a hybrid organization. Congress decides what we are. They need make a decision what they want from us. They expect us to be self sufficient yet they don’t allow us any flexibility. Congress needs to either pony up or allow the post office to make reasonable cost cutting measure. I don’t not support the privatization of the post office. Upper management is only doing what they are required to do. They are required by congress to be self sufficient. If a Postmaster general doesn’t try to be self sufficient they should be fired. the article fails to even point out the Postmaster is in tough situation and only doing what he is required to do, unless Congress acts. The Postmaster general is doing his job. Instead they write an article that is a lying hit piece.
  10. https://billmoyers.com/story/friday-night-massacre-at-us-postal-service-as-postmaster-general-a-major-trump-donor-ousts-top-officials/ journalism is dead. Not one mention of the serious financial situation the postal service is in and not one mention of the cost savings DeJoy’s restructuring will result in. This article is absolutely completely left wing propaganda. The post office expanded its management 5 years ago. When I was promoted from a supervisor position I was replace by 3 supervisions. No mention of that. We have huge staffs at Area office. He is combining Area and District offices which is reducing support staff that does nothing with the day to day operations of the post office Journalism is dead you should question anything coming from the national media. Assume it’s false until it’s proven otherwise.
  11. It’s good until she complains. “You are too big”
  12. My kids were waving a BYU flag in the Missouri sections a couple of years ago in KC. The Missouri fans were amazing. They fully supported my kids. OU fans are great. Cheered wildly among a sea of OU fans when Max beat them. No one said one negative word to me. Fans went out of their way to congratulate me. It was pure class that a Wyoming fan would never comprehend. TCU fans were out numbered by BYU fans last time I went there. But that was back in the WAC days. We smashed them and what few was there left at half time. K state fans are nearly as big of red neck hick fans as Utah fans are. Very rude. K state players were holding on every down. Nut punching players. One player threw a BYU players shoe clear across the field. In the 3rd quarter of the game the replay official overturned a call on the field. The K state player clearly had fumbled a ball before his knee was down. Replay booth with k st officials overturned the call. I would never want to play a team that behaves like that again. I have only been to one holy war. Utah’s fans behavior shocked me. I have never seen so many people with little respect to anyone around them. One fan tried to pull down the goal post. A BYU band member used his cymbals to smash his head. The rest of Utes turned tail and ran away after that. They wanted nothing to do with the cymbals. Wyovian’s Uncle getting arrested for public intoxication and wearing only overalls in cougar stadium ranks up there. Wyovian told me the details once. He was like 7 at the time. He said it was the turning point of his life. He tells it better than I do.
  13. Highly unlikely. More likely you don’t play at all.
  14. Sunbelt might still go. It looks like this was money. Sunbelt still has the ACC games left. But they don’t pay B10 or SEC type money.