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  1. https://www.nationalinsiders.com/democrats-scramble-to-hide-who-really-stormed-the-capitol/ He is a Democrat so it’s normal to be crazy. Probably Spaztecs kid. He doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  2. https://www.realclearmarkets.com/articles/2021/01/15/falling_c02_emissions_expose_global_warming_alarmism_as_anti-science_656575.html It likes like the doomers are wrong again. The earth was ending in 1990s, then 2000. A volcano in 1816 disrupted the environment more than anything man has been able to do. We had a year without a summer. Trump is the most environmentally friendly President we have ever had period. US emissions had historic reductions under his watch.
  3. https://issuesinsights.com/2021/01/15/purging-maga-guarantees-no-gop-president-before-2037/ Trump brought in millions of new Republicans now the Romney’s of the world want to drive them out of the party. The Democrats couldn’t ask for a better favor. We need another slightly toned down Trump that will continue to grow the party. Following Romney and others similar will lead to the irrelevance of the Republican Party.
  4. It won’t be long before we are enjoying Soylent Green.
  5. Great news. I looks like it will be mild.
  6. Good luck. I have asthma and try to be careful. I work from an office in my home most of the time so that helps. 2 of my siblings got and it was mild.
  7. What is the solution to make the 5th amendment unconstitutional. No chance unless you pack the court. That sort of tactics is worse than 4 years of Trump. Change the 5th amendment I don’t care but do legally not with 6 liberal judges.
  8. Oh brother. There is zero chance Trump could get away with becoming a dictator.
  9. It wasn’t even remotely close to working.
  10. I don’t own a gun and never will. I don’t believe in violence.
  11. https://news.yahoo.com/california-exodus-retirees-musicians-teachers-140059951.html Californians leaving for Trump country. Gay couple. “Quality of life is so much better and I wouldn’t have believed it but they are actually more tolerant than California” thank goodness most you don’t have the ability to leave the hell hole that California is now. If you do move to a red state just don’t vote. You already destroyed the greatest state in America don’t destroy anymore.
  12. I think this is ridiculous. But I’m all for seeing a narcissist get what is coming. The thought of him being convicted isn’t unpleasant anymore. Spaztecs life would finally be complete. Trump completes him.
  13. Spaztecs is in heaven watching TV today. We all know he can’t read much so TV is his only avenue.
  14. They should continue to arrest the culprits. 1/2 the country doesn’t care. 40% of the rest know he is gone in a week. A good portion of this country right or wrong think the Democrats are nuts for proceeding with impeachment. Maybe it’s the right thing to do perhaps. But it certainly isn’t de escalating things. Legally all you have is repeated statements from Trump that he didn’t and doesn’t support violence. He told them to march on the capital but did he imply violence. He said he didn’t and responded pretty quickly asking the protesters to Disperse. The Democrats say yes he did.
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