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  1. I would prefer to play Marshall. San Jose St is probably just as good but no one respects anyone in the west. ESPN will jockey around the bowls and get the matchup they want anyway.
  2. This whole thing sucks. 14th in the rankings. Good luck BSU ever getting in the playoffs. The P12 can pound their chest but you guys have become the premier program in the west and you have no way to make the playoffs. 11-1 last year and you couldn’t get an at large. That’s BS as well.
  3. Bring on San Jose st in the Humanitarian bowl.
  4. We are screwed bring on San Jose St in the Humanitarian bowl.
  5. Hawaii vs BYU usually has the best TV ratings for BYU/MWC matchups.
  6. Preach on brother. I never liked BYU fans from Utah except for stunner. Maybe I was wrong.
  7. Anything coming out of San Diego about BYU/SDSU this weekend
  8. A win over Washington isn’t going to carry any weight. The P12 gets no respect. Washington is much better than any respect they would get.
  9. Surprisingly we are on the same page with this.
  10. So the game would have never happened anyway
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