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  1. A 2 million net worth can be made by anyone who is in the middle class. Save and invest 15% and invest in blue chip stock and you can make it in 40 years. Most don’t care about the future so they don’t make it. If you aren’t a millionaire by 62 you’re a moron or didn’t care. It’s not rocket science. US has 20 plus million millionaires and about 1 million multi millionaires (2 million or more).
  2. Some article mentioned this is a road map for the Democrats in 2022. Newsom tied his opponent to Trump and the Republicans made no gains. The article is probably a bunch of BS. But if Im the Democrats I want to make 2022 all about Trump and nothing about Biden’s accomplishments
  3. I agree they should be prosecuted. They finally started to help a month later and he was found immediately or what was left of him. Apparently the FBI threatened to send them to jail for 5 years before they started to cooperate. I think the Dad actually personally found him or at least some of his stuff. The details will be clearer in a few days.
  4. You would kill me in the half marathon. I’d have to get a giant lead and try to hold on. At least with your 1:45 half marathon.
  5. Pretty much my prediction with a big swing to the left in 2024 potentially.
  6. Then you always have the shift to the right from the left leaning kids as they mature in life.
  7. Ha ha. That is like every teams board if you have more than 4 losses a year.
  8. I’ve been to a number of marathons but never ran one. The environment are amazing. KC marathon has entertainment every 5 miles and race pacers to help qualify.
  9. Congrats that is awesome. At this point I just want to run one. Not sure that will even happen. My Achilles just can’t handle much running anymore. I ran a 5:48 mile this summer which was a huge goal to break a 6 minute mile one last time.
  10. https://www.boston.com/sports/boston-marathon/2021/10/11/boston-marathon-2021-top-moments/ good story. I always wanted to qualify for the Boston not sure I ever will.
  11. Hall and the receivers played well. But that was it.
  12. Baylor’s OL is destroying BYU’s D line. Grimes rebuilt a horrible O line from last year
  13. Arizona has had a bunch of Democrats moving in to take advantage of the years of Republican rule and prosperity. Unfortunately they are voting out the those policies and replacing them with the ones they ran away from. Having said that this is still a swing state and the Latino vote is moving right. If the Dems put out a progressive they will probably loss the seat in 2022.
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