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  1. The good seats are all gone. Looks like I’ll be near an endzone. I might as well get the cheap seats for $25. How is the local strip club you NM fans?
  2. Interesting stuff. This stuff fascinates me even more than the local strip club.
  3. The plane is 100 planes. We only have 20 or so B2’s
  4. US is also looking at an upgrade to the F22
  5. The stealthy plane, he said, has “50 years of advances in low-observable technology” built in, making it difficult for “even the most sophisticated air-defense systems” to detect a B-21 in the sky. “The B-21 looks imposing,” Austin said. “But what’s under the frame and the space-age coatings is even more impressive.”
  6. https://apple.news/A_yrn86Q6TneUj4QxltiQ7Q Here you go for the military history buffs. Apparently we still fly the F117 even though it’s listed as inactive. Probably just used for testing. That isn’t in the link.
  7. Who has the upper hand for the 6th conference spot. AAC, Sunbelt or MWC. Road game at Alabama most likely
  8. Prime time in Vegas would be awesome
  9. This is like Nebraska lite. The program finally is showing signs of life and they fire the guy. The next guy will do well his 1st year because of what the current coach built.
  10. I forgot you live in BYU country. Any other rumors.
  11. https://apple.news/A_mB7RVEMQ-Wx3EYaYGsAZA Crazy. He already has a few P5 offers.
  12. I don’t know how you poor bums keep joining the rich Democrats. Good grief they passed a bill that is adding a ton of IRS agents. They are going to be going after middle class non-college educated American.
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