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  1. Tell that to NM St. This thread was started by an AD comment not mine. But yes I agree with him
  2. I don’t know asked the AD’s why they do it. I assume it benefits them. I don’t think you will have any luck convincing anyone to follow your advice. I’m grateful for all the MWC teams who helped us.
  3. Ha ha. Very naïve. Fortunately few in power share these thoughts.
  4. Probably. Bringing them and Gonzaga in for Olympic sports with a 5 or 6 game scheduling agreement would help both sides. But BYU isn’t going pursue this. WCC last year was the best basketball conference in the west. Pope has BYU ascending and Gonzaga is pretty much a top 5 team now. Gonzaga is content with WCC now and BYU isn’t leaving without Gonzaga. I really don’t care either way now. If I was the MWC I would go after BYU/Gonzaga basketball and get 5 to 6 football games from BYU. In a non COVID environment the most years will only be 3 BYU games.
  5. There is tremendous financial pressure to have this season. https://cyclones.com/news/2020/7/13/athletics-pollard-addresses-cyclone-nation.aspx
  6. https://mwwire.com/2020/07/12/should-mountain-west-teams-play-byu-this-year/ blogger basically saying something we are discussing. This would help mend the relationship and my thoughts not his a step towards possibly bringing BYU back.
  7. You have a much better chance with Republicans in power to get real environmental changes. Democrat leadership just cares about power and catering to the wealthy. They don’t give a shit about the environment.
  8. That is way the Democrats are so full of shit. They really are the anti climate party. Yet they claim the opposite. The US should be completely green. No chance with Democrats in power. Pollution wood>coal>natural gas>uranium. uranium actually is better than solar panels and wind power. Wind power has a massive footprint and Solar panels created more waste than uranium and also have a big footprint. But I like Musk ideas on some of his solar stuff. We should be 95% electric cars now. The air is so much cleaner today than 130 years ago. Why because we don’t burn wood all the time anymore. When you claim the world is ending in 10 years from the 1960 on, you tend to lose any credibility with people who think and have experience. The polar caps we’re supposed to be gone by the 1930’s. I guess natural gas saved them.
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-s-drop-in-polls-has-confident-democrats-sensing-a-tsunami-coming-in-november/ar-BB16DBMY Nancy is worried about losing house seats now that Trump will be on the ballot. She says she has never seen anything like this before. Hugely popular and unpopular. this election has a bunch of twist left. The race will tighten up. How does Biden preform in the debates. If Trump gets Ohio and Florida which is still very possible. He really needs only one more battle ground state. You have to figure at least a 5 point surge in the polls numbers in November for Trump. He is so far behind even 5 probably puts him behind but it certainly tightens the battle ground states. Hah this came from an article with a headline the race is over basically.
  10. Where is Wyovian? He had more passion for BYU than anybody. I hope he is Ok.
  11. Ask SDSU, UNLV and BSU fans. For a better answer ask the AD’s. you’ll get a bunch of 3 year old nonsense if you ask a fan in here.
  12. No chance of that ever happening. 1st of all BYU plays only 3 MWC teams a year. 2 of them are rivals. It is supply and demand. MWC (supply) teams wanting to play BYU is much more than BYU’s demand. BYU wants to travel the country and they are playing 3 to 4 PAC12 schools each year. There just isn’t room for a bunch of MWC teams on the schedule anymore. Yes when independence started we need the MWC. We are eternally grateful that the MWC gave us the much needed games. this year is the exception of course
  13. You have no ability to understand what is going on. It would be like having a conversation with a 3 year old or a women with BPD. that is all.
  14. At this point it’s a crap shoot. A wild guess if the MWC doesn’t help. Probably MAC, conf USA and the other independents. Unfortunately I think this was going to be a good BYU football team. ticket sales is a big revenue for BYU. That is gone no matter who we play. Capping crowd at 6k means pretty much every home game is losing money. BYU probably one of only a handful of schools that would survive without much pain. MWC is going to feel the heat from Fox to help BYU. Fox just lost some good content. BYU vs MWC opponents does well in TV ratings. Usually as well as the BSU/BYU games. The odds are the 2020 isn’t going to happen at least not until spring. Though there will be tremendous economic pressure (TV) to play on. Few fans will be at any game. BYU is asking for donations In lieu of tickets. I’ll probably buy season tickets this year now or equivalent donation. If I re up next year I’ll send my tickets to stunner.