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  1. UNLV game has already been canceled
  2. BYU doesn’t pay 100k that is what is so odd. But I’m not sure you can understand that or can have a normal conversation. I think dementia has set in while ago. Usually I just ignore your incoherent ramblings.
  3. https://www.nationaljournal.com/s/716324/red-wave-alert-for-senate-democrats/ what appeared to be a Democratic map for Democrats now looks pretty bleak. Republicans are leading in Nevada and Colorado and New Hamphire are in play. Wisconsin Democrat party has gone so far left the Republican incumbent looks pretty safe. Republicans lead a generic poll by 3 points. Biden had poll numbers in the 30s today. it looks like most the swing states will go Republican if it was held today. Picks up in Nevada, AZ, Goergia, holds in the others. 52 to 54 Republicans. 2024 is an even better opp
  4. https://fbschedules.com/boise-state-byu-football-series-to-end-following-2022-contest-in-boise FBS link. Basically the same article
  5. I drove 900 miles to watch BYU play an FCS team. The local Provo fans tried to recruit me to move there. Maybe I’ll buy a condo and turn it into an Airbnb.
  6. Curiosity is killing me on this one. A one and done for 100k. Nevada is getting something else. Some fans on cougar board are suggesting only one and dones with MWC teams from here on out. BYU should have started to play 7 home games years ago. I have no doubt we could get a FCS and G5 one and done each year. Asking that out of BSU, USU and SDSU would be a slap in the face to close friends.
  7. https://www.mercurynews.com/2022/01/25/pac-12-football-scheduling-brigham-youngs-move-to-the-big-12-could-be-highly-problematic Here is the link about Stanford. Stanford was a great game during independence. I’m not sure it makes much sense on BYUs part to keep this over the BSU series. I have a feeling BYU will drop most of the Stanford games. Why play Nevada in 2024 instead of USU or BSU. Maybe we are only paying Nevada 100k for a one and done.
  8. The wish I had an orgy gun boy voted to embargo the commies. is he feeling well. Hey orygun boy I’m hiring someone to scrub my toilets. You seem well qualified to clean up my shit.
  9. Nancy screwed this whole thing up for waiting so long. Now nobody even looks at it as a Biden victory.
  10. It is the year of Teflon. Your party is doomed. The Republicans will be doomed in 2024
  11. We have a lot of good posters who are Democrats on this site. They need to tell this guy off. A lot of my friends are Democrats we just don’t talk politics.
  12. USU has been a good partner. Reluctantly I have to say so has Utah.
  13. I haven’t heard anything about USU either. There is a PAC12 article that states from a P12 source that the USC game is over. Stanford is trying to retain all games and reschedule the 2020 game. BYU hasn’t approached Utah about canceling. So we can assume those remain. No news on the Arizona or any other games.
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