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  1. https://apple.news/A-9AtiZeVQEW9FqEXzKQBjA Apparently it’s not just me who is coming back to Trump. According to the article it’s good news for Biden and Democrats. Continue the attack on Trump might be shrewd political move. Helping Trump win the nomination who the Democrats feel confident they can beat in 2024.
  2. So my 9 year old is watch this blogger go across America with starting with a penny. He usually finds a pen and sells it for a dollar. Then usually gets water bottles for 5 dollars and sells them for $2 a piece and then he is up and running with other things until he can buy a plane ticket for a bus fare. I’m pretty sure someone with some balls and half a brain could become millionaire within 5 years. By doing things he does and some coaching by me and or other millionaires on here or somewhere else. If and when my wife divorces me I’m going to put away my portion of money and go to a town of 75k and see how fast I can go from no job and one penny to a millionaire. I’d blog the whole thing and stream it to the MWCboard for a fee. I’m guessing 3 years. Except I’m a lazy shit now who hires everything out so maybe 5 years.
  3. https://apple.news/A7Xq5739ISjuMx5aIiYornw They put in money for more nuclear power plants probably the only thing I agree on. Big tax credits for electric cars. The problem is right now electric cars are worse than gasoline vehicles for the environment when you include the production and what fuels are being used to power these cars. I suppose if we convert to nuclear power electric cars might be slightly better than cars powered by fossil fuels. I find it highly unlikely we build any nuclear power plants. Solar panels create waste themselves and also have a big impact on the environment with construction and disposal, plus they take up a shit load of land. I’m not sure on how it compares to coal and fossil fuel power plants but at the minimum there are still a lot of negatives compared to coal and fossil fuel plants. I will say this. I don’t trust a party that has been pushing us towards electric cars for years when we know at least right now they have a bigger negative impact on the environment then fossil fuel vehicles. hybrids on the other hand are hands down the best vehicle to buy. this is what I would have supported. Huge credits for hybrid vehicles the proven vehicle that is the least harmful on the environment. Massive investments in nuclear power. Give Elon musk a bunch of money to continue research on electric cars. I’m all for electric cars that are more advanced and have less impact on the environment during construction. And they are fueled primarily by nuclear power. We also need to convert to more plant based proteins. I don’t like us slaughtering animals for our endless desire for Big Macs. We are fat as hell in this country. If all the fat liberals would lose some weight we could probably burn fossil fuels forever with little impact. The spaztecs of the world don’t want to get off their fat ass. They would rather blame me for their problems. Demcrats are going to spend a shit load of our grandkids money and actually make the environment worse. Which is what they do. How in the hell can’t we come to a compromise on a climate change bill that will actually do something for this planet instead of the nonsense this bill is.
  4. The left is pushing a number of Republicans back to Trump. The double standard is on so many things. this raid was a win for Trump. If the primary was today. I’d vote for Trump. I wanted nothing to do with him a month ago.
  5. I didn’t like the vote in Kansas. I think it’s terribly wrong what happened. But the vote was done under a state with strict ID laws. We lost fair and square. I have no desire to start shooting my friends and family over heated political issues. If we all become California so be it.
  6. Let’s not get carried away with this vote. Again this vote said we don’t want to outlaw all abortions. An easy win
  7. The amendment was too wide open. The left ads made it seem like no abortion was going to be allowed. The right to life needs to come back and incremental put an end to abortions no one supports in Kansas. It was too ambitious and the left kick our ass. on a side note the people decided, not some judge. The right to lifers need to learn from this mistake and move on. November doesn’t seem to be a Republican blow out like I predicted. A lot of bad candidates for the Republicans. Herschel Walker, Trump could get more minorities votes than he can. The abortion issue might have more pull than I thought. But I would be hesitant to read to much into the Kansas vote. The left turned it into a vote of no abortion allowed period. Few support that. Props to left and the propaganda win. I think the Republicans barely sneak out control of the house. I’m not sure about the senate.
  8. BS. Maybe for you. Either way BYU leaving destroy any last embers of fan interest in basketball for a basketball school. What is your attendance post BYU. Holy shit your attendance is horrible. https://m.lasvegassun.com/news/2021/dec/11/the-best-way-for-unlv-basketball-to-solve-its-box/ PAC12 scheduled BYU for butts in the seat. Now they lost UCLA, USC and BYU, they are a dying conference without playing those teams. UNLV basketball was destroyed when BYU left and yes that was the primary reason. Same thing with New Mexico. SDSU instead was wise enough to befriend BYU and bring in a genius from Provo to save the entire athletic program.
  9. Wyoming beating Tennessee. The MWC was deep conference.I think the same year we had 3 top 12 teams.
  10. Bradley Van Pelt. BYU/SDSU basketball rivalry. BYU/Utah football rivalry WAC Faulk BYU’s national title Utah’s run to national title game in basketball.
  11. SDSU is most likely headed to the B12 with hopefully Arizona, ASU and Utah. If it happens it because of the Man from Provo Rocky Long one of the greatest coaches of all time. It’s a shame BYU never brought him back to his hometown.
  12. UNLV and New Mexico tanked when their main rival left. The MWC made a huge mistake not keeping BYU’s Olympic sports. At least for those 2 schools. SDSU helped BYU and renew their relationship fairly quickly. Unfortunately they couldn’t get the rest of the conference on board. Now it looks like they are either on to the B12 or PAC12. No doubt BYU is doing all it can to get SDSU into the B12.
  13. Probably right. Sucks for the aggies. They probably aren’t going to be playing BYU or Utah anymore either
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