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  1. Half moon has some serious issues. For one the dudes life is here not in the real world. Credit to the him though he admitted he has some mental issue. For the most part this is a weird place to divulge stuff like that but it happens a lot. Especially if this is where you think your true friends are. wyovian told me about his horrifying BYU experience as a kid. I understand now why he has the most passion for BYU that I have ever encountered. Probably the greatest story every told on this site, extremely funny but I get were he came from. I actually respect Wyovian now and wanted to date his
  2. Go 16 conference champs are auto bids. Finally an equal shot. Any expansion is in the right direction.
  3. Liberty is paying P5 salaries. They are committed to winning.
  4. That rule can always be change. BYU has 6 or 7 votes already to change it. The problem is BYU is never going to pursue the MWC. I’m not sure what the MWC is thinking is now. They are very pro BYU now and are going to help BYU going forward regardless of whether BYU joins or not. USU, SDSU and BSU are close allies with BYU. Hawaii, UNLV, SJSU and Fresno probably want the same relationship that those 3 have with BYU. I can’t see any one of those schools opposing adding BYU for Olympic sports only. Some of the mental unstable fans around here probably do but I doubt the school
  5. As a BYU I would prefer us to rejoin the MWC in basketball with Gonzaga with a 5 game football scheduling deal. It would add about 2 games a year against MWC teams for BYU.
  6. I look and act like a bum. Knocking on the millionaire title and very little of it is my personal home. Though becoming a millionaire isn’t as big of deal as it was.
  7. Maxine Waters is an idiot and Chauvin is guilty. I’m claustrophobic so I get why Floyd struggled when they tried to put him in the car. He thanked Chauvin for taking him out of the car. Chauvin then proceeded to murder him while Floyd pleaded for his life and mercy. Terrible tragedy. I still don’t think it had anything to do with Floyd’s race though. Chauvin was just a bully.
  8. Great quote. The Democrats were never serious. They still aren’t. I think it will take another maverick Republican like Trump to ever get this done.
  9. Yep CO2 was drastically reduced in 2020. Yet the temperatures still rose.
  10. https://apple.news/Arx1Dc_l8QKqpD3pihRA0cg US has built and flew a new G6 fighter design to replaced the nearly unmatched F-22.
  11. After seeing the absolute lies and propaganda from the left over this and the last few months of the train wreck this country has become. I have decided only one man is capable of turning this shit show around and fighting these adults acting like children. I support Trump 100% for 2024. Fight the crazies with the crazy man.
  12. I think it’s all the free porn now. This generation doesn’t have sex compared to previous generations. You have to have sex to have kids by the way.
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