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  1. https://apple.news/AE6sjuivPRg6BH21Y0qQSKw Mitch gives into emission standards and Dems still won’t vote for it. Trash the hell out of them Mitch. Big problem in Washington and it’s not Trump. this is not going to help them with independent votes in November. They can’t control the narrative anymore so this shit doesn’t work anymore. Thank God. Mitch is a damn good senate leader.
  2. https://apnews.com/a82294fc0723630d850603dd7b016ad5 look at the photos in this article. Nature is more powerful than man.
  3. He started travel bans that Democrats opposed. I think whatever he does he will be criticize. It’s the nature of the office. Whatever Trump did or does the left will hammer him for it. I think it’s like crying wolf at this point . The left gets upset, the right just rolls their eyes and say there they go again, and I doubt the independents even react to it any more. But in November we will find out. I appreciated Obama eliminating the preexisting condition. That only was worth 8 years of him.
  4. Ha ha. This is going to be crazy. At this point the only thing I care about is surviving being lock up with my wife.
  5. Awesome. You got to love Joe Biden. The most entertaining politician of all time. Oh it would be a funny 4 years.
  6. https://apple.news/AGmpWO7u_TGK0WtLBco5A7g they aren’t shutting down, testing and no travel ban. Apparently it’s a culture thing. They wash hands and don’t embrace, touch and have little sex. the article says a wave still might come.
  7. Thank God we have a President who has finally stood up to these bullies. Unfortunately it will only last for 1 to 5 years. No one else has the balls to do it.
  8. 5 kids a home is misery. I’d rather have the virus.
  9. We need to just flatten the curve and get things moving again. This is terrible story that is effecting this country. But we don’t want to just put people in tents to die either like Italy.
  10. You guys hold no one from the left accountable. Trump has done a phenomenal job. Finally some from the left are acknowledging it. Your blind biased minds have no ability to do the same. Trump is smarter than everyone on this board. A hard concept for you morons to understand.
  11. https://apple.news/ArFSi2RhjSpq43APbp3ldDw meanwhile the young are partying and taking up the ICU beds.
  12. https://apple.news/AHpr0iEn3TMCdvhvp02-KNQ Finally well deserved praise from the left.
  13. It’s horrible if Trump had responded like Obama did we would be just like Italy now. His travel bans have save thousands of lives. Joe Dementia Biden has stated he wouldn’t have enacted a travel ban.
  14. Trump, Biden or Bernie. The Ass, the bumbling fool or the communists.
  15. He was a Democrat and his daughter just became a Republican. The Republican Party is the old Democrat party. The Dems have embraced AOC and Bernie.