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  1. It was an epic battle between Reggie Miller and Fennis Dembo.
  2. I watched this classic in a bar full of UCLA fans in Westwood. They were speechless at the end of this one.
  3. I'm not going to step on CSU when they are down. We hate the sheep, but we would never wish anything like this on them. I hope they can overcome this soon.
  4. I am hoping that masks will work, but that doesn't seem to be the case in Arizona. We have a mandatory mask mandate here in Maricopa county. Everywhere I go I see almost 100% of the people wearing masks, yet our numbers still remain high. This is scary.
  5. I'm traveling to Montana from Arizona soon. I'll be emarrased to tell anyone where I'm from. Like wearing a scarlet letter. I'm gonna have to make something up.
  6. If it's Florida, poor amoeba will starve to death.
  7. Not so fast. There are gyms here that are suing to stay open. Bars can stay open if they sell enough food by percentage. (I've heard of bars going to 1 dollar drinks while charging 10.00 for a hot dog) Ducey is starting to waffle a bit. Arizona. Geezus
  8. Yet two days ago he attended an indoor Trump rally with over 3,000 people ( most weren't wearing masks)
  9. I was just going to post this. Fine work, sir!
  10. No truer words have been spoken.
  11. Check out Space Force on Netflix. Comedy gold.
  12. I'm a high school teacher. Most students hated the online format we went too. Some even have a new appreciation for school. (Parents too!) I'm guessing Arizona will do some type of a hybrid model.
  13. Today the WHO is backing away a bit from this stance. Who knows anymore?
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