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  1. Probably a good thing UNLV didn't hire this firm. "The world needs more rebels" wouldn't fly. I live in Phoenix now. ASU could always use " The world needs more Devils." I think things should blow over now that the entire video is out.
  2. What about San Jose? A Spartan conjures up a male Greek warrior. What about the greenies from fort collins? Rams must be changed. These two schools are sexist!
  3. phxpoke

    Nevada vs. Cincinnati

    Nicely done Nevada. Way to rep the MWC
  4. phxpoke

    GCU on its way to non-profit status

    Not so sure about football. No stadium, and no plans to build one. Arizona has no money. We just dumped all juco football starting in 2019.
  5. I like the idea of Portland. Very fun destination for fans. Not sure if the city has enough rabid football fans to get behind it though.