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  1. I believe CU isn't playing. Wish we could find someone to play. I feel bad for the businesses in a little town like laramie.
  2. It's the only way you would have been able to keep it. Enjoy
  3. Do we know which team has the 'vid?
  4. Bohl is going to have a stroke. So frustrating!
  5. Sheep came to play tonight. Should be a great 2nd half
  6. Cocktails have started. Going to be a fun night.
  7. By the way, we're gonna need our own thread for this game. Your game would get lost in this madness of a true rivalry.
  8. I don't care how you voted today. One thing all Americans can agree on is that it sucks to be a csu ram. Love rivalry games. This one should be another classic.
  9. Should be a fun, close game tonight.
  10. Good luck the rest of the way, Pack.
  11. No more cowboy tough. Only cowboy vanilla.
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