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  1. This story would make for a great movie. They should get Brad Pitt to play the lead role...
  2. Got my two pfizer shots last month. (Asked for a viagra topper too!)
  3. Andy Biggs. Geezus. What a joke and an embarrassment to Arizona. Yet, he keeps getting reelected.
  4. I've been a Wyoming fan my entire life. I received my bachelor's degree in Laradise in '84. (Witnessed some great basketball back then) I got my master's degree from NAU. I couldn't care less about the Lumberjacks. Pokes are in my blood.
  5. Hunter is lighting up the Rebs right now.
  6. I thought the Pokes were going to wear their new "One Wyoming" uniforms?
  7. Pokes are not a team to take lightly this year.
  8. Wyo sucked tonight. We lost the worst team in the conference. That is all. Good game Lobos
  9. Levi ain't the answer. Give Beerup a shot.
  10. New Mexico is gaining confidence with every play. Levi does not look like the answer at qb.
  11. I'm teaching high school in Arizona. I have over 32 students packed into every class. Today I had 34 students absence. They either have covid-19 or are quarantined. It's ridiculous.
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