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  1. phxpoke

    Top MWC signees

    He has to be good. Same school as the Karate Kid.😂
  2. Pokes need this season to end. Time to start over (again)
  3. phxpoke

    Boise at Wyoming Game Thread and Stream

    Ugly. Just ugly
  4. phxpoke

    Arizona Bowl

    Ugly win, but congratulations nonetheless.
  5. phxpoke

    Arizona Bowl

    And they punted!? No one wants to win this game. Geezus.
  6. phxpoke

    Arizona Bowl

    Arkansas State doesn't want to win. I would be pissed if I was a fan of this team.
  7. phxpoke

    Fresno St vs Arizona st

    If they don't make it to the Rose bowl, there just isn't a buzz around the city. They look down on any team not in the power 5. When they lose, they say it's because it was hard to get up for a mid major. That's why Ifeel we should tell the big boys to F off and do our own playoff.
  8. phxpoke

    North Texas vs Utah State Game Thread

    Don't let us down, Aggies!
  9. phxpoke

    Fresno St vs Arizona st

    Living in Phoenix, I hear very little buzz about this game. Harry, their talented wide receiver, is sitting out this game because he feels this is a meaningless bowl game. Most of the ASU fans in the valley feel the same way. The more I think about it, I am leaning toward the g5 teams having their own playoff. F the power 5. Good luck today Dogs!
  10. The snow is not going to be a huge advantage for the Dogs. A white field AND white uniforms. What an outrage! Bosie needs to launch a formal complaint.
  11. Loving all that snow. Soon I won't have to look at that ugly blue field.
  12. Vodka sodas. Do Dogs!
  13. phxpoke

    Memphis vs Central Florida

    Unbelievable. UCF better be careful for what they wish for. About to get rocked during New year's bowl time.