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  1. I have a tee time this morning. Courses are pretty wide open. With all the bars and restaurants closed, I don't think it would be a very fun road trip though.
  2. Nope. Not yet. Golf courses are open though...thank God.
  3. Loved the movie as well. I had no idea he was a true pioneer of women's basketball. Proud to be Wyoming alumni!
  4. My wife (we live in AZ) was tested because she has lupus. We got her a test the next day, and we got her results back in only three days. My daughter is in the health field and had a patient test positive, all of her co workers were tested the next day and had their results within 48 hours.
  5. If you are a fan of trainwrecks, Tiger King is good. BTW, Joe Exotic went to Laramie High school. Here's his sophomore picture from the Laramie Plainsman.
  6. phxpoke


    Hey mountain West people, if you're on Twitter Monday, do our conference a solid and vote for my Pokes. Gracias
  7. There will be huge battles fought on the plains of a place called, "Best Buy"
  8. Or Tiger King...
  9. We start remote learning in Monday. I teach high school seniors. We have been told that their grades cannot go down at all. Every assignment will only count as extra credit. I'm not sure how much buy-in I will get from any of my students. It should be an interesting time.
  10. I have been reading these posts for quite a few days. I understand both sides. This is an emotional topic! However you feel, it is real. My wife goes in for a test tomorrow. Her doctor is extremely concerned because of her symptoms and her preexisting lupus. Everyone can have their opinions, but let's be good to each other. I can assure you the symptoms are no joke. Also, we could use a little MWC magical thoughts/ prayers from all of you.
  11. Kind of like the AA in Laramie this past basketball season. 😂
  12. Drink a few beers. There are no more rules.😎