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  1. Is there stipulation about home many practices are required before playing in a game? Word around laramie is that the players are not in town, or mostly away at their homes. Lots of moving parts without a clear plan and extremely limited timeframe. I'll say I'm hesitant to get excited
  2. Y'all know that this virus ramps up with cold weather? Starting before mid March is a bad idea. And that is probably bad idea too. Without protection aka vaccine or antivirus nasal inhalers (which is in the works) it will cost thousands of lives. Not the football players... And the cost of quarantining and medical service will absolutely ass ram universities. Remember, players are organizing, health care for up to 5 years. That's a huge amount of money
  3. We will have zoom football, video game ready player one football. Get ready!
  4. #superiorlifestyle if I could afford it, damn I'd be all over that shit
  5. Weather has been great, wish we could see more greenies boating in our lakes.
  6. The giant ram in csu's basketball court is beautiful, wish we could get something like that, or Boise's pretty field. Shit those two programs are really in front of how we should play sports in the future... Forward thinking! I love it, my Johnson is hard right now thinking about it...
  7. I wish we could recruit like csu, their star ratings are amazing.
  8. Listen... Byu only cares for themselves. They have burned so many bridges and avenues, they really should find their own path to bankruptcy. To the old world byu fans, Wyoming is a turd that needs to wither and die. Byu couldn't care less, unless covid comes calling... Then they dive for historic diplomacy. +++++ them
  9. Watched it today, freaking amazing. He was a man I saw many times at games, an icon. I was in tears watching parts of the movie. Just a SOLID man. He stood for values. Can't believe he isn't in the hall of fame, just do to who he was, and what he accomplished. Brought back memories. Wyoming has a rich basketball history, on a side note, Tony Windes was a teacher at my high school. Look him up. Love the statue, the AA should be a hollowed basketball venue, like Hoosier basketball.
  10. That was just your old lady getting out of the tub
  11. Thank God I thought the world was ending. I feel better now knowing his jersey was number 1.
  12. Hudl lists swen as the number 1 RB out of Texas. Holy moly ­čś▓
  13. Just curious. I found a recipe for a Mexican style turkey, marinated in orange juice and pineapple juice with achoite paste and garlic... Stuffed with chorizo cornbread stuffing. My buddy is smoking his bird. I just wanted to see if there are other unorthodox preparations in the community.
  14. But that sums up why we serve
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