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  1. Look for their Quidditch team to upgrade their talent: https://orgsync.com/45248/chapter. Their current seeker can't even fly his broom.
  2. I really enjoy European soccer, not so much MLS but I'll watch El Traffico. I can see why some people are turned off by it: some of the ridiculous diving and injury acting makes it look like some theatrical production. And then when the players take their shirts off and they're wearing bras...not gonna win over the common man.
  3. The guys I'd put on MWC Mount Rushmore are: Dairese Gary Brandon Ewing Dorian Green Jimmer Fredette Sorry, no Kawhi or the other guys that were really good. These are the guys that I think of when I think of MW basketball.
  4. A surprising number of otherwise level-headed people believe this. My brother is one of them. The idea is the 'aliens among us' don't know that they're actually aliens. Caveat: My brother smokes an insane amount of weed.
  5. This is actually true. There are so many worse smelling things in Fresno, that the flies are drawn away.
  6. Yes, you probably did hear that. Jon Rothstein put something out that it would take effect next year. But some people are saying this year. We'll find out soon - but what I meant was even if the waiver doesn't apply this year, Hyder could still come back, play one more year for the Bulldogs, then bail. I've got to think that the quarantine had a part of this. It's bad enough being in quarantine, but imagine being quarantined in Fresno.
  7. Even if there are no issues, I expect we'll see this a lot more with the impending one-time transfer waiver. If a freshman has a good/great season at a G5 school, the bigger schools will come a-knocking. I think Hyder can always take his name out of the portal (not sure), so if the transfer waiver doesn't apply this year, he might be able to return and then transfer next year with no penalty.
  8. Thanks for posting. That's really informative and really gives an indication where the next trouble spots will be.
  9. The Henry Ford memo is supposedly a 'worst case scenario', not yet an active policy: https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/local/2020/03/27/henry-ford-health-letter-spread-on-social-media-part-of-absolute-worst-case-scenario-policy-not-active/
  10. God, I hope we're not discussing MWC e-sports here in a few years. That said, SDSU will be on top.
  11. Well, the president is the very definition of a demagogue. It got him elected, so why change now? https://www.cnn.com/world/live-news/coronavirus-outbreak-03-19-20-intl-hnk/h_21c623966aa148dbeed242de4e94943e