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  1. That Fresno team is going to be really good. Orlando Robinson and Jarred Hyder are going to terrorize this conference for years. You have 5 freshmen that have been seeing regular minutes this year - it's going to pay off.
  2. This is incredible. MLB is saying no evidence of wearable technology but that kind of stuff is hard to keep quiet and Trevor Bauer says he heard about it. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28498781/no-evidence-astros-used-wearable-devices-aid-sign-stealing
  3. It's interesting. Nice work. It's kind of a tricky analysis. By using % of stadium capacity, it seems like there would be more weight given to the lower capacity stadiums (okay stadia). Nevada, for instance, could lose 2k fans one year, going from 22,000 to 20,000 and show a 7.4% decrease in attendance. That same 2,000 at SDSU would show up as only a 2.8% decline, thanks to the capacity of the Q. But what you did makes sense - not sure what else could be done (maybe whitening the data?). Another thing is that these data points are correlated with the data points around them. So, in Nevada's most well-attended year, they won only 33% of their games. But maybe they sold those tickets in the form of season tickets off of the previous year's success and optimism for the coming season? So there may be a lagging correlation between attendance and prior years' performance.
  4. Granted the game is over by this point and there was a missed switch, but look how much effort Zane Martin (0, aptly) puts in on defense on this play: And at the end of the game, he's pointed to as one of the bright spots because he scored 17 points
  5. Jackson's knee buckled to the side when he came down on it after trying to catch a lob from Lyle. It was quick but an obvious sideways bend. It kind of reminded me of Klay Thompson's ACL injury. However, the trainer came on, did a quick Lachman's test to test the ACL and helped up Jackson and he seemed okay. He seemed alright, but ACL injuries are tricky - you don't know you need your ACL until you do.
  6. Auburn is going down. Only their 3rd road game all year. Okay, let's see the map. https://www.reddit.com/r/CollegeBasketball/comments/epe741/closest_undefeated_team_to_each_us_county_january/
  7. There does seem to be added pressure about staying undefeated that starts to build up as the season goes along. I remember in 2010-2011 when we started out 8-0, then 12-0, ... the rotation gets a little bit shorter, the starters stay in longer, and some of the subs don't really get much court time to get better. I think that happened to Nevada last year when they started out 14-0. They logged heavy minutes and seemed burnt out by the end of the season. Even though Malachi Flynn played all 40 minutes last night, Dutcher has been able to work out a 9 man rotation, so hopefully our bench players are getting good experience that will help out in March.
  8. Just noticed this about Fresno: despite their 5-11 record, their efficiency margin is +2.67. So they really should be about a 0.500 team but they've lost so many close games. On kenPom, they're actually the unluckiest team in D1 by a wide margin.
  9. Injured senior starters Noah Blackwell and Nate Grimes didn’t play in the Jan. 1 game, nor did midseason transfer Jordan Campbell, who had not yet been cleared. All three are expected to be available Tuesday, and the Bulldogs had a bye Saturday, giving them a full week to prepare — while SDSU has just two days and must travel. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/story/2020-01-13/sdsu-aztecs-basketball-associated-press-poll-rankings-fresno-state-bulldogs-mountain-west
  10. We're in the company of some really good teams, so no real complaint. Does anyone really care about polls anymore, though? But it is cool to see Creighton at #25 and Iowa at #26. Absent is Utah, who lost by 39 at Colorado yesterday.
  11. I liked hearing the Limelight homage to Neil Peart and Rush when cutting to commercial breaks.
  12. This should get closer and get nail biting. No one shoots 3 pointers like that consistently. Aztecs will still need to grind.
  13. Diong missed that dunk like I would've missed that dunk.
  14. Bummer. He was a great drummer and probably had to come up with some inventive stuff to piece together those complex progressive rock Rush songs.
  15. If all D1 games are looked at, Utah State is shooting 36% from 3 with the old ball and 24.5% with the new Nike ball (home conference games and away conf games against Nike schools).